Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosmic Letter E

This is the first cosmic letter that no one should have any trouble pronouncing properly. It is also the first letter in the series to deal with the akasha. Again, if you have not completed "Initiation into Hermetics" up to step 8 or a similar program (like my book) than you really should not be doing these letters at all, much less this one. Where as the letter D could cause some trouble do to its potency and others perceptions of that force in you, this letter could cause some extreme disturbances in your consciousness due to the nature of akasha within you.
7-30-07 8:44pm- 9:00pm
My surroundings vanish and my body melts away after pronouncing the letter. I experimented with the proper tone finding it by going up from my lowest pronunciation to my highest. A deep resonating tone produced a brilliant flash of the dark violet color ascribed to the letter. The color of dark violet and the feeling of penetration were quite strong.
7-31-07 11:30am-11: 45am
Meditated on omni-consciousness while in depth point. Then drew the letter into mental, astral and physical from akasha by meditating on each body. Almost like creating a feeling of radiation that becomes more condensed and focused on each level. Although the overall force diminishes I wanted a sense of how it manifests to each body and the effects thereof.
8-1-07 9:03am-9: 35am
Meditated on attributes and analogies of "E" in each body after pronouncing it in each from the akasha principle or depth point. From akasha this letter creates an omni-consciousness or cosmic awareness. In other words all things are as one within your mind. The mental level brings about a sense of neither time nor space like akashic awareness; again without time or space we are all one thing. Then in the astral one brings about the manifestation of sound which is (for those who know charkas) the sense ruled by akasha. You're beginning the manifestation process. Then finally the physical world, by bringing from no-time/space down to time-space you are able to manifest all things. That sounds quite vague but that is the nature of trying to convey cosmic forces. Another way of putting it, "D" is the moment just prior to creation. "E" is creation complete and whole yet undifferentiated or still as one. Creation with no time. Another analogy, which is rather easier to understand I hope, is this: An un-played CD. When you put the CD in to play one song manifests from the whole, yet the others are all there waiting to be heard. There is an order and the CD holds all of these potential songs ready to manifest to your ears.
8-1-07 9:50pm – 10:15pm
I have always found it amusing that after dealing with akashic energies it takes me a few minutes to remember how to write letters and words. Typically after a meditation on a letter I will re-read Bardon's writings on that letter and then journalize. After using "E" it is difficult to read or write due to letters making absolutely no sense at all.
For my work during this time I meditated on the physical aspect of "E" this placed me in a deep akashic trance. I then placed letter into head and meditated on it there. Later that night after practice all boundaries of self vanished and were completely voided out. I could feel that I had the ability to enter any mind or form whatsoever with perfect ease and completely understand it.
8-2-07 9:30 –9:50am
After using the letter in all four states of being I enter a deep consciousness, my mind empties, the soul enlarges and the body is negated. I can manifest self or refine and ethereal-ize my *self* on a whim. Like switching polarity or flipping a light switch. It then came to me a way of manifesting through the akasha or dematerializing through it by such a polarity that unfortunately I cannot share (some things must be taught by experience and not words). My time sense is lost with this letter. Typically I can feel about how much time I have been meditating without a clock. With this letter time seems stretched or condensed to a fantastic degree. What feels like a minute could have been fifteen, what felt like an hour only a minute. Now and then some of the other letters will produce this state but not nearly as extensive as this letter does. Placed letter into spinal column.
As usual before I fall asleep I practice the letter and usually I do not mention it here unless something unusual happens. I dreamt that I descended from a larger room down a white bone like tube. At the bottom of this tube a tropical paradise and several electrical outlets. I plugged in a new electrical cord into the outlet and the whole structure lit up like a Christmas tree. I awoke knowing it was time to move on to the letter "F".

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