Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PME-commentary Osipeh


After loading the akasha, mental, astral and physical planes with Osipeh's formula I called forth the water element in the room and brought it to the strongest degree density I was able to conjure. The air in the room was cooler and a pleasant feeling pervaded the area. I then reached out to meet the mind of Osipeh ( Oh-sea-pea) in her sphere. As I spoke her name a swirling mass of water was before me-clear, sparkling and powerful. Finally she appears and I draw her down to the local astral plane of my room. I greet her and she begins singing a greeting to me. It is very lovely and calming. It speaks of the undines pleasure watching lovers by the sea and how they receive joy through our physical meetings there.

J=What is the magic of sound?

O= It is the charging of a space with sounds and imaginative pictures in order to create a magical effect. One sings an analogous piece of music while creating pictures in the astral. This causes powerful desires in those who listen to the music that they will feel compelled to express in some manner.

J=How does one work with the magic of water?

O=By entering into a living body of water (stream, ocean, lake, a bath or manmade pool seems to not be the best method.) and producing an emotion within one's being which is then loaded into the body of water. One can move an emotion into water which then causes the corresponding effect to manifest. If one seeks love enter the water and create love within yourself then spread it out into the water. We receive your energy and then bring about the analogous change that was encoded in the emotion. What is placed into the water will occur.

J=What happens to magicians that fall in love with undines or mermaids?

O= These people lack the needed balance to achieve the highest light. They are abundant in the electrical fluid and willpower. We aid them in finding harmony, they expend their abundance into our being and we fill them with the love and magnetic fluid that they lacked in life. One with an abundance of electrical fluid will be drawn to us as we are to them. We give what is lacking and they find their harmony. A harmonious magician has nothing to fear from us.

Before I can say anything else Osipeh asks if I would enjoy hearing her and her nymphs sing for me. I agree and I must say it is very soothing to the soul. One feels adrift on a cool night with the ocean rocking you deeper into a ecstatic rest. Once they are done I ask Osipeh if I may meditate with her on the nature of water which she accepts. I find her inner aura is almost identical to her sigil, except now I know the key to her sigil. The triangle shape is an uplifting feeling which then gives rise to the three waves on either side moving outwards from the center. They feel like cool currents flowing inside an infinite sea.

I thank Osipeh and return her to her sphere. Here is the image of Osipeh:



  1. Does that apply for anyone? Or just someone who has had contact with an undine that says they will do that?

  2. I am guessing you are referring to the practice of the magic of music and/or the water practice. Yes, all one has to be able to do is have the imaginitive skills in order to perform the work.

    Good magic to you Jesse!

  3. Hi... Justin, in Frabato, Bardon mentions a friend who made a pact with an undine, he married her... Bardon advised against it, do you know why?

    And what are the advantages of marrying an undine?

    I'm sorry if the english is poor, I am Brazilian and self-taught in english, so I have much to improve. For example, the right is "who made* a pact" or "who did* a pact"... thanks!!!

    1. If you had not mentioned it I would have assumed you a native english speaker!

      Bardon warns against it because of the powerful effect these beings have at making someone feel so comfortable, so satisfied in being in their presence. Like William Mistelle I have met a few women who exhibit Undine like drawing in or magnetic power. All you can think of is being near them, with them. Obviously if you were on a spiritual path this means taking time to study, meditate and work magic. An undine female makes you forget all that and enjoy the bliss of love.
      If I need to tell you the advantages of an undine lover than we got problems ;D