Thursday, October 9, 2008

Akashic awareness-Conscience-Justice-Truth

For ages man has sought divine justice, through prayer and pleading with the highest we hope that in the end justice will be served.

You hear terrible stories on the news, hear stories of pain and suffering from those you love and are faced with difficult choices in life that seem to have no solution. If only mankind had a way to speak to the divine powers that be in order to arrive at truth.

"And a man looked about himself and saw the pain and suffering of the world, the injustice that befalls all peoples, the hatred and violence men commit against their brothers, the lies and deceit that infect the air worse than any pollution, the apathy of the good and the determination of the wicked, and he cried out to God "God, you must do something about all of this wickedness and evil!" and God spoke to the man, saying "I made you."

Fire=will Air=intellect Water=Emotions Earth=Consciousness and Akasha, the divine principle is our conscience.

All humans are made up of an astral/ mental being that is made up of the five elements. The akasha is the divine principle that creates, maintains, balances and rules the four elements. The akasha principle also gives the quality of a conscience to every human being. However the more we deny the akasha or divine principal within ourselves the more we give the elements rule over our divine spark. The pentagram flipped upside-down is the symbol for this, matter over spirit. When this happens, our wills are boundless and destructive, our intellect flies about unruly like a hurricane, our emotions flow from one thing to the next and our consciousness is dim, slow and crude. Eventually, when this happens the spark becomes extinguished and all that is left is a beast of a creature, a mockery of what the divine intended.

"Elijah stood on the mountain before God and as God passed by, a great wind broke the mountains into pieces, but God was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake; but God was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire; but God was not in the fire. After the fire there was a still small voice."

We can hear the divine speak to us, it does all the time. However, the howling wind, the tumultuous consciousness and the fiery will along with the roaring waves of desire and emotion can easily make that still small voice hardly audible. We must learn to lend our ears to the divine voice. Many people believe that if God wants to speak to them it will be a thunderclap and light will pour down, not so. The divine rests deep within you, seeking-pleading to be heard.

The king seeking his kingdom is a powerful archetype in the minds and thoughts of men. Think of the latest incarnation in the movie "Lord of the Rings". Aragorn faces the elements, the dark forces, and the repose of love-but transcends them all. He becomes more than human; he becomes the great benevolent king, ruler of all he sees. This has a resonance with each of us, this reflects the divine in us, facing the challenges of desires, daily life, and fear and just giving up. If we seek the divine within us and let it be our guide, than we grant the king his rightful place. Otherwise the elements will attempt to be their own rulers and master you, using the darker aspects within you to rule over you.

If this all sounds a little to judeo-xtian for everyone, that is because all religions hit upon truths, otherwise they would never grow from a small cult of a few nut-jobs. Truth resonates with all people, they know and feel it when they hear it on some level. The more you listen to the divine, still, small voice within you- the more you too will be like a great religion or king. You will be a light in a dark world, a lighthouse on a tumultuous sea, a great monolith of truth and stability. The hardest part is just following the truth within.

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