Friday, April 11, 2008

Let Go

We all have this idealized view of what our life "will" be or what we expect our lives "should" be. We have wonderful dreams and fantasies about the future. I am here to piss on those.

Your most powerful demons hide behind ideals, dreams, hopes, wishes. For every fantasy or for every time you think life either will or should be a certain way I want you to realize a grinning demon is behind that veil.

You summoned these demons as I summon spirits. You prepared a situation to which your environment would manifest them. You then recited the correct words of power to conjure them. Although the words may have been in another tongue they basically said the following "Oh demons of illusion, sadness, failure and pain I conjure and evoke you to live side by side with me. To show me things which will never happen and drug my mind with idle wishes so I may have no power and responsibility!" And they came because they know those words so well. This generation has mastered that conjuration more than any other in history.

You must give up. You must surrender. You must except failure and defeat. Know you have taken the wishes, hopes and dreams of others and made them your own. You have no idea who you are, where you are going or why you exist. You drift about staring at fata morgana's which your demon familiars beam right into your third eye. They do this because 1) you asked them too. 2) They know if you woke up the power you *could* have.

You keep a big dog on a chain and give it a few bones because you know what it can do. And you fear it. So you try and appease the beast.

Let GO. Let GO! Let the FU*K GO! Stop thinking you will achieve such grand dreams which you have no way of producing. Stop thinking you are anything other than what you are right now. All the power promised, fame hoped for, respect wanted, dreams which should be will never happen. STOP!

Only when you surrender do you realize what you are capable of. Only once you pass through nothing can you become something. Only once you extinguish the most livid hate can you ever love as you should. Only after you have been blind your whole life may you see. Humans want hard lessons, we do not take the simple answer. So they teach us how we like to be taught.

You crave all these things and do nothing. Ask your self why? Stop fooling your self! LET GO. Live here and now. Banish those demons you summoned. Tell them their work is done, they have succeeded in stealing a good portion of your life tell them "NO MORE!"

Stop waiting for someone to come pick you up and make you better, stop waiting for some mysterious invisible man in the sky to make things better. Do not get me wrong that being COULD. But you are to busy watching day time television and you have forgotten what it means to take responsibility and accept your place and purpose.

Who are you? What are you doing?

Let go.


  1. Damn this is good! This is very similar to something I read in a Gnostic book just recently. I have yet to do the "into the void" experiment where I just plunge myself into the Abyss...but I'm working on it! ;-)

    May I steal this one for my own blog site?


  2. Thank you madam!

    Keep going!!!!

    Of course you can steal it my dear!