Friday, April 11, 2008


As my first blog entry i decided to do the general overview of what i believe. I thought this should be done because no doubt people will wonder this. What makes a magician? Depends on the magician! It will be general as later blogs will become more specific and my specific beliefs will become obvious.
Let's start at the beginning. In the beginning their was consciousness. Without form or desire. For what could be eons of time or a flashing second consciousness turned to the willing of knowing itself. How could consciousness without form, know itself? Manifestation. So we get the big bang. By condensing itself to a finite point it could then explode out and find its limitations. Without knowing your might and limitations you will never know yourself. So consciousness (here on referred to as Mind) danced a thousand dances merging with itself, ripping itself apart on and on until all history as we know it occurred (what science tells us of the beginning of the universe all the way till now, evolution and all) The Mind sought only to know itself, whatever means or events happen for it to do this it will do them, if dinosaurs or primates would have shown better capacity to reflect the Mind it would have stayed with them and not evolved us. Mind is not interested if we are good or evil. If we are this religion or that, all it desires are mirrors for itself, intelligence that can shine back consciousness onto itself to be seen and known. Mind is not perfect, it does not know all, it does know more than us. As above, so below the hermetic principle which teaches us the secret nature of the universe shows we are tiny reflections of Mind. Having split from the whole to experience, learn and grow we do this for the whole of Mind. It learns as we learn, It grows as we grow. If you want to understand the entire universe all you must do is sit and ponder your very self. For you are an exact replica on a smaller scale. Want to see? I will show you. First take a few moments and look at your body, touch it, truly wear and BE your body. Know for just a moment that this is what you truly are and nothing else. NOW watch your emotions for a while. Love, hate, sadness, joy, arousal, dreamy...all of these things what are you FEELING this is the astral body you may have heard of, this is what you dream in, this is when one thinks of their identity they are really talking about know that this is truly what you are. NOW go beyond this reach your fleeting thoughts, ideas, inspirations, philosophy, do not feel just think. If its emotional its not the mind. Pure thought and idea this is the Mind. Know that this is what you truly are. Are you ready to meet God?If you are read this paragraph, if not go to the next. For those brave and intrepid souls that stayed lets move on. Keep watching those thoughts dance and zing about like mad fireflies. Watch them as a hungry lion watches a wilder beast. Wait till the herd calms, there is only a few, do not follow, do not get caught up in them. Finally there is one or two left twinkling little babes, barely any meat on them, strange detached things they are. Its almost time then, get ready. Nothing. your hunger burns, careful this is dangerous as well, let all things go, do not be fooled you must be aware of nothing. Afterwards you will look back and think you were sitting at the center of all, the axis mundi. You will only think this afterwards though. Now if you have been a patient lion and all your prey is long gone, the true prize will finally come. A silence so perfect, so powerful that piercing this veil you will meet Mind, God, Shiva, your Holy Angel. You may forget your name, who you are and why you did this to begin with. You will not leave the same being.
Alright for those wise souls who know better than to seek the face of divinity this is for you. You know better, deep within you know God is up there and you down here and both are in their proper place, right? Your God is the right one, they listen to you, watch over you. Answer your prayers and when you die they will be there waiting to give you a hug and a welcome. Wow that's special. Good luck on that. For all of you who read both and gave a wink and a smile and for the doers and believers lets continue on shall we? This is the final part so be patient. there are two planes of existence. The physical and astral. The physical is obviously the one you are staring at right now. The astral is the great beyond, the land of Angels, Demons, fae-folk, and all manner of things you would either scream at or want to curl up next to. Its the land of dreams, the pre-creation. What is created here is eventually made in the physical, doubt this? Lets say you have a burning desire for a ice cream Sunday. It fills your thoughts and all you can see in your minds eye is that yummy treat, hell you can almost taste it. What do you do? Either go buy one or make one. See? This is as we will discuss later on a brand of magic! When we die we enter the astral, you will go to a heaven of your choice (no one is wrong or right, however everyone is both wrong and right) where you will work out the left over energies that reside within your soul and exhaust the elements that make *YOU* -you. Once this happens you will experience what i wrote above, you will meet MIND "face to face" and *YOU* will dissolve into powerful oblivion. This is the death of the soul. Scary? Shouldn't be. You have done it before. Now don't think "he is talking about reincarnation" well not really. Lets say you have three glasses of water and you pour them into a jug. You shake it up and then re-pour the water from the jug into the glasses. This is a very poor and crude way of thinking of it, i will talk more on this another time, but yes this is what happens. That's why 50 different people can be Cleopatra in a previous life ;-D
So that's my beliefs. I'm am sure this opens up some questions for some, and possibly indignation for a few but that's my belief and i will explain more later! Thanks for reading!


  1. Justin, have you seen the video "The Egg"? He speaks much of what you said. Incidentally how you acquired this knowledge about reincarnation and death of the soul? Some spirits can talk about it? Thanks

  2. No I sure haven't. I acquired it through kabbalistic formula that allowed my mind to experience brief summations of each life, like a pivotal moment or an experience that encapsulated the entire life.
    Spirits can speak on it but truly you would want a mastery of kabbalah in order to handle the information, you truly see the wider course and breadth of who you really are as a spirit and it is a lot to take in.