Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosmic Letter C

As I mentioned last time the letter C is a little tricky to pronounce. If you say "C" you are really pronouncing "Sea". What should be done is put the tip of your tongue on your slightly open teeth and pronounce "ts" real quick. It should almost sound like "S" put when done properly it will be a true "C". Practice it by making an S sound, which is done with the teeth closed and tongue not touching the teeth. You will hear the difference. The letter C is a vermilion color, has a feeling of warmth and lightness and its number is 9.

7-18-07 9:37pm-9: 50pm
Practice as usual, which means focused on all three aspects of being (physical, astral and mental then entered depth point or personal akasha) and then pronounced letter physically bringing all aspects of letter together through concentration. Meditated in each on the attributes of the letter. I then meditated on the highest divine light manifesting as a diamond upon speaking the letter. All aspects of letter came together easily and without any trouble.

Note: during bed, after I had charged tea and cigarette. I was practicing letter while in bed. It came to me that this letter is perfect for the practice of "The Golden Flower" technique that Jung wrote on and that I described in my book. After repeating the letter a few times I tried drawing in light from my third eye into my loins. After a few minutes I then brought up the light that was now mixed with sexual energy into the brain. Immediately after I noticed I could see the entire room in bright vivid colors. I easily left my body as simply as thinking about it. All the objects and walls in the room were vivid multi-colored and LSD like. If you have ever seen gasoline mixed in water and the rainbow colors it produces this is exactly what I saw on all things. I stayed out exploring this for some time until I decided it was time to go back to bed. Truly outstanding imagery as it was the most powerful OBE I have ever had..

7-19-07 10:00 am –10:15 am
Spoke letter as per above. Meditated on alchemical transformations of base materials from dung into gold to man into a divine being. Focused intensely on color, tone, feel and number.

7-20-07 12:15 am- 1:00 am
Usual practice. Condensed dynamically into head and stomach. Spent rest of time meditating in akasha on letter.

7-22-07 12:00am- 12:30 am
Took two days off. My sister got married. Usual practice. Experienced a vision of "Jacob's Ladder". This letter draws spirit down to matter and raises matter to spirit.

7-23-07 6:59am – 7:15 am
Meditated on how this letter grants one the power to create or transform the essence of matter. Imagined gaining and being the power of this letter. Repeated letter several times in a physical voice. The letter was quite potent within and around me.

7-23-07 10:50pm –11:00 pm
Connected with the divine essence of C (akashic meditation). Meditated on how it ennobles matter and brings the divine down into a form. The potent direct fire balanced with the calm lightness of air. Put outside of my body and condensed into a spark. Breathed the spark in slowly. Then banished by intention and saying the letter.

I enjoyed working with the letter C. It is a letter that really works on the astral body quite strongly. My experience with the Golden Flower after chanting the letter C interested me a great deal. If and when you decide to work with C make sure to try out the Golden Flower exercise. As much as I enjoyed working with C, I pretty much mastered it the first night. The rest was just trying to deepen the dynamics of it. Now the next letter D is a little more fun and mysterious. So far each time I practiced it and re-read what Bardon says I see new information in the text I did not "see" before. As most anyone who has read Bardon can tell you while practicing the exercises it is almost as if Bardon has the ability to sneak information into his books that can only be read after you have done some of the work. Until then!

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