Saturday, January 3, 2009

PME-commentary, Pre- 360 Earth Zone Spirit information

Before we go into the 360 spirits of the Earth Zone, I would like to shine a little light on what I am doing. First there is a bit of a controversy over whether Bardon outright plagiarized Abra-Melin or by some bizarre chance met these Earth Zone spirits who happened to be the same spirits Abra-Melin wrote on OR if Bardon was using some original key he received from some other work. Any of the above choices would make one think about why Bardon did not at least mention the similarities. This is an argument for arm-chair magicians; we are practicing magicians (right?) so all we need to worry about is the fact that some of the names are slightly or drastically altered. My *opinion* is Bardon changed the names to follow his kabbalistic system and possibly thinking he changed it enough did not mention it. Which is either a dumb opinion or Bardon was inept for doing so.

I have evoked probably around 15 or so Earth Zone spirits and never once had a problem with a name not working. HOWEVER, since I am doing a commentary for those proposing to do the work of PME I think it would behoove the readers if I showed them they have nothing to fear. So, this is what I am going to do. I will evoke four spirits from the Earth Zone. One spirit from each of the cardinal compass points (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus) which had at least two or more letters difference in their names from Abra-Melin to Bardon. What I did was this: I went down the list and found names in those four spheres which had a minimum two letter difference (a changed A, I, or E singularly could be a change in the passage of time or if Bardon was writing it from word of mouth could be pronunciation in some cases- in other words not a biggie) I then had a list from each group of about five spirits each (25 spirits just in four spheres had that big a difference with their names). I then checked out what each spirit did compared to what my interests are. I decided on four spirits that I found would make interesting evocations for the both of us as well as the least chance of a spirit saying the information was to be kept secret (Like how to destroy your enemies with a word or the like).

That means we solve all problems: we have interesting spirits, we have an end to the practical problem of which names really call the spirit and we get to learn about spirits from the next highest density in relation to the elements, being that they are the cardinal directions.
So, I will be evoking the following spirits( The first name being Bardon’s and the second Abra-Melin’s):

Romasara/ Romesaf- 8 degress Leo.

Hatuny/ Hab√ľaz- 12 degrees Aquarius (in case myspace is a byatch the Abra-melin has an umlaut U).

Sagara/ Sagarez- 12 degrees Scorpio.

Carubot/ Larubos- 7 degrees Taurus.

Now if one makes use of the name as a formula in Kabbalah, these differences in formulas are a major deal (some of you may not see how it may effect anything.), which I will go into with each post. If one uses the kabbalahistic formula for a spirit name with that much a difference than you are drawing forth different powers altogether. For a practical magical evocation viewpoint names call the spirit. If it is not the right name will the spirit not answer or be angry when it shows up (think when a telemarketer calls you and mispronounces your name!) All these troublesome questions and more shall be resolved very soon! The First evocation will be posted Monday-ish. From there we move on to the Moon sphere with its cipher and spirits.


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