Friday, April 11, 2008

IIH walkthrough

Over the past month or so I had a couple people ask me about the work of Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics or IIH from here on out. These are tough questions to answer to be honest with you. I have found through the few years I worked on the exercises, that there are many ways one can go about these steps each as individual as the person. So I try and choose my words very carefully, to say the wrong answer is to rob someone the opportunity of self discovery and eventually self mastery! A heavy burden indeed. Now for those unfamiliar with Franz's works I wrote a blog some time back about IIH and Bardon. In a nutshell Franz's wrote a book which attempts to teach the initiate from the bottom up how to become a master magician. At the time it was an amazing work because most occult manuals were not as clear or as explanatory as his was. Still to this day I would say it is possibly the most complete and certainly a very valuable system to work. He simply goes into detail about so many exercises and bridges them together to make a system that with a little creativity and a lot of dedication will bring you a long way.

So why am I wasting your time talking about this today? Well kids I have decided to give a overview and suggestions for each step in IIH. I will respect the copyright info of Bardon and Merkur publishing by not divulging the actual exercises, but I will give general advice and suggestions as well as my personal thoughts on what is going on in each step.

If you think this is not your cup of tea, well ignore the next 11 blogs I write. You may wish to stick around, you never know where you might find a gem or two even if you do not work Bardon's system. It truly does have many aspects that are useful within any system; which, I think was the real purpose of Sir Franz Bardon.

So this is your warning, over the next few weeks expect Theory, speculation and a Bardon centered way of thinking. In other words ***LOOK OUT... OPINIONS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!!!***
Opinions are not facts or make something someway. I may not even agree with the opinions I state in my current view of life and the occult, however I will approach it from a Franz Bardon memmetic structure. If you disagree, good, fine, excellent. I just ask you consider it in a intelligent manner and ask your self "Is this of value?" "Does this help me in some way?" "Would this be a more effective or less effective view than one I currently have?" and finally for those of you working IIH...."Should I do what he says or make my own way through this?" And that is the most important consideration to ponder on.

So, the next blog we shall begin. Hope you will come along. It is on it's way!

Theory section IIH pt.2

Bardon gives 14 subjects in his theory section. Each one should be read, re-read, meditated on and then read again for even beginning practice. Not for memorization purposes but in order to get a good idea of what each concept has to do with magic, self and the world. Bardon is giving a working model of the universe from which the student can order and catogorize nearly anything in the universe.
The elemental section is truly wonderful, to this day I still map out things in my head by the elements. Once one understands the elements and how they effect the person or universe it seems as if one can truly understand nearly every occurance presented to you. I sometimes think of "The Matrix" in which the elements and what is "encoded" in each elemental attribute appears like the green computer script cascading down everything, giving it form and function. Magic is knowing the script and transforming it to fit your intent, manipulating the code.
Karma is one of the things Bardon speaks on. He does a good job of making one consider what Karma really is. In essence it boils down to cause and effect. You cause an effect, that is karma. Every cause creates an effect. He also leaves off my invoking the readers common sense and logic in the matter. In other words he is asking you to truly consider what cause/effect-karma is. Another importnat thing he mentions is that development is under cause/effect. This is important for the student about to under take the work of IIH. William Mistelle puts it real well when he says that working the Bardon system draws all of the lifes Karma in a small amount of time. Consider this, IIH *causes* the initiate to experience and deal wth an entire lifes deeds so they can evolve or develop into something higher. Starting IIH is like saying to the universe "Hit me!". Trust me, you get tested and things fly at you as fast as you work the system. Divine Providence wants to make sure you are prepared to be what you want to be. Do not take that anthropamorphism to seriously, in truth you are just putting your spiritual development on high. So the things that would have occured to you in 10 years time happen in 1 or 2 years. You either stand and deliver or falter. I will talk more on this later and the personal effects it causes someone on the path.
Bardon also goes into diet and asceticism (harsh treatment of the body, fasting, inflicting pain on ones self) he really does well here in banishing ignorance and deplorable practices to ones self as un-needed and unreasonable. He basiclly states to treat your self well, and keep yourself healthy. Now, a fast or selective diet can be a good thing in moderation. I have fasted and it taught me many things about myself and body. Bardon was reputed of having only eaten differently for one operation and it was not a long time either. This would seem to stem from the idea that man is to be a reflection of the divine and of the universe. If this is true there is no need to inflict torments or pain on the body, it should be cared for and treated with respect "as a brother" I beleive he states somewhere in that section.
Truth, Religion & God. Possibly my favorites in the theory section. Truth he points out is an individual thing which should necer be thrust upon another unprepared or unwanting to hear your version or perceptions. These exercises will open up vistas of reality and about life that few ever consider or even give a rats donkey about! But to you they will seem like collosal things which should be shared with every man, woman and child. To state it simply, to impart the truth on one who is unwilling or not ready is like lying to them. To share turths with fellows and peers can be a great blessing. In this same vain Bardon treats Religion. Whatever you view as the highest, purest and greatest is for you the image of divine. Again what is it to try and convert another to your image of the divine? We look upon the same mystery and come out of it with different perspectives, neither false to ones development but awesome and wonderful to our own selves. It behooves no one to convert or coherse another to believe what we do, in truth this is the same as the truth section but valuable for focusing on this one dimension of life.

I must again state the value of contemplation and re-reading the Theory section. It illuminates a great deal on what one is going to do later as well as a key for understanding whatever problem is in front of the initiate.

Once one has gotten a thourogh understanding of the Theory section it is time to move on to the practice of Step 1.
But before this one should at the cover of IIH. Bardon claims this is the true first key of the tarot "The Magician". It is of course different from nearly other representation of the 1st card of the Tarot. However, it is a valauble key to ponder and meditate on. If one is conversant with Yoga then they will see some intresting images or hermeticist will see a powerful image of the universe. Either way I suggest a sort of controlled day dream in which one steps into the card and speaks with a person or image within the card. This does much in discovering your inner thoughts about the work ahead as well as your current magical development.

Well thats all for the theory section, I may bring up things from the theory section later on but that is another time.

IIH part 3 step 1

We now begin the actual practice of IIH. One of the earliest goofs in practice is the idea that the three sections are to be completed one after the other. For each and every step the spirit, soul and body exercises are to be worked on simultaneously. Now, within each section of spirit, soul and body they have subsections which must be completed by succesion. This is a very wonderful idea Bardon used. Each aspect of your being must be trained and developed or one will lag behind and eventually bring down the whole. Below I break down each section.


The exercises here begin the long glorious work of controling your thoughts. Or, as I like to think of it quieting the monkey in front of the cave. Let us say you were trying to enter the cave of insight but they had a boulder in front of it. Next to the boulder sat a wild monkey. As you attempted to open the cave the monkey goes nuts! It chatters, it screams, it dances, anything to get your attention away from moving that boulder and on the scared little monkey. These exercises teach you how to gag that annoying little oaf and get to moving that boulder.
Do not think that once you have succeded in each of the sub section of thought control that you may put them on the way side and forget them! Use these exercises any chance you can. They pay off later on in step 5 and in step 8 and beyond with evocation.
Thought Control is the watching or silent observation of thought. This exercise disengages the initiate from the thoughts they are recieving. Thats right I said recieving. In truth your real mind is empty and void, silent. Depending on your elemental makeup as well as your development you will recieve thoughts from the mental plane of a certain type and order. An analogy would be a radio. Depending on your channel you have set determines the information it will play. You may balk at this idea but I ask you only to practice the exercises and see for your self.

Thought discipline is to be used all the time. Here Bardon wants you to keep your thoughts on the things you are doing. From work, school, home, recreation, even day dreaming! Keep your mind in order. Now relaxation and recreation are important, you should set some time aside just to let the mind wander and play. As long as you are in charge of when it does that, all is well. Now once you get pretty good at that Bardon asks that you retain a single thought in your mind. This in truth can be a train of thought or any concept which you desire. One simply focuses in on the concept and represses or denies any thought not in some way related to the original chosen. If you do not know what to pick, guess what? The theory section is full of things on which to focus on! Just pick a theory, focus on the material and allow the thoughts to come. Unless of course the thoughts that come are about your laundry or bananas (damn monkey).

Vacancy of mind is the clearing of all thoughts. When one enters this state it is rather profound. There are varying layers to this state as well. At first you will attain a sense that you are holding the thoughts off, as if locked outside a door. Then the monkey gets a little tired and fewer thoughts show up. Finally you think no thoughts for several minutes (oh shit I just thought, damit it, again, crap, agh!!!!) That monkey is sneaky my friends, watch out! Eventully you attai na state where no "thoughts" come at all. Then, you percieve the coming of thoughts, you sense them like Spider Man senses bad guys. These are pre-thoughts. They are powerful yet subtle things which you should learn about and spend time with before delving deeper into Vacany of Mind or VOM as we Bardonist say when we get together and hobknob. These pre-thoughts will teach you much about the nature of mind and perception. Don't dilly daddle to long, rmemeber the real point is to be vacant of all thought. When you finally reach this state be prepared to experience true peace and clarity. This will last long after the exercise is done with and you will have powerful intuitions about life, nature and people from this.

In this section we take a long hard look at our selves. This section is especially aided by the exercises in thought control due to the fact you are really begininng to look within yourself possibly more than ever before. Bardon asks that we list every defect, fault, sin, weakness and failing in every possibly manner it appears. My gods, that hurts! Trust me go buy some Blue Bell ice cream or whatever treat you like and after each session give your self some love when you have moments of cruel, cold clairity about your self. If we were just rolling in our own mud then I would say to hell with this! However, this exercise is beyond valuable. From this you will attain a self knowing that builds a potent force within. What if Superman never realized Kryptonite could kill him? He would not do to well. Hell he might even have a kryptonite earing and just thing he was a sickly normal guy. But no, he stays away from kryptonite and because of this he has super-human power. Now I am not saying once you get rid of your faults you can fly and bend steel, or even date journalist who always seem to get in trouble, All I am saying is we gain power just by knowing what our faults are!
We also gather together all of our strengths, talents, abilities, and good qualities. This can be harder than the faults sometimes. We so shy away from what makes us sepcial and wonderful because we think we will embarass our selves or people will think we are to "pridefull". Be honest, take a good clear look at what makes you wonderful and what makes you foul.
We now catogorize each trait into a elemental heading. This can be difficult if you have not really studied the theory section and meditated on what the elemental qualities are.
Now you may wonder why Fuhrer Bardon would be so cruel as to make you do this, what the hell does this have to do with magic anyway? Well kids the more positive and balanced your astral and mental bodies are the more balanced and healthy your physical body will become, the easier it will be to control the elements, to do the senses exercise, to control volts, to percieve and work with spirits, to invoke divinity, to meditate, shoot, to just be a more effective human being!
Don't fret, I have up my sleeve an ace that will help you banish those negative attributes and develop your positive aspects in a effective and easier way. But that is another step ;-)

This section covers valuable exercise which will keep you active and full of life energy. It also alludes to the magic of the eucharist or transmutating your food into powerful attributes and qualities. As nearly the whole section is practice and it is pretty straight forward I see no need to waste your eyesight on going over it.

So we come to the end of step 1. Befor emoving on in practice you may wish to really review your notes to see how far you have come and possibly addess some things which you may have looked over. I would again read the theory section with new eyes and return to the image on the front of the book for a daydream meet and greet with all the images inside the tarot card. You may be suprised how much comes to you know compared to before. Heck, give your monkey a banana. Poor bastard is probably worn out.

till part 4, step 2

part 4 IIH step 2

Ok, on to step 2. Bardon starts out with a discussion on auto-suggestion and describes the methods of slipping in commands through the conscious mind into the sub-conscious or unconscious mind ( A term I now disagree with do to reading a few NLP books the sub-conscious is anything but sub or un, heck it may be better than normal consciousness) at any rate I would like to mention a certain thing Bardon does in IIH that the initiate usually does not get until they have completed the exercise. IIH is cyclical. What starts out simple builds in a cycle like fashion getting more complex and deep. To not let the cat out of the bag I will make off hand comments so those really looking may find them. Here is my first and maybe last obvious hint: read secrets of the subconscious in step 2 and then flip a few pages to step 5. Now there is a building up between those two sections but compare how what you may be doing in step 2 will be in some way related to step 5 and even further in step 6 spirit section. Back to suggestion. As you will read a little later in the spirit section I do not think *forcing* a suggestion is the best way to go. The more conscious attention you place on the suggestion the less it enters your subconscious. Suggestion does not mean beating down the door. Gently, passively slide it under the crack in the door. If lava cannot go through a rock it goes around it, eventually wearing it down and melting it, adding the mass to its power. Moving on.

This is most likely the trickest section you will come to. Once you get past this one you will figure out what these sections are all about. Here Bardon starts teaching us to build up our senses. Imagining this or that, sight, sound, feel, taste, smell. If you don't realize what section you are in and superficially read the things he is saying you may just spend a lifetime developing these skills. Thankfully you are in the spirit section, in other words you are suppose to ***mentally**** see,hear,smell, feel and taste these things. They will not appear in HD color and sound quality. In fact if you have the same quality of experience as a day dream it may be to *advanced* for this exercise. He is not rying to get you to effect the astral or physical planes here, he is trying to get you to imagine it in your mind! Remember your only in step 2 here folks!
I have found that in stead of forcing something to appear in your mind it is better to *allow* it to come. In whatever way you find best *suggest* to yourself the sense you are working on is to come by itself. If you find it difficult to single out a single sense let it come naturally the way it will at first. Then try focusing on the single sense more and more until it stands alone. Now do not count the dual or triple sense experience in your alloted time amout for success. Do not be afraid to experience and play with the exercises. Remember Bardon is only giving you what is required to move on, he is not dictating *how* you get there or if you want to go the extra mile.

eeek! Possibly the most frightening and most desired section to skip. Do not fret! Read this section carefully, he does not want you to be a perfect angel at the end of this step! He wants you to work on your most vile problems which will bring your elemental equlibrium into balance. So let us say for the sake of simplicity you have the following problems: fire:15 water: 20 air:16 earth:17. where do we start? Well find the ones that effect you the most, and the most seriously. Water in this example would probably be the place to go. Try and bring it down to only 15 problems. Next earth, bring that down to 15, fianlly airbring that down to 15. You now are equilized in your black soul mirror! Now do the same thing but in reverse for your white soul mirror. Create qualities which you desire to strengthen or create and develop them.Once that is done guess what: technically you could move on! That is all Bardon is saying. Of course you will have to keep at them for the rest of your development, but for now that is enough to move on! Now before I told you I had an ace up my sleeve for this section. Here it is:
Go there and download their free PDF which they will send to your email. I swear to you me and a friend of mine who practices Yoga, as well as having completed up to step 6 of Bardon 3 years ago both used this and it works wonders. It will not work for all of your problems, it will however destroy attachements and negative thought patterns as well as emotional control over many problems. It can even work in reverse (something you will understand after reading it) building stronger traits within you. Trust me, would I steer you wrong? Not only does it do all that but it helps you rate the emotional (read astral) potence of that trait within you.
Again many may wonder why they have to be balanced to do magic or rid themselves of negative qualities. I direct you to the theory of chakras and the blockages within them. My much-in-the-future book "The Book of Godforms" will have some extremely powerful exercises which not only banish these qualities but give you command over them to transform you into a god.Bardon in a different manner does the same thing here.

This section describes vital energy breath or at least the preliminary exercise of working with vital energy and body control. The breathing exercises for banishing qualities are quite excellent, definitely try them out and work diligently on them, adding emofree to the breathing exercise will create a significant transformation of your character. The breathing exercise is good for developing good qualities as well. Body control is something which you should place the highest value on. Spartans did extensive body control methods and they developed tremendous will power from that. As a teenager I learned some of their exercises and implimented them to learn patience and control of my mind and body. Let me tell you they pay off. Once completed you see how powerful a strong will can be and you develop a great self confidence as well as self awarness. It really pays off.
Bardon speaks on picking an asana. Any will do. If you can get into those wild poses of the yogi's then by all means do it. The egyptian pose will do quite well. It may be advantageous to also look up some mudras or hand locking positions as well, if you like.

Well thats it for this step! One question which always comes up which I failed to put into the step 1 blog is how long on average do these steps take. A couple years back Rawn Clark did a questionnaire on that exact question. here is the link, download the zip:
Now you should never really think of this as a race. It is your development, your progress, there is no need to rush. There will never be some Bardon competition in which Bardonist from all over the world compete to see who can load an object with vital energy or an element the fastest or who can make the best volts. Won't happen. We as westerners have this time=money program which makes us want to do it and do it fast. Stop. Just do it well, this is the art of making yourself.
On average I would say it can take one person about 3-4 years to work every step. You will have some that go faster, some slower. I saw someone fly through it in a year only to take a signifigant amout of time on one of the final steps.
And to answer the final question possibly on some of your minds, what step am I on? Hahahaha. I will tell you this. For it is quite nebulous. I meet all the criteria for step 8, some of step 9 and 10 as well. I am no longer working the exact order which Bardon has given. I have tailored my own method, which sticks fairly close to his. You may even see how 8,9 and 10 sort of blend together as well. That should suffice I think

IIH step 3 (part5)

Step three starts with another introduction about the four pillars of magic. Bardon's words here are really inspiring and ring true. There is one in paticular which I would like to speak on and maybe try and sound like a hypocrite for. Silence. Silence is a powerful magical key which few really delve into or use properly. Bardon uses a certain phrase I will share here " Silence is might! The more you keep silent about your experiences and knowledge without seperating yourself from humanity, the more you will recieve a fountain of knowledge from this source." I will say this, he is not pulling your leg. When used properly you will discover something welling up within you, a power or feeling that begins to slip in certain knowings or inspirations. It is quite strange, as if some power source within is only activated by keeping your trap shut. Now this does not mean not talking to your magical brothers and sisters about magic or helping those on the path. This is not throwing your pearls before swine. This is also quite helpful when times are intolerant of magical workers. If you think that does not apply today then just realize a few decades back China decided it would banish the old ways and enter a new world, it killed and placed people in prison for such things as knowing how to make bows in the old way. Those who practiced tai chi got the same cold treatment. So am I a hypocrite for preaching silence? In some ways yes. All things have a place and time I guess will be my excuse.

Here again we practice exercises which develop our senses. Now instead of simple one sense exercises we go on two dual senses with eyes first closed and then open. Again these are done in the mind, however they should have your total attention. In other words your surroundings will not be the focus, your imaginings will. Now the eyes open eyes closed can present a minor problem, to overcome this adjust the lighting in your room with an oil lamp. Eventually raise the lighting to the point where you can just turn on the electric lighting and still imagine just as well.
As Bardon says these exercises are very important later on. For magics that require complete focus as well as developed senses. I have found playing around with this exercise is fun way to really master the practice. I would sometimes have coffee at a bookstore while having an imaginary conversation fully imagined in my head with various mythological creatures. Transform people you are talking to into other things or people using your imagination. You will be suprised how long it holds and how easy it is once you make it fun! Bardon recommends 5 mins and then you can move on. I trained in the fun method and would sometimes go for 25 minutes forgetting the time. This gave me more time to play around with the elemental breathing exercises.

Bardon gives the warning that if you have not balanced out your astral mirrors you will cause great harm to yourself. This is true. I learned this lesson in my days of practicing a certain form of tai chi called "Ling Kong Jing" or translated "the empty force". Basiclly it develops a strong charge of earth energy. This caused me an extreme decrease in sex drive, bouts of depression and meloncolly (and shit I am a capricorn already folks, do the math). After three years of practice I gave it up (I had started out only to do it for three years as an experiment) Luckily I discovered the lbrp and some other exercises that balanced me out a bit more. So be warned, take him seriously here! These energies start out subtle but grow in power.
For each element one starts out with just a few breaths and eventually working ones way up to no more than fourty. You are not to do any yogic breathing or paranayama type breath holding. As you normally breathe in a relaxed state should be the same as you breathe here. There ar numerous little tricks one could come up with here to make the exercises more potent but start out as he says to. One thing one can do right away is two take the element in physical form and place it before you, meditating on that for a while, tocuhing it if possible, smelling it and just really taking it in. For air I reccomend finding some light steam to let pass through your fingers. For fire a warm room or outside on a summer day, for water go dive in the ocean or a pool and just sink down. For earth if possible go into a cave, if not a cave play in the dirt, work with clay, rocks and wood. Really get an internal sense for each element as singular as possible. Also during the seasons or in daily life try and figure out what element rules the situation or day. This will take you a long way to mastering these exercises. Also do not be afraid to use the tattvas.

Vital energy! I tell you what folks I probably spent way to much time in step 3 just because I found it so powerful and varied in energy work and development. Your not suppose to have a favorite step but this was mine at the time. I really got into vital energy in a big way. That along with the element work I was doing really kept my blood oxygenated lol! I think I remember finally having to move on when a good friend (the one who does yoga) asked if I was *still* on step 3. The other two steps took me about 2 months each and this one was going about three to four months if I remember correctly. If that does not seem long to you just consider I was doing about an hour or two a day on exercises and possibly an hour or two on study everyday except one day a week I took off (which sometimes meant I only did one hour exercises) as well as having done previous magic work and tons of meditation. The Ling Kong Jing exercises required an *average* student to *stand* in a horse riding stance with harms held up to the sides for *at least* 1 hour!!! Oh, and I almost forgot, you had to have a vacancy of thought for that hour, followed by a sitting exercise for another half hour...EVERYDAY .Sometimes, and it was considered better if you did : twice a day! And I did that crazy shit for three years! So if I went a little fast it was because I had some of these things down already. There may be exercises for you which you breeze through, thats fine, just make sure you have it down. Just rmemeber the average step is only going to take you about 3 months anyway unless you have NEVER done any magical training what-so-ever. Then you can add a month or two to that estimate, or not. So anyway.....where was I, oh right, the body and vital energy. Just remember to keep up on previous exercise of body control, thought control as well as elemental soul mirror work.

Before moving on guess what you should do? That's right moonpie (hehe sorry Laura had to steal it) re-read the Theory section!

Till monday !

(part 5) Step 4 of IIH

Ok, step 4 is another awesome step which really goes a long way in expanding the students views on the universe as well as themselves.
Bardon reminds the student not to rush as well as to make sure *every* exercise which has gone before this one has been completed. By now one should have a praxis of most of the theory section and a new understanding of self, the elements and the world around themself.

The spirit section is all about transffering the consciousness of the initiate into objects, living beings and people. Remember this is just the consciousness and not your soul. You will most likely not get astral or emotional responses of any real order with these exercises. Again I had a lot of fun with these practices. I learned much about what consitutes consciousness and where consciousness resides in all things.
At first and for that matter some time, one is only *observing* the thoughts of the subject. They are not influencing them! Can you see why step 1 thought control is so vital in this step? Especially the vacany of mind, it allows you to silence your thoughts and simply observe the inner workings of other minds. Make a list of ascending order of things and people you wish to explore mentally. Don't go for people already passed on, at least for now, wait till you master the akasha to do that. This step also prepares one for the akasha in the next step. I leave it to the dilegent studnet to realize how through practice as some things just cannot be conveyed in words.
Bardon leaves off with a warning about evil practices with this exercise. It is possible to steal the mind of another individual and even steal the body of another if one masters this practice. However, if one wants success here one should enter this practice with a sense of higher love and learning, without which would cause many problems and blocks to the practice. Once mastered though one's experiements can broaden. There is a story of yogi's using a similar method to trnafer their minds when near death to another body, animal or human (eventually human though). Aparently the mystery to this practice is sealed in the sacred sound "HUM". I will leave it at that.

Here we begin to accumulate the elements into th ebody and then condense or compress that element into a specific body part. This is a powerful practice that should be done with care and attention to your astral equlibrium. It also will bring your body into a new level of vitality and health.
The secret to doing this exercise is to place ones focus or consciousness into that body area and *allow* the energy to go there. The energy will follow your intent. Simply focus your intent in that body part and it will flow there! No need to strain or force the energy, it will just flow like water.
Bardon then describes a meditation which will really improve your astral senses, abilities and health. In essence one places the element within their appropriate body section. I find doing this while meditating on how that area is related in physiology as well as symboliclly is a very good starting meditation. This meditation should be done at first (in my opinion) every other day, then once a week. You will notcie many positive things from this practice! I cannot praise it enough.

Bardon speaks on deepening the exercises spoken of before and one should do so. He then goes on to creating rituals for the elements. In other words when you enact the ritual the element projects as needed. One could use mudras, ones own creation or the method Bardon describes. I find that a silent intonation is good for mental projection, a whisper for astral and physical element projection should be signalled by a speaking voice. This will come in handy later as one does evocation where when calling the spirit to one of the three spheres one will mentally call, then astrally-whisper, and physically call-summon to the physical plane. This will provide that mental program now which will develop into a powerful rite later.

Bardon goes on to describe the various rites cults (not the bad cults necessarilly, magical lodges in other words) use in order to manipulate the elements. In other words all these books published today which give the rituals used in their lodges are the same thing one can use to project the elements. That is why I suggest mudras because they have been around for thousands of years and are geared to such thoughts as magical uses or elemental dispositions.
Now a secret method for creating your own rituals! First draw a tremendous amount of vital energy within ones body. Then accumulate it within the hand gesture (which should symbolically represent the element to *you*!!!) Now simply auto-suggest that when one perform the given exercise the stated result will occur. Next, draw the element into your astral form. Condense the element into the ritual gesture. Now imagine a minature archangel, lemental ruler or god of that element in the gesture. See them in the same pose and performing the same ritual gesture as you are with the desired outcome. Now whisper the formula you have chosen (if you so choose to use that method) and imagine they do the same with the desired effect occuring. Ask them to aid you in this ritual and to empower the rite. Now send the element away with the spirit. Practice, practice, practice!!!! It could take over four-hundred meditations to effect the physical plane automatically with the ritual. In other words one must charge the energetic battery of the ritual before it becomes effective.
Another secret method!!!!- This is the one I give in my book, one I discovered long after I did this exercise and worked the rituals here. Stay quite some time filled with the element you wish to master with a ritual. Try to fix in your mind every detail of how this energy is experienced. Now banish the element. Try simply by re-creating the experience you had while you were filled with the element. Repeat. I find this is a much more quick and easier method to work with and still follows the basic schemata of what Bardon intended. Eventually and quickly one just imagines the element into the body and wa-la done!!! This exercise can even grow stronger over time, when one begin evocation/invocation. Meging with a spirit or god will create an even more potent energetic signature to work with and re-create through ones imaginings!

I know, I know, I am too good to you ;-) lol.
See you tommorow!

(part6) Step 5 of IIH

In this step we learn how to move our minds or spirits into the center point of any object. This brings about a powerful trance state as well as affording us a means to load an object with whatever energy substance or intent we desire. This is accomplished due to the idea that the center point is the origin or the central matrix from which the physical object is created around. It is the program nexus or central control for the entire object or being. If this practice is mastered one could "re-write" the very nature of the object (this would be done once one masters step 10 and merges with divinity). The dis-placement of your mind to the central point brings on a powerful trance. It centers the mind within the body which allows a deeper meditation to unfold. I have also found that if one simply focuses on the center point while drawing elements or energies into the body one finds the concentration of that energy is stronger and it is easier to fill the body with that energy.

This section deals with further mastering the elements. Now we learn how to form them and control their shape when condensed. This is a very valuable exercise for further works in Bardon and in magic. Later when we condense the elements into fluid condensers or magical items one will need all the training from this section behind them and mastered. Also for creating elementries (something that if you read my blod a while back I had a tough time doing) this section is invaluable. One seperates condensing elements into shapes and creating elementries? What I have discovered from my own mistakes is that intent is always key, and not overdoing intent. In this step we just play with the elements as a child plays with clay. Later we inject intent into that energy to give it a drive or motivational force akin to Freud's Id (without all the different desires, just the one you give, and if allowed to exist to long self preservation) If one fills or thinks of to many intents then those intents compete with each other and cause the elementry to fail.
This step is also fun because you finally get a chance to prove these energies are not all in your head. I love the exercise where you transform the water's taste through the elements. Be careful though I found out that filling water with an element too much can cause the drinker to experience strong sense hallucinations. I once filled a glass of water with way to much fire energy and the drinker later on thought she saw someone walking in her house. The excess fire energy stimulated her psychic vision (fire=light=vision) which temporarily caused her to see things. Just a warning (great, now everyone will be drinking water to hallucinate lol)

Another fun section! Here we begin to use vital energy and the air element to move our fingers and hands. I have seen a few people (ok, myself included) trying to move other peoples fingers and hands with this exercise. Good luck, it is difficult. First off if you do this to yourself you accept what is going on. Another may be afraid, apprehensive or just try to counter your efforts in a test of wills-- and more often than not they will succeed. Just worry about moving your own fingers and hand for now, play elemental games later when you have plenty of experience and free time. This practice leads you to automatic writing and drawing as well as working with your guru or if you like HGA. This is where I finally started chatting with my HGA and learned many things. Be warned if you focus to much or crave a certain answer (even subconsciously) than this exercise will fail.
The main reason for this exercise beyond your first glimpses of other worldly beings is very important for evocation. Here we learn *once again* the value of VOM and observing your thoughts. By not focusing on a certain thought or desire and allowing other impressions to come in from else where you learn a most valuable skill in learning how to *hear* spirits. Without this preliminary step one would interject and contaminate the messages with ones own thoughts.
A good way to see if you are up to par for this exercise is to go speak with many different types of people. Just listen!!!!! Do not interupt them or wander off in your thoughts. For every occasion you do wander off or interject your opinion realize that if that was an evocation you would have just contaminated your message. Seriously, go try it.
Eventually, at the end of this step if one really goes to town and does what is required and then some you will be able to eventually set up a mental dialoge with you HGA or guru on a normal basis. You will learn their *way* of speaking and be able to use that in your daily life to answer questions or succeed in other ways. Also the more you work with your "guide" the more potent they become in your sphere of operation. After a few weeks my wife one time commented after an automatic writing session that I must have burned incense because it smelled so nice in the room. I had not burned insence it was my HGA.

Before moving on I would stress that you should have your elements in check and balanced. There should be no major conflicts within your elemental attributes or imbalances. If that is the case you should double time your work and get them under control. If not master of your elements than the next step will be very difficult if not impossible. You do not need to be perfect yet (lol) but balance is a must.

until tommorow gentle readers.

(part 7) Step 6 of IIH

We are now on step 6 of Initiation into Hermetics. Bardon introduces this step with a plea to be sure that before you start this step you should have of course mastered all previous steps. That is not to say that you should be able to turn water to wine, throw fire balls or other such amazing feats. A simple review of what he requires shows you that at no time does he expect that level of "mastery".

We begin this step with a deep meditation and pondering of the will, intellect, feeling and consciousness; their elemental residence and the fact that these belong to the spirit. One is required to understand in what ways these qualities are within the spirit, and they are then reflected or surrounded by their astral and physical counterparts.
We then practice the very intresting exercise of being conscious that the spirit lives within the soul or astral body and that both of these reside within the physical body. This can be a little tougher. In fact I think bardon is forcing the bodies into this mold instead of the initiate realizing that it is this way. Let me explain. I can easily feel my mind and spirit *within* and *around* the body. It is mu *opinion* that Bardon is doing the reverse, forcing the finer bodies within the course body. I am not saying to ignore what Bardon says here, I thought I should bring my experience to the table and let you experiment and decide for yourself. At the very least practice his method for a time and see what is gained or benifits you recieve from the practice. Later on in higher steps it does become quite useful especially in projecting the mental and physical bodies out. It also increases the over all dynamics of the magician because the magus has trained themself in being effective on all three planes at the same time. There is much more to this practice and the student would be well to delve deeply into study, meditation and practice in this step until it is mastered and comfortable.

This is a powerful practice here as well. If one has mastered the elements as one should up to this point then be prepared for some dramatic transformations in your life. If you have lagged behind in practice be prepared for trouble. This practice draws etheric energy(akasha) into the initiates soul. This along with the idea that one is master of the elements will create within you the ability to manipulate the elements as a child plays with toys. Both me and another practitioner marvled at how easy elemental exercises are when this step is completed. one can literally enter the akasha and simply command an element be loaded in a certain place, in a certain strength and whatever other desires one has for that element. It is master control of the elements. In fact entering the akasha and focusing on any cause or idea given enough willpower and faith will cause the event to happen. It may take longer than some other forms of magic such as evocation, but their is less collateral strangeness (sometimes evocation can cause strange experiences as reality shifts to conform to your will by way of the spirit) and it happens it a much more long lasting way.
The akasha has its dangers though! Be warned daydreaming or drifiting off into sleep is not recommended in the akasha. I don't know how familiar most of you are with my famous duck story, regardless here it is. One day I had a long day and was tired. I had to practice my exercises and I was working with the akasha. For some reason I drifited off in thought. For whatever reason I began to think about a duck. Well I began to transform into a duck, first mentally and I had begun to transform astrally. Luckily the astral is difficult to change and holds our very personality. Something deep down in my self-dom cried out to "wake up" and I did. Re-affirming my humanity and my personality. I still wonder to this day if I would have actually turned into a duck( Imagine my wifes suprise as she opened the door and saw a yellow duck on the bed, and no husband!)

Here you have graduated the body to no longer need further training. Bardon gives experiments which may be undertaken to master furhter magics later on. Namely elementry creation and what goes into accidentally created elementries, such as phantoms and schemata as well as larvae. Some light reading on Alexandra David-Neel would give you about the same info and a nice story to go along with it. I recommend trying a few of these experiements but remember they are not required. One can simply spend more time developing themselves further in previous exericses.

At this point the magician will most certainly look at the world in such a way he will feel a stranger in a strange land. You will understand inner motivations of yourself to such a degree that looking at others allows you a window into their soul, a window to see their greatness and desparity. You even at this point wield the power to manipulate their very soul and decisions. You will see the world in grander, broader terms. No longer black and white but a million shades and ecstatic colors. Worst of all you may feel supremely lonely. Few on earth understand where you are at now, even your brothers in magic may not glimpse some of the sublime qualities you are just now begining to see. Even if you broke silence and told them it only widens the gap between you and humanity. I think around this time most of us will go through a dark night of the soul, if not here, then a good chance of having it at step 8. That is why having your soul mirror in order is so vital! If you enter here with more darkness than light and little control over yourself you may be lucky and go through a deep depression. Not so lucky some minor insanity. Not so lucky, well you could turn into a duck.
My advice is re-affirm your humanity every chance you get. Have fun, enjoy life and those around you in it. If not ask yourself why do this work anyway?

(part 8) Step 7 of IIH

This section delves once again into the spirit working within the other bodies. Now we begin developing the spirit through previous exercises to strengthen certain attributes within ourselves. Now we are getting to the "perfection" zone. What is perfection for a human being? It is getting rid of all the bullshit in your life which bogs you down. Whatever denies you the ability to be in the here and now, what so ever clouds our vision of reality, prevents us from being who we truly are. Humanistic psychology would best define the terms of human perfection. Once we have banished all that keeps us from becoming who we really are or self actualizing than we are on the path of perfection. Your not trying to be holier than thou or a friggin saint. You are on the path of becoming ***YOU***. Take a while and ponder what that means (which should have been done in the soul mirror section). Anyway in this step we focus on raising our elemental attributes in our spirit to a balanced self actualized whole. Your feelings should be equal to your willpower, your intellect should be on par with your feelings, and your willpower should be balanced with your intellect. Now the exercises you should do to raise or balance off these qualities are the ones you have done in previous steps. These practices let us say for intellect would be meditating on sound for a period of time. This in itself does not grant you a astounding intellect. It develops your ability ***to learn*** and think. It is not like one day while practicing astral/spiritual listening a PHd is confered upon you. So, just keep that in mind.

In this section Bardon gives you several practices which develop your astral senses to a awesome degree. For each sense he gives you a formula which you can produce and use as a catalyist for further development. These formulas do not in themselves grant you astounding astral senses, they just help. One should have already come along way in their work with the senses. Now Bardon is a little tricky here when it comes to the actual practice. He tells you how to make the formula, where to put it and then a meditation to proceed with. The meditation will usually deal with an element or aspect of the element and then simply you focusing on how your astral sense is developing. While this is all well and good, it really is a piss poor way of testing your development. I discovered after a few sessions of doing as Bardon says one should jump right back into the sense exercises one did in previous steps. I had tremendous jumps in skill once I started doing that. This is when you may even "wow" yourself with how vivid you can create these astral scenes. It is truly amazing at times.
Oh, one of the ingredients is chamomile and another is eyebright for clairvoyance. I found eyebright at GNC for improved vision and chamomile at walmart in the tea section. Just a heads up.
One other practice I did on my own on this step was to at bed time draw in a decent amount of an element and condense it into the area you wish to develop. It should be a strong radiating presence. Now go to sleep. Not only will you have powerful dreams using that sense but it develops that sense a great deal. Just be sure to banish the element and at first do this once a week for each until you are sure you can handle the accumulation.

Here Bardon goes into the creation of the elementals and tulpas he spoke of in the previous step. He gives many methods of development and creation of each as well as their eventual destruction.
If you have some free time one thing extra you can practice is transfering your consciousness through the akasha into people you believe have elemental makeups you would like to develop. Let us say for willpower you pick a karate master who can brake concrete. Just enter their consciousness and examine their elemental make up, especially fire. Really pay attention to how their fire element feels and what thoughts arise from them. Stay in their element for a while until you think you have a good grasp of their firey nature. Now return to your mind and see if you can re-produce that aspect within yourself through your imagination. Keep at it and see what develops.

(part 9) step 8 of IIH

On to step 8. This is a very involved step and in this step begins the possibility of bridging out to Bardon's other two works "The Practice of Magical Evocation" as well as "The Key to the True Kabbalah". One will not finish "The Key.." until one completes IIH in step 10. So, in reality one could spend quite a while on this step.

In this step we learn mental projection, or mental wandering. Bardon tells us that we should begin by studying ourselves in a mirror and memorize our image. This is a good way to start off. By mentally seeing your image outside your self it brings you one step closer to projection. Now simply transfer your consciousness into that image. If you are up on all your exercises this should not be difficult at all. One then observes their surroundings. You will most likely notice that your surroundings are different. This because it is a mental journey. A magician named Ophiel wrote a book in which he gives steps to astral projection, in it he tells you to memorize your surroundings, or memorize a path to an item which you have studied and "imagine" that journey from the comfort of your bed. Repeating this over and over will eventually cause you to project. So, for example sit in your bed. Now rise up and taking your time examine the room. Now walk over to an item. Pick it up, play with it, feel it, see if it makes noise, so on and so forth, really study it. Now go back and lay down. Imagine that you rise, seeing all that you saw and imagine repeating everything you just did. Eventually you will begin to notice the imagery becomes more and more vivid. One day you will just pop out. Continued work will bring even more vivid experiences. Just keep at it, when you succeed it is quite exciting!
Bardon goes on describing what is required next, which is of course extending the time you are out as well as traveling through time and space in your mental body. Remember, you are in the spirit section! Your are not astrally projecting just yet.

Bardon prefaces this step with a petition to the student to be sure they are of course prepared for this step, and that they will know this readiness by the fruit of living in the *now*. Dreaming about the past or future will waste your energy and create causes within the akasha that you may not like. At this point in your development, dwelling on things which cannot be helped is quite dangerous. In truth a magician at this level if depressed can create powerful forces of negativity to be unleased about him/her. So it is important to live in the now. If you remember what I said in my last blog this step can be dangerous for those who have not completely worked out their soul mirror. At this stage the inititate should be and know their true selves and have banished all traits which are not of that nature or cause negativity within themselves.
Moving on, Bardon describes working with the two fluids, the electric and magnetic. These two potent forces blend together to make the elements and all of creation. They are in truth two divine forces! Bardon gives two methods each for working with these energies and they should be practiced with great care and attention. Follow his directions carefully and do not rush!!!! These powers can be almost addictive in their use. They have a energy which can only be described through poetry. The electric fluid is as powerful as a burning sun and all that power is within your body. The magnetic fluid is as deep and influential as the sea or a thousand lovers and you to will control that force. Be safe!
Once mastered these two forces can heal, create powerful magical charges, destroy, manipulate, in truth they can do anything and only the gods can deny them, if they can!

In this step we learn the uses of magical mirrors and other tools we can use to explore the magical universe and help us in our magics. This section is another reason why this step can take a year or more! Of course one does not have to do all these things, they are experiements that will aid in the students learning and experience. Truly it is up to the student to progress here as they will and decide what they wish to do. I am still on this step like I told you before, but have worked on several other exercises in the next two steps. I was deeply intrested in evocation and working with spirits. At this time I am almost done with my experiments and will msot likely begin the Bardon exercises where I left off.
You will see a certain bridging of step 9 into step 10. That is no mistake, one needs only look at the basic idea of the practice compared to the tree of life. It is like going from Hochma to Kether. One is nearing god-hood. Now in my time playing in step 8 and dabbling in a great deal of practices of step 9 and 10 I took a long time in deciding what things I will do in step 10 once I got there. I would also recommend that you take a considerable amount of time reading over the next two steps and see where they go, how they connect and what you plan to do in them. They are not as laid out as the previous steps and should be considered a great deal.
So, the next two blogs about step 9 and 10 will be from the standpoint of what I have learned while doing some of the exercises as well as my plan for attack if you will, on step 10.
Until tommorow!

(part 10) Step 9 of IIH

Step 9's introduction discusses the weaknesses of other systems development of astral senses, namely clairvoyance. Bardon states that since most practices develop the senses by force (staring at a mirror, black ink, coffee, etc...) they create an imbalance in the elements leading to disease of the eyes, nervous disorders and the like. One should think on this. By forcing an astral sense and not letting it develop naturally there are in a sense stunting the true development of their abilities. An example of this would be teaching a child to be potty trained to young or to old. It creates a fixation which may lead to character flaws later in life and minor traumas. One should allow ones self time and be patient with your development. Never force what is not ready!

Bardon goes into the step by step processes of using the magic mirror in a variety of situations. If you can delve in depth which each practice. In this lies the secrets of the universe and allows you to glimpse where you will. At this time I am profiecent at reading the nearby astral plane and the spirit(s) that reside there. I can do this with great vividness, with or without a mirror. I have had my visions tesdted with another magician in the room and we both were able to see the same things in detail with no distortion. Now, viewing else where, I need some work there. That will be my next endeavor I plan on conquering. Bardon also mentions loading magic mirrors with elements, fluids and vital energy. This is a great practice which I have experiemented with frequently for a couple years now. One simply loads the mirror (from oneself if it is only to affect yourself, from the outside to affect others) with the desired trait and intent. The mirror then "reflects" that energy outward. This is wonderful to use in your home for health, peace or other things you may desire.

Here Bardon relates his way to astrally project. As I said in the previous blog mental projection will enventually develop into astral projection. One should experiemnt as they will to see if they prefer this method or to simply continue their previous practice. One thing Bardon mentions is of course the astral cord. I have never seen such a thing, however there are what Huna practitioners call "aka cords" to everything one touches in some form or the other. This I have seen. Whether or not this is what Bardon relates to as well as other writers is up to you.
Another very intresting thing Bardon brings up is how your physical body and astral body have a semi-elastic energy bond. Over time and perseverance one can stretch the astral cord further with each attempt, loosening the tight grip between your soul and body. Without which you would not get very far. I have experienced this to a decent degree. It is as if there really is a froce binding the body to soul and over time it does stretch. As always check your results before subscribing.
The next part of the astral section calls for you to develop and incorporate the 4 divine attributes within yourself. This is done, of course, as with all these exercises with the elements. As he says deep and penetrating meditation is called for with these qualities. I have come up with two methods of attack here. 1. If you so choose, working with the four archangels of the quarters to a great extent with develop these divine qualities within your mind. I recommend calling them and simply asking them to meditate with you on the quality you seek. This is a tract told to me by Sandalphon when I evoked her and asked her this.
2. If archangels are not your cup of tea, one could simply create four elemental tulpas that appear as elementals and exhibit the qualities you desire. Frequent and deep meditation should be used unti lthey exist in a very real way in the astral. This should take you into step 10 where you could then merge the tulpas together into one for your personal god.
3.Something you come up with.
4.Load your self with the element or the fluids. Meditate on those qualities and that they are transfering those to your astral being.
5. Something you come up with.

Here Bardon goes into how one can load the bodies of the sick with the fluids to heal them. He also goes into the practice of volting. a volt is a combination of the two fluids which when placed into the akasha releases a powerful causation. Truly, at this point once mastered only Divine Providence can dney the magician. I think else where Bardon mentions how Adam and Eve where banished from Eden for the mysteries related to volting and abusing this practice. Now Bardon was a x-tian and he was a magician. Whether he believed the story in the Bible or was making refrence to a symbolic sexual refrence I cannot say. Sex magic and volting can be seen as tied into one another, obviously. Either way it should tell you the high nature of that magic.

You may have noticed that as we have gone from about step 6 that the details get more vauge. This is because at this point the magician is capable of working this stuff out in their own manner and discretion. These blogs are more for consideration of the lower steps and seeing how they tie in and what is important. I wanted to show how earlier steps will be built upon and developed as you progress in a clear manner. Your experiences from step 5 & 6 and of course beyond will be much different than mine. If not then you should take a look at your practice.

One more to go! I will try to either get it out later tonight or some time tommorow.

(part 11) Step 10 of IIH

Bardon once again admonishes us to make sure every bit of our previous training is mastered. If not, he says we should catch up now and be ready to move on. As great as an acomplishment it is to finish this work one should be humble and realize that this is just the first tarot card, The Magician, and that to be a true master we would have to complete the other 20 initiations. That's right IIH is the starting point. Bardon only wrote two other works and wrote a few pages of a third. The rest is supposedly beyond the grasps of humanity. If one considers how many *have* completed this work in it's entirety than that statement does not seem to far fetched. Who knows in another couple hundred years mankind may look at the requirements of IIH and see them as elementry.

Here, Bardon gives a wonderfully written and thought provoking section on traveling to the elemental kingdoms. He tells us that we must first skry and view the inhabitants of each sphere before traveling there. Once we have grasped their shape and form we then project our spirits out of our bodies, transform our spirit into the shape and appearance of the elemental and then travel to their kingdom. From there we acquiesce to our surroundings and the energies present. We do not immediately engage the spirits or the surroundings we come upon. This is good advice. When projecting to different astral zones one should allow oneself to adjust to the setting and become comfortable there. Once we are truly ready we will be recognized by the spirits there. Again one should wait for the spirits to acknowledge your presence and speak to you first. This will prove your maturity to them and let them realize your ability and peacable nature. If you do not act according to the elemental worlds guidelines you get booted out, because you do not fit. Just as a fish is not accepted on land (but to be eaten). Just think how you would feel if a spirit showed up in your house and rushed you with questions, if you were master of your domain you would most likely banish it outright. If instead a peaceful being showed up and awaited your approval you would be far more hospitable.
Bardon also speaks on the character of each elemental spirit and it's manner. He also says that the initiate will come to realize that while each elemental is bound to it's element man is a combination of elements along with spirit. In this they will recognize you as a higher being, but also desire that power. You see man has the power within him to make elementals turly immortal. Our spirits are immortal because of ther composite nature, elementals on the other hand being singular live dramaticlly long live but eventually melt back into their element. We as humans hold the key to granting them immortality. One should meditate on this idea and come to their own realizations.

Bardon ends this section with how one should rise up and meet their guru or guardian angel. and speaks on how the mental development of the inititate is now in the guru's hands as well as noting that further spheres should be explored.

Here Bardon finishes what he spoke on in the previous section on meditating on the four divine attributes. In the previous section he mentions how one should be almost at the point of realization with them and that when this occurs one can move on to this step. He also mentions establishing the personal god.
The personal god is not actually god-head or true divinity. In essence it is the medium one uses to ascend to divinity. True god-head will be found in the ecstatic silence of the akasha and in the light. This exercise is to transform (or finish the transformation) of making the initiate into an avatar or god-man.
Hence, the personal god can be anything symboliclly. A light, a flame, a guru, a symbol, whatever lets you connect the image to god-hood. This is a seemingly easy statement, but for one who has not probed their inner nature or beliefs it will be a great hard-ship. For many x-tian trained minds an old guy in a robe will be the image, but what if you are no longer x-tian? The image is still there, should you use it? That is up to you. There is much to consider in these few simple sentences. I can tell you it does not matter what image you use as the day is long and that it only matters the belief and intent you place in the work that matters. Something inside may not buy it, that is when you need to do some soul searching. What will your personal god look like?
The rest is easy. I guess. One simply brings the four attributes of divinity together into one form and meditates on that. This is done until the image of the divinity can be seen bright and clear before you (hallucination wise, yes). Once that is accomplished one simply imagines that the divine form moves into your body and takes over your soul. You now are filled with the divine attributes and powers. Case closed...or is it?
At the very end of the soul section Bardon mentions communicating with other gods, divinities or higher intelligences. He says that once one can do that he can be effective as god in *every sphere* and not just simply a magician. Thats right, the work continues upward and onward. Rising through the spheres you advance in each domain up to working with the divinities there, from that point you merge with them and become a god in that sphere, and of course more of a potent divine force on earth. See many people have the conception that a god is all powerful and all knowing. Not so! This is a christelmew idea mainly. Gods in nearly every culture were masters over certain domains, with one main god. distant and unintrested above all. What Bardon is getting at is this, you expand your powers and domains by merging with various gods.


Here Bardon speaks on various powers and abilities one can attain through merging, and mastering of the elements.
More importantly Bardon comes to a unique and powerful conclusion that the imagination is the force called Kundalini! This is something one should really think about. If one knows anything about the hindu myths of kundalini then they will come to value the power of the imagination. I would recommend reading that final little piece of information in IIH several times, letting it sink it.

Well that is it kido's! I had a few little fun things planned but I decided to save them for a rainy day ;-)
Hope you enjoyed my little annotation series. I know I had fun going over my old notes and thinking about the achievements and foilbles that I made going through it. There are many things I left for the inititate to discover while working and by no means was this exhaustive. While I do not think I can ever recommend IIH to any one as it is a massive work and difficult I must say the benifits are quite worth it in the end.

Good magics to you all, thanks for reading!


  1. Justin,

    Excellent website!! I really think it is cool. I hope that you don't abandon your myspace page. I love getting on it to read what you write :)


  2. don't worry Patrick, this is more an archive of the blogs I really like or think deserve to be saved.

    also it makes an easier way to read a specific blog.

  3. I must also vouch for EFT (or Engery Tapping). This stuff's helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my music performance abilities. After reading the "emofree" site I started to do more research on this stuff and found a book called "Energy Tapping" (by Fred Gallo) that gets even more detailed than the Gary Graig (emofree) site.

    And, Justin, this has got to be my *favoritest* of blogs since I've been seriously thinking about embarking on this work.


  4. Cool, I had not heard about that book, another to check out!

    wow, I didn't scare you off IIH with


    Good luck!!

  5. Scare me off?? Hello no! Now that I have the cheat sheet....? *pssh* This is gonna be cake. ;-)


  6. in your opinion is indispensable in step 4, I "read" the thoughts of people in mental transfer to go to next step?

  7. No, one does not need to read thoughts of others in step four. If one looks at The Practice of Magical Evocation as well as KTQ then you will see that thought reading is developed there if desired. Here one just gets impressions, although sometimes thoughts can be directly understood. It takes a bit of mastery in the language of symbols in order to fully do this.

  8. thanks a lot your answer!!
    Your answer help me a lot, because I can read the most impressive thoughts and the emotions of people, but its hard to see the past of the people and see this thoughts about the past. You have any trick to do this more easy?

    Man sorry for say this but I love you! lol!! :)

  9. Not a problem at all!

    Well then you have a clear head start on the work! This is obviously one of your strong suits and you will find that as you do the work some areas you will excel and others require more persistence. I have found the easiest way for *me* is tarot. By learning what tarot cards come up and how they translate to real life situations it helped me bridge some of the symbolic meaning and translating it into intellectual language. The more universal you get in the symbolism the better, because each person will have the kernel of symbolic truth but their lifetimes of experience will wrap that kernel in personal symbols.

    Love is feeling the connection, harmony and beauty in something else, don't be sorry. You feel this way because I helped you see what you already probably felt and knew but did not own it. That is a lesson in magic, you already have the truths, sometimes just not the words and/or confirmation it is so. Learn to reveal it to yourself and that is when magic becomes yours.

  10. thanks for your explanation :)
    what tarot deck you use? I like the Thot's tarot and you?

    thanks again to come here and answer my questions :)

  11. I am a huge fan of the Thoth deck, as long as you get all the relevant symbolism (alchemy and astrology) that's perfect. I made my own deck I use as well.

  12. your tarot deck must be gorgeous *_*

    yesterday I go ahead to step 5. In the first exercise I put my mind in the center point of the object and in a first moment I just feel in the material object but next the object start do enlarge whole its dimension. Now i see the object's universe in yellow.

    my doubt is why I see the "universe" yellow? In the book no have anything like this O.o

    I have some artworks too, you would like to see?

    thanks :)

  13. I think so :)

    A lot of what will occur to you as you work these steps cannot be written out in a limited book, always hold that in mind. You have a unique history, symbol set, and development. Evaluate the symbolic yellow color and realize it is a subjective experience of an objective reality. Like meeting a new person you two will evaluate each other based off of preferences, histories, tastes and character. You do not get a perfectly objective experience ever, so too in magic.


  14. hei justin my friend
    here are my artwork

  15. Very nice work! I like your variations in line, the flow and style very much. Your caricatures are fantastic.

  16. hei justin
    I'm talking with my SAG but i don't agree with all they speak.
    1: i have the agree with all? Or is my final word most important?
    2: its possible the SAG say anything wrong?

    thanks, and sorry to do you lose your time!

  17. Well keep in mind that dialouge between you and your angel is going to be symbolic and if you don't have a perfect grasp of your symbolism then you won't understand what the angel is trying to convey.

  18. hei justin! (its me your anonymous love, lol) :)
    where you find osier or hazel? You know another wood to substitute osier or hazel? (because I dont find this in anywhere)

  19. First research what the tree looks like. then go explore some woods. make sure to leave an offering to the tree you take it from. a drop of blood and a couple coins is a good offering.

  20. Dear Justin,

    Many thanks for your wonderfully inspiring blog.

    Also sorry for posting this publicly, but I could find no email for you, nor could I find your books that were referenced on this site earlier (a pitty, curious as we are!).

    I want to confess :) that I've taken your IIH comments and restructured them into a readble PDF, for personal use.
    Question: Would you mind if that's put out in the public domain, like on scribd or the Bardon IIH praxis forum(s), of course with full reference to your authorship and this blog?

    It could help IIH starters as it really offers a valuable additional perspective complementing the limited others commentaries.

    If not no probs then it will not happen of course, but if you would be supportive and approve that would be great. Also I was wondering if you have an opinion on any chance of potentially updating that?

    Whatever the answer, I really would like you to consider to take the IIH/PME/KTQ posts as a bundled commentary. There aren't so many, and your style and perspective are unique.

    The world needs stuff like that!

    Many thanks in advance for considering the thought, whatever the outcome ;)

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate it!
      At the moments books are down, I am planning on a whole series of books, each focusing on a strp by step approach to magical mastery based of the true tarot before the Golden Dawn got a hold of it. So new tarot, new books, new lots of stuff haha!

      That is fine with me sure! Go head and put it out there, thats why I write these things, hoping someone gains something from it! Now, if you like I can go back and revise the commentary and make it all into one. I will try to keep my Bardon hat on and not use it as a way to speak of my brand or style. Although I agree with much of what Bardon writes I do have some differences with him, and most of that can be solved by realizing he was writing for someone without any connection to any order to build a aystem from scratch for themselves! Once you know that then you can reconcile a lot of the problems people run up against with his work.

      But ya, give me a couple weeks with my work and I can post a new all inclusive commentary with new thoughts and helpful hints, tips, directions and guidance. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

  21. Hi Justin, thanks for your hard work of writing out everything here! I enjoyed reading it very much!

    Can I have two questions? Both are related to step I.

    During meditation for step I, I was OK for the first several months (on and off). One day, I suddenly saw a 3D picture/movie in mono color(darker or lighter purple), from that day on, I always saw pictures like that. They are not abstract objects, they are really humans and modern building structures. It is not that I had an intent to see anything before the meditation, they come by themselves and I have no idea what they meant. Then spring came, I stopped my meditation exercises and worked in my garden and on my lawn for like a month or so. When I came back to meditate, I cannot see the pictures anymore, it feels like there is a purple curtain on top of it. Now I am slowly gaining the ability back. Anyways, when I could see the pictures/movies, it actually interupts my meditation and I don't know what to do with the pictures. Have you experienced this? What are those pictures? What should I do about them?

    Second question: I intented to quite my mind and once the trance goes deeper, my mind starts to play around like a dream starts and it is hard for me to control them anymore. I noticed this problem for a while, one day I thought to myself, maybe I should really work hard on controlling the thoughts even when I go deep like that. Maybe that will benifit my Astral Projection.(when I project, there are always a lot of dream eletements and the projections don't make too much sense to me.) What do you think?

    Thank you so much in advance, Justin!

    1. I would say you have a gift or natural talent at having a powerful imagination, I recommend trying to guide and harness the gift! See if before doing the exercise if you review subjects and artwork/images all related to a certain idea, then return to the state. If it makes a difference then your only problem is just learning to focus and point the imagination in the right direction. That deeper level you spoke of where it appears is just your soul speaking to you or in some traditions your Holy Angel. However you do need to learn how and when to work with it properly. At the moment the link between your body consciousness, soul, and spirit or mind has a language you are probably unfamiliar with and contaminated with all sorts of programs you did not choose (a clear developed program language and its use is the point and process of perfection and spiritualization in this work).
      This in a way answers both your questions. Your astral projection is you sending a portion of your astral being out but because the lanaguage of symbolism is not clear and your inability to focus it leaves you with an experience that has projections and that is difficult to translate, hence the dream like feeling.

    2. Thanks so much for your reply! I forgot to mention that I have tried twice to have an intent before meditation and it did make a difference. One time, my friend and I wanted to test my projection, so she wants me to see what her door bell looks like. I couldn't do it during projections, so I tried to see it during meditation. First I saw a house (I am not sure if it is her house), then I say to myself, I want to get closer to see the door bell, then I did get closer but the picture wasn't clear for me to tell the shape of the door bell button. The other time, one of my best friends had a marriage problem. So I wanted to see "the relationship" between her and her husband (I know both of them very well), then I started meditation, I saw three people sitting around a table.

      But how do I learn the language that my soul is using to communicate with me. Do I need to read books or do I just need to do it and learn from it? Should I try to practice shutting it down and turning it on? I found I cannot practice Bardon's work with the images/movies.

      Thank you so much again!


    3. That is what I figured, you should always start with an intent before doing a working as such. It seems that you definitely have the talent and it just needs training.

      Start with your imagination, like I said focus on an intent. Much like you did with your married friends, take a subject such one of the spheres on the tree of life, a tarot card, a emotion or personality trait. Once you have that focus and intent enter the state then allow the visions to appear. These will have a connection to the subject. Keep doing this and you will begin to see the relavent material and this will also hone your abilities. When doing this with spheres and tarot cards you will align your imagination to the macrocosim and that is when it becomes more perfect. The more you do magical work the better this will get as well, once you begin work with kabbalah it will be perfected.

  22. Thanks Justin! I have never thought of using tarot cards, emotions... It totally makes sense doing it that way. I will try it for sure!

    Looking forward to reading your books.


  23. Hi Justin, I am new to IIH and if you dont mind me asking, after I finish the exercises in step 1, should I still do them for 10 minutes everyday? And the same with other practices in the book or will my mind retain the level of skill I gain. Thanks!

    1. Like any skill it can fade from disuse. Just because those exact practices do not show up later does not mean you wont use them constantly. They are woven into the later practices, they are there so you can do the other practices. Think of the exercises as building on each other.
      Now and again you will notice you may require a "brushing up" on some. Usually vacancy of mind if you do not work with akasha or evocations that much. You will notice it as you go on training when a skill is slipping. Just practice it and get it back up to par. It is like any hobby or art in that at times one needs to brush up on basics, lile an artist working on color theory by doing a set of projects requiring that skill.

  24. Hello Justin!
    How are you?
    Today, you consider yourself a god-man and a master of the spheres? Or the work for this never end?
    Just a curiosity!
    Have a nice week!

  25. It depends on what is going on lol. I can ride up or down the chakras/tree of life so that I can experience the basest animal instinct and urges or rise up and experience pure non-dual divinity as pure MIND. Most days I hang around the third eye-throat chakra, fairly unattached to the goings on of matter like watching a semi-interesting movie you think you remember seeing once or twice but can't quite recall all the dialogue.

  26. I remember you saying in a blog that you have worked with the Golden Dawn system, how would you view it in comparison with IIH?

    I always viewed the Golden Dawn as a quick way of making Magicians, for example the LBRP will balance out the elements without needing the willpower to balance the elements like Bardon suggests. What do you think? And what would you recommend for someone looking for a solid system? (also, I do work with your books, but I'd like something more encompassing to use with your books)

    1. Oh yes, for the most part I am a big fan of the Golden Dawn system. Their flying roles hold many amazing keys of magic, read those and work the system.

      Think of The Golden Dawn system is the applied use of Bardon's books. Bardon is a technical manual that allows you to fill in your beliefs and mythology. The lbrp is elemental working, imagination training all in one.

      Once the full HMS system is out it will be superior to Golden Dawn and Bardon in my opinion and others who have applied it. But until then I recommend working those two systems in harmony.

    2. So would it be best for me to work the Golden Dawn as I do Bardons exercises? Or would it be unnecessary to do both and better just to take the theory from Bardons book and do GD work?

      And doing the LBRP daily would help me excel in Bardons elemental and imagination exercises right?

    3. Yes. Lol.

      Working both, study both system for a while and find connection points. Do the LBRP while you do this study work. Start tonight in fact doing the LBRP Get familiar with how they connect and meet up (seriously study the Flying Rolls) once you do begin practice, unifying the system.

  27. hi ive read that visualization through imagination strengthens the will as im having difficulty imagining anything color red. will more optical visualizations help see color red? i can slighty see the color blue but i guess it needs more effort of practice. thank you

  28. You need less effort. Sit, relax and allow yourself a moment to connect to your deeper mind. Simply ask to see RED. Ask your mind to produce the color red for you as if you were Alladin and your mind the genie. Relax and let it make red for you.

  29. I thank the Divine Providence for people like you who are there to answer questions needed for my spiritual development your my go-to guy! Sir Rawn Clark and William Mistele seems quite busy so i gonna have to go to you instead. thank you so much!

  30. hey sir Justin it worked! ive done what you have said, i can visualize color red and other colors! its amazing thank you so much!

    1. Excellent, if you keep working that way you will develop a powerful connection to your soul and work magic much easier. Always remember will and imagination are two separate forces, like electric and magnetic you use will to vivify and give life to imagination, give it direction.

  31. Justin, Rawn Clark says the practice with volts generates a large karmic consequence and should be done for the noblest purposes, is there any way to work desires with fluids without that kind of consequence? Thanks

    1. Tipping over a domino has a karmic consequence. Read Bardon's description of karma a few times and meditate on it.
      Using the fluids causes changes on a large scale, you always want to do good works with them just so that any side effects come from a positive intent. There are nearly infinite options with magic for any purpose. Think on ways you feel comfortable employing.

  32. With my soul mirrors I find that a lot of things in both contradict eachother.

    For example,

    sometimes I can be very loving and other times I'll find myself very hateful

    Is this fine? Or am I not digging deep enough to my core emotions?

    1. You are not even scratching the surface. Loving when? How? What are the causes, the reactions to individual situations, the same with hateful. Break it down situationally and it will allow you to see the root causations and your reactions to them. Your responses to the root cause are what needs to be evaluated. The causes are for now beyond your control the only thing you can control is yourself. So when a cause appears discover what inside of you is activated and work on that as needed.

    2. Okay.

      For example, I have a tendency to lie to people I meet about my origins. So what I should be writing down is not that I lie, but rather why I'm lying? Such as a need to be accepted?

    3. Good start, first the need to be accepted, second the reasons you feel ashamed about your origins and what that means about who you are and how you feel about yourself, others in that conditions, people in the position you wish to emmulate, why you want to emmulate such people. The act of lying, the need to lie, the fear of the truth and any other trains of thought that come up in that regard or any facet not mentioned above due to me not knowing the full story. Dig deep, leave no stone unturned and no corner dark.

    4. Alright, thank you!

      What I've done is written down my reactions and underneath them listed and what ticks within me and what from my past causes the spark that causes the emotion.
      I was exceedingly confused before but now I understand. Took me a while for it to click.

      And if you dont mind me asking one more thing, I've been having a deep problem with keeping myself orderly. And it affects my progress to the point where I skip over my daily practice or forget to do it. Is there a visualization technique you can recommend for overcoming this? Thanks!

    5. I would give you one but you would skip over it.
      Just make it a habit, small changes. Not everything takes a magical fix. If you cant change a thing like not being thorough how do you expect to go other things of a greater nature. Just change your habits, find out what is important and do it.

    6. Sorry for being the problem child here! If I may ask another question, when I try to do thought discipline I have trouble keeping the thought I find that my visualization doesn't stay but rather kind of flickers in my mind. Does it matter? Or can I just hold any thought like a word (repeating it over and over in my mind)

      Thanks again.

    7. Also keep in mind that images do not equate to thought, they can represent a thought or an idea symbol wise or representation wise but are of themselves not thoughts. One of the founders of psychology made that same mistake thinking that all thought were images, after extinsive studies he found that most people did not think with images, more were using inner dialouge. So when doing one pointed thought or single focus pay attention to the dialouge, if images come up thats fine. The dialouge is air and the images are fire in relation to the elements.

    8. Hey Justin, its me again (the guy with the trouble getting myself to do my practices).

      I did like you said and reflected on my priorities and what it is I want and need. I decided I do want to do IIH but I decided to drop it for a while, and try something fresh and for the past month have gotten myself onto a schedule practicing some of FB Marbys rune yoga.

      I'd like to return to IIH a new, but I feel like I need something even more preliminary starting from the very base to get myself into the feeling of doing visualization, meditation, etc. practice daily. Seeing as I came to IIH without having meditated not even once prior to it.

      Are there any books you can suggest? I looked at Donald Kraigs "Modern Magick" but it seemed too ahead of what I'm looking for, and Ray Del Sole's "Preliminary Practice for Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics" according to the reviews is too focused on Raja Yoga and less on preparing for IIH.

      Thank you.

    9. These are all still the same excuses you used to not do IIH, the "Im not ready" "after I do this" "I need some preparatory work"
      You didn't do anything but chase your tail.

  33. The link to the pdf in the soul section of step 2 (the ace up your sleeve) doesn't work... Can you provide the pdf or a new link?

    1. I am not the one who made the pdf, last time we spoke he was in the process of updating and reformating and asked if I would do a new intro, I said I would after it was completed and had read it over.

  34. Hi Justin

    I started practicing Bardon's system around January this year, but I'm having trouble with thought control. I'm getting very very slow results. I've actually been practicing concentration exercises consistently since last year before I got into Bardon's system. But right now, I can only focus on one thought for a minute or so at most! The lack of results are really frustrating. I practice everyday, and I am trying as hard as I can. Is there something I can do to get better results?? Thanks.

    1. You may be suprised to know everyone is great at single pointed focus! We do it all of the time! When you are angry, upset, depressed or cannot stop thinking about an attractive possible mate we can spend hours or days single pointedly focused on that idea. It is choosing an idea at will that causes issues. It is not just sitting there repeating the thought over and over, its evaluation, analyzing and considering it from different angles and views. Take a single idea, say love (always my favorite choice in examples) and start thinking about every possible thing you can on the subject. From divine to erotic, to personal to mythic, why do we love, how one shows it, courting, and so on till you exhaust the concept. This gives great material to mine for the soul mirror work later on as you have probed many subjects and can see your internal makeup on the matter. When Bardon mentions losing focus he just means if you start thinking about work (unless you LOVE your work then evaluate that.) Understand?

    2. Oh I see. Trying to repeat a thought over and over was my problem. Now the exercise makes more sense. I tried it your way, and it is much easier. I'll keep practicing. Thanks!

  35. hello sir i have a question

    bardon says in step 2 and 3 to develop imagination so vivid that it should be as a real object ... ( Plastic imagination )

    is it really necessary ? isn't it too dangerous if the imagination is as real as Reality then it could very easily lead to schizophrenia and other hallucinatory mental diseases .. especially when he says that when visualizing every thing else should disappear and only the visualized image should remain as if it were a real object..

    how would then a person able to differentiate between whats real and what's imagined ?
    the problem could be far greater in auditory exercise .. we do learn great self control but what happens, say when a random daydream occurs or when you are not fully conscious and attentive.. doesn't it leave one open to delusions and accidents ?

    i don't think anybody can remain 100 % conscious all the time at least not without 3-4 years of training.. please give your inputs


    1. People often confuse what is really going on in this exercise, I know I did when I began it and how hard and diligently I practiced it until one day it struck me what was really going on in it and once I began the *real* practice it paid off leaps and bounds. Being a student of Bardon has its pitfalls due to the fact of translation and meaning changing over time.

      Plastic (before our modern substance came about and took over the meaning) meant not real or sincere. It also meant changeable, think about easily moldable clay or play-do and you have the real definition of what Bardon was referring to when he said "plastic imagination" You do it all the time in a day dream and it is natural. Have you ever fantasized about your amore' and notice certain physical consequences to the fantasy? Or have you ever been in such a daydream that you lost track of time or did not notice things around you? Have you been so engrossed in a book that you could see the scenes in your mind, so much so the world around you did not matter? By Jove you have just performed the trick! All Bardon is doing is essentially teaching you how to harness your natural ability of day dreaming and fantasy into a honed skill, to direct your daydream along the lines you wish. Study yourself and see what it takes or what causes you to day dream. Pay attention to where your eyes went, to your posture, to ***where*** you see the daydream at in your head. These are all the keys to unlock the talent and to do it at will.

      If reading Bardon and from one step to the next you feel like there is some huge jump in skill required or abilities described it nearly always means you are misreading it. Remember when Bardon talks about YOU during the practice he says "Initiate" when Bardon mentions "Magician" or any derivative of that word he means someone who has mastered perfectly every aspect of IIH. Especially true when you read the skills after step 10, that stuff like element work and what not is like describing a specialist Doctor who completed med school, got tenure and then focused exclusively on a few studies, it is not for the generalist Magician.

      Trust me, most of the dramatic "OMG how can I do this as I am just starting stuff" you are reading is really just either you misreading the meaning or reading magician=initiate which is not the case.

    2. Thanks, Justin. You've given me hope here. I think one of the biggest challenges I'm having is that my spiritual teacher (who completed Bardon's program) insists that we should be able to mentally envision shapes (e.g. a golden triangle) which DO NOT ROTATE, SHRINK or MOVE ABOUT. That certainly seems like a monumental task after 7 months of concerted effort.

    3. Ya, there is no reason to make things hard just to say it was done harder, it is all about personal development and not how super difficult one can make it. Always remember Bardon's IIH is suppose to be a framework of development, each step builds slowly but slightly more challenging then the last.

  36. Hi Sir ,

    I want to know more about how Karma works in detail , can you please tell me any good source ? it would be really great if you can write a post about it

    as there are lot of conflicting theories from different eastern religions

    i asked this in another bardon forum but couldn't get a firm answer

    as i understand it, karma is not a punishment or reward but a lesson or teaching and a balancing of our past wrongs and that divine providence/god cannot interfere in it ( except rare cases - taken from PME ) and neither can any other person ( without taking the burden ) . i hope i am correct about this part ?

    now the questions

    1) What is the role of praying/repentance/confessions in relation to karma ?

    i am guessing by truly feeling sorry for what we did from depth of the soul , we learn and integrate the lessons that karma was trying to teach us and we are spared from further sufferings ? as in justice with mercy

    or is that no matter how much we repent our karmas won't be affected at all and we have to suffer ? then in this case this becomes a game of punishment and reward rather than teaching

    which 1 is it ?

    2) astrological stones and gems can nullify or reduce karmic .though no lesson is being learnt here , it is merely an evasion from the effects of karma . now since the lesson hasn't been learnt, is the suffering going to come back later ?


    1. Really you have the whole idea caked in a lot of old superstitious non-sense, not your fault really, just people do not know or understand it.
      Karma was the old way of saying cause and effect. Every effect has a cause, from the big bang to your morning bowel movement. If I throw a plate towards a brick wall no amount of happy thoughts, prayers or astrological stones will turn cause it not to hit the wall and react accordingly. What is done had a cause, and that is now causing you to do certain things. Your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors all did certain things to happen which had to happen for the result of your birth and existence. Some of those things gave you skills, resources and gifts, some gave you health issues, faults, addictions and desires. Now I gave an example of a plate flying to a brick wall, saying nothing could stop that from occurring, but lets say for the sake of argument, you saw I was about to throw the plate and had the speed and dexterity in order to get in front of the plate to stop it, well you just created a cause to stop the effect if you jump into action to prevent it from occurring.
      Another way of looking at it is say you have a bucket of water, someone pisses in your bucket of water! Oh No! That is awful. BUT what if that causes you to build a great filtration system in order to separate the piss from the water! That great!
      What I am trying to get at is Karma is just a "mystic" word for something we already know about to bring attention to our actions. What you do or don't do has consequences. You are the result of certain causes taking place, however it does not mean you can't take the available resources you have and do something with them!
      Hope that helps.

  37. Good afternoon, can you tell me the differnce between magnetising water and impregnating it with the akasha principle? Thankful for the response.
    PD: if possible please use practical examples.

    1. Magnetism is using vital energy and akasha is using the penetrating causation force. Usually when utilizing akasha you will be doing a much deeper charge or transformation.
      I use vital force charging for healing and most people describe it as the water tasting lighter or more clean and refreshing. Akasha only charge makes people not taste the water and causes slight confusion or even slight psychic experiences.

  38. Good night, I have a question regarding the divine principles: in step 6 in the magic psychic training section there are 4 divine qualities - omnipotence, omniscience, immortality and omnipresence - all related to the 4 elemnts.
    But later on in step 10 magic psychic training section there are this 4 fundamental qualities: omnipotence, omniscience, all-love and immortality. is there a mistake or how should i work with this?
    And also, I find a little bit difficult to find some of the seeds and bs and flowers For the Universal Fluid Condenser so how did you work this out? can you refer me to a source with the right replacements if there are any? as always, I am very thankful for you help, your answers and for taking the time to help other magicians.

    1. To the divine qualities, it may make more sense when you reach it, the earth quality of Omniconsciousness IS Omnipresence. I started with Omniconsciousness through a ritual experience combined with a psychedelic substance and meditating using the golden flower technique. I experienced being all things, seeing and being capable of being anyone's thoughts, I was in the future looking back at my present, from the past. All minds were one mind. From then on I realized all the other 3 qualities arise from being conscious of all. If you keep that in mind the 4 divine qualities will be easy to understand. The whole game is consciousness development.

      Not the best with herbs and condenser recipes exchanges. Sorry!

      My pleasure!

  39. Rawn Clark say in his companion book that step 1 should be completed within 6 weeks,what's your opinions about this?Is this too short or sufficient to complete step 1?

    1. I think placing any time constraints is probably a poor idea. This is your work. Do it by your standards and what works for you. Now if you use it as a gauge on an average time sure, go ahead. Just do not think you have failed if you take longer.

  40. I need your advice.I'm stuck at emptiness of mind exercise at step 1.Bardon say relax and vigorously reject any thoughts attack in.But I get stressed during practice because I suppress thoughts in vigorous manner,and ironically I keep thinking about the rejection of thoughts,that's also a though.My mind does get quieter,but not empty of thoughts.Can you show me how to do the right way? Thank you a lot

    1. Do not vigorously fight off the thoughts. Instead, be more relaxed, as if lying on the ground and watching clouds pass by. The thoughts are not you, they simply arise and go. It should almost be a gentle transition from observance of thought. In all Bardon exercises if you find yourself struggling than you should first be sure you really got everything out of the prior exercise. ALL the exercises are gentle transitions from one to the next. If you have succeeded in passive observance it just takes a little work to flow into VOM. Try observing your thoughts for a few minutes, making sure you are in a relaxed state, then select a single thought for you to focus on, following that train of thought to the end. At this point the mind should be able to do that quite easily. Once you have exhausted that thought just relax again. At first you will have a single moment or two of empty mind but the more often you can find that relaxed state the better and deeper you will go. Nearly all thought is an emotional expression or something you wish to say or tension trapped in the body. A relaxed, tension-less state in the body is ideal to produce the deepest levels of VOM. The more you fight the more tension is produced. You must relax into it.