Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosmic Letter A

The first Key practice works on the akashic level of the letter. What one is trying to do is tie in the sense concentration with the divine attributes of each letter. When Bardon says you must connect each letter's attributes together that is what he means. You do not have to memorize each attribute on the mental, astral, and physical level. By connecting the color, tone, feel and divine attribute on the akashic level you are programming your mind to make this connection and eventually do it at a moments notice. ALSO, the practice on the akashic level filters down through the mental, astral and physical levels over time transforming your inner and outer essence to that of the letter. In other words (for the letter A) by speaking the letter in the akasha and meditating on the divine nature of wisdom, the highest illumination and the purity of all ideas, these energies will manifest in you—depending on your development and character—in certain ways. If you wanted a certain trait from the letter than you focus on the appropriate body, speak the letter there and program that energy to manifest that trait. Now that we have that covered let us move on to my journal.

7-6-07 11:30pm-12:05pm
Using this letter creates the sensation of airy vastness as if I was the dome of the sky. The light of divinity easily shines through me and there is no ignorance or "clouds" to block this light from the "Earth" or material realm. My physical body is light and desires to float away. As spacey as this may sound my awareness is razor sharp as if it is a powerful wind that could devastate all that opposed its path. I sense that my curiosity and questioning nature are enhanced and refined. Each time I repeat the letter the response grows more potent and my mind clearer. I sit in amazement at how easily the qualities of the letter produce this sensation, synchronize and cause the power to become real.

7-7-07 11:10pm-11: 30pm
Letter became very strong; I created an even better connection with it. Allowed letter to work in each body and manifest, as it likes. The letter A is the divine origin of all talents, abilities, the vital breath and learning. It is understanding and the air element in divine form. Allowed akashic fundamental attributes to unfold in my awareness. I feel so wonderful after these sessions!

7-8-07 3:15pm-3: 55 pm
A storm happened to be going on before and during meditation, I swear it was not me! Focused specifically on wisdom and enlightenment as the main attributes. Brought energy down into chest region then eventually the lungs. Asked for a personification of this letter from my unconscious mind. A wise old monk with long white hair and beard appeared before me. Spoke to him about what enlightenment and wisdom were. I quote him " When one is connected to the divine intellect, one cannot help but to be free of ignorance and know truth. One becomes a conduit for wisdom. One personifies the divine intelligence." This letter comes very easy now; in an instant speaking "A" produces all qualities associated with it. Allowed a vision of the letter to come to me. It was very clear and vivid.
"A boat at sea, still and awaiting the wind. Shakespeare, trying to find the perfect words for a play. Both of these things originate in the same divine breath. Raphael appears and we speak the letter A without pause as we float up into a pure consciousness of light. I dissolve into this Cosmic mind as it chants the letter A into all of the universe. I then float down returning to the Bard writing finally, then the boat sailing, having caught a wind." The vision ends.

7-9-07 10:45pm-11: 02pm
Began condensing A into a tiny point, increasing the dynamics. Tension is quite strong. Connect with King Solomon and his wisdom in the akasha. Then entered the Buddha's experience of everyone being asleep but himself. Then meditated on each analogy in each body and how the letter would produce that attribute. Quickly went through each attribute and imagined I possessed in NOW. Pronounced letter several times
Increasing dynamics.

7-10-07 10:10am-11:00am
Focused on how letter A affects the elemental makeup of aspect of the astral body. It gives reason to will/illumination to awareness (fire). Gives pure thoughts to intellect (air). Gives insight into emotion (water). Creates a purer consciousness (earth). I then "grounded" the letter A's divine awareness through the bodies and locked it in to the physical by focusing on the bones, skin, muscle and breath. Spent time rolling the attributes of A in my mind and then repeated several times the letter until all was A.

7-11-07 2:00pm-2: 45pm
Focused on letter's divine connection. Imagined my mind as a vast, open and endless sky. Became the sky and tried to think as an infinite divine mind. From this perspective all the attributes of the letter are natural. Meditated on how letter effects each world. Later that night practiced for an hour (11-12am) on only the divine intellect.

As we grow older it feels as if we see more of the world. I have often symbolized this in my mind as a lotus flower opening slowly in the head allowing one to perceive more. This letter is the means by which that lotus flower opens. It banishes ignorance and makes one more internally aware. One becomes more capable of picking up outside and inside information. The letter also leaves one in a feeling of complete balance and ease. It is as if you float past all the cares and worries of life, looking down on them as if they were fluffy white clouds. You can control the weather using this letter because your mind and the sky are alike. It becomes natural and easy to do such things because it is you, you control your mind, and your mind is like the sky. One can read these words over and over and get the "idea" of what I am saying. They sound simple and almost obvious or possibly insane to some. However once you "experience" the letter you realize how easy it all is and how these words even complicate the experience.


  1. Hei JB!
    What happens if I use a letter in the universal akasha?

    1. Check out the above blog and Bardon's descriptions in his book The Key to the True Kabbalah. He lays it all out for you.

  2. Hei JB!
    Its possible make a conection enter The Fool and the cosmic letter A?

  3. That is possible yes, you can even use the letter A with other cards in order to be enlightened on their meaning.

  4. It seems that Bardon's 3rd book gives the best system of development. Why not go right into his Kabballah book and give one's full attention until a person masters it? Take a look at Crowley's program where a beginning student can from the beginning go right into any area of interest whether it be evocation, yoga, enochian etc. before they reach the first level of initiation. What are your thoughts on the possibility of just going this approach and is it possible?

    1. Quite the opposite! Bardon's third book is unfinished, he never completed it! It is in maybe a 2nd or 3rd draft form, loaded with mistakes and not streamlined and as smoothly written as his other two (and the other two are not even that smoothly written!) It has a powerful system in it but it requires a good deal of work to reach a place where it is workable and usable. A student COULD work it though do not get me wrong. If they can muster the skill to connect the lights, the ideas, the feelings and the lawfulness together in one experience then results will follow based on their development and their skill. The results will be flooded with things the student may not want though! Without the proper skills in focus, removing of certain traits and thoughts that will contaminate the forces invoked then any result produced will be weakened and not the one the student was hoping for.
      Imagine a pipe carrying water. The sides of the pipe have contaminants, minerals and build up. Any water that flows through is merely a trickle. This is the state of most people before initiation and training. Bardon's first book outlines the ways to clear that pipe and allow cleaner and more abundant water to flow. By jumping to the third book you are just trying to push the water through the pipe, buildup be damned. The results will be like using a clogged toilet. You can, you just may not appreciate the end result.