Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PME-commentary Entering the Moon Sphere

PME Commentary –The Intelligences of the Lunar Sphere.

As we move away from the Earth Zone which has an effect on our vitality and the ether we move into the lunar sphere. The lunar sphere has a direct effect on our astral bodies and the astral plane; however it is not THE astral plane in any sense, which many occult authors claim. It is simply related to it. One cannot astrally project to the moon sphere since it is a higher degree of density. The magician must make use of his mental body if he wishes to attain the higher spheres beyond the Earth Zone. Now of course I will most likely have the debate that someone has travelled to some higher sphere in their astral body. This is unlikely. You may have either attained a sphere in the astral plane that was influenced by the particular sphere you wished to enter (The Earth Zone spheres are also used as a heavens for the deceased) or you had a vivid mental projection. A body is only allowed to travel in its lawful realm. A physical body traverses the Earth, the astral body traverses the astral plane and Earth Zone. The mental body ascends into the higher celestial spheres but can also traverse the lower spheres as well.

Before a magician evokes a being from the Moon sphere they should have mentally projected to the sphere and become accustomed to the vibration of that plane. Just like when the magician entered the elemental kingdoms and astral plane. One simply projects their being into the sphere by loading their mental body with the appropriate color of the sphere. This is silver. Then one projects their mind to the Moon sphere and attains its vibration which for the Moon sphere is a silver light oscillation that has a vortex like pull within it and the density of a fog. After some time one attains the Moon sphere vibration and encounters vistas and beings. Just like in previous spheres one must maintain the composure and be patient for a moon spirit to speak with you and to not communicate with the spirits of the Moon until they speak with you first. This is to show your maturity and your mastery. These spirits will eventually speak with you! You can also bring your guide or Holy Guardian Angel with you into the sphere for their aid and direction.

There are many types of Moon spirits and from my travels there I have met the negative spirits as well as positive beings and angels. No matter what types of beings you encounter remain respectful and kind. You never know what you may learn from a being and some of the demons I have met have been most kind and taught me several things as well as giving me blessings for my behavior in their sphere. Always remember you are in THEIR sphere, be respectful. I will be evoking the spirit Liteviche from the moon sphere to speak with.

There is some thought that Bardon had a cipher for these spirits but this is not so, the beings RULE over the stations even though the stations have a name as well. From my experience the names of the spirits are correct and follow their kabbalistic lawfulness. However, for all due diligence, we will investigate the matter by asking the spirit its real name.

I will be taking a day or two off from evocations for a little breather (I have been doing one or two a day along with the writing and art so I feel justified ;-)


  1. JB can you please describe your mental traveling experience into the moon can you describe what did the sphere look like to you and what being did you met?

    1. Well, when entering the moon sphere you want to simply imagine a silver light energy all around you like a thick fog. In time you will become in tune with the vibration and experience the sphere based on your development. To relate mine is to implant an expectation in your head so when you arrive if it is not that way you may develop doubts or may cause you to create a fantasy based on my descriptions.
      However I will say when I first traveled there it was like a tropical rain forest. After some time it transformed into a dark monolithic world and lastly And lately I have experienced it as a night time european citiscape.

  2. Hei!
    In your post about mental and astral travel you speak about all the people have a mind and a soul and after much work the magician make the astral body, the solar body and the diamond body.
    With the astral body I cannot go to the higher spheres, only go to earthzone and the sphere of the elements.
    but, when I got the solar body (or diamond body) is possible I go to all spheres? Starting in malkuth and finishing in kether?

    1. There is a little confusion with terms and I am partly at fault. You can travel to any sphere in the mental body. The soul can travel the astral plane (the sub lunar realm or ZGE) the astral, solar and diamond bodies are refiened bodies created through magical-alchemical work that can travel to any spheres and upon death house the spirit of the magician where the soul would eventually break down, the astral, solar and diamond bodies hold up for as long as needed. One does not need them to travel to higher spheres at all! The common term for soul amoung many is the astral body and its just been a term mis-taken. Typically unless its alchemical literature if you see the term astral body they just mean the soul.

    2. How would you classify the Golden Dawn's term "Body Of Light"? When some reading is done via GD Sources it almost sounds like it a servitor being created by magician to ride in with their mental body.. How do you rate the "body of light" in your opinion? Maybe the GD's approach is amateurish?

    3. I think you may be mis-understanding it then. I use a very similar technique and even bardon approaches it when describing spherical travel. You are drawing in light substance to be used by the mental and astral body to travel in. Used properly and used with other exercises and rituals the GD describe it is really their crown jewel in terms of material in the GD system. I recommend reading the Golden Flower by Jung and comparing the two and you will see how powerful the light body work is!