Friday, April 11, 2008

Ego sin-trick

Yesterday I had a chat with Eddie, this is what sprung from that. Thanks Ed for the inspiration and the dvds.

Often times when we hear the word Ego, we think of some pompous jerk who thinks of themselves only. As if the entire universe revolved around them. Well, this word has gotten a bad rap. Ego is who you are, your individuality (no wonder so many people hate it, no one wants you to be an individual). Now some one can be ego-centric or self centered which can be a problem. An ego that has gotten to big is usually considered a horrible thing, but I think this is more a problem with definition than anything. To have a well developed ego is wonderful, however when someone thinks only of themselves and believes they are a gift to mankind we enter into the realm of problems. Magic workers are famous for this. Pagans usually point at the magicians as the problem, which I will admit they can be, however anyone who delves long enough into the arts magical or believes they have some special connection with the gods others do not, suffer just as much.

Wiccans are actually wonderful targets for an over compensation in their egos. They call themselves priests or priestess and look out! The ego wars begin. The second you forget we are all infallible popes in the domain of self, you get problems. Often times pagans look down on other religions because they have a false sense that they have been freed from such non-sense (which it is by the way) not for one second thinking they are still bound in Promethean like chains. And again if they get freed again from the next level they look down on the previous level, again never realizing they are still hog tied. About your 5th or 10th time you start to realize you may never get free, just free-er. But I digress. When you read my blogs you may have caught I can be condescending, I do this on purpose. If you notice I mix it with love. The reason is if you are too nice no one listens, if you are too cruel people shy away. Mix the two and they sometimes get the message. However I too must battle with the dreaded BIG EGO!!!

A magician who does not battle the tide of self importance will quickly sink into a quagmire (oh ya, giggity giggity). There is something about wielding cosmic forces that makes one get a little proud. Alas unless one has a awesome amount of introspection or a trustworthy and honest companion (my choice ;-D) there is little one can do to slack off the awesome forces of the Over Lord Ego! One good way of monitoring the ego is watching your dreams. If you dream of flying or hobnobbing with powerful or important people it is time to take a break from magic and find ways to "keep it real" (sorry pagans flying dreams are not astral projections). I have developed a way to turn the tide of self importance. I usually repeat this little mantra a few times while thinking about each aspect of what it says.
I am a magician
I often fail , I make mistakes, I fumble.
I am a magician
Sometimes my spells fail, I get uncreative, I lose concentration
I am a magician
I disappoint friends and loved ones, I get depressed, I get angry
I am a magician
I get sick, I get tired, I get bored, I get confused
I am a magician
I could be a better father, I better husband, a better son, a better friend
I am a magician
I have stolen, I have cheated, I have lied
I am a magician
I work in retail.

Even you non-magic folk out there can benefit from an occasional ego cleansing. Just remember Having an ego is a good thing, thinking yours is the greatest is not.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Any effort to "counter" or "diminish" the ego will only entrap a person within cycles of apparently being free of much ego, followed by periods of pain and disappointments over one's giving in to ego yet again. All these while, he/she has never really "solved" this problem of ego. It is like cutting off the heads of a hydra, only to have more growing to replace the defeated ones.

    There are many who choose to use humor to "counteract" their own ego, or affirmations etc etc...but all have some form of personal aversion towards ego, and thus always have their attentions focused on "solving the problem of ego" rather than living the "spontaneous life of being already freed of all fears". Their main attention is on a "problem" to be solved, and thus have somehow affirmed the reality of their ego, making sure that it still remains unresolved at its root. This is what the ego would entice its victims do, to deal with or to resist it etc. Which is why you can always sense that subtle fear and insecurity within people who seeks to counteract their own selfishness.

    To put it simply, the ego/separative tendency of the personality is a problem of and within time and space, and having any forms of attachments will ensure that one is never truly free of their own ego. Every soul will eventually deal a death blow to their own egoism at the end of their path here, but this will happen only through the innate "identification" abilities of the soul to liberate itself from time and space.

    What good does the energies of egoism, separateness and selfishness serve? It is simply so that souls have tremendous forces in place to ensure that they immense into the deepest of forms and time and space...and so that when they have finally attained freedom from form-identifications, they would have understood what the word "Life" means from the perspective of God.

    But forget not that our world with all of its wonders and beauty/immense horror and simply a nursery school for entrance into the spiritual kingdom.

  2. Very interesting and well put. I come from the perspective that western magic has, that we enlighten and deify the ego (The I, the thing you are experiencing everything with at this moment) and not destroy it. The ego should be cleansed, empowered, balanced, enlightened and made divine like every other aspect of the person. Eastern magics rid the person of the ego which I think for western minds is not the healthy path to choose but to each their own. Thanks for sharing!

  3. No I come from a western background, strange that my post is seen as from eastern magic's perspective lol...or maybe I have a eastern mentality without realizing it.

    Well anyway dealing a death blow to egoism means only the end to the separative and illusion making tendencies of the ego, with the ego remaining as a purified and enlightened vehicle of expression for Divinity.

    "Getting rid of the ego" on the other simply the expression of fear towards the ego and the sufferings it brings, and is thus still in itself a form of ego-entrapment and spiritual selfishness.

    Both Eastern and Western magic share the same inner goals, though differing in techniques. As to any temporal mistakes made by the eastern(or western) approaches down the ages, they are insignificant and of no concern. The inevitable end is always the manifestation of the Divine through the human ego, and the synthesis of both methods.

  4. I do see a slight eastern influence yes, likely more Gnostic. The idea that reality is an illusion created by the ego or at the very least perception of the universe can be greatly enhanced once the ego is somehow dealt with usually in a more "getting rid of" way.

    I do agree whole heartedly with this statement and fully endorse it:

    >>Both Eastern and Western magic share the same inner goals, though differing in techniques. As to any temporal mistakes made by the eastern(or western) approaches down the ages, they are insignificant and of no concern. The inevitable end is always the manifestation of the Divine through the human ego, and the synthesis of both methods. <<

    Very near my thoughts exactly
    :)I think really as always we may be picking up certain words that are throwing us off. So let me see if this brings us to accord:

    The ego develops as a means of relating and interacting with the environment the person exists in. There is no perfect ego, only an ego perfectly adapted for an environment.Magic and spiritual practices seek to make the ego's new environment one that is a spiritual landscape. In western magic the goal is to slowly identify the various aspect of personality with higher more divine aspects (I associate my wit and intellect with that of Mercury/Hermes/Thoth, my love and desire with Venus/Aphrodite/Nuit and so on making the whole (Unity) a divine human being.) The Eastern method is more akin to being in a chapel and looking at stained glass with the sun behind it, the eastern system seeks to blow out the stained glass to let the pure Sun light in, where the stained glass is the "I" and the Sun light is the universe.

    Western magic has difficulty ridding the "I" because we rely on it,it is part of our culture to have a decent and healthy "I" where eastern cultures frown on an "I" (school children go to the bathroom at the same time, a self is seen as bad) so of course ridding the "I" for them is almost too simple (a zen riddle can do it) so neither is better then the other, both work within the culture towards the goal of making humans gods.

    It is my feeling that one problem western magic has though with its system is that due to working with such potent forces egotism can develop (I am better then others because I do magic) which was what this post was about and how to balance that out. Ego is awesome, thinking your ego is the best is bad. Getting rid of my ego would be like cutting the flower of the stem, you remove the part that is honoring divinity with its unique creation, as is every other flower in this garden called life. Eastern systems says be not interested in the flower but the light that feeds it only.

    How is that? :)

  5. The flower and the light is one and the same, both are equally divine. If Eastern system is about being uninterested in the flower itself...then I am not in favor of it.

    It certainly seems to you as if I am definitely speaking of ignoring the flower, thinking that it is nothing but illusion we should not concern ourselves with...but I suppose it is my bad choice of words that led to this presumption.

    This somehow brought me to the question of the limitations of human thinking itself. Thoughts and ideas often creates a veil between people, preventing us from identifying with one another. Many times ideas and understandings from different backgrounds conflict, when deep down they are essentially one and the same. To be personal is to see and emphasize the differences between our ideas and those of others. One might be more correct, the other might be a lesser or distorted truth, but nevertheless it is always the differences that are really focused upon. It is never the unity within the ideas that are focused on. It is always from "his" or from "my" thoughts/perspective, or of either parties "not understanding it". To be impersonal on the other hand is to be universal in one's expressions, such that an inner soul-recognition will be evoked from deep within all parties involved, taking over the role of understanding from a deeper level away from and regardless of any kinds of differing personal ideologies.

    I suppose humanity as a whole is still very far behind when it comes to understanding and identifying with one another. There will come a time whereby thoughts are no longer used by humanity to understand(misunderstand) and to thus separate and divide, but to serve simply as vehicles of divine inspirations, which are ever impersonal and universal in nature, and belonging to no one in particular.

    When that time comes, "intellectual discussions" or the very existence of arguments will be a thing of the savage past. Mental pride will also be equally non-existent. The world will be so full of Beethovens, Leonardo Da Vincis and Einsteins that such people will no longer be considered "geniuses", but normal folks you find everyday on the streets.

    Anyway, it has been a real joy for me to understand the issues from the perspective of Eastern vs Western Magic, and to see from the point of view of a magician of which I am not.

    You have my thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting, very great points and thoughts!

  7. Hei Justin!
    How are you?
    Why in your opinion some religions (like Wicca, african traditon and others) make a very great number big ego adepts? You have any explication for this?
    Have a nice week!

    1. I think every tradition has the possibility of developing ego centered adepts as well as other problems. The problem is that at some point the worker does not experience the universe or divinity as working through them and only sees that they are the ones doing it. I have met a couple of voodoo workers and they were confident but not egotistical, just sure in their abilities and the power of their gods. A few Wiccans that I have met have a perfect balance of ego, I have only met one or two that were egotistical. Mostly I find their problem lies in a fear or worry caused by persecution which causes certain issues and problems. Ceremonial magicians I have found to be the biggest sufferers of egotism and now and then I catch it in myself, mostly it is just over abundance in confidence but at times it can be a view of superiority over others, even a disdain. That has to be dealt with or problems arise.
      Enjoy your week as well.