Thursday, October 9, 2008

Magical views

As above, so below

This basic tenet of Hermetic wisdom should be familiar to every practicing magician, witch, sorcerer or whatever you call someone who works with the forces of nature (I use the term magician and this in no way connotes a gender or belief system, just someone who works with magic). This simple axiom from Hermes thrice-great simplifies every magical rule, force, concept or idea that one can have in magic. Seriously, if you search out everything this statement implies all knowledge of the universe and magic is open to you. One can either begin by learning about the macro and go inwards or start in the micro and expand outwards. Either way you will discover the same truths.

So here it is: my view of the universe as it pertains to magic, life and anything else you want to apply it to as well. It is long, so if you need to take a break now and then and come back. I will number breaks so you can find your place easily. The numbers are in no way related to numerology or any primal idea. They are not in any order or have any deeper meaning. Some of the things will be familiar if you have read previous blogs, others will be new and yet other things will be a new way of explaining something I may have mentioned previously.


In the beginning there was void. Then over aeons of time the Cosmic Mind developed awareness. This can be seen in the birth of all things. In the beginning there is darkness and eventually a rudimentary awareness that is pre-conscious. Birth happens and this is the entrance into the "world". In Cosmic terms the Mind wanted to know itself, to do this it created the astral and eventually physical plane. That previous sentence sums up a lot of material. The Judeo-Christian belief of life in the Garden sums up the creation of the astral plane and the structure of the eventual creation of the physical plane. The expulsion of the Garden and the entire rest of the Torah is the creation of the physical as well as a symbolic description of the nature of the universe and the attributes of the all. In Greek mythology this is the age of titans and the eventual overthrow of them by Zeus and the gods. This period can also be seen in the times of early childhood when we learn language, as well attempt to establish our will over the known universe (terrible twos). Mostly the human mind at this age is still at a un or pre conscious level and is only working at drives as the primary source of motivation. Hence the early gods are precarious, jealous and wrathful.


The only real way the Cosmic mind can really know itself and what everything is about is by infinitely dividing in an attempt to know see itself. This is why there are so many creatures, peoples, beliefs, views, differences and choices in life. This is also why there is so much doubt. There is no real certainty. Everything is a guess, an adventure and an exploration. Even though there is a pattern to nature, life and magic it is so all encompassing and large in order to mix and match infinite number of variables. Imagine having infinity to try and understand EVERYTHING, not only which, but multiply that by the power of infinite creativity, as well as no fear. At the highest levels of consciousness this is all a game, a movie or a ride. It does not really matter except in the sense of discovery and understanding. It matters as much as a fantasy or dream. This is not to say be cruel or evil or seek nothing but pleasure, it is to say that in a dream we feel that it is important and real, but when we awake we see how fleeting it all was.


You at this very moment are one with the divine mind. It is a matter of going up or down the spectrum of consciousness. The entire spectrum of light is within a sunbeam, so to is your mind along the spectrum of consciousness within the Cosmic Mind. The consciousness above yours seems vast and powerful just as the spectrum below yours sees your spectrum as vast and powerful. Each builds on the next to house more vast amounts of information. When you call an elemental or demon which has a more primitive mindset they become slightly more advanced from the interaction with your vibration, just as when you call or interact with an angel or divine being your consciousness grows or heightens from the exchange. However humans are a very curious thing. We are unlike nearly every other being in the sense we have the ability to master all five elements. Hence we have more potential than an angel or archangel. They represent virtues, powers and forces on a grand scale but are limited in their growth and freedom. The Archangel Kamael cannot pick up water coloring. It is not that there is some cosmic rule book saying he cannot it is just that is not the nature of that force which is personified by Kamael.


All forces and powers are conscious. As I mentioned above, the cosmic force of power, might, will and domination is on the higher levels all connected as one grand force that branches out into all of these smaller forces. The personified force is called in Hebrew magic "Kamael". Why this is so is another topic. In other cultures this force can be personified by other names and even genders. When a magician calls this force it "clothes" itself in a symbolic manner which best represents the forces it has within it. So, taking another archangel for an example, let us say you have had terrible luck with love and sex in general but you want to evoke Haniel, archangel of Venus. Well Haniel will appear but your perception of her (Love, desire, art, poetry) will be reflected back at you, seeing and experiencing something less than a joyous figure. For a real life example I have always perceived Haniel as friendly, loving and inspiring. Always willing to help, and very kind. Someone I know recently evoked her and told me she was sort of snide, slightly cruel but in the end delivered the goods, but only after some fun at his expense had been had. What sort of perceptions on love and relationships can one deduce from this experience? Does Haniel have multiple personality disorder? Did she just not like the budding magician? Or do the qualities she produced for this mage somehow teach the mage what his "inner" Haniel is like, thereby giving the magician a map and compass in delving into the work that needs to be done on his inner landscape?


At the beginning of this blog I wrote "as above, so below". Keep this in mind as we probe the great debate of this magical age: "Is magic all in our head or is magic objectively real". This can be a very hard topic to figure out. If spirits manifest and use our inner makeup and concepts as a garment to reveal themselves than surely it just makes easy sense to just say it is all in our head, and our head is just really big. This even sounds right on some level sense we are all apart of the Cosmic Mind and therefore we are all connected. Yes, verily this is true! However this leads to Solipsism a nasty and terrible belief to be sure! Just because we are all connected does not make your mind supreme. You for now are just a part of the whole. Only the greatest of mages can live or reside in the *experience* of being apart of the Cosmic Mind, and even then not the totality of it all. Anyways even the people who think it is all in their head have experiences that sometimes speak of forces, minds and powers beyond them and which often times scare the robes off of them. If they have not then they probably have never had really strong results before and can only speak of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. The answer is this. We do have different levels of consciousness within us; even fragmentary spirits which we reject lurk deep within. "As above, so below". These levels and parts of us are reflections of the above independent of us spirits. The inner aspects of you that appear and come out when you are in love, angry, joyful, etc can be described later on as if one was possessed of a spirit and not like the "real me" at all. Those are the inner spirits. Some can be quite strong and seemingly independent, they are not however. When we contact a spirit independent of ourselves than that inner spirit is drawn forth in response. If time is spent with that spirit, and its vibration learned, than our inner spirit begins to reflect the outer, real spirit. Another example of this is the idea of poverty. In essence someone in poverty has a very weak abundance inner spirit. So if they try to evoke a spirit of wealth and abundance they will have no real concept of this being. This is when magic and especially evocation can get scary. If we have no real inner version of a spirit, the outer spirit will seem overpowering, awesome in the true, original sense of the word and possibly outright scary or bizarre. This is why most books on magic say not to evoke gods. Gods are spirits that are not fully integrated into the human inner psyche yet do to our persistence that they are outside and beyond us. We have not accepted our inner divinity yet, so any experience of a divine being is either a failure or way to intense. Typically, Greek gods are easier to handle do to their similarities to mankind in many ways and a familiarity we have with them in our culture. But some beings are all together different, numinous and beyond most human experience. Not that somewhere within us there is not a reflection of that being or force, it is just denied and small.


Lightning, water, fire, air, winds, mountains, magnetism, suns, planets, moons, space, ice, comets, rocks, grass and every thing else you may think about and everything else you can't has a spirit that rules it. Things like a single rock have a small spirit of earth attached to it, which is connected to an elemental king that rules an area of earth that is ruled by a greater elemental king or spirit that rules all elemental kings as is the summing up of the rocky substance we call earth, which in turn the idea of earth and its qualities and virtues is ruled over by an angel. This angel has a higher aspect which personifies the divine in relation to earth (omniconsciousness-immortality) which is just part of the Cosmic Mind of the actual attribute. This goes for everything, everywhere at all times. Down to the gemstone in your ring to the hairs on your head.


Most magic is the act of interacting with these spirits and powers and directing them to do the will of the magician. Even if one is doing a love spell with candles and oils, one is working with the spirits of those herbs that made the oil, the idea of love which is from within you and that just may connect to the higher spirits of love, the flame of the candle which is an elemental that represents will, and if you called quarters then the powers and forces of the quarters. Therefore most magic is in fact invocation or evocation (which some argue, quite convincingly is the same thing).

The other type of magic is the use of will and imagination. In truth all magic is also this as well, however will and imagination are the two forces that make magic work. Emotion is also a powerful force in magic, however the imagination and will can change or rule emotion. You may not agree and that is fine, I know plenty of people that are wrong. If one develops the will and imagination to the very highest of levels they can do anything.


The imagination is much maligned and beaten down. In truth the imagination is one of the most powerful forces mankind has. No wonder it is beaten down much as we deny our inner divinity which is our imagination. When "God" created all things do you really think he spoke a few words and *poof* it was done? Does god have teeth, tongue and vocal cords, not to mention lungs and air to resonate the sound through? No, divinity created all things through will and imagination. Imagine a lemon, then imagine putting it into your mouth. Notice the reaction your mouth has. Ever have something like a craving pop into your head? You keep imagining it and eventually you will find a means to satisfy that craving. That is the power of the imagination when it is untrained and within every human being, from a maniac to a soccer mom.


Most religions speak of at least two souls and some many more. The Greeks thought one was a combination soul of animal and human. If one developed the human soul and mastered the animal soul, then that was a great wo/man. As stated before we are a spectrum of mind and soul. The HGA is the spectrum right above us and below divinity, below us is the animal soul. By enlightening and drawing up the animal nature within us, training it and using it properly than we develop a very powerful force. The animal soul is the "darker" more material aspect of us, it has tremendous power to be tapped and the magician is not a true magician until they delve into it and make it divine. This is what yogic, magical and Taoist systems attempt to do before the magician is taught the secret powers of magic.


There are three planes of density: The mental, astral and physical. When a thought develops and finds a home in the personal makeup of an individual then it becomes a more astral form and can influence a person. If this astral force really catches on it develops into a physical quality on the material plane. This is the secret of all magical manifestations and just plain old everyday manifestation. The magician finds a stream of thought, develops it, gives the astral form density and it manifests as a physical power or presence. If one can condense the astral light at will then they can materialize any idea or concept at will. This is the greatest secret of magical as it pertains to manifestation on the physical or setting powers to work on the astral plane. The method of doing this is the imagination and will.


Every book on magic you will ever read is the writers personal take on the above statements, all they do is add correspondences and their own slant on these ideas. If one observes the natural world around them, developing their own correspondences, and begins working on the will and imagination they will have begun the great work. An Eskimo will have a different magical correspondences than a Brazilian.


  1. Ilove this blog.
    I read this everyday at 4 years!

  2. Hei JB!
    Awesome post!
    I have a couple questions:
    1) (iten 4) you say: when I evoke a spirit I evoke same time my "inner" spirit and the spirit. What happen when I evoke a human begin (like necromanci)?
    2)Why the force is called Kamael?

    1. When I evoke a spirit a intelligent force of nature is brought to my nearby astral environment. These forces do not have hairstyle, bodytypes, language, or anything that is particularly human. No communication is possible this way. Because this force has come to an earthly manifestation it "borrows" certain forms that relate its being to my consciousness. So let us say I evoke a spirit of beauty, I happen to find dark haired almond eyed, tan skin beautiful. That spirit will reflect my inner idea of beauty by taking that shape and those details. So, when I evoke a spirit I am also evoking something from within me. Same thing with language, if you speak to a spirit like this it will send energies to your soul and spirit which your consciousness will then translate from symbols pre-existing in your own mind down into your brain firing the appropriate synapes that make it seem like a dialouge is occuring. You will never get words or a new language you do not know from a spirit, only what is in your own head. However, the information recieved will be new, unknown information. Example: you study alchemy, you know alchemical jargon and theory. A spirit can then explain alchemy on a deeper level and give you new information you would never have thought of relating to alchemy. Counter point, you know nothing of kabbalah, you summon a spirit to learn kabbalah you get a message that makes no sense. However, you will find that you are guided and led to amazing books or people that will teach you properly and later when you look back at the dialouge you may find hidden gems of information that made no sense at the time.
      Necromancy is different in that you are summoning a once living person. They have language, mannerisms, styles, character beyond you. It won't be the same as conjuring a being that never took human form.
      Kamael is a name given to a force that radiates from the sphere of Geburah, it is a higher vibration of that sphere and reflects the kabbalistic forces of the name connected to the legality of Geburah.

  3. Always learning here, thanks JB, your contribution help my a lot.