Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sagara- Spirit of Scorpio


Sagara did not appear immediately but when she did she filled the nearby astral plane with a beautiful light. At first she appeared only as her sigil vibrating with a cool white light. Eventually she took on a human form. After introductions we began.

J= Bardon gives the name Sagara, and Abra-Melin gives the name Sagarez. Which is the best name to summon you?

S= Sagara is a better representation in regards to the forces I rule over. It is truer.

J=What do you look for in a person in order to initiate them?

S=The search for truth no matter its difficulty or where it may lie.

J= What occurs when you initiate someone?

S= I fill each element with a brilliant light charging it with power over the elements.

J=What is the relation between initiation and influence of humans and animals in a magical manner?

S=There are many aspects to magic and I initiate magicians into the art of influencing humans and animals, other spirits can initiate one into other aspects of the art. It is my specialty.

J= Is there only one initiation or are there many grades to what you do?

S= Many, it depends on the desire for the truth. As long as the initiate continues striving towards the truth I continue to initiate them deeper into the mysteries.

J=For those who desire to be intitated what do you recommend them do to be noticed by you?

S= Meditate on the night sky and the starlight, as well at the rising of the sun-meditate on the light and the unquenchable drive towards truth. I shall come to those who do this and begin the process.

J= How does one influence man and beast in a magical manner?

S= Make your willpower as a light (although she spoke light I experienced it as a thick-near fluid white light, with the heat and viscosity of magma flowing out from her being.) With this as the medium for the will you can do anything.

I ask for a method to initiate people studying under me so I won't have to trouble her by calling her again. She explains the method to me and what a true initiation must consist of. I am sadly unable to write on this but I will say it is not difficult and one can intuit it from above and through experimentation. I then meditate with her on her energies. Her outer aura is a great pillar of light shining down and wider at the base than at the apex. The center of which has a sphere of akasha like a black hole. Her inner aura is a pure rising shaft of light rising up. I thank Sagara and return her to her sphere.

Sagara was very direct and not one to be too chatty. She could give a look that could put a chill in a man's bones if she ever manifested on the physical plane but she was very kind. Here is here image:



  1. Make your willpower as a light (although she spoke light I experienced it as a thick-near fluid white light, with the heat and viscosity of magma flowing out from her being.) With this as the medium for the will you can do anything.

    How would you go about making your will like that? And does that mean make your will alone like that or use an energy like that to manifest your will?

    A freind just gave me a link to your site so get ready for quite a few questions. :D

  2. That is a good question Jesse! ;-)

    One could simply imagine the will that way until one experiences, feels, sees and knows that when the magical will is being used it appears as such. One could also imagine that type of will as an energy within the universe and draw it into oneself.

    There is probably a few ways to do it, I recommend trying out a couple and finding which "calls" to you.

    Good magic to you Jesse!

  3. Ho Justin do you know anything about mental illness from the occult point of view. Whats the relationship between the spirit or mental body and the physical brain? Does mental illness have anything to do with elemental/fluid imbalance?

    1. Think of driving a car. When the car is built properly and maintained the driver can operate it very smoothly. When the car is not built properly or not maintained the operator has difficulty managing the drive. The driver can also be impared and in a good car. Of course the driver in the analogy is the spirit or mind and the car the soul and body. Think along these lines and you will get the general idea.

  4. Oh yeah Bardon speaks of larvae, elementals, and phantoms. Does those entities contribute to mental illnesses?

    1. In the same way finding wild animals and bringing them home can cause your house and body to be wrecked yes.