Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'll tell you from the start, less confusion that way. I met her about two years ago, we were both sales people from different agencies going to the same company for their business. I won't say it was love at first sight but there was something there. We had dinner, then coffee and before we knew it, it was late and we were still talking. We got married a year later. Neither of us got that sale.

We bought a nice little house that needed a paintjob in the worst way. She got promoted at her job and began going across the country and overseas. I missed her all the time but it was wonderful when she came home. Life was as close to perfect as it could get. Until one day…

I was driving to a sale and my car broke down. Terrible luck, I know. The engine was smoking and I know as much about car engines as I do nuclear fission. So, I hiked up to the nearest house to use the phone. Real nice place; old money, and outside in the yard that would take me forever to cut with my rotary mower sat a little old man drinking lemonade. I told him my dilemma and he was very kind to help me out. He even made me some lemonade while I waited for the tow truck. We got to talking about life- ours being different in nearly every way- and as men do eventually about love. He told me his wife makes the best lemonade ever. I told him mine did as well! Maybe we did have similar things as odd as that may be, this prince and me being a pauper. We then talked about our wives, and the similarities astounded us. Finally, we got to the sharing of picture stage. He showed me his first, due to some unusual occurrence I had left my pictures at home in frames.

People often use the phrase "I was floored" and it sounds somewhat silly or meaningless. Well, I was floored. I felt layed out. His wife was beautiful, young (way too young for him) and absolutely glorious. I should know, it was my wife as well. I think I hid my surprise well, him thinking that his wife was so gorgeous that she literally dropped the jaw of this commoner. Luckily, my tow truck arrived and I thanked him in a mumble as I walked away. I never saw him again.

When "my wife" got home, I knew her as Cassandra. I confronted her, she denied it. We screamed, she continued to fight the truth and then she left. Again, I never saw her after that.

Worked called and I tried to explain, they gave me leave instead of firing me. I started drinking alone at home. Finally, old friends started coming around trying to pull me out of the darkest period that I barely remember. One by one they eventually left. All but one: Reggie. Reggie was one of those friends you never really get to know all the way. You thought you knew a lot about him, but to be honest it was guesses and vague ideas. He on the other hand seems to know all about you, things you don't even tell him, as if he can listen to more than your words. Also Reggie liked to drink, so we became close.

One night after a terrible berserker rage of drinking we sat on a street corner on the sidewalk watching the headlights pass in the night, never really catching them up due to inebriance (which- check your dictionary, it is not a word…very strange). Finally, Reggie spoke up. He told me I could not keep going on like this, that the darkness in me was trying to eat me alive. Being completely drunk, I completely understood my friend. He offered assistance; he said he knew a way to take the darkness away, to be good again. I accepted how foolish I was.

He brought me to his flat, the weirdest apartment I had ever been in. Masks, idols, tapestries and God knows what else all strewn about. Not only that, but it always felt there was a conversation going on in some poorly lit corner, or just out of hearing range. The place was filled with whispers and silence that went too deep. I trusted Reggie and he told me to lay down on this weird shaped table. It was a dark stained wood, cut in the shape of a average sized man. It had holes cut out at certain locations making it look flimsy; although it was very well made and solid. He told me to lay down and I did. Before I knew it he had strapped me down. That is when I got scarred. He told me to trust him, that he was to make everything better, how I should not worry-it was only going to hurt just a little and it would all be over before I knew it. Then he gagged me.

I don't know what he was doing but he took these thin barbed needles, black and cold tied to little strings. He started piercing my body with them, just under the skin, letting no blood escape or wound to appear. He was a skilled as a surgeon. I was of course drunk and trying to scream through a gag. Nearly every foot of my body had a stinger like needle in it. It did not hurt but I started to get this feeling deep down that this was just starting. The strings led all one way into a vial.

He began tapping on each of the strings, humming a little tune. I can't remember what it was or how it went. The tapping and the humming began to feel like a drill going through me. Burning white hot right into my core. You know in the movies when wolf man starts to change for the first time and it looks like it hurts like all hell, imagine that but with no cool wolf man at the end. Eventually, I passed out. But before I did it seemed as if little black droplets where gliding out of my body, down the strings and into the vial. I woke up in the morning, feeling wonderful. No hangover, no depression, no aches or pains, hell, it felt like Saturday morning and I was six years old. There was Reggie standing a few feet away smiling at something in his hand. I told him I should kick his ass, but it rang hollow, only a jest and he knew it.

He showed me the vial from last night. I looked at it like a drunk looks at his own vomit from the night before. He told me that what he got from me was very valuable in his line of work, he said he owed me.

I never wanted to see Reggie again, I went back to work and it seemed like all that terrible crazy life was another world in a fantasy novel, just a bad dream. Life was good again, I never got sick, I did not drink anymore and my life seemed to get better in every way! Then Reggie called up. He said to be careful, that if I saw anything strange or scary to come find him double time. I laughed and told him thanks and hung up the phone.

So that is all I know. You guys found me, took me down here and started asking questions about a woman named Rachel, that I knew as Cassandra, that happened to be a woman I married. I wish I could help you more, but I don't know anything. Maybe you should talk to Reggie? If you don't mind me asking, what happened to her?

Like razor blades you say? Thousands of them? Black goo in the wounds? How odd. Ate her insides like acid? That is a shame.

Magical views

As above, so below

This basic tenet of Hermetic wisdom should be familiar to every practicing magician, witch, sorcerer or whatever you call someone who works with the forces of nature (I use the term magician and this in no way connotes a gender or belief system, just someone who works with magic). This simple axiom from Hermes thrice-great simplifies every magical rule, force, concept or idea that one can have in magic. Seriously, if you search out everything this statement implies all knowledge of the universe and magic is open to you. One can either begin by learning about the macro and go inwards or start in the micro and expand outwards. Either way you will discover the same truths.

So here it is: my view of the universe as it pertains to magic, life and anything else you want to apply it to as well. It is long, so if you need to take a break now and then and come back. I will number breaks so you can find your place easily. The numbers are in no way related to numerology or any primal idea. They are not in any order or have any deeper meaning. Some of the things will be familiar if you have read previous blogs, others will be new and yet other things will be a new way of explaining something I may have mentioned previously.


In the beginning there was void. Then over aeons of time the Cosmic Mind developed awareness. This can be seen in the birth of all things. In the beginning there is darkness and eventually a rudimentary awareness that is pre-conscious. Birth happens and this is the entrance into the "world". In Cosmic terms the Mind wanted to know itself, to do this it created the astral and eventually physical plane. That previous sentence sums up a lot of material. The Judeo-Christian belief of life in the Garden sums up the creation of the astral plane and the structure of the eventual creation of the physical plane. The expulsion of the Garden and the entire rest of the Torah is the creation of the physical as well as a symbolic description of the nature of the universe and the attributes of the all. In Greek mythology this is the age of titans and the eventual overthrow of them by Zeus and the gods. This period can also be seen in the times of early childhood when we learn language, as well attempt to establish our will over the known universe (terrible twos). Mostly the human mind at this age is still at a un or pre conscious level and is only working at drives as the primary source of motivation. Hence the early gods are precarious, jealous and wrathful.


The only real way the Cosmic mind can really know itself and what everything is about is by infinitely dividing in an attempt to know see itself. This is why there are so many creatures, peoples, beliefs, views, differences and choices in life. This is also why there is so much doubt. There is no real certainty. Everything is a guess, an adventure and an exploration. Even though there is a pattern to nature, life and magic it is so all encompassing and large in order to mix and match infinite number of variables. Imagine having infinity to try and understand EVERYTHING, not only which, but multiply that by the power of infinite creativity, as well as no fear. At the highest levels of consciousness this is all a game, a movie or a ride. It does not really matter except in the sense of discovery and understanding. It matters as much as a fantasy or dream. This is not to say be cruel or evil or seek nothing but pleasure, it is to say that in a dream we feel that it is important and real, but when we awake we see how fleeting it all was.


You at this very moment are one with the divine mind. It is a matter of going up or down the spectrum of consciousness. The entire spectrum of light is within a sunbeam, so to is your mind along the spectrum of consciousness within the Cosmic Mind. The consciousness above yours seems vast and powerful just as the spectrum below yours sees your spectrum as vast and powerful. Each builds on the next to house more vast amounts of information. When you call an elemental or demon which has a more primitive mindset they become slightly more advanced from the interaction with your vibration, just as when you call or interact with an angel or divine being your consciousness grows or heightens from the exchange. However humans are a very curious thing. We are unlike nearly every other being in the sense we have the ability to master all five elements. Hence we have more potential than an angel or archangel. They represent virtues, powers and forces on a grand scale but are limited in their growth and freedom. The Archangel Kamael cannot pick up water coloring. It is not that there is some cosmic rule book saying he cannot it is just that is not the nature of that force which is personified by Kamael.


All forces and powers are conscious. As I mentioned above, the cosmic force of power, might, will and domination is on the higher levels all connected as one grand force that branches out into all of these smaller forces. The personified force is called in Hebrew magic "Kamael". Why this is so is another topic. In other cultures this force can be personified by other names and even genders. When a magician calls this force it "clothes" itself in a symbolic manner which best represents the forces it has within it. So, taking another archangel for an example, let us say you have had terrible luck with love and sex in general but you want to evoke Haniel, archangel of Venus. Well Haniel will appear but your perception of her (Love, desire, art, poetry) will be reflected back at you, seeing and experiencing something less than a joyous figure. For a real life example I have always perceived Haniel as friendly, loving and inspiring. Always willing to help, and very kind. Someone I know recently evoked her and told me she was sort of snide, slightly cruel but in the end delivered the goods, but only after some fun at his expense had been had. What sort of perceptions on love and relationships can one deduce from this experience? Does Haniel have multiple personality disorder? Did she just not like the budding magician? Or do the qualities she produced for this mage somehow teach the mage what his "inner" Haniel is like, thereby giving the magician a map and compass in delving into the work that needs to be done on his inner landscape?


At the beginning of this blog I wrote "as above, so below". Keep this in mind as we probe the great debate of this magical age: "Is magic all in our head or is magic objectively real". This can be a very hard topic to figure out. If spirits manifest and use our inner makeup and concepts as a garment to reveal themselves than surely it just makes easy sense to just say it is all in our head, and our head is just really big. This even sounds right on some level sense we are all apart of the Cosmic Mind and therefore we are all connected. Yes, verily this is true! However this leads to Solipsism a nasty and terrible belief to be sure! Just because we are all connected does not make your mind supreme. You for now are just a part of the whole. Only the greatest of mages can live or reside in the *experience* of being apart of the Cosmic Mind, and even then not the totality of it all. Anyways even the people who think it is all in their head have experiences that sometimes speak of forces, minds and powers beyond them and which often times scare the robes off of them. If they have not then they probably have never had really strong results before and can only speak of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. The answer is this. We do have different levels of consciousness within us; even fragmentary spirits which we reject lurk deep within. "As above, so below". These levels and parts of us are reflections of the above independent of us spirits. The inner aspects of you that appear and come out when you are in love, angry, joyful, etc can be described later on as if one was possessed of a spirit and not like the "real me" at all. Those are the inner spirits. Some can be quite strong and seemingly independent, they are not however. When we contact a spirit independent of ourselves than that inner spirit is drawn forth in response. If time is spent with that spirit, and its vibration learned, than our inner spirit begins to reflect the outer, real spirit. Another example of this is the idea of poverty. In essence someone in poverty has a very weak abundance inner spirit. So if they try to evoke a spirit of wealth and abundance they will have no real concept of this being. This is when magic and especially evocation can get scary. If we have no real inner version of a spirit, the outer spirit will seem overpowering, awesome in the true, original sense of the word and possibly outright scary or bizarre. This is why most books on magic say not to evoke gods. Gods are spirits that are not fully integrated into the human inner psyche yet do to our persistence that they are outside and beyond us. We have not accepted our inner divinity yet, so any experience of a divine being is either a failure or way to intense. Typically, Greek gods are easier to handle do to their similarities to mankind in many ways and a familiarity we have with them in our culture. But some beings are all together different, numinous and beyond most human experience. Not that somewhere within us there is not a reflection of that being or force, it is just denied and small.


Lightning, water, fire, air, winds, mountains, magnetism, suns, planets, moons, space, ice, comets, rocks, grass and every thing else you may think about and everything else you can't has a spirit that rules it. Things like a single rock have a small spirit of earth attached to it, which is connected to an elemental king that rules an area of earth that is ruled by a greater elemental king or spirit that rules all elemental kings as is the summing up of the rocky substance we call earth, which in turn the idea of earth and its qualities and virtues is ruled over by an angel. This angel has a higher aspect which personifies the divine in relation to earth (omniconsciousness-immortality) which is just part of the Cosmic Mind of the actual attribute. This goes for everything, everywhere at all times. Down to the gemstone in your ring to the hairs on your head.


Most magic is the act of interacting with these spirits and powers and directing them to do the will of the magician. Even if one is doing a love spell with candles and oils, one is working with the spirits of those herbs that made the oil, the idea of love which is from within you and that just may connect to the higher spirits of love, the flame of the candle which is an elemental that represents will, and if you called quarters then the powers and forces of the quarters. Therefore most magic is in fact invocation or evocation (which some argue, quite convincingly is the same thing).

The other type of magic is the use of will and imagination. In truth all magic is also this as well, however will and imagination are the two forces that make magic work. Emotion is also a powerful force in magic, however the imagination and will can change or rule emotion. You may not agree and that is fine, I know plenty of people that are wrong. If one develops the will and imagination to the very highest of levels they can do anything.


The imagination is much maligned and beaten down. In truth the imagination is one of the most powerful forces mankind has. No wonder it is beaten down much as we deny our inner divinity which is our imagination. When "God" created all things do you really think he spoke a few words and *poof* it was done? Does god have teeth, tongue and vocal cords, not to mention lungs and air to resonate the sound through? No, divinity created all things through will and imagination. Imagine a lemon, then imagine putting it into your mouth. Notice the reaction your mouth has. Ever have something like a craving pop into your head? You keep imagining it and eventually you will find a means to satisfy that craving. That is the power of the imagination when it is untrained and within every human being, from a maniac to a soccer mom.


Most religions speak of at least two souls and some many more. The Greeks thought one was a combination soul of animal and human. If one developed the human soul and mastered the animal soul, then that was a great wo/man. As stated before we are a spectrum of mind and soul. The HGA is the spectrum right above us and below divinity, below us is the animal soul. By enlightening and drawing up the animal nature within us, training it and using it properly than we develop a very powerful force. The animal soul is the "darker" more material aspect of us, it has tremendous power to be tapped and the magician is not a true magician until they delve into it and make it divine. This is what yogic, magical and Taoist systems attempt to do before the magician is taught the secret powers of magic.


There are three planes of density: The mental, astral and physical. When a thought develops and finds a home in the personal makeup of an individual then it becomes a more astral form and can influence a person. If this astral force really catches on it develops into a physical quality on the material plane. This is the secret of all magical manifestations and just plain old everyday manifestation. The magician finds a stream of thought, develops it, gives the astral form density and it manifests as a physical power or presence. If one can condense the astral light at will then they can materialize any idea or concept at will. This is the greatest secret of magical as it pertains to manifestation on the physical or setting powers to work on the astral plane. The method of doing this is the imagination and will.


Every book on magic you will ever read is the writers personal take on the above statements, all they do is add correspondences and their own slant on these ideas. If one observes the natural world around them, developing their own correspondences, and begins working on the will and imagination they will have begun the great work. An Eskimo will have a different magical correspondences than a Brazilian.

Icon Magic

Icon magic

Thou shall not make any graven image. This is the second commandment of the 10 commandments (five relating to god and five relating to man). Why should people not make a carved or sculpted image? Power, that's why

Muslims have a prohibition against images of nearly everything save flowery patterns; and if they are really controversial some draw animals! Again I ask, and again the answer is the same…why?

As some of my readers will remember (the ones who regularly read my ramblings) I stopped a book project a few months back that was going to deal with the magic of icons, specifically paintings and drawings of the divine, angels and spirits. It was due to a new direction I was heading in magic, but in a sense the idea or essence was the same behind the work. Art can be used in magic, and powerfully so.

I decided that sense I won't be making the book, and really other than the things I will decide to post on my DA account I really won't share my more magical art with the public. It has become increasingly something personal and sacred for myself. It may seem I reveal quite a bit in these blogs, but I do have a good share of secrets that I rarely give out and only to a trusted few. So, I decided I will at least guide you in the right direction of what my book would have done, and to top it all off it is free!

Any image, that's right, ANY image can be used for magical purposes. This, at least in my opinion, is the reason for the religious injunction against imagery and idols. For art to be created it has already gone through the mental, astral and physical stages of development and so it is well established on the three planes. Also, it is typically going to be a storehouse of symbolism sense it will most likely resonate with many people; therefore it appears in the public setting. If the symbolism is off or it does not resonate with the minds of humanity than most likely it will have never made it to the greater public (That totally makes sense to me, if ya' got lost just let me know). Just think of the Mona Lisa.

So, most importantly, how does it work? Imagination and will, silly! (Surprise pop quiz huh!) Get a good look at the image you are going to work with. Impress it into your mind, try and absorb the mood and detail the image conveys.

Now when you are ready, begin to imagine the being from the picture/sculpture or painting before you. When I say imagine I just don't mean that you should "think" they are there. I want you to fool yourself into believing that there is a being in front of you, what sort of presence does it give off? How does it smell, what would it be to touch it? Let us say you try an angel for the subject. Ask yourself, if you really met a real life angel and it was standing in front of you in all its glory, what would that be like? Whatever you come up with, ***imagine*** that.

Repeat this several times over the course of a few days. Make sure not to slack on the work! I want each time you do this to be the best and better than the previous exercise!! No slacking in magic!

If you have ever done the LBRP, the first 100 times you did it you may have tried your damnedest to feel the archangels in the four quarters and the divine light above. When it finally felt like this happened you *knew* they were there. That is what this is like. The more power you put into this, the more you *will* that being before you the more it will be. Eventually, (some can do it the first time, others only after 300 times) that being will be before you and present (maybe not completely physical but you may have some surprising experiences!).

Now, sometimes ideas can be so big that we dismiss them. To really get the idea of this type of magic for the next week I want you to just walk around and look at how many images flood your view on a daily basis. Think of your favorite works of art and why they seem so powerful to you. Search Google images for gods, spirits, demons, angels (each individually) and look at the possibilities. If you're an artist then realize that this blog is the equivalent to an occult lotto ticket. Your art can take on a whole new dimension. This should also give a hint as to why many magicians are wary of showing a picture or full image of themselves.

The power of images, icons and art is wide open! To the artist it is a powerful key unlocking a great current of potential to them, for the non-artist in the land of internet image searches they have nearly as much potential and power at their magical fingertips.


Akashic awareness-Conscience-Justice-Truth

For ages man has sought divine justice, through prayer and pleading with the highest we hope that in the end justice will be served.

You hear terrible stories on the news, hear stories of pain and suffering from those you love and are faced with difficult choices in life that seem to have no solution. If only mankind had a way to speak to the divine powers that be in order to arrive at truth.

"And a man looked about himself and saw the pain and suffering of the world, the injustice that befalls all peoples, the hatred and violence men commit against their brothers, the lies and deceit that infect the air worse than any pollution, the apathy of the good and the determination of the wicked, and he cried out to God "God, you must do something about all of this wickedness and evil!" and God spoke to the man, saying "I made you."

Fire=will Air=intellect Water=Emotions Earth=Consciousness and Akasha, the divine principle is our conscience.

All humans are made up of an astral/ mental being that is made up of the five elements. The akasha is the divine principle that creates, maintains, balances and rules the four elements. The akasha principle also gives the quality of a conscience to every human being. However the more we deny the akasha or divine principal within ourselves the more we give the elements rule over our divine spark. The pentagram flipped upside-down is the symbol for this, matter over spirit. When this happens, our wills are boundless and destructive, our intellect flies about unruly like a hurricane, our emotions flow from one thing to the next and our consciousness is dim, slow and crude. Eventually, when this happens the spark becomes extinguished and all that is left is a beast of a creature, a mockery of what the divine intended.

"Elijah stood on the mountain before God and as God passed by, a great wind broke the mountains into pieces, but God was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake; but God was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire; but God was not in the fire. After the fire there was a still small voice."

We can hear the divine speak to us, it does all the time. However, the howling wind, the tumultuous consciousness and the fiery will along with the roaring waves of desire and emotion can easily make that still small voice hardly audible. We must learn to lend our ears to the divine voice. Many people believe that if God wants to speak to them it will be a thunderclap and light will pour down, not so. The divine rests deep within you, seeking-pleading to be heard.

The king seeking his kingdom is a powerful archetype in the minds and thoughts of men. Think of the latest incarnation in the movie "Lord of the Rings". Aragorn faces the elements, the dark forces, and the repose of love-but transcends them all. He becomes more than human; he becomes the great benevolent king, ruler of all he sees. This has a resonance with each of us, this reflects the divine in us, facing the challenges of desires, daily life, and fear and just giving up. If we seek the divine within us and let it be our guide, than we grant the king his rightful place. Otherwise the elements will attempt to be their own rulers and master you, using the darker aspects within you to rule over you.

If this all sounds a little to judeo-xtian for everyone, that is because all religions hit upon truths, otherwise they would never grow from a small cult of a few nut-jobs. Truth resonates with all people, they know and feel it when they hear it on some level. The more you listen to the divine, still, small voice within you- the more you too will be like a great religion or king. You will be a light in a dark world, a lighthouse on a tumultuous sea, a great monolith of truth and stability. The hardest part is just following the truth within.

Sneaky Jung

Silly magicians...

The patron psychoanalyst of magicians is Carl G. Jung. Many magicians who use the archetypal paradigm invoke the name Jung often and forcefully. They do this in many ways to earn some sort of credence to magic, making it more "scientific". They speak of gods and spirits as archetypes in the collective unconscious, evoking them creates a connection or resonance to that unconscious drive within all mankind and leads to a deep connection to all mankind. It can even sound good at first, like "Hey maybe magic is really all psychological in nature and we just don't know how powerful our psyche really is!" I can call a banana an apple, but it does not make it so, unless we all agree.

Here is my earthshaking proposal, which I offer with little evidence or logic: Jung was a sneaky son-ova bitch. I think, in my own little world of hypothesis that Jung was trying to present the world with a new way to look at magic and sneak it into the mainstream mind. Every culture or civilization takes old terms of other cultures and adds them to their own, the examples of which are far to numerous to list. Magic does this very well, borrowing concepts from all over and making a whole from them, just look at the Golden Dawn to see that at work, or read over 777. Jung was obviously inclined to magic and the occult, but especially alchemy. In the last years of his life he even set up an alchemical workshop, this after years of telling people alchemy was symbolic. I think he made some psychological terms such as collective unconscious and archetype (which was at first called "primal imagery") to speak of the astral plane and the symbolic nature that spirits take to represent their forces. He himself thought that the archetypes had no real form; they were drives or forces that appeared to the culture accessing them in the manner that most made sense. The collective unconscious is so damn close to the astral plane that many magicians now refer to the astral as a land of pure subconscious, not realizing the psychological concept of projection is all the more powerful on the astral and mental than the physical.

Just get rid of the term for what he is describing and try to not think of the astral or spirits for what I write below:

A medium that conscious human beings can access if trained properly and operate in, that causes changes within the person or meaningful occurrences in the outside world. It reacts to symbols, imagery and emotion.

Beings that reside in the aforementioned medium that act or seem to act consciously, intelligently and independently of the operator while working with the medium. These beings appear in many different ways but can be categorized into domains that they represent.

Man its tough not to think I am talking about the astral plane or spirits, huh?

Jung was well studied in mythology, symbolism, and knew a great deal about eastern meditation as well as kundalini as well. Is it possible he was trying to not just bridge the gap between magic and the scientific world but actually give magicians of the modern age a way to safely discuss magical things in a manner that did not lead the masses to consider the speaker a nut or throwback to some "dark age of superstition". Even his teacher Freud was afraid he would release a "Dark wave of occultism" upon the world when he described his ideas. What if that was exactly what he meant to do?

If it was I apologize to heir Jung for outing him in his work and suggest we all begin whistling, looking around like we have done nothing wrong and slowly walk away. If not, ah well, I have been wrong before.

Formula magic and past lives

Formula Magic

Since my work last year on the Key to the True Kabbalah and the work that I posted on it for everyone to learn from, ponder or critique I have done very little with it. I further delved into theory and researched many different magical alphabets. To be honest I was looking for some unifying theory between several systems. While I did find a basic key to the underlying symbols between most letters (which I posted a while back) I could not find a universal magical meaning behind the letters themselves.

This was the problem with telesmatic images, while I think this is something I may play around with more later by building a system from the ground up it suffers from the basic problem the magical alphabet had. It comes down to individual systems projecting their views on the forces of the occult world and the nature of language.

With all of this being said, the past couple months I have been working on the two letter key. So I get to officially call myself a Formula Magician! Wohoo. Anyway…

What I basically did was took the magical system I made and published in my Book of Power and applied it to each of the cosmic letters. Now if you read the Key to the True Kabbalah you realize that one letter can have an array of effects. Take the letter "D" for example. On an akashic level it deals with the powers behind creation, on the mental level it is the "I" consciousness, on the astral and physical levels it deals with the energy and desire of eroticism. So, does one take my system and create a glyph for each level or does one pick the underlying idea behind it all-and if that is done is something left out? After much thought, research and actual workings I discovered the best method was to master the energy signature on the akashic level and make a glyph for that force. Then one takes that energy signature and applies it to the mental, astral or physical level depending on what key one is working on. I found doing this was the most efficient and powerful method I had worked with so far.

So, instead of boring why's and how's I figured I would give you a little actual experiences that I have had using two of the formulas I have tried so far.

A-Ch formula

For several times a week I applied the two letters to my mental body and noticed that my memory improved greatly, however I had no impressions returning to me from previous lives. I did have unusual dreams of being other people if I did the formula before falling asleep. This led me to believe I should try the formula on the astral. After three days I noticed certain aspects of my personality kept popping to mind after the meditation. I then decided to apply the formula to the near by astral in order to skry it. When I did this it immediately revealed many visions. I did this for two days and had so many visions I decided to stop. Here is a list of the lives (In the order they came, but not the order lived):

-Dreamt I was an Asian healer working on acupressure points and diagnosis.

-There was a flood, I held on to a doorstop of a mud brick house

-A wealthy Russian man, having dinner at a fine restaurant

-A Hebrew jeweler, I would read a passage of the Torah before making a cut on a jewel. I believed this would instill divinity within the rock.

-A naturalist studied and trained animals as well as grew and studied plants.

-Alchemist, discovered some sort of corrosive yellow acid.

-Street sorcerer, I had only what I needed to survive and live.

-Painter during or before 1950's, tried to explore abstract art, however I could not convey the concepts I desired; I was a failure and deeply tormented.

-A shaman in a cave saw a meteor. Had a vision that something was to be gotten from the falling light and went out to find where it landed.

-Magi, instead of observing the stars and advising my lord I listened and observed nature and the wild and made predictions from that.

-Soldier in American Revolution.

-An odd vision of being a creature made of light, moving objects made of light.

-Stoic/ philosopher as well as an overseer of an aqueduct.

-A vision of overseeing a large map or screen of Earth.

- African medicine man on slave ship, cast overboard for hexing the captain

-Teacher in school of logic (Roman times)

-Female witch in Mongolia, divining with pebbles and shells for a Chieftain/Khan.

-Ascetic monk meditating on the Ganges about the transitory nature of life.

-Farmer who built early wooden version of Stonehenge. Knew it was made to implore the gods of the stars to sway the gods of the crops.

-Druid in stone cell kept from light. I would prophecy for the other priests. I eventually lost my mind and faith; they would not let me go.

I see nothing grand or impressive with these past lives, none make me special or important in any way (who knows if I kept looking I would probably find I was a king or queen, but who cares eh?) What I discovered was that many of these lives influence me now in some way. The Jeweler reading the Torah explains my fascination with crystals and jewels and why I ascribe divine qualities with jewel like qualities. The troubled artist who was my most recent incarnation perfectly describes my early life as wanting to be an artist but fearing it would never lead to success. It seems that the influences from one life have a resounding effect on the character and quality of the preceding life. Over time one can master the influence or get rid of it. That would of course mean that one knows what happend in all of those lives and be able to judge what needs to be done in the present life. In mine I noticed that a couple of my lives were in Greek/Roman times. I think this is why I have a connection to those gods in this life as well. It may be that our relationship to the divine is like everything else influenced by our previous lives. This all requires some new thought on my part as I have never given much credence to past lives, but now it seems such a potent force and influence in my current incarnation.

Now of course this could also be seen as unconscious representations of inner forces within my self that are either acknowledged or suppressed. That is valid and fine, and up until the time I did the formula I would have agreed whole heartedly with that view. Something about the visions just had a quality that let me know it was nothing produced by the unconscious. I can't explain any further than that.

I decided to post these lives because I think each has a meaningful reflection in the life I now live and thought I would share that with my friends and readers to have a deeper insight into who I am.

D-W formula

The past week I have practiced this formula. It increases ones concentration as well concentration of sentience or feeling. The concentration power becomes great enough to produce an actual dynamic force.

I have noticed a great increase in focus as well as the ability to delve deeper into understanding and feeling my emotions in such a way as to project a force outside myself. It is difficult to explain but in many ways it is similar to creating the glyphs of power with little or no preparation on how to do so, like the method in my book.

I also notice that immediately after pronouncing the formula I feel a thick atmospheric aura similar in quality to gentle waves and visually on the astral it is like dark water lit by moonlight.

Well, anyway that is my work so far. I thought I would give you an idea of what can be done with the two letter key and maybe some insight into the working of it.