Friday, April 11, 2008

It takes many things to make someone who they are. Hell, the wind blowing on a cold October morning can transform someone. My life and things that have passed through it made me what I am, my will makes me who i desire to be. That is one aspect of the roles of free will and "fate".This blog will be a scattering or list of things that "changed" me. In no real order save how they produce themselves in my memory. I have tried a few times to write them down as beginning to a autobiography but alas it was a greater task than i was fit for. So here is my cop out, let historians sort the mess out.
1. Genetics: I said as memory would serve me i would list them, however this is a factor i did not learn till many years later after my birth. (Its seems my comprehension level was not to par way back then when i was a spermazoa) My father was a seventh day Adventist pastor, who studied the original Greek and Hebrew texts of the bible in divinity school (where it would seem one would learn how to be a divine being but alas again my poor father must have taken a wrong elective) He also studied the kabbalah which i was shocked to learn while i myself was studying it without either knowing that the other had done so. He left the church because as he put it "they think they have God in a box and all figured out." As i see it my dad felt the call that i felt but took the path of the discontent.
2. Spirits : When i was a young boy, five or so, i saw a gremlin. Yes a gremlin. It was a foot tall, brown and ugly. The correct name for it is a Kobold but i think perhaps my readership would be more familiar with a gremlin, onward. It poked its head out of a door and smiled or rather grimaced at me and slipped back in the room. I as child of five and of the new age, took this phenomenal event and sans haste went back to watching the television. I said not a word till just a few years ago. Around the same age at night my father would after tucking me in go about teaching me the human anatomy on a Halloween skeleton which hung from my wall (only at night it seemed.) he would point to a bone and name it and get me to repeat it, he went through each bone only once and never did it again. On asking my father years later why he did this and how creepy it is thinking back on it he said he never did any such thing. This disturbed me quite a bit so i in meditation go back now and then to see what comes up. The only thing i can retrieve is a dark frightening thing behind a mask, a mask that is my father. I since given up on discovering what happened, some things are best left under the rocks they own. Lets jump ahead 6 years. We moved to a new home. I get up one night and discover upon entering my hallway three white spectres floating before me, like plumes of smoke they hovered there. I ran back into my room and hid under the sheets, finally falling asleep in fear. I told mother and father about this the next morning, they chalked it up to moonlight reflected of the walls from the window. I will not bore you with the layout of the home, but this is simply impossible. I am fairly certain my parents worked for project blue book. And finally, i developed an imaginary friend at a young age as most children do. I did not actually see the friend or hear his voice as most kids will tell you. However one night something dark and powerful came over me, and a heat built up within my body till i could take it no more. The air around me was filled with a watching feeling. And then it happened, I had my first release. I had not assisted in this, i was wide awake laying in bed. It was pulled or pushed out of me. I then saw over the next few weeks my imaginary friend become darker and then disappear. I had a rough period in life, puberty, a bully who nearly strangled me to death and broke my brothers hands. I was tormented, to say little. I eventually got rid of the bully, he shot someone in the head 8 times at point black range over a disagreement over a pool game, poor kid lived. My darker half returned in my dreams at first. Then others dreamed of him, some even saw him. Only one person helped me, he taught me how to focus and control my mind, to dream scape, and to fight my demon. That whole story could take three or four blogs to tell, i will end it by saying i won, i defeated my dark half. But the experience cost me a great deal, when most learned social skills, i was busy scared to death of this evil force within me. It made me different. I think i have caught up, but that's a tough call. The Truth: One night as i caught a smoke outside on my steps, contemplating life, something in the wind changed. It was like a voice or a presence. It whispered things, the earth and the trees joined the chorus and finally the stars spoke as well. They spoke of the truth, how i should seek it, for seeking it was my purpose my essence. The soul of the universe touched me that night and showed me itself, like a mirror it reflects all things back to its source, nature or the universe is the lover of the divine mind. She like a good lover reflects her man showing him his strength and weaknesses. I was told to discover truth one must reflect the reflection to be a lover of the lover. This was my beginning into the true magical arts and training. I get closer to the truth all the time. At least i hope so.
Marriage and fatherhood : My two greatest tasks and joys are marriage and being a father, i have learned so much from these two on going processes that i cannot begin to note it all. I can honestly say without them, i would never be where i am today, i shutter to think on not being a father and a husband to my wife.
Well that's some of the major forces that changed me to As we go you will see some others, some i left out because they make good stories all on their own


  1. Justin,
    I stumbled into this blog while searching the web for advice on improving my magical practice, and decided to start reading from the beginning. I was totally surprised to read about the visit and abduction by a powerful dark force, and interactions with the holy female who teaches about love and the pursuit/spread of knowledge. Those two interactions matched those of mine (which began in college) exactly. Something dark fitting exactly that description came into my bedroom and pulled me out of my body, transporting me to a different dimension. Shortly thereafter he became a regular dream character, and so did a huge, beautiful, glowing goddess who revealed universal truth to me. This kickstarted the beginning of my practice as a magician and lucid dreamer.

    I've contacted a few spiritual healers, magicians, and nerdy friends about this, and none of them seem to think the dark entity presents a huge problem for me. However, my own terror and weakness during the first two interactions has me feeling otherwise. I would like to hear more about how you were able to beat this demon - are there further blog posts about this that you could direct me to?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Sorry to hear you have experienced this, know it can be passed and conquered though! I had someone who was very psychic see what was happening to me and dexcited to help. He taught me lucid dreaming and certain techniques to fight it while he held it at bay until I was strong enough to face it and banish it.
      Sadly I doubt you are near by where I could help in a similar fashion. Here is what I suggest to do:
      Take baths in cool water with Epson salt nightly. This removes negative energies, entities and forces attached to your aura.
      Make the archangels Michael's name a personal mantra. Focus on it daily, call out to him in your mind, know and feel he is there.Ifrom possible chant or vibrate his name like a mantra while imagining his presence around you like a force field. He is a potent force of removing evil.
      Make a circle of salt around your bed and if possible all around your bedroom.
      Before going to sleep at night imagine as best you can your room and your home filled with angels, like packed wall to wall.
      While doing this learn the lbrp and begin practicing it twice a day.
      It sounds like new age fluff but keep a clear quartz crystal or two with you, it does raise your vibration.
      Stay away from scary movies, books, anything horror related or dark in anyway. Not that it's evil in itself but to keep your mind on higher things. Read and view things of beauty, go to churches, any church but especially beautiful ones.
      Focus on white light, breathe in the dawning sunlight, the light of the full moon.
      This will either banish it completely or loosen it's hold on you so you have time to find help and raise your energy level. As long as it can keep you down at a lower frequency it can effect you, once raised the station is changed so to speak and it has no influence on you!

    2. P.s. you don't have to do these things forever, just until you have it beat. Maybe a couple weeks tops.