Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Magic Practice

Magic Practice

I was talking to a good friend a couple weeks back and we got on the conversation of people trying out magic for the first time. We thought it was funny that many of these people will do one spell and for whatever reason have it not work, they then give up magic and say it is bogus. Just think about this for a second.
I was born with a natural talent for art, I am a better artist than some and much worse that many others. I was born with this talent and it took many years of drawing, painting, researching techniques, studying other artists, investing in books and supplies, making horrible art, crumpling tons of paper and every now and then coming up with something pretty cool. In many ways, I have done the same thing with magic!
I find it sad and humorous that people think they can pick up a grimoire or spellbook and *bam* they are sorcerer supreme or friggin’ Merlin. When have you EVER done anything like that before? When have you been good or even mediocre at something just doing it one time and maybe reading a few books about it?
Go pick up a musical instrument, art supplies, start writing a novel or begin sculpting. How long will it take you to get even close to creating something? How long do you think it will take you to be considered a decent writer, musician, artist, and sculptor? Seriously! How many hours will you have to put in to get any return on your investment? Do you really think if you decided to be a body builder that you could just start power lifting two hundred pounds?
Sure, people have natural talents and every now and then, you find people who cast their first spell and produce amazing results, just like you may have a savant in any other field. You may not even be a savant; you may just have a good deal of natural talent at your disposal. Still, consider the difference between natural talent and harnessing and developing that talent into something truly amazing. Do you think it will all just happen or do you think it will take trial and error, effort and time?

Just saying.

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