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In magic, one hears and reads a lot about the various forces that make up our universe. There are the elements, planets, spirits, angels, and gods. Then on top of these ideas, there is much talk of whether or not all of these forces are external and objective or internal and subjective. Lets face it, in magic one can read ten different books or speak to ten different magicians on the subject and walk away with ten different viewpoints. So, what is “real”? What is the point of magic? What is the goal of magic? How does one “do” magic?
One fairly consistent idea is that the universe is made up of various elements and forces. Another fairly consistent thought is that by meditation and focus upon these elements one can learn to master them, and therefore the universe. There is another consistent idea that by the will and imagination one can accomplish anything. So this is what we will use as our baseline or foundation.
In my various studies on how individuals and nations worked magic I have found that all of them thought that the universe can be portioned off into discreet elements and that by various methods of imagination and willpower one could work with these powers and that is what made one a magician. In my personal work I have found that depending on the degree one has worked with a spirit or force of nature one can easily work magic simply by imagining contact with that force, willing your desire and letting that force do what it is designed to do. It becomes quite easy the more one works with the energy. I have also found that the more one builds associations and meditates upon the energy the more potent and more quickly the results come.
Then we have the idea that man is a reflection of the universe to varying degrees. He/she has within them the same powers and energies that make up the universe, in varying degrees again. So, then it would seem after reflecting on this that all one has to do is increase the powers and energies within oneself—which would then allow one to create in the universe as they create in themselves (will and imagination). I have found this to be true as well. One considers the chakras and how they connect us to certain elements, planetary forces, gods, concepts and energies. This is all pretty basic and it seems that I may be orbiting the same idea repeatedly. This is only to make certain we are on the same page.
In Hindu magic, western magic, eastern magic and on and on you see that if one builds a visualization and endows it with certain thoughts then it becomes quite powerful and active. This is true even when one is not consciously creating said visualization. Think of any invocation work. The initiate spends years learning about a god or spirit, likes and dislikes, powers and domains, symbolism and appearance before invoking. The more they have worked on the theory and ideation behind the god, the more potent the invocation. They speak as if that god watches over them, protects them, and looks out for them. You can see the same things in Hindu magic when one focuses on one of the elements. The classic idea of tummo or psychic heat is a great example. After long meditation on the element, the monk masters the force and can walk in the snow covered mountains without a stitch of cloth on their body. They believe the element protects them and is within them. One then begins to think of The Abramelin rite, or the tulpas of the Hindus. Through powerful concentration and focus one either draws forth or creates a potent being separate from oneself that can operate for ones guidance, protection and give one great power. But again only after a strong series of meditation and devotion to certain powers and forces that make up the universe
So with all of these ideas now fresh in your head let us really look at what makes one a powerful magician. What I see is this: The more one focuses and works with a certain power than the more that power flows through the magician. Let us take the elements for example. Let us pretend there are two magicians, one who continuously meditates and imagines the elements until he can feel them as physical powers and one who just studies the elements on a theoretical level and at best calls up or evokes various spirits of the elements to work his will. The first magician will be able to simply desire what he/she wants with the thought of the element behind that goal the second will have to go through a lengthy conjuration and work with a spirit to get their will accomplished. So, who has the better mastery of the elements? The first obviously has opened the channels within their being to accommodate more of the elements into their will and imagination. They have made it a part of their being and essence. They simply imagine what they desire and will it to be and those forces set to work within them. Another example is pipes carrying water. The bigger the pipe is the more powerful the flow of water that will be able to flow through the pipe. Well, by meditation and focus on an element or power you are increasing the size of your pipes to accommodate more power. The idea that one can merge with a concept or idea through single pointed focus or Samadhi is what does this. This is the point of all that meditation, not to bore you or make you more “spiritual”, it is to grant you tremendous power! By merging with only the four basic elements of the universe-fire, water, air and earth (YHVH) then one can control those elements and therefore the universe. How? Because one has become those elements and has made powerful channels in order to work the will. The protect you, guide you, watch over you because you are a part of them.

On a side note, this may be one of the few remaining blogs I write up. Looking back over my work I have pretty much covered nearly everything I have wanted to say, sometimes saying it several times in different ways. I may have one or maybe even two left in me but it is pretty close to the end for these things. In truth there is only so much one can say! I keep playing around with the idea of putting out a second revised edition to my first book, which friends suggest I should as well. It might happen. The last few projects I have tried writing up only seem to sputter out with me thinking, everything has been written, and all I am doing is either summarizing or saying it in a new way. I think about you guys and what I have written in these blogs and my books and think, “they are smart enough to get it, let them figure out with what has been written, other works and ideas their own unique path! That is what really matters!” Moreover, it is true. Take every work of magic ever written as only a sketch, inspiration. Until magic comes from you, your imagination, associations, beliefs and creativity, your just working someone else’s magic. It will never be as potent and as true as the one you craft. It is like art, you can copy the masters all day long. Until you find your voice, your art, your vision then it is not art.

Good magic to you all!


  1. what do you think about daoist magic?
    do you know anything about this man?

    thanks for your answer! :)

  2. I have heard a good bit about it and studied some aspects of Daoist magic yes. What man?

  3. ops, sorry, my mistake
    do you know anything about this book? (

    thanks for your answer!:)

  4. Hei!
    The explanation you give in this blog, about the power of the meditation and the idea that one can merge with a concept or idea through single pointed focus or Samadhi, is beautiful!
    This is a explanation for the use of the scripts? More use and meditation on a script make is more and more powerful?
    And about the spirits? When I evoke a spirit and try to make my astral signature equal of the spirit is a meditation?

    1. Thanks!

      Yes the more you develop and work on a power the more you channel it through.