Thursday, October 9, 2008

Formula magic and past lives

Formula Magic

Since my work last year on the Key to the True Kabbalah and the work that I posted on it for everyone to learn from, ponder or critique I have done very little with it. I further delved into theory and researched many different magical alphabets. To be honest I was looking for some unifying theory between several systems. While I did find a basic key to the underlying symbols between most letters (which I posted a while back) I could not find a universal magical meaning behind the letters themselves.

This was the problem with telesmatic images, while I think this is something I may play around with more later by building a system from the ground up it suffers from the basic problem the magical alphabet had. It comes down to individual systems projecting their views on the forces of the occult world and the nature of language.

With all of this being said, the past couple months I have been working on the two letter key. So I get to officially call myself a Formula Magician! Wohoo. Anyway…

What I basically did was took the magical system I made and published in my Book of Power and applied it to each of the cosmic letters. Now if you read the Key to the True Kabbalah you realize that one letter can have an array of effects. Take the letter "D" for example. On an akashic level it deals with the powers behind creation, on the mental level it is the "I" consciousness, on the astral and physical levels it deals with the energy and desire of eroticism. So, does one take my system and create a glyph for each level or does one pick the underlying idea behind it all-and if that is done is something left out? After much thought, research and actual workings I discovered the best method was to master the energy signature on the akashic level and make a glyph for that force. Then one takes that energy signature and applies it to the mental, astral or physical level depending on what key one is working on. I found doing this was the most efficient and powerful method I had worked with so far.

So, instead of boring why's and how's I figured I would give you a little actual experiences that I have had using two of the formulas I have tried so far.

A-Ch formula

For several times a week I applied the two letters to my mental body and noticed that my memory improved greatly, however I had no impressions returning to me from previous lives. I did have unusual dreams of being other people if I did the formula before falling asleep. This led me to believe I should try the formula on the astral. After three days I noticed certain aspects of my personality kept popping to mind after the meditation. I then decided to apply the formula to the near by astral in order to skry it. When I did this it immediately revealed many visions. I did this for two days and had so many visions I decided to stop. Here is a list of the lives (In the order they came, but not the order lived):

-Dreamt I was an Asian healer working on acupressure points and diagnosis.

-There was a flood, I held on to a doorstop of a mud brick house

-A wealthy Russian man, having dinner at a fine restaurant

-A Hebrew jeweler, I would read a passage of the Torah before making a cut on a jewel. I believed this would instill divinity within the rock.

-A naturalist studied and trained animals as well as grew and studied plants.

-Alchemist, discovered some sort of corrosive yellow acid.

-Street sorcerer, I had only what I needed to survive and live.

-Painter during or before 1950's, tried to explore abstract art, however I could not convey the concepts I desired; I was a failure and deeply tormented.

-A shaman in a cave saw a meteor. Had a vision that something was to be gotten from the falling light and went out to find where it landed.

-Magi, instead of observing the stars and advising my lord I listened and observed nature and the wild and made predictions from that.

-Soldier in American Revolution.

-An odd vision of being a creature made of light, moving objects made of light.

-Stoic/ philosopher as well as an overseer of an aqueduct.

-A vision of overseeing a large map or screen of Earth.

- African medicine man on slave ship, cast overboard for hexing the captain

-Teacher in school of logic (Roman times)

-Female witch in Mongolia, divining with pebbles and shells for a Chieftain/Khan.

-Ascetic monk meditating on the Ganges about the transitory nature of life.

-Farmer who built early wooden version of Stonehenge. Knew it was made to implore the gods of the stars to sway the gods of the crops.

-Druid in stone cell kept from light. I would prophecy for the other priests. I eventually lost my mind and faith; they would not let me go.

I see nothing grand or impressive with these past lives, none make me special or important in any way (who knows if I kept looking I would probably find I was a king or queen, but who cares eh?) What I discovered was that many of these lives influence me now in some way. The Jeweler reading the Torah explains my fascination with crystals and jewels and why I ascribe divine qualities with jewel like qualities. The troubled artist who was my most recent incarnation perfectly describes my early life as wanting to be an artist but fearing it would never lead to success. It seems that the influences from one life have a resounding effect on the character and quality of the preceding life. Over time one can master the influence or get rid of it. That would of course mean that one knows what happend in all of those lives and be able to judge what needs to be done in the present life. In mine I noticed that a couple of my lives were in Greek/Roman times. I think this is why I have a connection to those gods in this life as well. It may be that our relationship to the divine is like everything else influenced by our previous lives. This all requires some new thought on my part as I have never given much credence to past lives, but now it seems such a potent force and influence in my current incarnation.

Now of course this could also be seen as unconscious representations of inner forces within my self that are either acknowledged or suppressed. That is valid and fine, and up until the time I did the formula I would have agreed whole heartedly with that view. Something about the visions just had a quality that let me know it was nothing produced by the unconscious. I can't explain any further than that.

I decided to post these lives because I think each has a meaningful reflection in the life I now live and thought I would share that with my friends and readers to have a deeper insight into who I am.

D-W formula

The past week I have practiced this formula. It increases ones concentration as well concentration of sentience or feeling. The concentration power becomes great enough to produce an actual dynamic force.

I have noticed a great increase in focus as well as the ability to delve deeper into understanding and feeling my emotions in such a way as to project a force outside myself. It is difficult to explain but in many ways it is similar to creating the glyphs of power with little or no preparation on how to do so, like the method in my book.

I also notice that immediately after pronouncing the formula I feel a thick atmospheric aura similar in quality to gentle waves and visually on the astral it is like dark water lit by moonlight.

Well, anyway that is my work so far. I thought I would give you an idea of what can be done with the two letter key and maybe some insight into the working of it.


  1. Hei JB!
    Have you work with the Treefold Key and the Fourfold Key?
    Its possible you say the results and impressions?
    You say in your Bardon Walktrought you has work with a adapted sistem of KTK. You maintened the color, organ, element and legality? Or change this too?

    ps: dont forget my agape =(

    1. I have worked all of the keys, yes. I have not done so with all of the letters as per Bardon because that takes a mastery of every letter. After the 1st key you begin to select letters you will work with more than the others, based off your work. You can always use the 1 letter key, the two letter key requires more effort, as does the third and the fourth. It is like building a team, you select the ones you think are the most useful.
      My system was inspired by Bardon and my own workings and experiments, it is more telesmatic. To give you an idea think of what Bardon spoke on the letter SH. It appears in the akasha as a red sun. That is a telesmatic image of the letter. It is not the one I use, although when I first started making it the red sun was it. I used Bardon's letters like a musican may use a beat he hears to create something entirely new and personal.

  2. Hei Justin!
    How are you?
    Its possible I use the information in The Book of Power to make "sigils" of the letters?
    Have a nice week!

    1. It is not only possible but the first application I used the technique on!

  3. I have had a similar experience with the place of light you're talking about.

    I've remember since I was a very very little kid, I had a deeply engrained memory of a white place (light, I never really noticed it as being made of light until now because as I kid I really didn't have a true grasping upon the idea of light). I'd described it to my mother as an all white glowing place.

    Another memory I've had since I was very little was this image of a girl in a glowing white dress surrounded in a place of light. I had an image of a girl my age, and the image of a girl who was older, same exact dress and I knew it was the same person. This was something that actually deeply bothered me since I was a kid, I had always felt an emotional longing for this girl, especially when love songs played despite having no concept of the idea of love at the time because I was a 4 or 5 year old kid. I still have no idea who she was or where that memory is from.

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has memories of this white place.

    1. That is your soul, aka your Holy Guardian Angel, aka your genius. Spend time meditating on her and imagine work with her and recieving her blessings.

  4. Have you use the formula D-R anytime?
    Im asking this because this formula (for me) have a great power to make a powerful and vivid mental projection!

    1. No, but I can see how it would!

    2. The time you use, please share result!