Friday, April 11, 2008

Grinding my Gears

By now you should be getting a bit of an idea what goes on in my head. If that is the right idea or not we will probably never know, however venture on with me now and let us see if you can gleam some more jewels from the mind of Justin.
This is a brief list of things that really grind my gears. Some of them relate to magic some do not. Enjoy.

- Just because you read a few books about magic from new age books does not make you a magic worker. I'm sorry. Just the way that works, try it in any other field and see what happens. Life is about experience and doing.

- Way to many people think that because someone wrote a book about it or that if it is IN a book it must be true. Stop. This is not so. Usually this springs from a christian based brain because they are taught that one book is filled with absolute truth so maybe all the rest are as well.

- If you are pagan but where at one point christian, please get some of the books I mentioned about deprogramming. You may think you have been freed from their oppressive dogma, again you are wrong. A fish does not know it is surrounded by water or even breathes it. You are like this. Also do not believe everything in those books I told you about.

- Pagan societies gave rise and sustained some of the most legendary and long lasting civilizations mankind has ever known and many they cannot now remember. Filled with awesome works of art, inventions, technology, currency, and grand temples. Just try and keep that in mind before you pretend to run off into the woods to live in a hut. We came up with it and those wacky death worshipers stole our idea and put their usual dark taint on it. I say take it back, stop running.

- Stop wasting your life on celebrity gossip and current events that have no bearing on your life. What makes them so friggin great that you will sit before their altar (t.v.) and stare at their images in complete worship? Get a life.

- Children need to be disciplined. period the end. Don't lock them in a basement you idiot, a smack on the behind will do. Let children do as they please without consequence and ...well you see how society has become.(and sitting in time out is a piss poor consequence imagine if in life when you did something incredibly stupid all you had to do was sit in a chair for 60 sec., would that teach you? I bet when you touch a hot stove and you get burned you learned to be careful huh? And no you idiot do not burn children to teach them a lesson!!!)

- You will never, ever experience anything objectively. Every thing in the entire universe that you experience is all in your head. Please take a moment to ponder that.

- Do you worship any sort of god or deity? Stop. All you are is food. Stop being so damn retarded and take control of your own damn life! Their is no friendly invisible wo/man in the sky who loves you, I am sorry but a good deal of people figure this out when they learn that Santa is a fairy tale as well.

- Push your self, stop accepting the same old crap from you every day. What if you are a great writer or artist, maybe even the next Edison. Maybe you can run really fast or jump really high. How will you ever know if you do not try. For once be hard on your self for a good reason. (By the way, Kudos to the one person who actually tried my experiment and sent me the results. You have more balls than a thousand warrior spirits)

- Stop being so damn self conscious! Someone thinks you are the most gorgeous being to ever live. And the counter is true, stop being so conceded, someone thinks you are dog crap. Find a happy medium and enjoy yourself and your life.

- Stop playing games, life is so much better when you are direct and go for what you want in life without all the bullshit.

- If you are really old, die for Christ's sake! You are just being a pain in the ass to people who work in retail. (that one is actually a joke so before you start crying for mammy get a grip)

- Marriage is a great idea. So was the atom bomb. Marriage should be taken out of the religious (and therefore sacred) arena and stick with the legal issue. Also since it is now a legal is we can finally make it like every other licence from the government, renewable or not! Every five years you will with your spouse go sign a form if you want to stay together. If not you are immediately divorced. Also if you have not lived a decent life you should not be married. Live first, then marry. The entire animal kingdom has one thing in common : pair up, mate, die. It is in your genes . Think of marriage as the first step in three to death.

- Yes, you are an animal. You are a monkey that was taught to do tricks. Don't forget it either. Stop thinking man is so damn special. Also the converse is true, stop thinking man is un-important.

Well thats all I had to share. Hope you enjoy. This is one of the few blogs where if you were offended it was probably a joke, so don't take it too serious. If you were not offended then all of it was completely true.

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