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PME-commentary Podme- Spirit of Venus

Podme – Spirit of Venus.

I applied Podme’s name Kabbalisticlly into the four planes. I then traced her sigil into the space before me. I projected my mind into the sphere of Venus and called out Podme’s name once and she immediately appeared to my mind. I then drew her down the planes until she was before me astrally. She purred a greeting towards me and I greeted her. Immediately the whole room was filled with a lovely feeling of pleasantness and joy. I discussed what I was doing and she agreed.

J= How does one use the cosmic language in the Venus sphere?

P= This applies to the fourth pole of concentration needed to work the kabbalistic language. One should be able to speak from the given sphere in their consciousness to create the particular cause needed. Anything having to do with love, sexuality, growth, pleasure and the plant kingdom should be done with a Venusian consciousness.

J= What are the influences on the other spheres upon Venus?

P=Neptune has the influence on Venus in certain plants used magically as well as the use of sex magic practices and their effect on nature. Saturn influences the wilting, limitation and keeps growing life in check. Jupiter Creates the lawful design within the plant world and causes plenty so that the plants purpose can be fulfilled (I see fruit bearing trees showering down their abundance). Mars rules over the passions and eroticism within Venus. It also controls the evolutionary role of sexual conduct in some ways. The Sun of course vitalizes all life so it may grow. Mercury gives the ideals and ideation that causes mankind to pursue romantic sexual pleasures of various sorts as well as sexual writings and some poetry. The Moon affects the electro-magnetic energies releasing or holding back Venusian energies at the right time as they enter the Zone Girdling the Earth.

Podme then enlightens me with the highest consciousness Venus has in order to work practically within her sphere. It has the shape of a sea shell but the density of a gentle cloud rising upwards with the sensation of pleasure and the color of light green. I then meditate on her aura. Her outer aura is very similar to what Bardon gives however it is more round-curvaceous and swirls in the center compared to Bardon’s jagged center. However, her inner aura has that same W shape although it is more rounded and has the feeling of a lover’s hand gently sliding towards you in bed. In all things Podme was very forthcoming and very friendly. I can see why someone like Bardon would overly worry about contacting this sphere. Anyone with any sort of sexual repression would find great temptation within this sphere. It fills one with joy and an ease that only can be found in repose with a loving partner. I thank Podme and return her to her sphere.

Here is the image of Podme:

I would also like to mention that female magicians entering the water sphere or the Venus sphere will find the same type of beautiful beings but of the male variety. There are both sexes in either sphere and the female magician is warned about becoming too attached to these spheres as the male is.

We now draw nearer divinity by entering the sphere of the Sun. The Sun is the source of life and vitality within our world and so it is within our spiritual system. Magically, once one masters this sphere they have connected with true divinity half way. This is where we meet yet another problem with Bardon’s grimoire. The spirits of the Sun in Bardon’s PME have all had their names changed in a cipher Bardon constructed. We will be evoking Selhube or rather Sad Naschira. For a little insight into Kabbalah and qualities are reflected in a spirits powers, I will show the difference Kabbalisticlly with these two names compared to what Bardon says the spirit does. We load a certain number of letters into the akasha, the mental, astral and physical.

Sad Naschira.

Akasha: S-A-D

Primordial divine fire, illumination-purity of all ideas and the mysteries of creation.

Mental: N-A.

The mental matrix (the connection between the mental body and the astral body), enlightened intellect and cognition of the most profound truths.

Astral: Sch- I

Manifest Belief and mastery over fire therefore empowering the will, the astral matrix and the breath.

Physical: R-A.

Broaden the intellect and mastery over the air principle in the physical world.....

So, one can say that this formula or spirit would obviously create a powerful enlightenment and the purity of consciousness in order to understand creation’s mysteries. It will also provide a powerful effect on manifestation as it uses the fire element along with the mental and astral matrix and the power to manifest belief through the will.

Let us consider the name Selhube which is the cipher.....

Akasha: S-E

Primordial fire-power, and omniconsciousness

Mental: L- H

Morality and understanding Divine Providence Symbolically as well as

spiritual sight.

Astral: U.

Transference of consciousness, mastery of consciousness and trance.

Physical: B-E.

Mastery over life and death as well as the power to materialize or


From this spirit or formula we can ascertain that it will cause a potent trance like connection to Divine Providence and enlighten our consciousness but also will grant the ability over life and death.

Let us now compare this with our next spirit’s powers as described by Bardon: The arch-creator of all arch-symbols in their primary language- the cosmic language. He is the helmsman of all original ideas that have become reality. I think it is fairly obvious that the formula Sad Naschira has all of the qualities and powers needed to connect to the powers this spirit has, where as Selhube is more likely a formula that will connect one to Divine Providence through a deep ecstatic trance causing an influence on the life force of the person and granting that person power over life and death through that connection. Before calling this spirit we would really not know for sure though. Also, if we did not have knowledge of Kabbalah or the cipher how could we know what to do? By using the spirits sigil alone we could connect to the energy signature of the spirit and connect our mind to its. Also, the best method is mentally projecting into the sphere in order to ascertain the truth in all matters.

PME-commentary Sitael of Mercury

Sitael- Spirit of Mercury

After my usual preparations for an evocation I loaded both the names SITA Kabbalisticlly into the akasha, mental, astral and physical and then I repeated the formula given in Bardon’s Key to the True Kabbalah of Sitael’s quantity key which is Sch-I-H-A. SITA is the quality key and SchIHA is the quantity key. To make this understandable let us consider the idea of power. Power is a quality. A local sheriff has the quality of power and a certain amount of its quantity. However, a president has a greater amount of quantity of the quality of power. I hope this illuminates the difference between qualities and quantities as they apply to Kabbalistic speech. One can just evoke the spirit using the name Sitael but I enjoy doing little experiments like this in order to see the difference. Also when using Kabbalah (Bardon’s that is) one does not apply the suffix EL at the end of a beings name; hence my only using SITA instead of SITAEL. Returning to the evocation I then drew Sitael’s sigil in the air using my three bodies. Unlike most spirits who have one color used to draw their sigil most spirits of Mercury in Bardon’s PME have more than one color in their sigil and they do not use the yellow light vibration of the sphere. Sitael’s sigil is mostly red with one letter as purple. Sitael is then contacted through the aspect of omniconsciousness within his sphere and I then guide him down the planes until his presence fills the room. He greets me and I him. I describe my purpose for calling him and he agrees to the task.

J= Bardon mentions you are an authority on hypnosis, suggestion and spiritual telepathy. Can you speak on this?

S= True hypnosis or ecstasy is the ability to disengage a person’s spirit from the astral and physical bodies. To do this one must be a master of the three planes and bodies. Then simply imagine and will someone’s spirit to be pushed out of the other two bodies. The person will experience bliss according to their current development. The magician can then speak directly to the astral and physical base consciousness which will have no power to use the quality of willpower to stop the suggestions given. Suggestion without hypnosis is done by taking the same astral vibration as another person or being and speaking to them with the intention of changing their mind to follow the intent. It finds true power when symbols are applied to the astral to influence them as well. Spiritual telepathy is done by drawing a great amount of light energy and directing it towards a person while in the akasha. Think directly to them the thoughts you wish to tell them, if done without the condensation of light energy then the vitality suffers.

J= How does one become an absolute master over man and animal through deception and illusion?

S=This is done by using the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of others against them and controlling their minds by playing on their views and primitive reactions. There are forces in the mind that over ride rational thinking and this type of magic taps into those forces, bending them to the magician’s will. Fear and desire are the most prominent.

J=How does one read the past-present and future using the akasha principal?

S=Enter into the akasha or project the akasha into a skrying medium. Meditate on an uncondensed light and how all history has been recorded in this light, how it connects all things currently occurring and all things that will ever be. Then you should focus on the time you wish to view. Imagine you are truly there in the time period or area and when you skry this will make it much clearer.

J= The sigils for Mercury spirits are very unusual compared to most of the spirits in PME, what are the letters in the sigil supposed to represent?

S= The sigils were a short hand for his (Bardon’s) mind to create the proper consciousness. I recommend asking each spirit for a sigil so that your mind will do the same. Do this towards the end of an evocation in order to load your consciousness with the energies and experiences of the spirit it represents. This way it is easier to recall the full experience of the entire evocation at any time.

I then ask some private questions regarding the creation of magical illusions and tulpas. I then meditate with Sitael on his inner and outer aura. His outer aura is like a flower that sprouts up and comes to full bloom in a cup shape. His inner aura is like two cords of energy, red and white being intertwined together. Sitael was very kind and a luminous spirit to behold. This is his image:

We now progress to the sphere of Venus, which has an emerald green hue and an influence upon the growth, pollinating, and sexual love upon the earth. I will be conjuring the spirit Podme in order to understand working within the sphere of Venus, as well the influence of other spheres upon Venus.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Liteviche- Sebadola -Moon Sphere Principle

Liteviche- Sebadola.

I took a shower cleansing all psychic and corporeal influences that would cause any negative influence on the ritual. I dressed and lit my oil lamp charging the light with energy in order to manifest the spirit to a greater degree. I then got into my meditative position using my anchor to enter a trance. I brought my awareness into all three bodies, mental, astral and physical. This is done in order to be effective magically on all three planes. I used the cosmic letters Sch-A-M-Ö and meditated as I did so on the four divine virtues and the final letter alchemically transforming my consciousness. I then loaded my mirror with the light vibration of the Moon, which is silver. This fills the room with the light on the mental and astral plane. I load this light with the intention to manifest the spirit. I draw the sigil of Liteviche as Bardon shows, this is done in a silver light and using my three bodies to make it effective on all planes. I use the cosmic letters of his name in the akasha: L-I-T, in the mental: E- W (which has a v sound in German) on the astral plane I load the atmosphere with I and C and then load my magic mirror with H & E. (I did not use the Ch but instead the C- H- E as I thought that the effects of these letters made more sense in comparison to Liteviche's described powers.) I then use the divine aspect of omniconsciousness and enter the Moon sphere. I call out to Liteviche on the mental plane silently, on the astral plane in a whisper and finally on the physical plane vibrating it into the room. Liteviche manifests slowly as a dark cloud shifting and swirling and finally taking form after a minute or so. He greets me and I welcome him and state my intention for evoking him. He agrees, and we begin.

J= Bardon gives the name of Liteviche, however some believe your name is the same as the station you hold. Can you tell me which is correct?

L=My original name is Sebadola. Bardon attempted to speak on our innate qualities and powers. My oldest name is Sebadola. My qualities are reflected in Bardon’s name for me. I will come and respect either name. This is the same for all of the Moon sphere spirits.

J= Bardon says that you can grant formulas to calm storms, annihilate armies and win wars. Is this truly possible?

L=Of course, you know this is so. Man has forgotten the old magic. We have through Divine Providences orders veiled the mysteries so they do not escape as they did in the past. Societies have been extinguished due to these keys being abused.

J= What makes a magician highly ethical?

L= If they are honest with their inner truth. You fear these keys and already you have the spark of faith in what I can do. I would give you these keys because of this, but you already know you will not take them. That is why I will follow you and your work. I will work your need if the time strikes. You will never require the need to know these keys.

J=Help me understand lawfulness in using these formulas.

L=If the magus has a mission that requires such force then Divine Providence releases these keys, and they can be practiced without fear. Providence watches and allows them when it is needed.

I thank Liteviche and ask if I may meditate with him. His outer aura has a hexagonal shape but it is like a dark cloud. His inner aura is a swirling five pointed blade spinning in the darkness in a counter clockwise direction. I thank him again and he adds some things about my current development before I release him. I then return him to his sphere and banish the energy built up in the room back into the Moon sphere. I then cleanse the room with my banishing method. Liteviche is a very interesting spirit. He is dark and foreboding and had a strange way of speaking in orbits around the subject as you may have noticed. I would try and persuade anyone who is not totally aware of their inner nature and who does not truly know themselves to not evoke this spirit until that time.

Here is the image of Liteviche/Sebadola:

We now move on to the sphere of Mercury which has a connection to the mental body and to the gaseous state in our physical world. There is also a couple of things I would like to write on that I failed to mention before. The Moon sphere controls liquid states on our physical. Also Bardon did not have a traditional tree of life model. He had an onion ring sort of view of the universe. He saw the physical world at the center and each sphere higher as a ring surrounding the previous. I personally, through experience and visions shown to me, disagree. I think that the divine is at the very center and the spheres after have a greater density with our physical world as the outside ring. Finally, when I said the astral body cannot go beyond the Earth Zone that is not to say that one cannot travel to the outer reaches of the universe or jump from asteroid to asteroid on the Kuiper belt near the outer rim of our solar system. One should not confuse the sphere named the Moon sphere with the astral equivalent of the Moon. These are two different things. One can travel to the moon astrally and enjoy the view. One cannot travel outside the Earth Zone astrally. The Earth Zone is the astral equivalent of the physical plane. Hope that takes care of any confusion that may have cropped up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PME-commentary Entering the Moon Sphere

PME Commentary –The Intelligences of the Lunar Sphere.

As we move away from the Earth Zone which has an effect on our vitality and the ether we move into the lunar sphere. The lunar sphere has a direct effect on our astral bodies and the astral plane; however it is not THE astral plane in any sense, which many occult authors claim. It is simply related to it. One cannot astrally project to the moon sphere since it is a higher degree of density. The magician must make use of his mental body if he wishes to attain the higher spheres beyond the Earth Zone. Now of course I will most likely have the debate that someone has travelled to some higher sphere in their astral body. This is unlikely. You may have either attained a sphere in the astral plane that was influenced by the particular sphere you wished to enter (The Earth Zone spheres are also used as a heavens for the deceased) or you had a vivid mental projection. A body is only allowed to travel in its lawful realm. A physical body traverses the Earth, the astral body traverses the astral plane and Earth Zone. The mental body ascends into the higher celestial spheres but can also traverse the lower spheres as well.

Before a magician evokes a being from the Moon sphere they should have mentally projected to the sphere and become accustomed to the vibration of that plane. Just like when the magician entered the elemental kingdoms and astral plane. One simply projects their being into the sphere by loading their mental body with the appropriate color of the sphere. This is silver. Then one projects their mind to the Moon sphere and attains its vibration which for the Moon sphere is a silver light oscillation that has a vortex like pull within it and the density of a fog. After some time one attains the Moon sphere vibration and encounters vistas and beings. Just like in previous spheres one must maintain the composure and be patient for a moon spirit to speak with you and to not communicate with the spirits of the Moon until they speak with you first. This is to show your maturity and your mastery. These spirits will eventually speak with you! You can also bring your guide or Holy Guardian Angel with you into the sphere for their aid and direction.

There are many types of Moon spirits and from my travels there I have met the negative spirits as well as positive beings and angels. No matter what types of beings you encounter remain respectful and kind. You never know what you may learn from a being and some of the demons I have met have been most kind and taught me several things as well as giving me blessings for my behavior in their sphere. Always remember you are in THEIR sphere, be respectful. I will be evoking the spirit Liteviche from the moon sphere to speak with.

There is some thought that Bardon had a cipher for these spirits but this is not so, the beings RULE over the stations even though the stations have a name as well. From my experience the names of the spirits are correct and follow their kabbalistic lawfulness. However, for all due diligence, we will investigate the matter by asking the spirit its real name.

I will be taking a day or two off from evocations for a little breather (I have been doing one or two a day along with the writing and art so I feel justified ;-)

Romasara- Spirit of Leo in the earth Zone

Romasara- Romesaf spirit of Leo.

After the usual preparation for calling the spirit I enter the sphere of Leo using the attribute of omniconsciousness. I then call out to Romasara. After describing my mission, I begin with the questions:

J= Is your name Romasara or Romesaf? Bardon lists one name and Abra-melin another.

R= Romasara is closer to the truth, but neither are the truth.

J=What is the magical viewpoint of the air principle?

R=Breath connects one to the ebb and flow of the universe. It is the astral-physical connecting medium with the life force.

J=What is the art of breathing?

R= It is the reflection of the divine +/- the inhale is the electrical power and the echale the magnetic. One acquires a deep connection to the flow of the life force in the universe and one naturally draws forth vitality and power.

J=How can one use Pranayama in gaining power and energy?

R= There are three levels of mastery. First, one inhales and draws all life force towards oneself, on the exhale return the power. Secondly, after the first practice is second nature you imagine that you are the universe breathing. Inhale and you are the electric fluid, on the exhale you are the magnetic fluid. Finally once this is mastered you add breaks in between where the breath is held and the lungs are held empty. During these breaks one imagines they are the akashic principle, they must feel the void in not breathing and know that you are the master over the elements. Gently increase the time the breath is held, never push beyond what is comfortable.

***Warning, while the first level of mastery is OK for nearly anyone the second and third should only be done if one has previously mastered the electric and magnetic fluids (which in Initiation to Hermetic terms is step 8 and above.) although he freely gave this to be published I was concerned that such a practice if done without previous mastery could cause imbalances and setbacks upon the path. Please take my warning seriously and do not dabble, you are responsible for your own well being, not this spirit.

I thank the spirit and ask if I may meditate with him. He agrees and also grants me a formula to master the vital force which I kindly thank him for. He gives me the energies of the three letter formula, two of the letters I am familiar with however one letter is unlike any that I have come across. I then begin meditating with him. His outer aura is brilliant and sun like, with each breath it pulsates. His inner aura is like the shape and density of a great pyramid that is luminous on the top; this gives me insight into his true name because this does not match any of the letters within his name. The above description of his inner aura with working knowledge of the cosmic letters will reveal the missing letter.

This is the image of Romasara:

Habüaz- Spirit of Aquarius


After meditating on the four divine qualities and loading them into my being I then loaded my mirror and the room with a violet energy vibration. I then drew Hatuny's sigil and loaded the room with the kabbalistic formula of his name. I then projected my mind into his sphere and called out his name first in the mental, then the astral and finally physically vibrating it. I was then presented with a man in a black robe with the head of a black steer. I asked the spirit its name and it turned from a head to a mask and finally he showed his face ...which was eerily similar to mine. I knew this was going to be an interesting evocation. After introductions he explained he did that to see what my reaction would be and it was sort of a test. I did not ask if I passed or not.

J= Bardon gives one version of your name and an older source gives a different version. Which is correct (After speaking with him for a few seconds I could guess which it was)?

H= Habüaz is the right name. Bardon changed it to prevent dabbling. He knew a true magician would discover it. Also, I rather work with a magician directly through inspiration or when a magician mentally travels to my sphere. (I ask at this point would he rather end the evocation and speak by me mentally projecting to his sphere, he said he was O.K. with this for now.)

J= How do you initiate a magician into Kabbalistic magic?

H= It is a slow process, and it depends on their background, ethics, magical development thus far and elemental makeup. I typically guide them to art first-the religious or sacred variety. This builds the needed ideas and feelings to then move on to either philosophy or religion depending on what Divine Providence requests. Finally I find them a teacher or inspirational writings and materials. I then guide the teacher in how to work with the student or direct the material to the students attention. The teacher student relationship is valuable in some respects more so than reading because direct transmission is possible and mastery is achieved much faster.

J=Is their any practices I can give my readers?

H=I cannot offer your readers any practice other than to know themselves, meditate on what it takes for you to create, work, love and teach. Pay attention to what takes place inside of you when you do this and how a feeling can move you to action. I offer your readers the knowledge that I will unfailingly guide them in their due time.

We then discuss some private practices in relation to my kabbalistic practice. He tells me about the true practice of Bardon's fourth pole lawfulness material (the numbers 1-10) and some of the defects I have in my practice such as letters that are not truly representative of the divine virtue they reflect and what I should do to fix it. He also describes a method for working directly with him without evocation or mental travel and gives me the method. I then meditate on his outer and inner qualities which he told me not to publish but I will say I have never experienced such a detailed and beautiful energy signature before.

Habüaz can be compared to Hermes in many respects. They have the same ability to be a powerful guiding factor and at the same time seem so light hearted and care free. I recall the first time I met Hermes and he had this same sort of dark appearance followed by a light hearted discussion. I cannot recommend enough if one is learning Kabbalah to visit Habüaz in his sphere and speak directly with him. You will not be disappointed. I feel foolish for not evoking him sooner.

Here is his image, sans cow head:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sagara- Spirit of Scorpio


Sagara did not appear immediately but when she did she filled the nearby astral plane with a beautiful light. At first she appeared only as her sigil vibrating with a cool white light. Eventually she took on a human form. After introductions we began.

J= Bardon gives the name Sagara, and Abra-Melin gives the name Sagarez. Which is the best name to summon you?

S= Sagara is a better representation in regards to the forces I rule over. It is truer.

J=What do you look for in a person in order to initiate them?

S=The search for truth no matter its difficulty or where it may lie.

J= What occurs when you initiate someone?

S= I fill each element with a brilliant light charging it with power over the elements.

J=What is the relation between initiation and influence of humans and animals in a magical manner?

S=There are many aspects to magic and I initiate magicians into the art of influencing humans and animals, other spirits can initiate one into other aspects of the art. It is my specialty.

J= Is there only one initiation or are there many grades to what you do?

S= Many, it depends on the desire for the truth. As long as the initiate continues striving towards the truth I continue to initiate them deeper into the mysteries.

J=For those who desire to be intitated what do you recommend them do to be noticed by you?

S= Meditate on the night sky and the starlight, as well at the rising of the sun-meditate on the light and the unquenchable drive towards truth. I shall come to those who do this and begin the process.

J= How does one influence man and beast in a magical manner?

S= Make your willpower as a light (although she spoke light I experienced it as a thick-near fluid white light, with the heat and viscosity of magma flowing out from her being.) With this as the medium for the will you can do anything.

I ask for a method to initiate people studying under me so I won't have to trouble her by calling her again. She explains the method to me and what a true initiation must consist of. I am sadly unable to write on this but I will say it is not difficult and one can intuit it from above and through experimentation. I then meditate with her on her energies. Her outer aura is a great pillar of light shining down and wider at the base than at the apex. The center of which has a sphere of akasha like a black hole. Her inner aura is a pure rising shaft of light rising up. I thank Sagara and return her to her sphere.

Sagara was very direct and not one to be too chatty. She could give a look that could put a chill in a man's bones if she ever manifested on the physical plane but she was very kind. Here is here image:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Carubot-Larubos -Taurus Earth Zone Spirit

Carubot – Larubos. Spirit of Taurus within the Earth Zone

After loading the room with a light vibration of green, I drew the sigil of Carubot in the air before my magic mirror. I then spoke Carubot's name with the kabbalistic letters. I projected my mind into the sphere of Taurus. I called out Carubot's name three times before he appeared to my consciousness. I then drew him from the akashic sphere of Taurus down to the nearby astral. He was nearly physical as I could feel his presence right in front of me. He was extremely vivid on the astral plane. Carubot was very direct, almost a martial presence however he was not cruel. Like a wizened old professor who knew exactly what he wanted his students to learn, knew they were capable and expected nothing less than their best. After some introductory discussion we got to the task at hand.

J= Bardon gives a different name than an older source of your name. What is the difference?

C= Larubot is my role as inspirer of religious stories and tales. Carubot is my role of initiator within the realm of fantasy, myth, and fairytales. I will come as either form for those who are ignorant. Those who know should use the proper name.

J= How do you perform your task?

C= I am the inspiration behind these works.

J= What is the purpose of these stories?

C= These stories teach better than any method available to man. They enrich all aspects of the spirit and create needed qualities within the soul. This leads to right action in life. The imagination is empowered. The human race needs these stories, other methods fall short and cause the mind to lack the proper creative understanding of problems as well as causing mental defects. It develops symbolic communication, without which it is impossible to work magic. If you could make others understand symbolism then you could enlighten the world. Magicians are not possible without this ability in any manner. Without symbolic communication man will be staunch materialist lacking any spiritual conception.

J= How can one gain the ability of symbolic communication?

C= There are two methods. One makes you a master and the other makes you a vessel. To become a master train as such: Make analogies for everything you can conceive of or see. Find similar qualities and place them within groups. This will make the symbolic language unfold before you, making it second nature. Also spend time meditating on certain qualities or information you wish to symbolically understand. Once your mind is filled in such a manner than allow your mind to drift into a daydream. Whatever appears clearly, brilliantly and vividly is of a divine nature. That which is dark or unclear is mental dross from the self.

The second method which transforms one into a vessel is to engrave my sigil into a green candle anointed with musk oil. Load this with vital force drawn from the universe. Light the candle and chant my name in the aspect you wish to be initiated in. When you feel my presence you may stop chanting my name and know that I have initiated you into the art and loaded your spirit with my vibration. This will not provide the knowledge needed to understand the symbolic language, only the quality of being a vessel for the stories I inspire.

I thank Carubot for his enlightening information and ask if I may meditate with him for a while. I do and he shows me his true sigil which I am unable to reproduce for you. I thanked him again and returned him to his sphere. I then drew his image which is this:

After doing this and turning on the light after banishing, the wall directly behind my magic mirror and slightly above the mirror produced several faint knocking sounds each accompanied with a tiny bell ringing. It reminded me of the sound of a rotary phone ringing in another room but with a rapping on the wall. Very unusual, especially since that area is connected to the center of the house and purely structural. No phones, and no one else heard anything unusual in the house when I asked.