Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PME-commentary final

Mental travel, Talismans and the Epilogue

Chapter 12 is a discussion for the theorist to learn about the various spheres that await the initiate as he travels towards the ultimate goal of all mankind. He describes the spheres-their light vibration what the method of entering these spheres and working within them. Since we had most of this discussion between evocations and the previous entry I feel we are well versed on what Bardon describes in this chapter.

Chapter 13 is the method which can be used in order to make talismans as a means of loading a spirits energy for personal use. Bardon begin with telling the initiate of the metals used for the various spheres, then saying gold or silver can be used depending on if the spirit is either electric or magnetic and finally states that for a true magician the metal is of no consequence because a magician can load the spirits energy directly into any object of his or her choosing. The summarized method to do this is purifying the talisman imaginatively and physically using the four elements, if the mage decides to use astrological timing which is not absolutely nessicary then awaiting the proper time, the carving of the spirits seal into the talisman repeating the spirits name while doing so along with the meditation on the qualities of the spirit. However the most potent method is to conjure the spirit up after preparing the talisman above and asking the spirit to bless of charge the talisman with its nature. There are several other methods to loading the talisman but the above is best especially if one is knowledgeable in Kabbalah. Of course a magician who knows Kabbalah can just load the talisman with the letters that make up the spirit and attain the same powers within the talisman as the spirit would load. The important thing to keep in mind is to not keep a talisman too long as the attachment to the energies within it will be a setback for your development.

We now reach the epilogue. That’s right my friends we come to the end of our journey and our commentary. Here Bardon congratulates the spherical magician who visits all the spheres and gets them under his control. This congratulation is not for me however. I want to be honest with you and let you know I have not mastered all of these spheres; I have visited them, yes. However, I am not their master. I continue on and build relationships within each sphere over time. One day I hope to be master of each. I call on you to do the same. Bardon states that those who have not had practical experience with evocation will now see the magnitude of the work to be done and at the very least respect the knowledge and the art. I hope this is the case. Finally, Bardon speaks on the practical nature of this book and how it is not a book one just reads and then lets the dust collection begin. This book is to be used and worked with or at the very least meditated on so it may sink deeper into the consciousness of the initiate and eventually sprout into fruition. Bardon then gives the predication that one day millions will use these teaching methods for their spiritual development in order to move closer to perfection. What a fascinating time that will be.

Now, for my final word. After reading these blogs I hope you have some idea of the experiences and the larger nature of the universe that awaits you once you take up this wonderful art of evocation. There are many ways to practice this art just as there are many art forms. The essential nature of an effective evocation is stated in the second tarot card that Bardon describes and I spoke on in the beginning of this commentary. Here are some of my personal views about Bardon’s second book: 1st- the main thrust of this book in my opinion is mental projection and a guidebook on what to expect in these spheres. It is also a foundation for someone who wants to know the powers behind astrology’s influence. 2nd this book was also designed for the Kabbalist to have a near dictionary of formulas to work with. I cannot recommend enough that the magician learning Kabbalah should work with a number of these spirits from each sphere to see the diversity and application of kabbalistic magic. Nothing will teach the cosmic letters faster than this. 3rd As any of these spirits will tell you, you do not *need* to evoke them. Their job is to inspire mankind with the information they have. A friend of mine who has done yoga for many years sent me an email telling me he had been practicing the Master level of pranayama given by Romasara for months and had never contacted this spirit. This is what they do! Every great idea, inspiration, and invention comes from these beings doing their job. The negative spirits and negative elementals have the exact opposite task and insinuate negative thoughts and emotions. Evocation is about singling them out and directly working with them consciously. 4th and finally, returning to the symbolism of the second tarot card and the topic of the major blind of the book. Bardon presents all of this information and these spirits in order to give you an idea of what the journey can be like. However, in my opinion you will learn even more through your own personal exploration of the spheres. Take Bardon’s map of the universe and mentally project to the individual spheres. Make friends. Learn the cosmic language and many a magical secret. Then once you have a few friends up there invite them over if you want, to your place, use the cosmic letters to grant them a certain density so you can experience them on your level. So, what I am trying to say is this. There are a bunch of different types of people practicing Bardon and each does evocation differently. Some use tons of tools, others use absolutely none. Because, in the end the magic to make those tools work, came from you to begin with.

Good magic to you all.


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  6. In contrast with Master Bardon,you Dear Justin give more details in your evocations with the many spirits you summon,i have learned a lot.Thanks Justin

  7. Hei!
    Bardon in PME say for you go to another sphere you need be the master of all the previous spheres.
    In your view is vital you be a master in the previous sphere to go ahead? Or your relationship with the spheres increase with the time.

    1. I think I have spoken on this before. Before you can accurately perceive a sphere you would want to have developed the consciousness of all the spheres below it. You can jump around, yes and in my opinion you should. Just take everything with a grain of salt that you receive in a sphere that you have a) not mastered yet
      b) have not mastered all prior spheres leading up to it.
      In other words it can be like a 3rd grader entering a 5th grade class. They may very well learn something but some context/prior needed knowledge is lacking. However, for magic as in practical applications I recommend jumping around and covering all spheres because in this way you really learn how well you have connected or will connect to a sphere. The results will illustrate your connection and programming as it relates to the worked sphere. Sometimes just traveling or pathworking will not reveal how well or faulty the connection is.