Saturday, January 10, 2009

PME-commentary Podme- Spirit of Venus

Podme – Spirit of Venus.

I applied Podme’s name Kabbalisticlly into the four planes. I then traced her sigil into the space before me. I projected my mind into the sphere of Venus and called out Podme’s name once and she immediately appeared to my mind. I then drew her down the planes until she was before me astrally. She purred a greeting towards me and I greeted her. Immediately the whole room was filled with a lovely feeling of pleasantness and joy. I discussed what I was doing and she agreed.

J= How does one use the cosmic language in the Venus sphere?

P= This applies to the fourth pole of concentration needed to work the kabbalistic language. One should be able to speak from the given sphere in their consciousness to create the particular cause needed. Anything having to do with love, sexuality, growth, pleasure and the plant kingdom should be done with a Venusian consciousness.

J= What are the influences on the other spheres upon Venus?

P=Neptune has the influence on Venus in certain plants used magically as well as the use of sex magic practices and their effect on nature. Saturn influences the wilting, limitation and keeps growing life in check. Jupiter Creates the lawful design within the plant world and causes plenty so that the plants purpose can be fulfilled (I see fruit bearing trees showering down their abundance). Mars rules over the passions and eroticism within Venus. It also controls the evolutionary role of sexual conduct in some ways. The Sun of course vitalizes all life so it may grow. Mercury gives the ideals and ideation that causes mankind to pursue romantic sexual pleasures of various sorts as well as sexual writings and some poetry. The Moon affects the electro-magnetic energies releasing or holding back Venusian energies at the right time as they enter the Zone Girdling the Earth.

Podme then enlightens me with the highest consciousness Venus has in order to work practically within her sphere. It has the shape of a sea shell but the density of a gentle cloud rising upwards with the sensation of pleasure and the color of light green. I then meditate on her aura. Her outer aura is very similar to what Bardon gives however it is more round-curvaceous and swirls in the center compared to Bardon’s jagged center. However, her inner aura has that same W shape although it is more rounded and has the feeling of a lover’s hand gently sliding towards you in bed. In all things Podme was very forthcoming and very friendly. I can see why someone like Bardon would overly worry about contacting this sphere. Anyone with any sort of sexual repression would find great temptation within this sphere. It fills one with joy and an ease that only can be found in repose with a loving partner. I thank Podme and return her to her sphere.

Here is the image of Podme:

I would also like to mention that female magicians entering the water sphere or the Venus sphere will find the same type of beautiful beings but of the male variety. There are both sexes in either sphere and the female magician is warned about becoming too attached to these spheres as the male is.

We now draw nearer divinity by entering the sphere of the Sun. The Sun is the source of life and vitality within our world and so it is within our spiritual system. Magically, once one masters this sphere they have connected with true divinity half way. This is where we meet yet another problem with Bardon’s grimoire. The spirits of the Sun in Bardon’s PME have all had their names changed in a cipher Bardon constructed. We will be evoking Selhube or rather Sad Naschira. For a little insight into Kabbalah and qualities are reflected in a spirits powers, I will show the difference Kabbalisticlly with these two names compared to what Bardon says the spirit does. We load a certain number of letters into the akasha, the mental, astral and physical.

Sad Naschira.

Akasha: S-A-D

Primordial divine fire, illumination-purity of all ideas and the mysteries of creation.

Mental: N-A.

The mental matrix (the connection between the mental body and the astral body), enlightened intellect and cognition of the most profound truths.

Astral: Sch- I

Manifest Belief and mastery over fire therefore empowering the will, the astral matrix and the breath.

Physical: R-A.

Broaden the intellect and mastery over the air principle in the physical world.....

So, one can say that this formula or spirit would obviously create a powerful enlightenment and the purity of consciousness in order to understand creation’s mysteries. It will also provide a powerful effect on manifestation as it uses the fire element along with the mental and astral matrix and the power to manifest belief through the will.

Let us consider the name Selhube which is the cipher.....

Akasha: S-E

Primordial fire-power, and omniconsciousness

Mental: L- H

Morality and understanding Divine Providence Symbolically as well as

spiritual sight.

Astral: U.

Transference of consciousness, mastery of consciousness and trance.

Physical: B-E.

Mastery over life and death as well as the power to materialize or


From this spirit or formula we can ascertain that it will cause a potent trance like connection to Divine Providence and enlighten our consciousness but also will grant the ability over life and death.

Let us now compare this with our next spirit’s powers as described by Bardon: The arch-creator of all arch-symbols in their primary language- the cosmic language. He is the helmsman of all original ideas that have become reality. I think it is fairly obvious that the formula Sad Naschira has all of the qualities and powers needed to connect to the powers this spirit has, where as Selhube is more likely a formula that will connect one to Divine Providence through a deep ecstatic trance causing an influence on the life force of the person and granting that person power over life and death through that connection. Before calling this spirit we would really not know for sure though. Also, if we did not have knowledge of Kabbalah or the cipher how could we know what to do? By using the spirits sigil alone we could connect to the energy signature of the spirit and connect our mind to its. Also, the best method is mentally projecting into the sphere in order to ascertain the truth in all matters.


  1. Excellent work. I had a similiar experience with Podme. Too bad you don't post further Bardon work. You are the only one that spelled out the full truth.

  2. Thanks! I had a mission to inform people interested in Bardon magic what it was like in order to bring more to the system without fear and trepidation. Once I completed the project I was done with the review of Bardon's work and helping those understand it with more ease. The job was done, nothing left to tell.

  3. Well perhaps for you there is nothing else to tell because you want it that way and that is fine. Mistelle has been writing about bardon and his system for over 30 years, Rawn Clark for close to 20 years. Bardon before he died helping to heal others magically and homeopathically was in the process of writing his fourth book. These people and many more had and have much to say about the spirits and bardon training to help others and help further the evolution of mankind. Mind you they don't take students,but,they write indepth to help others. Good luck in your work.

  4. Both Clark and Mistelle are great boons to Bardon magicians, there are a couple more out there as well if I remember correctly when I was working on the early steps (Look up Bear something or other and Bardon....). Their writing along with my experiences and prodding by my HGA to give the feel and flavor of evocation on the various spheres is the reason these blogs are up. I wanted to show Bardon magicians another perspective so they could see and get a feel beyond the works of Clark and Mistelle, while amazing; they present two sides in my opinion of a work. My mission is not to teach Bardon though, it was just a aspect of my work for that time.

  5. Justin do you think that we as human should love/care about everyone equally because we are one. This mean we should love ourself, our parents, siblings, wife/husband, children, friends etc all in a equal measure and help them according to their karma as much as we can.

    I believe that all forms of love are one whether its parental love, love for lovers, friendship love, love for nature and animal, etc. There probably exist a universal sea of love and all forms of love comes out of this sea. I also think that the greatest love of all is omnibenevolent.

    1. I define love as the giving of yourself for another's well being even if that giving means a sacrifice of your own self in some way.
      As to why we love the explanation is quite varied and complex. It can be due simply to evolutionary and genetic bias, furthering the species, all the way to higher forms such as being divinely inspired and the experience of unity.
      All your points are quite right.

  6. In pme Bardon wrote of people living on venus. Initially i thought that he refers to spiritual humans living on the venus sphere or netzach. But then he wrote of their technologies as if they are physical human living on the planet venus. Of course there are no physical human living on venus or else NASA would have discover them a long time ago. What do you think of it justin?

    1. I have pondered this myself. I really do not have a satisfactory answer other then he was just wrong. He was human, often people want to elevate him to a god and infallable but he was a human with faults.