Friday, April 11, 2008

Try my shiny new religion


Would you like to join the new religion I just made up? It is very easy to join and their is no tithing! It's fun and their aren't any silly "thou shall not" to follow! I will give you the low-down, and if you want to join, it is up too you.

My religion is polytheistic. Which means more than one god. In fact, everyone is a god. That IS my new religion. Everyone you meet in the street, in a bar, driving down the road, and those you don't want to catch eyes with while renting porn, all of them....every single one of them is a god. Now not all gods are equal! Some deserve exceedingly much more devotion and worship than others. However, all should be treated with the same level of respect that a divine being incarnate deserves.
Once a week everyone will get together and worship. Basically we shall all get in a circle and pray to each other, thank each other for all the good things we have done for each other and then preach how if we stray from this religion that is perfectly fine, and should do so often.

Now this religion is not about suckers! For those of you coming out of a cult (any other religion) you will have to be educated that not all gods have your best interest in mind! These are tricksters and the dark gods. All religions have them, and since we worship people as gods; and people can be quite wicked than we must have dark gods. See in the old days a god held sway over a certain domain or power, the same with this religion. Each god has qualities and abilities another does not, some good, some not so enjoyable.

So to get started, pick someone you will worship for the rest of the day. Treat them like a perfect and awe inspiring being until 12:00pm. This way you will slowly get the hang of it until everyone you meet will resonate this divine beauty and majesty.

Well, that's my religion. Pretty damn cool huh! I think I will call it .....Soilent Green....."It's people!!!!"

(if you did not find this humorous then stop now and come back later when you get a sense of humor)


  1. Hey Justin, are you serious about this religion?? If so, that's cool because I've been thinking of a new "spiritual philosophy" myself these days. ;-)

    BTW, love your blog!


  2. In some ways I am serious about it. It was an attempt to show that we are the ones that make the gods so why not just worship the source. That is not to say there is nothing higher than us, however I feel the old saying "The Gods of the Zodiac are Eternal..." I feel some of the gods worshipped now and in the past are nothing but idealized abstracts given form to work magic.

    I try seeing the divine in all, I guess even as the "founder" of this little "religion" it is still tough for me to do lol.


  3. Hey Justin: The Divinity Within! That's also what I learned from Dora of Tranteen -- that all men are gods. Would you believe Dora is an alien being from the Pleiades Constellation? She has a medium here on earth:


  4. "Every man and every woman is a star"


    = Every person or other "viewpoint" is the center of their own universe / world of experience = the God Hadith.

    1. Exactly, it was my way of taking those concepts and my thoughts on Buddhism and making them ready made for anyone without the study in those traditions.