Saturday, January 10, 2009

PME-commentary Sitael of Mercury

Sitael- Spirit of Mercury

After my usual preparations for an evocation I loaded both the names SITA Kabbalisticlly into the akasha, mental, astral and physical and then I repeated the formula given in Bardon’s Key to the True Kabbalah of Sitael’s quantity key which is Sch-I-H-A. SITA is the quality key and SchIHA is the quantity key. To make this understandable let us consider the idea of power. Power is a quality. A local sheriff has the quality of power and a certain amount of its quantity. However, a president has a greater amount of quantity of the quality of power. I hope this illuminates the difference between qualities and quantities as they apply to Kabbalistic speech. One can just evoke the spirit using the name Sitael but I enjoy doing little experiments like this in order to see the difference. Also when using Kabbalah (Bardon’s that is) one does not apply the suffix EL at the end of a beings name; hence my only using SITA instead of SITAEL. Returning to the evocation I then drew Sitael’s sigil in the air using my three bodies. Unlike most spirits who have one color used to draw their sigil most spirits of Mercury in Bardon’s PME have more than one color in their sigil and they do not use the yellow light vibration of the sphere. Sitael’s sigil is mostly red with one letter as purple. Sitael is then contacted through the aspect of omniconsciousness within his sphere and I then guide him down the planes until his presence fills the room. He greets me and I him. I describe my purpose for calling him and he agrees to the task.

J= Bardon mentions you are an authority on hypnosis, suggestion and spiritual telepathy. Can you speak on this?

S= True hypnosis or ecstasy is the ability to disengage a person’s spirit from the astral and physical bodies. To do this one must be a master of the three planes and bodies. Then simply imagine and will someone’s spirit to be pushed out of the other two bodies. The person will experience bliss according to their current development. The magician can then speak directly to the astral and physical base consciousness which will have no power to use the quality of willpower to stop the suggestions given. Suggestion without hypnosis is done by taking the same astral vibration as another person or being and speaking to them with the intention of changing their mind to follow the intent. It finds true power when symbols are applied to the astral to influence them as well. Spiritual telepathy is done by drawing a great amount of light energy and directing it towards a person while in the akasha. Think directly to them the thoughts you wish to tell them, if done without the condensation of light energy then the vitality suffers.

J= How does one become an absolute master over man and animal through deception and illusion?

S=This is done by using the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of others against them and controlling their minds by playing on their views and primitive reactions. There are forces in the mind that over ride rational thinking and this type of magic taps into those forces, bending them to the magician’s will. Fear and desire are the most prominent.

J=How does one read the past-present and future using the akasha principal?

S=Enter into the akasha or project the akasha into a skrying medium. Meditate on an uncondensed light and how all history has been recorded in this light, how it connects all things currently occurring and all things that will ever be. Then you should focus on the time you wish to view. Imagine you are truly there in the time period or area and when you skry this will make it much clearer.

J= The sigils for Mercury spirits are very unusual compared to most of the spirits in PME, what are the letters in the sigil supposed to represent?

S= The sigils were a short hand for his (Bardon’s) mind to create the proper consciousness. I recommend asking each spirit for a sigil so that your mind will do the same. Do this towards the end of an evocation in order to load your consciousness with the energies and experiences of the spirit it represents. This way it is easier to recall the full experience of the entire evocation at any time.

I then ask some private questions regarding the creation of magical illusions and tulpas. I then meditate with Sitael on his inner and outer aura. His outer aura is like a flower that sprouts up and comes to full bloom in a cup shape. His inner aura is like two cords of energy, red and white being intertwined together. Sitael was very kind and a luminous spirit to behold. This is his image:

We now progress to the sphere of Venus, which has an emerald green hue and an influence upon the growth, pollinating, and sexual love upon the earth. I will be conjuring the spirit Podme in order to understand working within the sphere of Venus, as well the influence of other spheres upon Venus.


  1. Hello Justin what a beautiful Thursday it is! Could you tell me that can the method given by Sitael be use to access the Akashic record? Can it be use to view the dinosaur?