Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In The Sphere of the Beings

In this fascinating chapter Bardon gives us a quick 30 odd page tour of the different spheres of the beings. He discusses how these spheres are similar to the degrees of density on our physical planet. We have solids, liquids and gasses (plasma was not declared a substance then, I believe). So as well are the spheres of the spirits. The earth sphere is made up of the four elements starting with earth as the densest and fire as the more ethereal. The as one ascends up the tree of life one meets with finer substances. Bardon also mentions that the Zone Girdling the Earth (ZGE) or earth zone is the actual Malkuth on the tree of life and not our physical planet.

Bardon then discusses life on the astral plane after death. This section lets the uninitiated in on what one can expect after they pass on. When we die the bonds that we had to loved ones or partners will not be as strong as they are on the physical plane. What keep a physical relationship going are physical pleasures and the actual relationship. Once we pass on those physical traits and desires will not be there because they reside in the body. Also depending on the astral makeup of the couple (personality) they may reside on two different degrees of density in the astral. To get an idea of this concept think about your thoughts and what makes up your personality. This is your astral makeup and shows your spiritual maturity. The types of thoughts that you have day in and day out as well as your overall mood will reveal to you the type of sphere you will reside in once you pass on. The more developed you become and the more enlightened then the higher the sphere you can attain after death. Also, a person can easily go down to a lower sphere but it is near impossible to rise above to a sphere that you could not attain in physical life. That is the whole point to reincarnate. People desire to attain a higher sphere so they go back down to be born and attempt to attain a higher vibration through personal evolution and trials.

When one reads this chapter they begin to understand why in IIH Bardon tells you to astrally transform yourself into the being that lives in the sphere you wish to reside. Again you are changing your energy signature in order to move about in the sphere. To use our previous example of “Happiness” let us imagine that you wish to enter a sphere that is filled with joy, pleasure and happiness (most likely the sphere of Venus) one would not transform their astral or mental being into a domineering-powerful-willful being. You would not be able to enter the sphere and the beings of the sphere would not be able to perceive you. Your vibration would not match theirs. Using this idea to go on a slight tangent we can see why prayer or spells may not always work. If one is trying to connect to a certain power or sphere to have ones supplication heard and your entire energetic makeup is counter to that sphere the beings there will not “hear” you. So, for instance you wished to be healed and you make a prayer to be so. However all you can feel is the misery of sickness. Your prayer or spell would then not reach the proper sphere to release the energy. You must have the temporary imaginative ability to feel healed *now* to be healed. Kind of sounds like faith, maybe?

Back on subject we then turn to what happens to various beliefs once they die. When a person of a type of religion dies they experience their god in the way they imagined it. Atheist can not perceive a divine being and long for the guidance it will provide in the astral. A person who believed in many various religions will have difficulty at first in the astral due to them having to eventually choose the god that most connects with them before moving on. A magician usually perceives divinity as a wonderful light on the astral similar to a sun. Bardon mentions that the type of divinity one chooses in life is usually a big deciding factor on where one will incarnate again on the physical plane. After many lifetimes of reaching towards perfection a person will eventually attain it. This is the whole point and purpose of incarnating and a major aspect of magic in general. Eventually attaining the status of divinity in the ZGE is what the magician strives for and eventually for some merging with the ultimate divine light. However until that time while on earth the magician will try and attain the highest sphere possible and make the entire spiritual universe a home. This is the advantage of evocation; it sets up friends on the other side.

Bardon then discusses the difference between a Kabbalist and a Magician. A Kabbalist has no need to evoke spirits because he uses the creative language as a Magician would call up spirits. Of course a Kabbalist can do both but has no real need to call a spirit that can offer him everything he/she can on their own. A Magician for the time being is dependent on spirits to give him aid or information when he is caught for time and cannot produce the results he/she needs in time. I myself am beginning to learn more and more about Kabbalistic magic and find that this is perfectly the case. Inwardly I feel no actual need to call a spirit because I know that with the right formula of my devising I can attain the same things and more I could from any spirit that I may have called up and had to pay in some form such as vital energy or a volt. It can be likened to someone who uses an abacus discovering a calculator. One good thing about evoking spirits AND having knowledge of Kabbalah is that the Magician has a deeper understanding of the spirits makeup and can learn new formulas to use in place of calling that spirit again. Again the Magician makes use of spirits when he needs a being that is more intelligent than an elementary he/she can create or when time is a factor making it more advantageous to work with a spirit.

Finally, Bardon discusses the universal or cosmic language. I discussed this many times before but here we will discuss it quickly again. When we speak with spirits or with other people on the astral we form pictures of this information which turn into vibrations that are received by the other being and turned into their language. This is why two people speaking different languages can communicate on the astral plane or why spirits can converse with people from all nations and languages. Bardon paints an evocative picture when he speaks on how ancient civilizations used the pictorial language as their own and could create powerful magical effects due to this. These same nations were responsible for the development of the Hermetic science and magic in general. Again, when we work with the Kabbalistic letters we make use of the cosmic pictorial language and its potent effects on creation. Imagine if this language was taught as a speaking language for an entire nation or the world!


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