Friday, April 11, 2008

Magical Failure

The bugbear of all magicians is probably magical failure.
Magicians HATE to admit that a spell, ritual or working failed to bring some or any results. Of course new students in magic will speak up and ask others more experienced for help but once you get a few successes under your magical belt a failure is mostly swept under the carpet, hell they may not even write it down in their magical journal!
Well kids I have failed a few times in magic, oh yes, even I the great Justin lol. In fact I failed recently and that is why I write you this here blog.
Now everyone fails in things that they do well at. Heck If I had a dime for every drawing or painting I f'ed up I would be retired and living the sweet life right now. Professionals mess up their professions, actors flub lines, technicians have break downs and magicians well they ....hmn....huh.... see their is not even a phrase to describe a magical flop!
Let us look back on my magical career and see my boo-boo's.
I evoked a spirit in my early days to win the power-ball......miracle of miracles it did not work (imagine that...I explain in a minute.)
I evoked a spirit to return something which was taken from my house, again a failure.
I gave magical advice that should have worked without a hitch on a love spell to draw the perfect mate into someones life. Although not a personal failure and the person did not really let go of their past relationship I still take responsibility as if it went on some permanent magical record.:-D
And finally my latest fumble. I have never really worked so much on creating elementaries (semi-independent magical beings which have a limited range of power to serve their creator.) I decided it was time to beef up on this area of the arcane arts. Well my first task I gave it, the spirit-elementary came through perfectly on time and delivered my orders. So I fed it and charged it for a week with no jobs to do. I then gave it a slightly harder task. AND I gave it two weeks to accomplish (I gave it a week on the first task). Well no results. I called it up to explain itself and it told me the job was to hard. I said very well I am a kind master but also a master, I gave it a job that should have been childs play but only gave it 24 hours to manifest the results. I gave it the threat I would dissolve it's life force back into the universe if it failed. Well it failed, and I had to dissolve it. It made me disappointed as I like the spirit and I really worked hard to create it! Oh well live and learn.
So why does magic sometimes fail. In my attempt and riches I had evoked a spirit which was beyond my power to summon. I have a theory that your mental range can only go so far in calling a spirit or entering a plane of existence. With time and training eventually one can do so. Also the power-ball is a much sought after thing. You have most likely several strong willed people trying to win it (astral energies in a battle to win) and every now and again a magician or two. Also the odds and numbers are really hard to manipulate. I am good but I cannot make lightning strike, much less twice which the odds for winning the power-ball are about the same.

My inability to get my merchandise back which was stolen I attribute to three things: I had not evoked a spirit in two years. I had no real connection with the item (my stepchildren's video game system which I never played.) and three I evoked a demon, my first and only time at this point. I usually hang with the angels, planetary intelligences and higher spirits. That is like being a uptown kid walking into the ghetto and expecting street cred to just happen. Ya' right.
Well shit happens. People fail, we all do; even magicians. The only things we can do is to learn why and and try again without the mistakes. This is a valid line of reasoning from magic to taxidermy.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi, probably not your tradition, but try asking Saint Anthony for help. He's an ace at helping people find lost things, and he's very generous and kind, and helpfull.

  2. Nice articule