Monday, December 15, 2008

Clairsentience training

Today we will be looking into clairsentience

I find this is an under rated astral/mental sense in magical thought, although it can be very handy for those who have not developed clairvoyance yet. With clairsentience one can "feel" the energies worked with and if one gets good enough with it then they can understand magical energy and work with it even better than clairvoyance. It was in fact one of the first senses I trained to develop years before I worked on my Bardon training.

Like most of the astral senses used in magic, nearly everyone I have ever met has some degree of clairsentience already. If you have ever got a spooky feeling, "felt" someone's eyes on your back or just did not get a good feeling about something than this is clairsentience. What we want to do is develop the sense and use it at will and for our advantage.

We will start the way I started. I began the training in order to better work with chi (the Asian culture's term fro life force, can also be spelled Ki by some other Asian cultures- western terms for it are Odic force, vital force, and the Shin is close to one aspect of Chi) the bodies life energy. One can learn how to direct and stimulate chi with certain exercises such as standing meditation, chi kung/gung and Tai Chi (I never practiced Tai Chi though). Basically, one sits or stands in a posture with out moving for a period of time focusing on the body or emptying the mind of al thought what so ever. After much practice one begins to feel little electric currents running through the central part of the body and then eventually the entire body through meridian lines. What is really neat about this is that one does not need to know the meridians theoretically to feel them practically. Do the work and you can check later to discover that what you feel has been documented to happen for thousands of years. One can get a similar feeling after doing some of the exercises in Undoing Yourself written by Christopher Hyatt. In fact it is quite possible Reichian methods of tension-release are quicker than chi kung methods-depends on the work done I assume and Reichian work does not focus on the lesser and greater orbits as chi kung does. But, back on point: The entire purpose of this exercise is to begin to focus on and learn that your body has various energy signatures that can be understood-healed or transformed through attention and will but especially by emotion! I am sure you have never asked "How does my liver feel emotionally?". But this is what is done in chi kung and even in Bardon's work. You come into contact with the various energies of the body in order to stimulate them into greater health and activity. This is done through vital energy.

Once you can process and understand the various energies of your body then you can begin to spread this awareness to the outside world. In all honesty it is not a stepped process-you can do both at the same time but for the purposes of writing this out and you reading it I will take this format-plus it is sometimes easier to learn yourself first then the outside world. This part of the exercise involves you taking the skill of feeling from within and spreading or directing it to the outside world. Try sitting in a room and stretching your awareness out to the walls. You may notice a feeling of elasticity in the feeling- a tightness in your awareness that only wants to proceed so far out. This is similar to astral projection in that your astral energy is used to only stretching so far. With practice it can be overcome but it is also has a muscular analogy-stop doing it and it will atrophy. Once you can reach the walls try pushing in certain areas or just a single wall. Can you feel anything in particular? Do certain objects give a level of resistance to your astral-vital force? Once you have practiced this for a while try specific objects. What does that painting feel like when you push your awareness towards it? Does that necklace feel different that that watch owned by the same person? Stay open to impressions but be cautious of visual stimuli that appear, unless your clairvoyance is developed. Otherwise you are translating a feeling into an image and unless your adept at symbol translation for your unconscious you may be just guessing. But this is a time of play and experimentation. As always journalize and keep track of your impressions gained. You may wish to stick to kinesthetic words such as light, heavy, hot, cold, hard, pliable, rough, smooth, but if need be allow color feelings to come into it. Unlike complete symbolic images, colors can give easily decipherable clues to what is trying to be conveyed.

Now that you can investigate areas and items, try nature. Go outside and try out your developing sense on trees, rocks, flowers, clouds (if you can stretch that far-laugh now but those who try this out will know exactly what I am speaking of). Then progress to animals from simple to complex. Keep good notes on what energy signatures you experience. In many ways this will build up a language of feeling that will be helpful when diagnosing spiritual beings. If a spirit feels like it is light as a cloud- swift as the wind but sharp like a sword there is a good chance it is an air elemental. Also when working with nature you may experience a certain push back from the things you investigate- this is their own sense of identity meeting yours. You may even start up a conversation this way with a rock or tree-not to sound fluffy but that is the way it happens.

Eventually begin on people. I would suggest babies-children-young adults-adults and then the elderly. This may not be convenient for you, so do what you can. I think you get the idea I am trying to get across. First simple beings and then on to more complex. By this point you will have a good feel of your own energy. Make sure as you investigate people that your energy stays your own and does not get muddled with others unless you really like this person and they are around you A LOT (I am talking spouse or long term significant other unless they have health issues or mental disorders). What can happen is you leach off some energy or your energy begins to resonate with theirs. This will cause you to take on a trait of that person for better or worse. The same can happen to them leading to much confusion on their part. If you don't know a good banishing ritual start learning one before this point just to keep things running well. Personal purifications and spiritual baths are a good idea as well until you develop an ability to really master your skills.

So lets review:

1. Learn how your own energy system works by meditating on organs within your own body.

2. Stretch that same awareness out to rooms-then nature than people, slowly building up a feeling language to be used later in magical work.

Once you have a pretty good ability at feeling out people you can use your ability in magical rituals in order to feel the magical energy being built or raised. You can also use it for invoking or evoking spirits-gods-energies to work with. You will be surprised how this new level of awareness will allow you to examine entities and understand them to a great degree. If skilled enough you can use this alone without clairvoyance or clairaudience. Not that I recommend this but it can be done. Another interesting fact is that once you are accomplished in clairvision and clairfeeling they can merge into once sense (at least they have with me) where you send out your feeling-awareness sense and like a bat's radar instantly perceive a visual image along with its energy signature which can be used as a sigil for later. This can also be used in order to temporarily transform your energy signature to that of a spirit in order to acquire the same powers as that spirit, something I have done many times and have found that if you can remember your own energy signature you can switch back and forth with no troubles at all and no residue of the spirit.

Hope this helps!