Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PME-commentary Cargoste


Without any fore knowledge of what the Bardon's air spirits did I decided to go on intuition and use a pendulum to decide which spirit I would best learn from. I took my pendulum and read each spirit and placed the pendulum over the sigil. It finally gave a positive read on Cargoste (she pronounces it as Car-go-stee, I called her by using Car-gost). I then used two letters from her name in the akashic, mental, astral and physical before evoking. Just to see the effects. I think it produced a very strong astral density.

A tear dropped blue sphere descends before me which feels feathery and light, very cheerful to experience. I then perceive a form that is very pixie shaped and I notice her facial bone structure seems Native-American although I could not quite portray this in the picture as it was very subtle. I welcome her and she greets me in the same way nearly all air spirits have greeted me with an aire of snootiness. I don't think they really conceive themselves as better than humans ( or maybe just me)or any other spirit, I just think it is their demeanor. Usually after the initial greeting they are very pleasant and quite friendly. Some air elemental custom perhaps? After the greeting I explain what I am doing and ask if she would agree to go along with it. She accepts.

J= What are your specific tasks?

C= I aid in communication with couples, friends and those who need a deeper communication to take place. I inspirer those who attempt to describe emotions and feelings into written poetry. I sharpen the intellect in order to grasp emotion in the rational mind (analysis of emotion). I am an inspirer and teacher in the art of logic as well as right speech in order to sway the emotions to create the desired effect in others.

J=How is this done?

C=I find minds that are ready for my vibration and I come into close contact with them. I then make their aura resonate with my vibration so they share my insight and view of the universe. Once the resonance is set I can speak directly to the person and they think it is just inspiration or I can just let the resonance work through their energy system for a period of time.

J= Why do you help humans?

C= I noticed poets and the way they could inspire people. I say the capacity words had on the minds of people through out history. I decided after long meditation with humans on the nature of emotion and how to touch the hearts of others that I could do some good for mankind by inspiring people to say the right things when needed. I work with many musicians now because that is a great medium to sway people with emotion by the proper words.

I thanked Cargoste and asked if I could meditate on her aura for a few moments. I described her outer aura before but when I reached her inner aura it was very similar except inside the sphere was a brilliant spark of light in the shape of wings. The proper understanding of both would give a magician the same powers as Cargoste. I again thanked her and returned her to the sphere she came from.

We also discussed some things about Bardon and his work with the air spirits as well as his development when he had evoked them, it was quite revealing.

Here is what Cargoste appears as.



  1. hei justin dear friend!
    When I meditate in a sigil of a spirit (in the akasha), I start to have insights about my questions.
    What is the explanation for this?
    thanks your time!

  2. Thats evocation! The spirit is answering you! Thats how some evocations happen, some you can experience the spirit but if you are in the akasha thats the way it can come.

  3. hei Justin!
    when I do an evocation, I see the spirit in general aspects (dont have a clear image of him).
    You have some cheats to make my vision of the spirit better?

    Thanks your answer!!

  4. Well depending on your exact technique it could be various things you can try. Here are a few that may help.
    Charging- before the operation charge the sigil with vital force so that the spirit has more energy to form. If you have a mirror or triangle charge those on a regular basis with the intent and idea of manifestation. Also annointing candles with oils that relate to the spirits nature and sphere and then charging the candles with that power and placing them around the triangle will help.

    Trance- enter a deeper state and try to see with the mind's eye as well as your physical eyes combined, I just work with the mind's eye mostly after discovering its easier and shows one all they need anyway. But to get there I understand the need to *see* the spirit in order to reach a place where you trust the mind's eye.

    Incense- make an incense suited to the spirit with ingredients known to bring a heavier density to the spirit. Then charge the incense with the power of the sphere from which the spirit comes, therby giving it material it can use to make a body.

  5. Thanks your explanation my friend!
    I will test all of them!

    Why is more easy to see with de mind's eye and more hard with the physical eyes? (for me the mind's eye is the easist way to see a spirit).

    Thanks Friend!!!

    1. It is more difficult because the spirit resides on the mental plane and many have astral bodies (elementals and the like) so the mind's eye is the way to see them, to see them with the physical eyes you need to build them a body to be seen which is more involved.

  6. Hei JB!
    Are you ok? (of curse you are, today is your day off!! haha)
    I read a William Mistele's book and he contact and speak with Cargoste.
    But the spirit give a different descriptions of her powers and tasks (in comparation with your evocation).
    So, the point is, I belive you and Mistele are right! I belive this difference is because you and Mistele have difference thoughts, internal beings, etc..
    Im right? Its possible you put more thoughts in my head?

    1. Huh, interesting. Ill have to go read what he got from her!
      Possibly it is just different langauge amounting to the same thing. We will see!

    2. I think I can see a relation, albiet strained. Look at how Mistele is writing in broad strokes on these spirits, and through that his/her ability to sense minute changes in weather systems, clouds, minds etc. Now think on the human mind in relation to what Mistele said and compare that to the powers I described her having as in connecting with, understanding and inspiring the human mind. One is a macro level the other a micro level. Like the kabbalistic letter effects.

    3. Thanks!
      But is possible two people receive different information for the same spirit, and, the information work?
      (Im asking because this happen with me a couple days ago, I have evoke a NPE and my magician friend do the same, but the information is different!)
      So, I think if you have some point to put me in the right way!
      Thanks again!

    4. Depends on the info. A single spirit can have a wide variety of skills like you or I. It may have told you one set you would consider useful and another that your friend thought useful. However, they should all be connected in some way. While humans can attain great skill in a wide variety of fields, slight skills in others and even just knowledge of certain fields spirits are not as wide ranging (especially elementals) Now, angels can cover wide ranges. Like Michael is archangel of fire, rules over protection and evocation (a connection with the fire and with protection) but he can also aid military fields, blessings and has been given power over exorcisms. So, if it was just a spirit it may have a field or two it covers like Goetic spirits are known for. If it was an elemental depending on it's rank it will have a mastery over a certain field and aspects within that field. If it was just some random minor spirit it should be fairly limited.