Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good night and good luck

After some thought I decided I would post one more blog relating to Bardon/Magical training in general. This is at this current time in my life and development the best way to approach spiritual and magical development. YMMV of course and you may be seeking different things. What I mean to provide is in my opinion the most direct way to develop the powers and abilities within you in order to live your best life. You will have the power to affect the universe to be more in your favor, to connect deeply to that universe and feel at one with it, to bless and to curse, to commune with nature, to call or banish a storm, to bring forth love, to heal yourself and others, to be healthier, stronger, to control your mind and dreams, to be wise and to develop all of your innate talents and abilities, to speak with spirits, angels and gods.
If you are here for Bardon training I recommend at the very least reading and researching the things below in order to be prepared for the work of Bardon, if you are already training in the system it will flesh out some of the material and give you a deeper understanding. I am not saying you MUST do all the things I list below but you should give it a look because I promise you will be a better and wiser mage for it.
This WILL be the last blog I write here. I won’t answer any more comments, I am done. If you go through the entirety of my blog and the comments you will find more than enough in the way of suggestions and answers for any magician to succeed at magic. If you do not find your answer it is because you are asking the wrong question or you don’t want the answer. Not to be rude but I have answered the same questions again and again, some in more precise ways, others with sources to research, some as a general explanation of all magic. Of course you can go deeper with histories, curiosities, specialties and what not but if you just want to get to the brass tacks of how to do magic I have answered it 1000 times, if you want to know some particular of Bardon I have written a walk through and answered many questions in the comments, they have Rawn, Mistele, forums, etc answering the same questions with their own flavor and experience. At some point it becomes answer shopping for the answer you really deep down inside just want to be a certain way. At some point it is just satisfying a curiosity that you are not ready to understand because it is several steps ahead of the work. You want the answer? Do the work. It is simple and straight forward, put in the time and energy to answer it. I grew up between the age of riding my bike 5 miles to the library to find a barely useful book in the library and the internet age when information supply exploded so much the value diminished into a quick google search can give PHd like answers to nearly any question. Magic demands a return to the hard nature of study, contemplation and discovering your own inner truth. You are have been disappointed so far with the answers because instead of mining your inner resources you ask others to fill in the blanks. Your soul feels empty after, but your head is full. You then wonder why magic evades you. Magic comes from within you, drawn from deep reserves, from the power of your soul. You value the rational explanation over the power of feeling, experience and consciousness never realizing they must be in harmony. You set one king over four kingdoms and wonder why your world is not in order. I do not mean to be too hard on you, I know you have been programmed wrong, I know you have not had better options, I know others would keep you yoked to their every word until you prefer the cold language of others to the power within you ready to burst forth like a geyser. So, here are some wisdom from others, here is what you will need to find the keys to the doors within you. Take these keys and start unlocking your doors. Not in any particular order but if you go through them as listed it may be best.

This link will get you an over view of the Wim Hof method. It should be SOP for you until you get good. Do some research on it especially on the Vagus nerve and how to stimulate it. Watch some youtube videos, wheat from chaff. He has a course, it is expensive but if you follow the basics of what you can find online you don’t really need it. I have watched it and it has some great techniques but nothing you can’t pick up from the above link and a few others. Also research Groff breathing.

Read it, practice it, get good.

How to See fairies by Ramsey Dukes
A great little book that within a few weeks will have you quite surprised by the results you get. I can’t stress this funny little book enough. Take it seriously.

The Mythic Imagination by Stephen Larsen
Made a little post on this before. Get it, follow its advice especially on journaling, so very critical.

Unleash Your Psychic Powers by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
Take his stories with a box of salt but the techniques he gives are spot on for developing psychic/magical powers (ask yourself what is the difference?)

The Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin Steinbrecher
Recommended to me some time back and glad it was. Want help with soul mirror work? Get this.

Angel Tech- A modern Shaman’s guide to reality Selection by Antero Alli
Read it, think it is ridiculous and come back years later and discover it is pure gold. Or just take my word for it, it is gold the first time. At the very least learn it for the map on what awaits you through your development. That link is a good addendum to it.

Reichian Therapy the technique for Home use by Jack Willis
Find it as a free PDF, it will clear up energy blocks and emotional sludge you did not even know you had. This along with Inner Guide Meditation will pretty much complete soul mirror work before you even get to Bardon.

The above, if worked is almost several complete systems to develop your magick to the utmost before even cracking open Bardon. Once you have worked the above you could then begin Bardon and pretty much fly through it. Beyond that at some point I recommend taking a few months off with some really good weed and doing the Headless Rite daily (probably around the time you are trying to call your personal guide/guru in Bardon, in step V if not way before.)
I know there are some die-hard Bardon people out there that think you must do the pure unadulterated system. I think you are quite wrong. The manner in which Bardon talks about certain subjects and fields such as Alchemy undoubtedly show he assumed those he was writing to had a decent working knowledge of the occult arts and possibly even dabbled in other arcane works prior to starting his. His system was therefore made as a sort of “You tried the rest now work the best!” Sort of thing.
For those who just want to do magic and are not so worried about Bardon I recommend adding study of LBRP at least and delve in tarot and chaos magick especially sigils. The above resources have plenty enough suggestions for further exploration and study so just follow that trail of breadcrumbs.

Good magick to you all. The whole of occultism and the magick arts is laid bare for you, all else is pomp, ritual and history. The only excuse you have to not practice and master it is entirely your creation.

Thank you for reading and your patronage.

Signing off,

Justin B the Magician