Saturday, January 3, 2009

PME-commentary, Pre- 360 Earth Zone Spirit information

Before we go into the 360 spirits of the Earth Zone, I would like to shine a little light on what I am doing. First there is a bit of a controversy over whether Bardon outright plagiarized Abra-Melin or by some bizarre chance met these Earth Zone spirits who happened to be the same spirits Abra-Melin wrote on OR if Bardon was using some original key he received from some other work. Any of the above choices would make one think about why Bardon did not at least mention the similarities. This is an argument for arm-chair magicians; we are practicing magicians (right?) so all we need to worry about is the fact that some of the names are slightly or drastically altered. My *opinion* is Bardon changed the names to follow his kabbalistic system and possibly thinking he changed it enough did not mention it. Which is either a dumb opinion or Bardon was inept for doing so.

I have evoked probably around 15 or so Earth Zone spirits and never once had a problem with a name not working. HOWEVER, since I am doing a commentary for those proposing to do the work of PME I think it would behoove the readers if I showed them they have nothing to fear. So, this is what I am going to do. I will evoke four spirits from the Earth Zone. One spirit from each of the cardinal compass points (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus) which had at least two or more letters difference in their names from Abra-Melin to Bardon. What I did was this: I went down the list and found names in those four spheres which had a minimum two letter difference (a changed A, I, or E singularly could be a change in the passage of time or if Bardon was writing it from word of mouth could be pronunciation in some cases- in other words not a biggie) I then had a list from each group of about five spirits each (25 spirits just in four spheres had that big a difference with their names). I then checked out what each spirit did compared to what my interests are. I decided on four spirits that I found would make interesting evocations for the both of us as well as the least chance of a spirit saying the information was to be kept secret (Like how to destroy your enemies with a word or the like).

That means we solve all problems: we have interesting spirits, we have an end to the practical problem of which names really call the spirit and we get to learn about spirits from the next highest density in relation to the elements, being that they are the cardinal directions.
So, I will be evoking the following spirits( The first name being Bardon’s and the second Abra-Melin’s):

Romasara/ Romesaf- 8 degress Leo.

Hatuny/ Hab√ľaz- 12 degrees Aquarius (in case myspace is a byatch the Abra-melin has an umlaut U).

Sagara/ Sagarez- 12 degrees Scorpio.

Carubot/ Larubos- 7 degrees Taurus.

Now if one makes use of the name as a formula in Kabbalah, these differences in formulas are a major deal (some of you may not see how it may effect anything.), which I will go into with each post. If one uses the kabbalahistic formula for a spirit name with that much a difference than you are drawing forth different powers altogether. For a practical magical evocation viewpoint names call the spirit. If it is not the right name will the spirit not answer or be angry when it shows up (think when a telemarketer calls you and mispronounces your name!) All these troublesome questions and more shall be resolved very soon! The First evocation will be posted Monday-ish. From there we move on to the Moon sphere with its cipher and spirits.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Lilitha and Laosa-Earth Zone Principles

Lilitha and Laosa.

These two beings belong to the original intelligences of the Zone Girdling the Earth or an kabbalistic thought "The Kingdom" which is often thought to be the physical world. These beings are easily contacted through the akashic principle (and ether) and they have a powerful effect on the vital energy of all things on the planet. I have found that these beings are easily contacted without evocation. One can simply meditate on the sigil and you will find depending on your development certain trains of thought entering your mind or out right mental communication with them through out the day.

I was extremely tired when preparing to evoke Lilitha and was not to my full consciousness; however I found immediately upon writing out her sigil and considering her name kabbalisticlly that my mind was connected to hers. This lasted right up until I evoked her. I charged a volt in preparation before actually calling her because I planned on asking her to guide and inspire me in a certain magical practice and in general. I called her in the usual method that I have described in previous entries. However, when I asked if she was willing to "go on the record" so to speak, she was unwilling. She prefers to not be shown in my artwork or be quoted. She was very friendly and was more than willing to aid me in inspirations in my work. Sadly, I cannot say any more. I did not think this was fair to my readers so I decided to evoke another intelligence from the earth zone. I did however, want you to know that not all spirits want to be recorded and interviewed as I have done. I did not sense Lilitha had any problem with it other than she usually likes to work individually through guidance and inspirations.

I woke up around 8:30 and prepared my self by washing and doing some light stretching. When my mind was fully aware and sharp I then proceeded with the evocation. I loaded each of the four divine attributes into my soul and then kabbalisticlly loaded the room with Laosa's name. I then entered an akashic state of trance and visualized her sigil before me, calling out Laosa's name. She was immediately present. I did not attempt to draw her down further than the mental plane because she was very much "there" even in an akashic state which makes sense due to her natural sphere is one of an etheric nature (the akasha in the astral plane). She has a very motherly aura about her filling one with a sense of calm. It was like talking to a very wise and caring priestess.

J= How does one move about in the various degrees of density (the spheres) without danger?

L=By loading your being with the divine attribute associated with that sphere. The dangers in spherical travel are typically minor. Slight disturbances in consciousness, minor obsessions and a sense of being spaced out in the physical. By loading the prime divine attribute of the sphere this protects your being from any possible attacks on the consciousness which are felt in the physical plane in the manner I spoke of.

J=What is the practice of transferring the mental and astral body at will into the Earth Zone?

You must raise your astral bodies vibration due to its natural inclination to manifest physically. This is accomplished by mentally focusing and loading the mental body with the appropriate divine virtue of the astral sphere one wishes to visit. One then focuses on the astral body and fills it through breath magic with the appropriate light. One automatically enters the sphere once enough substance has been energetically raised in this manner. You can be in constant contact with this sphere with this method.

(Translation of above for non-Bardonist: One considers which aspect of the earth zone they wish to be in contact with. These are based on the degrees of the zodiac. Each sphere has a specific color that Bardon lists. One then finds the appropriate divine attribute that is within that sphere (Aries would be omnipotence-might-will) and simply meditates on this for a while. Then take the light color Bardon mentions and imagine yourself drawing in this light through your breath. One will eventually notice that at first their mind is filled with vivid imagery. This is the mental connection to the sphere. Second your astral body will be released from the physical form once you can raise your astral substance to a high enough vibration though the breathing and retaining of the light substance. That is not all, this practice allows you to be conscious of the sphere even if not projecting, and you will be in constant contact with this sphere mentally. )

I then asked a couple questions to Laosa then cannot be recorded such as words of power and secret rituals which she gladly offered. I meditated on Laosa's energy signature and outwardly she has the aura of divine love similar to that of a maternal quality. Her inner aura is such that focusing on it causes your mind to be filled with light and enter a higher vibration altogether. It was difficult to get an accurate reading on her inner aura because of this but it does have a certain rounded off triangular rising feeling. It is almost as if once you focus on her she raises your vibration so it becomes a near mechanical reaction of focusing raising and refocusing and re-raising. I will certainly call her again for a more in depth meditation with her.

I thanked Laosa and disengaged her mind from my mind.

This is the image I had for Laosa:

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After loading the room with a dense earth vibration I conjure the five cosmic powers that make up Erami's name. I condense these down into my magic mirror and draw Erami's sigil in the air in deepest black. I project my mind forward into his sphere of being and call out his name three times before Erami appears. He is taller and thinner than any earth spirit I have called before however his voice booms and is deeper than James Earl Jones after a pack of smokes. He is also the most talkative earth spirit I have ever met.

J= What is the practice of earth magic?

E= Earth magic is the combination of the three primal divine elements in order to manifest a new substance in creations infinite varieties. One works with the will, intellect and feeling to manifest a change in the basic substance whether it may be a talisman or consciousness itself. It is a precursor to kabbalistic speech and alchemy. The worker takes the base matter and applies the will towards it, purifying it from all that is not desired, then the intellect chooses and meditates upon the new nature that should be written into the essence of the substance in order to make the change, finally the emotion and feeling is applied to the substance in order to work the transformation. These three forces are as a blacksmith using his might and fire to shape the metal, his mind to harness his craft and his love, emotion and the cooling water to make that change a reality and solid. Magnets, stones and jewels are also a part of earth magic. One loads these items with earth energy in order to manipulate the electro-magnetic fluids within it like a volt to draw forth the change one seeks to achieve. One should master the essential manifest nature within a stone or jewel before changing it. The raw energy in a stone can accomplish much if one works with it. Every object used in magic whether directly or unknowingly causes some influence upon the work. Their vibrations all take part in the whole. One should at the very least know the vibrations one has around them while working magic whether one plans on changing them or not.

J=What are the dangers of the earth element and how does one protect themselves?

E=One finds in the earth element all of their passions come to bare. The consciousness is influenced by the passion so one does not understand their own folly (I see a person within a maze filled with darkness, always thinking they are nearly out, not realizing their freedom is always before them) in order to counter this one must seek harmony, beauty and divinity within the darkest of forces. When this is achieved then one has mastered the earth element and is protected from all negative forces within it.

I thank Erami and as usual spend a few moments meditating with him. I am shocked at first thinking he has no outer aura, but ..r examination I find it is a field of deep, pure silence and stillness which is utterly peaceful. His inner aura is a compact ball of dark energy that at first glimpse seems not to have any movement but as one draws deeper into it you find it is similar to the Earth's core, constantly moving and rolling. One can see in his sigil the proper symbolism recorded by Bardon.

Here is the image of the wonderful earth spirit Erami:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PME-commentary Osipeh


After loading the akasha, mental, astral and physical planes with Osipeh's formula I called forth the water element in the room and brought it to the strongest degree density I was able to conjure. The air in the room was cooler and a pleasant feeling pervaded the area. I then reached out to meet the mind of Osipeh ( Oh-sea-pea) in her sphere. As I spoke her name a swirling mass of water was before me-clear, sparkling and powerful. Finally she appears and I draw her down to the local astral plane of my room. I greet her and she begins singing a greeting to me. It is very lovely and calming. It speaks of the undines pleasure watching lovers by the sea and how they receive joy through our physical meetings there.

J=What is the magic of sound?

O= It is the charging of a space with sounds and imaginative pictures in order to create a magical effect. One sings an analogous piece of music while creating pictures in the astral. This causes powerful desires in those who listen to the music that they will feel compelled to express in some manner.

J=How does one work with the magic of water?

O=By entering into a living body of water (stream, ocean, lake, a bath or manmade pool seems to not be the best method.) and producing an emotion within one's being which is then loaded into the body of water. One can move an emotion into water which then causes the corresponding effect to manifest. If one seeks love enter the water and create love within yourself then spread it out into the water. We receive your energy and then bring about the analogous change that was encoded in the emotion. What is placed into the water will occur.

J=What happens to magicians that fall in love with undines or mermaids?

O= These people lack the needed balance to achieve the highest light. They are abundant in the electrical fluid and willpower. We aid them in finding harmony, they expend their abundance into our being and we fill them with the love and magnetic fluid that they lacked in life. One with an abundance of electrical fluid will be drawn to us as we are to them. We give what is lacking and they find their harmony. A harmonious magician has nothing to fear from us.

Before I can say anything else Osipeh asks if I would enjoy hearing her and her nymphs sing for me. I agree and I must say it is very soothing to the soul. One feels adrift on a cool night with the ocean rocking you deeper into a ecstatic rest. Once they are done I ask Osipeh if I may meditate with her on the nature of water which she accepts. I find her inner aura is almost identical to her sigil, except now I know the key to her sigil. The triangle shape is an uplifting feeling which then gives rise to the three waves on either side moving outwards from the center. They feel like cool currents flowing inside an infinite sea.

I thank Osipeh and return her to her sphere. Here is the image of Osipeh:

PME-commentary Cargoste


Without any fore knowledge of what the Bardon's air spirits did I decided to go on intuition and use a pendulum to decide which spirit I would best learn from. I took my pendulum and read each spirit and placed the pendulum over the sigil. It finally gave a positive read on Cargoste (she pronounces it as Car-go-stee, I called her by using Car-gost). I then used two letters from her name in the akashic, mental, astral and physical before evoking. Just to see the effects. I think it produced a very strong astral density.

A tear dropped blue sphere descends before me which feels feathery and light, very cheerful to experience. I then perceive a form that is very pixie shaped and I notice her facial bone structure seems Native-American although I could not quite portray this in the picture as it was very subtle. I welcome her and she greets me in the same way nearly all air spirits have greeted me with an aire of snootiness. I don't think they really conceive themselves as better than humans ( or maybe just me)or any other spirit, I just think it is their demeanor. Usually after the initial greeting they are very pleasant and quite friendly. Some air elemental custom perhaps? After the greeting I explain what I am doing and ask if she would agree to go along with it. She accepts.

J= What are your specific tasks?

C= I aid in communication with couples, friends and those who need a deeper communication to take place. I inspirer those who attempt to describe emotions and feelings into written poetry. I sharpen the intellect in order to grasp emotion in the rational mind (analysis of emotion). I am an inspirer and teacher in the art of logic as well as right speech in order to sway the emotions to create the desired effect in others.

J=How is this done?

C=I find minds that are ready for my vibration and I come into close contact with them. I then make their aura resonate with my vibration so they share my insight and view of the universe. Once the resonance is set I can speak directly to the person and they think it is just inspiration or I can just let the resonance work through their energy system for a period of time.

J= Why do you help humans?

C= I noticed poets and the way they could inspire people. I say the capacity words had on the minds of people through out history. I decided after long meditation with humans on the nature of emotion and how to touch the hearts of others that I could do some good for mankind by inspiring people to say the right things when needed. I work with many musicians now because that is a great medium to sway people with emotion by the proper words.

I thanked Cargoste and asked if I could meditate on her aura for a few moments. I described her outer aura before but when I reached her inner aura it was very similar except inside the sphere was a brilliant spark of light in the shape of wings. The proper understanding of both would give a magician the same powers as Cargoste. I again thanked her and returned her to the sphere she came from.

We also discussed some things about Bardon and his work with the air spirits as well as his development when he had evoked them, it was quite revealing.

Here is what Cargoste appears as.

PME-commentary Pyrhum

Pyrhum- The fire sphere

As I enter the sphere of Pyrhum I see the world as it was first conceived a fiery, molten sphere. Nothing solid and the sky itself is sweltering heat. I get my bearings and imagine the sigil of Pyrhum before me glowing red hot. I call out his name and in the room where my body resides I hear the faint crack of the candle that is lit to my right. I call out again to Pyrhum and his mind finds mind. He draws towards me with lightning speed and his attention and awareness are light a searchlight directed towards me. We meet and size each other up. I speak his name as I draw my awareness back towards my room and into the nearby astral plane. My mirror has his image but most of the time we speak to each other mind to mind

We have some minor small talk and greetings. I feel my body wants to move about as if I had a dose of caffeine. Pyrhum's presence makes one feel very active and filled with energy. The searchlight feeling is Pyrhum's outer aura his inner aura can be described as sharp and fierce like five swords with a swirling fiery center. I begin the questioning. (J- me, P-Pyrhum)

J= what can be achieved in magic through the element of fire?

P=Anything relating to will and desire owe their origin to the fire element. Flashes of inspiration come from the will to know and the light of awareness seeking and finding the desire. Once one masters fire and the will, nothing can be denied of that person. They will have a desire and their will shall immediately seek out the solution. It is a force of its own that cannot be hindered.

J=How does one reach mastery of the will and fire?

P=In order to release the inner will and mastery of fire, one must take on goals that are difficult to achieve. Then one must do everything they can to conquer that goal absolutely. The feeling that arises upon success is the inner will and fire. More goals conquered will strengthen this power until one comes to be familiar with this power.

J=Bardon speaks of humans making pacts with spirits. Have you any knowledge of this or know humans who have done this?

P=Yes. Magicians make pacts and enter the fire sphere or any sphere of a being they make a pact with in order to come to a greater mastery of an element or power. This is for magicians who have the "Long View"*. Magicians with the Long View see no problem with a pact and know this speeds their development and mastery over the elements. The deal is made before hand and a familiar is assigned to the magician so they can learn about the element in the physical. After the death of the magician they enter into the sphere of the element and work with the familiar and under the principal the familiar works with. This aids both the magician and the familiar. Spirits grow more powerful with their interaction with a human master. Once the magician has served their period of time in the sphere they return to the physical with a greater mastery over an element. These are people who excel in that element in their life and find it easy to work with that power. There is much to tell about this sort of work.

J=Could you explain more on how one works with a familiar of the fire element?

P= Familiars depend on the deal made and what the magician is willing to expend in order to work with the spirit. Lesser familiars need a flame that constantly burns and certain herbs to be burnt as an offering. These offer mostly inspiration and some minor aid. These familiars greatly appreciate the chance to work with a human for they develop quickly from this. Greater familiars require greater offerings but give more aid. They participate in rituals and can find spirits that will answer whatever questions their master may have. In either case the pact must be fully explained and at no time does the magician give over his soul, unless temporarily to learn more about the element as I discussed before. A deal can even be made to serve during the life of the magician when the magician sleeps. Other deals can be made as well. One should speak with a principal of the sphere first in order to be given the proper familiar.

I thank Pyrhum, and ask if I meditate with him for a few moments which he agrees to. After this I again thank him and return him to his sphere. I then end the ritual write what I needed down and drew Pyrhum. As you can see he is a beautiful creature with very large eyes.

Although Pyrhum has a potent aura that is very active he is not what I expected from Bardon's description. I expected a very forceful being that would be difficult to deal with. Pyrhum was kind and forthcoming with answers. He also surprised me with the information on pacts. I was expecting something along the lines that humans that worked with the fire element (or any power or force over another) too much were simply drawn into the fire element by resonance until they could release themselves by working through it. Pyrhum's answer made sense in the bigger, cosmic scheme of things once I thought about it. If this is actually the case I can see why Bardon said what he did on pacts. He was likely worried that his readers would immediately go signing pacts to master the elements. I can see the benefits and the dangers in this. If a magician or dabbler who was not truly prepared for such a pact agreed to one than they may not attempt to reach mastery in one life as Bardon's work teaches us. This could hinder a magicians growth in the sense of not being absolutely balanced and not as much help to mankind as they could be. One should attain the Long View before making any decision of this nature and then only through deep meditation and possibly asking Divine Providence directly or ones Angel.

*The Long View is apparently the ability to see that one reincarnates in order to eventually master our sphere. The Long View is a patient view of spiritual development and trust in the natural order that eventually mastery shall be attained. I also gleaned that this was a common practice in the "old religion" or magical cults of ancient times. It would be similar to eastern monks who work on one aspect of the divine for several lifetimes and once mastered move on to the next until all aspects have been mastered and total enlightenment is achieved. It is not a new age-y notion of reincarnation, it is the **KNOWING** that one reincarnates. To use a movie reference it is not Morpheus telling Neo he is "The One", but Neo finally believing absolutely he is the One. All of the Long View information was transmitted in what I call an information "packet". A spirit will say something that I have no previous idea of and instead of explaining it the information is just revealed to the magician instantly. Sometimes larger packets can be sent which will take days, weeks, months or even years to fully "unwrap" based on the development of the magician.


Magical Evocation.

Here we read the method Bardon proposes to perform a magical evocation. The most important factor is well developed astral senses. Without these senses developed the magician will never know whether or not he/she is merely creating an elementary (thought form), if the correct spirit has come or merely deluding oneself. Without the senses developed a person with a good imagination who raised the proper energy could simply excrete some of their astral-mental essence and form a being charged with the idea of the spirit one truly wishes to conjure. This could weaken the health of the magician or cause a disturbance in the summoner's consciousness. Imagine taking a part of your being and ripping it out, calling it something else and transforming it into another being. This would not be too healthy! (I'm looking at you Poke Runyon) On top of this some magicians threaten spirits to do their will and if the spirit is not successful even torture it (Savedow). This gives another meaning all together to self abuse! Another problem one could run into is that another spirit has come besides the one you have called. Without proper astral senses you would be unaware of this situation. Finally, one could just delude oneself having entered an altered state of consciousness and not evoke anything at all. All of this is remedied if proper astral senses have been developed from your previous training in IIH or similar instruction.

Let us now go over what it takes for a successful evocation as per Bardon:

1. Proper loading of the atmosphere of the room with the light substance or elemental substance from the beings home sphere. Imagine if aliens from another world came down and picked you up. Their environmental conditions and evolution have it so that they breathe a poisonous gas to us mere Earthlings. You would require some sort of protective atmosphere so you could survive and you would expect the aliens (if they were nice) to provide this. You would be much more likely to befriend these otherworldly visitors if they did this.

2. Transference of consciousness into the sphere of the being. Your friend wants you to come over to his place but he has no telephone in which to call you up! Whatever shall he do! This is the same dilemma one has when calling a spirit. You must be able to enter the sphere of the being in order to send out the call. One learned how to do this very early on in Bardon's IIH and continued further mastery in akashic training and mental projection.

3. The magician commands reverence from the being with his magical authority. This sounds like a douche move on the part of the magician however it is not like you appear in the sphere and start pushing around the beings. This is done either through the aid of your connection with your guardian angel, you connection to the divine attributes which is a part of your magical maturity. The spirit will immediately recognize your authority to evoke it by seeing you. There is no fooling it or putting on airs. Another method is to influence the spirit by its spheres divinity. This is the idea of chanting divine names related to the sphere. One influences ones aura with the vibrations of the divine names chanted and meditated on. This gives a temporary boost to the magician's aura which the spirit will recognize and see it's superior.

That is the tri fold process Bardon says is of the utmost importance to evoking a spirit. Everything which is in the rituals of evocation is accomplishing these points.

Then Bardon speaks on what the magician should do when the spirit has appeared. In the beginning he recommends asking a few simple questions to the spirit concerning its sphere and activities. Later through mastery the magician can ask them things beyond mere knowledge. However, he/she will not ask them to bring treasures or do physical labor because the spirits require physical condensed substance to accomplish this and this can only come from the magician (In other words you could accomplish this yourself through your own powers if you could ask the spirit to do this). Spirits at first will only be able to accomplish mental tasks, then later astral tasks and finally physical tasks. Just remember they are acquiring the substance and energy to accomplish this from the magician him/herself. They need the same substances you would require in order to perform these various tasks.

In chapter 20 Bardon describes step by step the method involved to evoking a spirit. He chooses a spirit of Venus Hagiel in order to acquire luck and success in friendship, love and maybe even courtship. In essence one is asking that the energies involved in success and luck in the realm of sympathy and love be more active in your life than they were previously. Hagiel is the conscious, intelligent aspect of these qualities which one can commune with and work with. If you are interested in the exact method Bardon prescribes than feel free to read this chapter in detail, several times if you plan on actually performing it. I would recommend doing it several times in the imagination alone just to get the astral blood flowing if you will. I will now go through the process I will use for these evocations that follow:

1. I will hide myself away in my room, wash my body while imagining all mental, astral and physical impurities are being washed away that may interfere with my evocation being a success.

2. I will put on clean clothes, I do not have magical clothing (I used to) but they will be fresh and have no associations on them that would be counter to the evocation (Like a band t-shirt or something similar).

3. I will then set up my oil lamp and get it to the right setting for the room to be slightly lit but enough to write or draw by.

4. I will set up my magic mirror loading it with the akasha principle in order to speak to the spirit easily. Most of the time I do not require this but if I want the spirit to show me something such as a picture or something more physical I use this. I then do my own special banishing to clear the room of any negative influence. I may even do this again if I feel it is needed. I usually light some incense at this point, more for my consciousness to know something magical is going down. I rarely use it as a medium to manifest a spirit-although I have done so in the past with great effect.

5. I then Place my mojo bag on, my meditation beads (they are not loaded with anything other than my continued use during my work through IIH as counting beads.) and take out my wand and sword. I usually have my sword near by but not in my hand. Unless of course the spirit may be an unruly one or negative in some way. The wand is usually in hand for most of the evocation but I will put it down to sketch out the energy signature of the spirit when I have it.

6. I then meditate on my three fold being as a mental being, an astral being and a physical being all in one. This is preceded by a meditation on the four divine attributes. I then reinforce my aura in my own way as it is the true circle of protection. I then perform a ritual that loads the room with vital energy for the spirits use.

7. I load the room with the appropriate energy of the sphere in which the spirit resides. I load it until I feel the energy substance is condensed enough for my astral senses to easily perceive it or if I want a physical evocation* even denser.

8. I then take out my prepared sigil which was meditatively drawn in the proper color. I meditate on the sigil imagining it is a direct transmitter to the spirit. I will typically do this in an akashic state and as I connect to the spirit and draw it closer go down to a mental-astral and possibly physical density. When I feel a connection to the spirit I then draw the sigil with my tripolar being (mental-astral and physical). I then directly focus my mind on this sigil in order to project my mind to the spirit. Once connected, I guide the spirit to the needed density.

9. I commune with the spirit and discuss what is needed. I then thank the spirit and guide it back once there I project the energy gathered back into the sphere behind it.

10. I sit for a minute or two to journalize the experience. I then return to normal consciousness and banish any residual energy in my own way. I make sure the room and atmosphere are as they should be and return everything back to where it belongs.

11. I then go outside to drink some hot tea and smoke a cigarette. This is my period of reflection on what just happened, which I then turn into a revere on nature. I usually commune with the stars, the wind, the night and the earth I especially love it when it rains or there is a thunderstorm. I find this is an excellent way to take any surplus magical energy and transfer it to nature. This also connects me to the universe in a wonderful way. Finally, it provides a natural way for me to disengage from thinking about the evocation and allow the spirit to get to work. By spiraling my attention outward into nature it allows the spirit to get to work without my attention and imagination calling it back. Also, since it starts within me and then slowly further out into nature it is a way for me to either bring the spirit into the physical world to work or let my consciousness be inspired and make associations for later revelations.

12. I will then usually go inside and maybe watch TV or read which completely disengages my mind from all things magical.

That is my method!


Spiritus Familiaris or Servant Spirits and Pacts.

Bardon discusses in this chapter that familiar spirits should not be confused with family spirits. Family spirits are your ancestors or people within your lineage that did great things so they are called upon or used in magical families. This would fall into the practice of necromancy or working with the dead. Familiar spirits according to Bardon are spirits that a magician, sorcerer or other practitioner would call forth and make a deal with. Sometimes one makes a deal with a spirit and they give the magician a servant spirit endowed with all the powers the head spirit has in order to not be bothered with all the requests a magician may have for the head spirit. The servant spirit will do everything in its power in order to please the magician or sorcerer because as Bardon says this is a form of credit. With each act done the magician falls deeper into debt with the head spirit. Eventually when the magician dies the debt is then collected. The magician is brought into the sphere of the being and must "work off" the debt accrued. This can be done with spirits of a higher order as well as demons according to Bardon. Eventually once the magician works off the debt they are free to move on and re-incarnate on the physical plane, that is if they have not lost their individuality and become a part of the spirits sphere. This would mean that the magician loses his 4-pole being and becomes a spirit himself.

Wow, so is this true? No clue. I have not cared enough in truth to even ask a spirit the validity of this. Let us remedy that when we get to our first spirit I evoke for this commentary, huh? What I will say before hand is this. In one of my past lives I remember being made of pure light in a strange world of light filled objects. It was very strange and to top it off Ed Fitch himself read my past lives and he mentioned this as well, he was as confused as I was at this weird life. Is it possible that I made a pact with a spirit being long ago and had to work off a debt? Maybe? I am still probing my past lives for information. More info as it comes.

Bardon then speaks about the "proper" way of gaining servant spirits. By being a TRUE magician, one who reflects the divine attributes. In this way spirits will think you are so cool they will just want to serve you. That's right spirits will just send their subordinates to your house in the truckloads- cut your grass, wash the dishes, round up some cuties and help pay your bills. I am being funny here if you can't tell. What really happens is this: When you work with a spirit and they respect you they "send" a spirit that will keep you inspired and aid when they can in their sphere of expertise. You do not owe the spirit anything but you can reward them as a mater of choice and goodwill.

This should not be confused with working with a spirit and giving it a fair payment. If you request anything from a spirit you should work out a compromise that works for both of you. Always ask the spirit, but typically if you have achieved step eight in IIH you can reward them with a Volt. This is an extremely powerful form of payment which vitalizes a spirit a great deal. If you just want to call up a spirit and discuss or get information they typically do this as two people will, just talking and sharing thoughts. At least that is what I have found from Bardon spirits. If they respect you and think of you as a true magician they will speak with you on your subject of interest. If not, they will either bluff you or not show up at all. I have had one Bardon spirit a couple years back bluff me with false info. When I tested the information later I realized what it had done. I now know why, and have no ill will towards the spirit. Another example occurred just today. My first evocation was Michael the archangel. It was a request to protect my family from all harm that was not needed for their spiritual development. I regularly pay Michael for this task so I will not end up owing him a debt. Just a few hours ago my stepson flipped his vehicle at his father's house and walked out without a scratch. This is just one of a few dozen instances when I know Michael was watching my loved ones back. He will probably be getting a really huge volt for this one and as a little credit on the account.

Bardon ends with the thoughts on why one should even practice evocation. In a word "respect". By working with the various spirits in the spheres you will gain a reputation and be respected in the various spheres. This may sound a little strange but in actuality this is sort of symbolic. Respect from these spirits means they open up avenues for you and regularly inspire you through out you life without need to call them up.


In The Sphere of the Beings

In this fascinating chapter Bardon gives us a quick 30 odd page tour of the different spheres of the beings. He discusses how these spheres are similar to the degrees of density on our physical planet. We have solids, liquids and gasses (plasma was not declared a substance then, I believe). So as well are the spheres of the spirits. The earth sphere is made up of the four elements starting with earth as the densest and fire as the more ethereal. The as one ascends up the tree of life one meets with finer substances. Bardon also mentions that the Zone Girdling the Earth (ZGE) or earth zone is the actual Malkuth on the tree of life and not our physical planet.

Bardon then discusses life on the astral plane after death. This section lets the uninitiated in on what one can expect after they pass on. When we die the bonds that we had to loved ones or partners will not be as strong as they are on the physical plane. What keep a physical relationship going are physical pleasures and the actual relationship. Once we pass on those physical traits and desires will not be there because they reside in the body. Also depending on the astral makeup of the couple (personality) they may reside on two different degrees of density in the astral. To get an idea of this concept think about your thoughts and what makes up your personality. This is your astral makeup and shows your spiritual maturity. The types of thoughts that you have day in and day out as well as your overall mood will reveal to you the type of sphere you will reside in once you pass on. The more developed you become and the more enlightened then the higher the sphere you can attain after death. Also, a person can easily go down to a lower sphere but it is near impossible to rise above to a sphere that you could not attain in physical life. That is the whole point to reincarnate. People desire to attain a higher sphere so they go back down to be born and attempt to attain a higher vibration through personal evolution and trials.

When one reads this chapter they begin to understand why in IIH Bardon tells you to astrally transform yourself into the being that lives in the sphere you wish to reside. Again you are changing your energy signature in order to move about in the sphere. To use our previous example of “Happiness” let us imagine that you wish to enter a sphere that is filled with joy, pleasure and happiness (most likely the sphere of Venus) one would not transform their astral or mental being into a domineering-powerful-willful being. You would not be able to enter the sphere and the beings of the sphere would not be able to perceive you. Your vibration would not match theirs. Using this idea to go on a slight tangent we can see why prayer or spells may not always work. If one is trying to connect to a certain power or sphere to have ones supplication heard and your entire energetic makeup is counter to that sphere the beings there will not “hear” you. So, for instance you wished to be healed and you make a prayer to be so. However all you can feel is the misery of sickness. Your prayer or spell would then not reach the proper sphere to release the energy. You must have the temporary imaginative ability to feel healed *now* to be healed. Kind of sounds like faith, maybe?

Back on subject we then turn to what happens to various beliefs once they die. When a person of a type of religion dies they experience their god in the way they imagined it. Atheist can not perceive a divine being and long for the guidance it will provide in the astral. A person who believed in many various religions will have difficulty at first in the astral due to them having to eventually choose the god that most connects with them before moving on. A magician usually perceives divinity as a wonderful light on the astral similar to a sun. Bardon mentions that the type of divinity one chooses in life is usually a big deciding factor on where one will incarnate again on the physical plane. After many lifetimes of reaching towards perfection a person will eventually attain it. This is the whole point and purpose of incarnating and a major aspect of magic in general. Eventually attaining the status of divinity in the ZGE is what the magician strives for and eventually for some merging with the ultimate divine light. However until that time while on earth the magician will try and attain the highest sphere possible and make the entire spiritual universe a home. This is the advantage of evocation; it sets up friends on the other side.

Bardon then discusses the difference between a Kabbalist and a Magician. A Kabbalist has no need to evoke spirits because he uses the creative language as a Magician would call up spirits. Of course a Kabbalist can do both but has no real need to call a spirit that can offer him everything he/she can on their own. A Magician for the time being is dependent on spirits to give him aid or information when he is caught for time and cannot produce the results he/she needs in time. I myself am beginning to learn more and more about Kabbalistic magic and find that this is perfectly the case. Inwardly I feel no actual need to call a spirit because I know that with the right formula of my devising I can attain the same things and more I could from any spirit that I may have called up and had to pay in some form such as vital energy or a volt. It can be likened to someone who uses an abacus discovering a calculator. One good thing about evoking spirits AND having knowledge of Kabbalah is that the Magician has a deeper understanding of the spirits makeup and can learn new formulas to use in place of calling that spirit again. Again the Magician makes use of spirits when he needs a being that is more intelligent than an elementary he/she can create or when time is a factor making it more advantageous to work with a spirit.

Finally, Bardon discusses the universal or cosmic language. I discussed this many times before but here we will discuss it quickly again. When we speak with spirits or with other people on the astral we form pictures of this information which turn into vibrations that are received by the other being and turned into their language. This is why two people speaking different languages can communicate on the astral plane or why spirits can converse with people from all nations and languages. Bardon paints an evocative picture when he speaks on how ancient civilizations used the pictorial language as their own and could create powerful magical effects due to this. These same nations were responsible for the development of the Hermetic science and magic in general. Again, when we work with the Kabbalistic letters we make use of the cosmic pictorial language and its potent effects on creation. Imagine if this language was taught as a speaking language for an entire nation or the world!


The Book of Formulas.

Bardon discusses the Book of Formulas in this chapter, it is basically a magician’s journal outlining the evocation of spirits. A book like this would have conjurations, calls, and magical signs, seals, sigils and words within it. The idea is that some uninitiated people think that all one would have to do is read from the book and *poof* a spirit appears. This of course Bardon says is untrue. Without the key to the journal an uninitiated person would have very little luck deciphering the journal. Bardon then says the whole book is code for the actual process of an evocation, which I disagree with. I think Bardon put a blind.....

Yes, without the key an uninitiated person would be without the ability to make use of the journal. What is off is the idea that the Book of Formulas is simply rote process used to evoke a spirit. While there may be some of this included it is not the main idea. ....

The Formula Book in actuality would start much like Bardon says, with an outline of the method of working and even the place and time of the work. What would be coded is the sigils and words of power involved. Once a magician learns the secret to the energetic makeup of a spirit/concept or power the magician no longer requires the calling of the spirit/ going through the condensation process or cal the power, they simply must remember the energy signature and use this either loading the atmosphere with the energy or transform their mental or astral body to mimic the spirit/concept/power. I could publish all of my personal seals, letters and sigils to the general public and even trained magicians would be unlikely to discover their use. The magical “formula” is the energetic signature or “code” the magician uses. This sounds abstract so let me break it down.....

The fire tattva is a red triangle. It looks like a flame in a way. If I showed you tejas (the fire tattva) and you had no previous instruction on it you would say it was just a red triangle. However, if I explained that fire is expansive, red in color (with clairvoyant vision) and gave the feeling of warmth you would mentally understand it (mastery of the mental plane aspect of the element). If I then taught you how to draw in the element of fire until it reached a strong astral density you would then discover that your astral energy signature had a red triangular shape feeling with a red color that wanted to expand out into the universe in all directions. You would then master the astral fire element by knowing that transforming your astral signature into a red triangle would give you power over astral fire. Over time and practice you would then be able to change the physical atmosphere in a room or location filling it with heat and even light once mastered. This may still be a little abstract but closer to a substantial or tangible idea you can grasp. I will draw it down further into the physical for you.....

Imagine you are five years old. You are very happy and want to take your Crayola crayons and draw a picture of how you feel. What colors will you choose? Now imagine your pretty advanced for a five year old and someone tells you that you are unable to draw yourself being happy but you can draw what happy “feels” (=astral) like. What would you draw to show how your internal being is like? What does happiness look like? If you like, go do this now and come back with full understanding. Got it? Awesome! Welcome to astral signature magic. It is a little more complex than that, and this is what I cover in my book “The Book of Power”.....

So, now we understand why a magician could fill an entire book with glyphs and sigils of spirits, words of power and someone picking it up would never know how to use it. Someone looking at your picture of “Happiness” might be able to look at it and say “wow, look at those really energetic shapes and joyful hues, it is filled with life and the colors make me recall …blah blah blah” most likely they are an art major, so watch out. However if you sent this astral signature into another person or loaded a room or item with it someone who comes in contact with it would then be “infected” with “Happiness”.....

Bardon then goes through the process of preparing for an evocation. Now that you have read the above read his list and tell me how many times he mentions some abstract idea or concept that must be recalled or drawn in, or banished or some such thought. Now think exactly how one would do that. How difficult would it be to go from calm center to “attaching the magic sword to the magic belt with the meditative attitude of absolute victory; repeat loading while employing the magic wand AT THE SAME TIME, which the magician holds in his right hand, so that his absolute will can be realized” That is just step 16 out of 26! If you had to meditate on each force, power and attribute each time the way Bardon recommends, an evocation would last hours. But imagine if you had some symbol or code that held the entire energetic loading of some idea or concept and all you had to do was bring it to mind and load it into your astral being or magical item, much simpler, aye?....

Now, Bardon does not use as many blinds as most occult writers in the past did. He is actually one of the most straight forward occult authors you can find. He only has one other MAJOR blind in the book, the same one you can find in all three of his books which I will discuss *possibly* at the end of this blog series. Discussing it will not really help unless you do the actual work though, so in a way it is one of those blinds that are important. I just let the cat out of the bag when I think it can speed up the magical progress of fellow workers and not give those who dabble a free pass to trouble. If you are doing the work you will automatically figure out what I am saying if you put effort into it. If you just read the book you will never guess it in a million years (I mean do the work all ready, if you have a million years just sitting around and guessing why not try working it once?)....

The next two chapters are about the various spheres of the beings and familiar spirits. I may briefly cover these two chapters just highlighting some essential points I think are poignant


Magical Aids Chapters 2-14

I will cover a lot of ground in this blog; over 52 pages will be summarized. To start with I will quote Bardon at the beginning of chapter 2, because he says it so succinctly.

"Although a true magician can achieve everything with his own powers-which he has earned without any other help as a result of his spiritual maturity during is magical development-it is his choice to make extensive use of ceremonial magic and all the aids that belong to it.

Ceremonial magic offers the advantage that, when used continuously and frequently for one and the same operation, effects are produced without making use of one's own powers…All magical aids, every single instrument, are basically mnemonic aids, aiding the magician's consciousness."

In essence magical aids take the effort and exertion out of doing magic. It is all pre-charged and awaiting your command to release the magical forces involved. So, how does one charge the magical aids with a particular force, and which aids should one use? I will describe my method of charging in a second but the question on which aids to use is all up to the magician.

As Bardon mentioned, each tool is just an aid, a repository for magical force at your best. Are you the type of person who keeps post-it-notes all over the house? Well you may need a few magical aids. If you want to supply the energy for the ritual, during the ritual than you may need far less. It really all depends on you, your personal makeup, how you go about doing things, and if you find supplying large amounts of magical energy each and every time you do a ritual. If you remember in IIH when you did finger rituals to make loading elemental or vital energy easier it is the same. Instead of taking a dozen or so breaths of an element into your self and then directing the force outwards you have a prepared ritual that summons the force immediately to your will. Much easier! Like calling a taxi when you need a ride instead of building a car any time you need to go some where.

So, let us describe the process of charging an item with what you need and then we will go through each item and what it needs to be charged with. Then you can decide which items you wish to make and charge for regular use.

To charge an item you must first embody as much as possible mentally and even astrally a certain quality. We will use the wand as Bardon did for an example. Let us say you wish to load the wand with "willpower". Take the wand into hand and begin to meditate on what willpower is, what are its qualities and characteristics. Try imagining that you are a being of pure willpower no other attribute is a part of you being. Willpower is a quality of the fire element-hot, powerful and expansive- so you should definitely add that to the meditation. What forces in nature come to mind when you thing of fire or the will? Lava or a volcano, lightning, the sun? Any of those or more will do or all three and more. The key to the meditation is to feel absolutely filled with the essence of willpower. Now, focus on the wand. Try and push all of that energy just called up into the wand. You can either feel all of the energy drain out of you and into the wand or imagine you *are* the wand and the energy is now in there with you. Just extract yourself out after leaving the energy inside. Now just repeat until you are satisfied with the charge.

Bardon mentions later on in the section of magic wands that normally it takes 462 times to make a battery of charges strong enough to be effective on the physical plane. He mentions this in KTK as well. This depends on how strong the imagination is and the spiritual maturity of the individual. But it basically breaks down to this, if you want to wave your wand and have instant results on the physical plane you would have to repeat the above loading meditation 462 times or there abouts. Also each time you did so you would have to increase the amount of power. Now do not fret, that is just for physical results. Here is how it breaks down:

To be effective in the akasha you must charge it twice.

To be effective in the mental plane it must be charged sixty times.

To be effective in the astral plane it must be charged four hundred times.

And it is cumulative too, so…there is that. But once complete that ritual is now so strong it can immediately change the physical world without any effort on your part. Let us now move on to the tools or aids you may wish to use and what ideal they need to be loaded with. For purposes of working in evocation I would recommend charging an item several times for a mental density. Once you begin evocation work you will most likely only be able to call a spirit to the local mental plane so it will be effective there. Over time and many rituals the item will grow in power. Occasional additional charges can never hurt either.

Circle-Divinity, one needs to feel as if they have immediate contact with the divine once they stand within the circle. It does not matter what the circle is made of or how it is created. As long as it creates the ideation of divinity.

Triangle- As mentioned previously the triangle represents all things three. Bardon mentions it should be point upwards and not lying down. It represents two universal powers (electric and magnetic) united by the base. The will, intellect and feelings-power, lawfulness and life. All thoughts, connections and ideas concerning threes should be meditated upon in connection to the triangle.

Censer- Bardon goes off on several tangents while talking about the censer as if he could not make up his mind whether or not it served an actual function or just provided some sort of symbolic key for loading the atmosphere. I would recommend charging two censers. One censer with the electric fluid and the other with the magnetic fluid. Both would then receive the charge that over time their powers would increase and lend the energetic component to manifesting the spirit. Then of course with each ritual one simply loads the atmosphere with the proper color (discussed later).

Mirror- The magic mirror is a fantastic tool to use. It provides many more uses than any of the tools mentioned above. A magic mirror does not have to be made of glass either. I made mine from a round piece of wood I picked up at Lowe's. It is a little over a foot long and three inches thick. I drilled four holes in the four "corners" and loaded each with a special fluid condenser of my making (amber and rock crystal mixed with pieces of gold.) I then painted the front in a swirling dark violet and then another swirl of black-violet. Mixing in tiny pieces of amber and rock crystal on the wet surface as I painted. When the paint dried the rocks were sealed in. I then loaded the akasha principle into the mirror with the idea that it connects me to anything I wish to see without space-time getting in the way (akasha is beyond space-time). I have had a few people tell me that looking at it they think it starts to move and swirl. You can load the mirror with any force you like, spherical colors of the planes- white light- astral light (like a bluish flame or gas light). You can make your mirror as you please. Even a good coat of midnight black or a near blue black is good. Make several for different spheres. Do as you will.

Lamp- Using color filters on an oil lamp is a great way to load a room's atmosphere with the proper astral mood. I recommend an oil lamp obviously but feel free to experiment. Bardon thinks electrical lighting disturbs the astral sphere making it harder to manifest a spirit. I have never noticed any such thing but you make the call. I would buy some oil for the lamp and charge the oil with electro-magnetic energy (a volt) and then imagine that the light produced by the oil fills the room with a thick astral substance aiding the spirit to manifest.

Wands- That's right wands. You can charge many different wands with whatever force you choose. Different elements, spherical energies, the akasha (good for necromancy or Goetic work Bardon says), vital energy for healing, the fluids for healing or commanding negative spirits, attributes (such as the will, commanding or domination). All of the many different ways are the same. Simply identify the energy you wish to load, accumulate that energy within yourself through concentration and meditation and load that energy into the wand.

Sword- The sword is to be charged with the idea of absolute victory on all planes and spheres. Try to call up the feeling of victory and being unbeatable. Do as you did with the wand and load the sword with this idea. It is very potent against unruly spirits and dark forces. Possibly a meditation of Michael the archangel's sword may be an aid.

Miter cap, crown, and headband- Either one of these should be loaded with the idea of spiritual authority and great dignity. Think of the most revered thing you can imagine and load it with that energy.

Robe- Bardon recommends a silk robe for protection. I can wholeheartedly agree with the insulating power of silk. Any robe will do though, or as Bardon mentions several robes can be used –one for each sphere. Symbols of protection as well as the idea of protection should be loaded into the fabric of the robe so that it shines with great power on the astral.

Belt- The idea of mastery over the elements as well as equilibrium and balance should be meditated on for the belt.

Pentacle, Lamen, Seal- The pentacle Bardon states should be charged with the wand to exert the influence of obedience and respect on the spirit when it shown to the being. I use a seal of Solomon only when a spirit shows up that does not belong. I have an earth pentacle that I will probably be changing soon that for now represents balance, harmony and Law. The seal is made before the evocation and wrapped in silk until needed. While making the seal the magician should meditate on the spirits qualities and attributes as well as the sphere the spirit resides in. He does this as he draws the sigil, thinking in his mind how this sigil is already in connection with the spirit. One should have a connection to divinity at the time to make this the most effective.

Now imagine if you will, having to provide all of those energies and do all of those meditations every single time you performed an evocation. You would be exhausted at the end! That is if you could finish it. These tools save time and energy.

So, what tools do I use? Depending on the spirit or whether or not I have evoked the spirit before I may use little or no tools at all. But that comes from a few years of doing evocations and experiments in the art. Kind of like an artist who uses certain paints and brushes. When I do use all of my tools they are the following: a wand charged with willpower, my earth pentacle/ seal of Solomon, an oil lamp-I do not use color filters but I have done so in the past. I use a magic mirror on occasion, the one I described above. I also have a "mojo" bag filled with items of power or things that connect my mind to magic. I "borrowed" this idea from something Brother Moloch mentioned on his website and an idea from someone at a coven I used to hang out at mentioned. In most respects it is similar to a medicine bag and I believe witchcraft has a similar concept where they place miniature replicas of their magical tools inside the bag to work on the road. Basically, the bag is filled with a few items of power such as solid condensers, a feather given to me by the archangel Gabriel, a few stones, a glyph or two of power and some other items I will not discuss. I also have a sword that is charged with the energy of victory and several meditations on the sword Michael the archangel uses. I only use it when dealing with spirits that may be troublesome.


Chapter 1 Magic

In this chapter Bardon speaks about many aspects regarding magic in general. He talks about how over time magicians gave bits of wisdom to the uninitiated public but concealed the true art for the most part. Whether for good or ill this is why so many people have a distorted view of magic today. Bardon also mentions something the average reader would most likely gloss over or not fully understand: magical maturity.

Much like physical maturity, magical maturity happens over time and grants certain qualities as one develops. The more mature a person becomes spiritually the more the universe opens up to them. Also, just like physical maturity the higher one ascends the more they realize how little they knew previously. Think of any child. They believe that they know exactly what everything is about and if they don't know they fabricate. As teenagers we believe we have got the world figured out, and even though a teen can look at smaller children and see how much more they think they know they still believe adults are ignorant of "the truth". Again we progress and discover a mature adult settled in their ways and see how they think they know all they need to know and discredit the aged. Rarely does one group look upon themselves and see how little they actually know and seek greater truth and maturity. A sign of great maturity is the deep realization of how low and ignorant one really is compared to the amount of knowledge is out there and having a burning desire to develop as much as possible.

Bardon then goes about discussing the 3 classes of magic. Lower magic, Intermediate Magic, and Higher magic. He also discusses "white" magic and "black" magic. What it all boils down to is that magic is based off of universal laws. How one applies those laws makes the classification and not some different force of magic. Black and white magic as Bardon mentions were classes of magic created by religion to banish those they did not agree with. There is no "black" gravity or "white" gravity. There is only situations where you *wish* gravity could be suspended for a bit.

Bardon also gives his definition of a sorcerer. Any person who not knowing the laws behind a magical act and who still performs the act is a sorcerer. So say if you are given a magic word or symbol from a book or magician and you don't understand the word or symbol or what brings about the effect, but you apply the magic word or symbol and achieve some result. This is an act of sorcery as per Bardon. I think Bardon is a little too harsh here. That would be like saying those who do not know how to build a car and how a car works is less of a person than those who do know how. I see no problem between those who use technology and may not be aware of the science behind it. So do as you will, but I will reach in to my barrel of salt and take a grain out to go along with what he says here. Don't worry Moloch, I am not trying to redefine Sorcerer- just covering what Bardon said.

Finally, for this chapter we will discuss the behavior of a true magician. A magician does not go around trying to be dark and mysterious attempting to seem more potent than one actually is. In contrast a true magician should be able to adapt to any situation and seem to be an average person. Only when someone seeks out magical knowledge or guidance should a magician reveal his true being. So for those who think Criss Angel is a real magician because he shows off all kind of cool tricks…your wrong. They are just tricks which are actually something Bardon mentions. Magic has also been maligned by prestidigitators. Stage magic is not the same as real magic. I'm looking at you David Blaine.

Next a synthesis of chapters 3-14 Magical Aids

Practice of Magical Evocation Commentary 1

In the introduction Bardon speaks about how difficult it was for anyone seeking magical knowledge. He states that most books were incomplete, bewildering or fragmentary at best. Not only did a budding magician have difficulty finding information but had the threat of pain and torture from religious institutions that wished to stamp out the art of magic. It is also curious that Bardon mentions that magical orders themselves have been responsible for making the study of magic look preposterous and childish. I guess this was in order to keep away the curious and dabbler. Only someone born with a great deal of potential would be discovered and admitted to the order. Sounds like an idea for a novel or movie to me!

In IIH Bardon gives a detailed description at the start of the book of what the first tarot card means, from there one can see how the card describes the training an initiate must accomplish. Although placed at the end of the book PME has a description of the second tarot card and its symbolism which I shall jump ahead to and discuss, because I think it belongs at the front of our discussion.

The Temple- it represents the microcosm and initiation. In other words the work is done within the initiate as s/he progresses through the spheres and works with the beings. The initiate has support in her work in the four pillars-knowledge, courage, will, and silence. This is also representative of the four letter name of divinity. One must have the knowledge to complete the workings involved with evocation, the courage to stop watching Television and only theorizing about magic and doing the work, the will to perform the exercises-call the spirit-move the energies, etc- and the silence to not go blabbing to every idiot you meet on your magical work.

The Floor- The black and white marble floor represents the positive and negative activities of the elements-Lawfulness as in the sphere of Jupiter. For those not familiar with these concepts think of the Yin Yang symbol and how all powers and forces within the universe have a purpose and a place.

The Carpet- Divided equally into red and blue which are the electric and magnetic fluids (positive and negative) which the magician must be a master of. A magic circle- which represents a connection with omniconsciousness or infinity. Within the circle is a pentagram of equal length arms showing the magician is completely balanced and in harmony with the universe.

The Magicians Attire- The robe is violet representing a bond or connection to divinity and mastery over the akasha. He wields a sword symbolizing victory and the magic wand representing the will.

Isis- she sits on a golden throne, she is the priestess holding the two keys and the Book of Wisdom (The Tarot). The magician is male-electric-might-will and the priestess is female-magnetic-intuition-connection with divinity/nature. Notice the constant dualities being repeated.

The Altar- Before the altar there are three steps that lead up to it. These represent the mental, astral and physical planes. The altar is a symbol of respect and reverence. In the center of the altar is the triangle representing the tri-dimensional effect of the electric and magnetic fluid (father-mother-son, birth-life-death, past-present-future, black-white-gray, and red-blue-yellow).

Censers- The magician has both positive and negative being under his/her control. I would also add as an aid to manifestation the physical plane is made up of positive and negative materials so both are needed to accomplish the materialization.

The Mirror- It has seven colors showing the magician has control over all seven spheres and has mentally travelled to each and made contact with the beings there.

Now again each of these things is symbolic! In other words one does not have to build a hewn stone temple, grab a raven haired woman and dress her in see through cotton who apparently bugged the crap out of some key maker to make 12 inch keys that open no door, paint four giant phallic pillars four different colors inscribing them with Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as cutting a mirror that appears to be 6 feet wide. I mean if you want to and have the means go right ahead-but doing so does not mean you can evoke spirits! The whole card represents what should take place within the magician. This means:

The magician should be a master of the electric and magnetic fluids and all that implies.

The magician should have the five elements under control.

The magician should have a connection to divinity.

The magician needs to make contact with each sphere in order to evoke beings from that sphere.

The magician should have a harmonious astral, mental and physical being.

Now all of those things give one the right and ability to evoke spirits, hell, spirits will show up and work for you without asking when that happens. You're just that cool a person.

Finally, and connected to what I just mentioned above a person must have completed up to step 8 of IIH in order to properly evoke spirits. Why? Because at that point you are all of the things I listed above and you have the ability to project mentally to different spheres and skry. That is why. Otherwise these spirits will take one look at you and see a fifth grader trying to sneak into college.

Let me be clear, not all spirits require this and the art of evocation does not either. Bardon requires this to work with the spirits he outlined in this book. The Goetia and other books on evocation out there can and do work with little to no training at all, which can be a bad thing for some people. These spirits expect you to have done the work. Now, if one has progressed spiritually and magically to the same level as step 8 in their own way then that counts as well. Possibly, if one calls these spirits up and the need is great as well as the person being on the path, then the spirit may choose to help out. What Bardon wanted was someone who could handle the powers and energies these spirits produce and work with them as a co-worker, not a supplicant. He wanted magicians who did not *need* to evoke these spirits but did it in a learning capacity and to work faster than normal.

So, for all of those people out there who will say-"I evoked a spirit when I was five just because I wanted to and had no idea what I was doing", I say "Maybe, but most likely the communication was poor, you were not in control of the situation and the spirit did not see you as an equal." See where I am going? I evoked spirits before even starting IIH and got results. They were not consistent and the communication was next to nothing. After step eight it is like calling up a friend.