Friday, May 16, 2008

Kundalini Changes

Kundalini Changes

Last Friday I had an incredible experience of omniconsciousness. It came about as me and a friend were doing an exercise involving the third eye and divine light. The only analogy I can give is, imagine if James Joyce, Alex Gray and Pixar all got together and made a movie of the chakras, while they were on some hallucinogenic. Then just add Tool's "Lateralus" CD as the soundtrack.

The exercise is probably one of the most potent means for raising kundalini I have ever discovered and leads to some dramatic visions (at the very least). It also puts you in a state where you can directly access the cosmic mind and work some potent magic with or within the individual chakras as well as re-program your unconscious mind with ease, changing your very being with a whim. This brings me to the point of this particular blog.

When someone consistently works with kundalini and the chakras they must be prepared to undergo radical changes in their life. This can be anything from a personality change, all the way up to how one works magic, heck ones DNA can be transformed merely by considering it. During this particular raising and the one we did (which involved my wife, Chris, Josie and I) on the following Saturday, I feel that we opened the chakras to the max and each was completely filled with divine light as well as the power of kundalini. So much change took place, that during and after I could literally feel my entire being from atoms to DNA being transformed. When you have an experience this grand expect some massive changes. Which for me include the annoying change of how I work my magic.

This has happened once before and it took me a couple of weeks to realize how to do what I normally did before, thankfully it changed to a method that was ten times easier and three times more effective. The problem then was I was thinking I had to continue doing magic "the hard way" and really things that took me an hour of preparation to do just took some concentrated focus and about three minutes. I have noticed once again that my typical methods of meditation and magic have undergone a transformation. I have not tried them all, but a few of the glyphs I have "created" or received no longer work, and some of my meditational anchors are just outright gone. So this puts me in a state of having to go through my magical arsenal and see what is still there, what has changed and what is stronger than before. For those of you going "well, why the hell do you keep doing these kundalini exercises?" it is because that eventually I will discover the new method my energetic body works through, and once I do, I know it will be entirely worth it. In some ways it is like going from a very old car with no features to a brand new sleek, fully packaged sports car. Sure there is a period of adjustment where you don't know your head from a hole in the ground, but once you discover all the amenities, you know how much better you have it now.

The other change is in my very thinking, or actually some of my deeper personality traits, and this is where kundalini can be dangerous to a first timer's experience. You see, the next day after a major rise you can be completely or partially changed but to your perspective it appears as if you have always been this way. I think this is where some of the traditional belief of having up to seven bodies of finer grade material (astral-mental-ethereal-etc…). It is as if that body always existed and had its own likes, dislikes and personality, and you just pop into it and think this is how you have always been. For a first timer, their friends and family will think something may be wrong or that you have been cast in a new "Body Snatchers" movie.

The secret to getting past this and making it out just fine is this, know before hand this happens. Hell, if you have to, right after a big kundalini release go around posting post it notes reminding yourself that you are temporarily under construction, any new changes will be discovered and eventually brought under the broad heading of "ME". The good news is that a lot of these changes can outright vanish in a week or so. You either integrate the new personality changes or they vanish altogether. So, keep that in mind before you quit the bowling league. I know this sounds bizarre to those who have never gone through this but for those of you who have, reading this may be like finding an oasis in the desert. And for those who are on their second or third release, you begin to notice the changes due to having a higher perspective. Eventually, you realize- oh, this old trait is gone and this is now "me". It gets even better when much later on you can just "zap" traits in or out as you see fit.

So friends, for the next few days I will be trying to discover how my new brain works and what it can do. I am sure whatever it is I will be just as excited and thrilled as last time, like a kid opening presents on their birthday. I hope that if this ever happens to you this blog will have helped you see what is going on in a similar way.