Friday, March 13, 2009


In several places, Bardon mentions that repeating a formula 462 times will cause an instantaneous physical result to be released from the volt of power that has built up. I found this proposition exciting if true. I decided to set aside most other magical propositions and tasks to so I could focus all of my magical will and energy on a formula. I wanted something I think all magicians crave, a formula to manifest a thought-form to physical form. January 19th (notice the start of this project right after my evocation series) I began doing the repetitions.

Bardon gives no special instructions other than reciting the formula (and what that entails), but I also know that with formula magic the intention is important, otherwise the results will be generalized through the Kabbalist life and sphere. I created the intention that I would have to physically speak the formula for it to take any effect. I did not want to slip in a daydream and manifest something. Other than that, I simply repeated the formula, bridging the concepts together.
The first major effect I noticed is that whenever I went to sleep after reciting the formula I would dream about anything I may have thought about through out the day. As if each thought was drawn into the reality of the dream. This is not typical in my dream state; it is quite rare when I dream of anything related to my waking life. When it does happen I can easily pick it out and why it is there.

Nearly a month in to practice I then started having dreams of merging with divinity and other divine experiences related to the formula. I took this as me bringing the akashic level into a near astral density. I also noticed that I attained things much easier just by considering the desire for a while, and what I wanted of the thing desired. Towards the end of the first month, I was doing twenty repetitions a day.

I decided that on 3-11-09 since there was a full moon to finish the reps. The last week or so I had only a few left and I returned to a slower pace, loading food and drink with the formula or doing a long meditation on one rep. only. I thought it symbolically potent to finish on the full moon. I did so and had an incredible dream that I will be using as a meditation very soon as it allowed merging with divinity in an interesting manner, as well as connecting the activity to manifestation.
I waited a day to test the effectiveness of the formula. That night I then thought of an object I wished to manifest enhancing the detail and color for a few seconds. I then pronounced the formula. Nothing. Well, I say nothing…it produced a very strong astral condensation that lasted until banished. I have tried it with a few other things, simply projecting a mental form and then using the formula. Each time it produces a strong astral image that no longer requires me to hold it in my mind or try to keep the details formed.

In conclusion, it probably requires many more repetitions to produce the desired effect. However, I was only curious as to whether or not 462 repetitions had some magical impact or if it was the imagination and effort of the magicians who did the repetitions. I was pretty sure it was the latter but one does not know until one tries.
I have made rituals in the past that have been much stronger than this formula in a day or two with ease, although it took a strong effort of will-imagination-and emotion. I now plan to move to the final experiment I plan on working using the Bardon system which I think will take more time than two months and seven days, but who is to say? Wish me luck until then!


  1. Hi Justin,

    I am a Bardon magician from Brazil. Very interesting website ^^, thanx for sharing your experiences.
    Could you please give me your email? I would like to discuss a subject with you..
    If you prefer not to post your email here, send me an email.. my is .
    Yours, wish you the best, :)


  2. Iirc Rawn's commentary was enlightening on this very same subject.I do think it's heavily mantram style (well blatantly obvious).Did you on your practice do a set number of reps per session Or a full mala(full rosary)?Or, did you do the same 462 reps every session?I'd think for effective charging, you'd have to do a full 462 per session, then perhaps 462 sessions as well!

  3. I just did a total of 462 reps. Bardon does say in IIh at the very end that it has to be done 462 times on 462 days. However in KTK he just says 462 reps. I was testing the 462 total reps. What I did was meditate on each letter each rep. so that would have been quite exhausting to do that every day for 462 days!

    Now a simple mantra repetition (which I think IIH is more about) would be interesting to test...maybe give it a shot?

    Great comment, thanks a bunch!

  4. Hei Justin!
    Never tried this formula again?

    1. Honestly I never tried it again, I run an experiment and will put it away unless the results blow my mind lol. I could go back to it, but never felt the urge to really.

  5. Hei!
    I remember a post in a online group (5-7 years ago), you shared the evocation of Vimarone (really nice evocation), and, you say the spirit give you the method with you materalize objects.
    Its possible you say if you today have the ability to materalize a object in the physical plain?
    Appreciate your answer!

    1. I got really good at astral materializations. Sadly, the best I could get with materializing physical objects where months apart and at times not exactly what I wanted (like fake plastic diamonds instead of real, I actually have a fake diamond of plastic on my altar now as a reminder of that haha) to be honest I have not been on that practice for a couple years now. I had other mysteries come up that I needed answering and left it. Now that my schedule for exploration is cleared, may go back and see if I got better at it.

    2. If you come back to this project, dont forgot to tell to us!
      All of your readers will love your work.
      Appreciate and thanks for your answer!

  6. Justin e seus trabalhos com as letras cabalisticas? Você já teve alguma experiencia de materialização com elas? Abraços

    1. Sorry, I speak English and broken English.

    2. I am curious about it too.
      Fortunately i am from Brazil just like my friend up there. The question is:
      "Justin, what about your previous works with the cosmic letters? Did you ever had any kind of materialization experience with it?"

      Thank you.

    3. Ah ok! Thanks for the translation! I have had several materializations through my magic career. Gabriel leaving me a feather in a triangle, Ghob the earth elemental king manifesting before me, flower smells, temperature fluxs, storms, and of course things I want finding me days later. With Kabbalah work it always seemed to manifest naturally without a seemingly occult manifestation. I also find when I push myself to try some new magic I get weird one offs like when I do Enochian weird stuff happens or the spells from New Avatar Power.