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PME-commentary final

Mental travel, Talismans and the Epilogue

Chapter 12 is a discussion for the theorist to learn about the various spheres that await the initiate as he travels towards the ultimate goal of all mankind. He describes the spheres-their light vibration what the method of entering these spheres and working within them. Since we had most of this discussion between evocations and the previous entry I feel we are well versed on what Bardon describes in this chapter.

Chapter 13 is the method which can be used in order to make talismans as a means of loading a spirits energy for personal use. Bardon begin with telling the initiate of the metals used for the various spheres, then saying gold or silver can be used depending on if the spirit is either electric or magnetic and finally states that for a true magician the metal is of no consequence because a magician can load the spirits energy directly into any object of his or her choosing. The summarized method to do this is purifying the talisman imaginatively and physically using the four elements, if the mage decides to use astrological timing which is not absolutely nessicary then awaiting the proper time, the carving of the spirits seal into the talisman repeating the spirits name while doing so along with the meditation on the qualities of the spirit. However the most potent method is to conjure the spirit up after preparing the talisman above and asking the spirit to bless of charge the talisman with its nature. There are several other methods to loading the talisman but the above is best especially if one is knowledgeable in Kabbalah. Of course a magician who knows Kabbalah can just load the talisman with the letters that make up the spirit and attain the same powers within the talisman as the spirit would load. The important thing to keep in mind is to not keep a talisman too long as the attachment to the energies within it will be a setback for your development.

We now reach the epilogue. That’s right my friends we come to the end of our journey and our commentary. Here Bardon congratulates the spherical magician who visits all the spheres and gets them under his control. This congratulation is not for me however. I want to be honest with you and let you know I have not mastered all of these spheres; I have visited them, yes. However, I am not their master. I continue on and build relationships within each sphere over time. One day I hope to be master of each. I call on you to do the same. Bardon states that those who have not had practical experience with evocation will now see the magnitude of the work to be done and at the very least respect the knowledge and the art. I hope this is the case. Finally, Bardon speaks on the practical nature of this book and how it is not a book one just reads and then lets the dust collection begin. This book is to be used and worked with or at the very least meditated on so it may sink deeper into the consciousness of the initiate and eventually sprout into fruition. Bardon then gives the predication that one day millions will use these teaching methods for their spiritual development in order to move closer to perfection. What a fascinating time that will be.

Now, for my final word. After reading these blogs I hope you have some idea of the experiences and the larger nature of the universe that awaits you once you take up this wonderful art of evocation. There are many ways to practice this art just as there are many art forms. The essential nature of an effective evocation is stated in the second tarot card that Bardon describes and I spoke on in the beginning of this commentary. Here are some of my personal views about Bardon’s second book: 1st- the main thrust of this book in my opinion is mental projection and a guidebook on what to expect in these spheres. It is also a foundation for someone who wants to know the powers behind astrology’s influence. 2nd this book was also designed for the Kabbalist to have a near dictionary of formulas to work with. I cannot recommend enough that the magician learning Kabbalah should work with a number of these spirits from each sphere to see the diversity and application of kabbalistic magic. Nothing will teach the cosmic letters faster than this. 3rd As any of these spirits will tell you, you do not *need* to evoke them. Their job is to inspire mankind with the information they have. A friend of mine who has done yoga for many years sent me an email telling me he had been practicing the Master level of pranayama given by Romasara for months and had never contacted this spirit. This is what they do! Every great idea, inspiration, and invention comes from these beings doing their job. The negative spirits and negative elementals have the exact opposite task and insinuate negative thoughts and emotions. Evocation is about singling them out and directly working with them consciously. 4th and finally, returning to the symbolism of the second tarot card and the topic of the major blind of the book. Bardon presents all of this information and these spirits in order to give you an idea of what the journey can be like. However, in my opinion you will learn even more through your own personal exploration of the spheres. Take Bardon’s map of the universe and mentally project to the individual spheres. Make friends. Learn the cosmic language and many a magical secret. Then once you have a few friends up there invite them over if you want, to your place, use the cosmic letters to grant them a certain density so you can experience them on your level. So, what I am trying to say is this. There are a bunch of different types of people practicing Bardon and each does evocation differently. Some use tons of tools, others use absolutely none. Because, in the end the magic to make those tools work, came from you to begin with.

Good magic to you all.

PME-commentary Saturn and Beyond

Saturn and Beyond

The sphere of Saturn is a nearly black violet color. I load my mental body with its vibration as I enter the sphere. The vista of Saturn is a foreboding place. Black gloomy skies, scorched earth and onyx stone is all you see, except for the barely moving black sea. The consciousness of Saturn is a nearly indescribable oppressive weight and a feeling of your heart being crushed in your chest. It is not a place anyone wishes to be. There are spirits here and like I have said I have worked with a couple. I have even spoken with one of the Judges of Saturn. A being of immense dread who I spoke with concerning certain world events which she told me was under control and not to concern myself with. These beings are not friendly and warm. They do not concern themselves with what they deem petty issues but long term problems (it has to affect the larger equilibrium of the universe for them to take issue.). This sphere will only be of use to the magician in learning about the entire universe and rarely would a mage need to call upon the Judges of Saturn for something. The spirits well known to be Saturn spirits in popular grimoires are much easier to work with and I can agree with everything Bardon has spoken on in his book concerning them.

The Uranian sphere is as Bardon mentions all about magic and Kabbalah. Entering this sphere I spent several minutes meditating on the light energy there which is a light lilac color. I was then able to see a vast city made of a substance I cannot describe. It had the appearance of stained glass and moved like a liquid although structurally sound. It also gave off a glow that shifted colors much like what happens when gasoline enters water. I was then greeted by a luminous being and we discussed several things which I am forbidden to write on. However, I will say if they offer you some sort of beverage do take it-as ridiculous as that sounds. I returned the next day to speak again with this spirit and to better understand the energy of the sphere. I eventually attained the consciousness required to experience the sphere and everything became much clearer. If you have ever watched a fireworks show while one of those big ones goes off making the BOOM then you can experience the Uranian consciousness. It has the feeling of when a big beautiful firework explodes, (the expansion) pay attention to what that feels like internally. In other words make yourself the BOOM and keep BOOMING. If you can keep that feeling and connect it to a lilac color this will connect you to the Uranian consciousness. Be wary the first couple of times you enter, your mind will have difficulty making sense of the strange vistas and will try and make sense of it and fill in the “gaps”. You must attempt to undo this and see it as it really is.

From here I then loaded my consciousness with a light gray light energy and entered the sphere of Neptune. This sphere has an initial wave that comes with trying to enter it and feels as if it is trying to push you out. You should not go with the instinct to fight the wave but instead once you experience it you should let it pass through you and go with it. It will not push you out but instead give the initiatory experience of the sphere. There is a tension within this sphere that pushes downwards. Not gravity but a tension, as if you were holding a bag and the feeling in the straps (yes, I know that is technically gravity causing it so maybe I should say to astronauts lightly pulling a cord in space, eh?). I say a bag because it is a broad feeling. Maybe if one takes the glyph of Neptune and flips it upside-down the points showing the force of direction it may be easier to know what I speak. As you may tell it is sometimes difficult to describe these sensations but once you experience them you will understand immediately. I was greeted by what appeared to be a goddess with a brilliant light emanating from her being and brilliant luminous red hair. She guided me through a colonnade to what appeared to be a great temple. It looked like a glorious white Taj-Mahal. We speak privately as she guides me. Once I enter I meet a principle of the sphere named Vayaha. We discuss his sphere and he answers questions I put forth on the spheres before me (The supposed thirty spheres Bardon experienced). Neptune, he says grants mankind its current conception of Divinity. The highest conceptions any religion may have on the divine principle is granted by this sphere and are only glimpses of the truth which can be accepted at the time. I then ask about the spheres beyond. Vayaha explains that they are purifications that one must go through which slowly relinquish ones self. One can enter each sphere and meet the spirits there but the whole time it is slowly burning away the concept of “self”. When one has attained mastery of any of these degrees of density that aspect of “I” is forever burned away and all that is left is the essential being within that then “downloads” what it has learned and experienced into the god-head. That is why the purifications are needed Vayaha explained, if they did not exist a being would “contaminate” the divine mind and this great experiment would be ruined. He then allowed me a glimpse of Divinity. If I was at the edge of the known universe and God was the center it would have still been beyond measure. However it was so glorious and beautiful that I wept without tears and felt emotions I cannot even mention. If the word “Epic” was the baseline and there was some word 10x’s greater than that, it would still be a hundred times too small to properly describe the experience. I then asked Vayaha questions regarding spirits of the sphere of Neptune. He said that one should first enter the sphere and gain the consciousness; otherwise it is fruitless to attempt to work in this sphere. One will not be able to perceive the truths these beings tried to communicate. In other words evocation of the spirits of this sphere is near pointless. One should simply mentally travel here and communicate directly. I thank him for all of the information and I thank the female spirit that had attended to me. I then drop like a rock back into my sphere and pretty much immediately fall into a deep-dream filled sleep.

Even though I was given permission to write some of these things it feels like I am writing on private matters one keeps in the bedroom. These experiences are personal in the biggest of ways. Only upon stepping foot in these spheres will one know what I speak of and simple words on a screen are analogous to the difference between a porno trying to explain what the most beautiful of lovemaking is like. It stinks of degradation.

I do hope that this little essay helps a few magicians muster the determination to ascend to the highest sphere so they may experience the wonder and beauty upon the path. To continue the coital metaphor, one can speak on it all day long but never do it- until the deed is done you cannot have any idea.

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PME Commentary- Malchjdael Spirit of Jupiter

Malchjdael – Archgenius of Jupiter

I load the four fundamental divine attributes into my consciousness through the cosmic letters and then I fill the room with a blue light energy with the sensation of expansion that corresponds to the energy of Jupiter. I then use the cosmic letters M-A-L-Ch-J-D-A into the four planes. I do not use the –EL suffix due to it being a marker of a divine quality. I meditate on the sigil of Malchjdael until I enter into a trance. I then rise up through the spheres using the omniconsciousness attribute, and enter the sphere of Jupiter. From there I chant Malchjdael until he appears to my consciousness. I tell him my intentions after we greet one another and he agrees to some questions.

J= How do you keep the equilibrium of the electric fluid within the universe?

M= I allow the magnetic fluid to return to normal by decreasing the outpouring of the divine electric fluid or I do the opposite and increase this outpouring depending on what is required in order to maintain harmony within the spheres.

J=How do you accomplish the enlivening of all created things?

M= By applying the electric fluid and magnetic fluids in a rhythm one can stimulate the life force within anything causing consciousness to arise or a high and pure vibration which can be used for magical purposes. My use for it is to stimulate all things in growth, development and in evolution within higher beings.

J= Bardon says that you control the will in all things, how is this done?

M= I am the channel for divine lawfulness in manifesting willpower in the right quantities within the creatures of the universe. Without my presence the universe could not apply any effort or will energy at all.

J= How can one call forth miracles with a manifested state of belief, how is this done?

M= This is a secret not to be published.

J= How does one give an abhisheka or a transfer of power?

M= You must imagine a quality that you have. Then bring forth in your mind the person in which you wish to give this transfer of power. In the imagination make an exact copy of this quality then transpose it unto the receiver. You must carry this into all three bodies then condense it into the proper elemental region which corresponds to the quality otherwise some other quality will develop. One can also share a quality by envisioning an energy substance connecting the both of you and quickly impregnating the aura of the receiver for several moments and then it fades. Depending on the quantity of power given the effects will manifest then subside. However this will give the receiver the chance to know the energy and recall it through meditation and developing the same quality within themselves.

J= Is there anything else you would like to share or a method you wish to give so initiates may contact you easily?

M=To contact me meditate on willpower then chant my name while focusing on my sigils. Create a presence of will energy and I will directly inspire any who do this depending on their maturity and development.

I thank Malchjdael for his information and time. I then meditate with him. His outer aura is like a great black pillar that seethes and shifts as if it were made up of burning coals. His inner aura is a great white sun with white wings up stretched. I then return the spirit back to the sphere of Jupiter and thank him for his aid. There is nothing Saturn like about his presence at all (unless you count the black pillar outer energy which was monumental and more a symbol of his will than of his sphere.) which I feel negates the argument that Bardon somehow placed Sigils for the spirits of Saturn in the Jupiter sigils.

Here is the image of Malchjdael:

From the standpoint of Bardon’s PME we are now complete in our tasks of evoking spirits. Bardon mentions that the Judges of Saturn hold sway over negative beings, pacts, and wars to take place where ever love and hate exist. Practically speaking Bardon mentions that the spirits of Saturn that are well known such as Arathron (Aratron), Agiel, Cassiel, Machatan, and apparently Uriel are all well disposed spirits of Saturn that one can work with. I have worked with Aratron and Tzaphquiel and can say that Aratron is good with long term development of the soul in removing dross and Tzaphquiel can initiate one into the sphere of Saturn and understand the energies at work there. The sphere is very oppressive as Bardon mentions and any long term influence of the energies within Saturn can make one quite melancholic for some time. From the standpoint of spiritual development one should enter the sphere and meet a few spirits here in order to not have a gap in development and ones mastery over spherical magic. As I mentioned with the Moon sphere one can learn quite a lot of information and practical know how from befriending spirits in the spheres and this is the whole point and purpose of this book Bardon wrote. It is a field guide for development of the consciousness by attaining the spheres and the energies at work there.

I will do one more magical operation before we cover the final chapters of Bardon’s book. I will enter into the Uranian sphere and see if any spirits there would like to give their sigil, name and description of what they teach. If that fails I will at least give a description of the energies at work within the Uranian sphere for the budding spherical magician to easily enter therein. I will then finish this commentary by going over chapters 12, 13 and the epilogue. I will then go over any questions that may come up, if I get any from my lovely readers.

PME-commentary Kutruc- Spirit of Mars

Kutruc – spirit of Mars

After choosing a couple spirits with interesting letter combinations I decided on Kutruc. I decided placing the cosmic letters K and U in the akasha would create a potent energy to experience and something different than any of the other spirits we have spoken with so far. I drew the four divine qualities within my being and then I loaded the room with a ruby red energy and drew the glyphs for Mars and Leo (Kutruc takes up the position of 21-30 degrees Leo, which you should look up and compare to the cosmic letters Bardon used to describe the spirit.) I then loaded my mirror with the cosmic letters that make up Kutruc’s name: Akasha- K-U: Miracles and knowledge of the akasha. Mental-T: Invention and memory. Astral-R-U: Genius and Trance. Physical-C: The ability to stimulate matter with a quality. I then projected my mind to the sphere of Mars and called out to Kutruc. His mind found mine within a couple of seconds and then I guided him down the spheres and planes into the room. His presence was similar to a roaring flame in the room. We greeted each other and I told him my plan. He agreed but seemed very hesitant. His voice was heavy with no inflection.

J= I would like to understand what your tasks are within the sphere of Mars and your influence upon the physical plane.

K= I teach how to influence the akashic principle with certain power keys in order to cause direct effects on the physical plane. Power keys are a combination of a spoken word and a perfectly visualized image. The two combined release a vibration from the akasha of potent currents of energy. I cannot speak of this to the public, it is much too powerful. If you call me another time without these intentions I can speak of it then.

** I receive the information that this is unlike the cosmic letters. They can be done by anyone who has the ability to visualize an image. I now wonder if they are related to the keys Liteviche spoke on. I also see wall paintings from Greeks and Roman times, I believe Kutruc was showing me that these images upon the walls were the visual keys and the power words have been lost through time. Could all great empires have started this way? Are these what all budding magicians wish magic was like-possibly some racial memory when these keys were out in the open?

J= Is there any other tasks you have?

K= I guide masters of war in their plans, in order to reach absolute victory. I enjoy inspiring new ways to win wars. I have a special love of maps and tactical maneuvers. I will guide those who call me in strategies that shall lay waste to your opponent.

I thank Kutruc for his information and ask him if he would like to publish his sigil to the public. He says no but grants me a personal sigil in order to call him up again. It is a fascinating image that reminds me of an emblem on a flag. I then meditate on his outer and inner aura. His outer aura is comparable to two cymbals pushing together. Not clanging- just forcibly pushing together and silent. His inner aura is like a gentle flame. I release Kutruc and thank him again. I guide him back to his home sphere then banish the room of the Martian energies. I wished he was able to say more but I can see why Bardon would not want his sigil or powers published. He his quite enthusiastic about aiding those in winning wars and destroying enemies. A man like Bardon would not want that information floating about especially after his time in a concentration camp.

Here is the image of Kutruc:

We now move into the Jovian sphere or the Jupiter sphere. Here we find yet another controversy although slight, in Bardon’s Jupiter spirits. Supposedly, the sigils Bardon published for the Jupiter spirits are supposedly sigils of spirits from Saturn. I have yet to evoke a spirit from Bardon’s collection of Jupiter spirits so we will both be finding out at the same time if this is fact or fancy. Moloch’s term “Sexual Intellectuals” comes to mind.

PME-commentary Sad Naschira spirit of the Sun

Sad Naschira- Spirit of the Sun.

The day prior I began preparing myself by making sure my elemental balance was as perfect as possible. Sun spirits can be quite disruptive to your energy system and so I wanted to make sure I would be alright afterwards. Also I knew this was going to be a long evocation because I wanted to be taught the cosmic letters from Sad Naschira’s point of view. I prepared a little mini-book so I could quickly write down what he gave me. I reinforced my aura and made sure I spent several extra minutes meditating on the four divine virtues. I then loaded the room and my being with as much light energy as my imagination could muster. I spoke the cosmic letters in the planes as described previously after drawing Sad Naschira’s sigil into the air three dimensionally (using my spirit-soul and body). I then re-loaded my aura with light energy and then projected my mind towards Sad Naschira’s and called out to him through the aspect of omniconsciousness. With either the light substance I made or the fact that the moon was exceptionally large that night I literally felt the light of this spirit on my face and body. Later my wife even remarks that I looked as if I had a slight sun burn. The spirit greets me and I him and we begin.

J= Bardon mentions you created the arch-symbols in the primary language. What does this mean?

S= I crafted the primal symbols by using the cosmic letters. These are the symbols that manifest in all religions and systems that inspire the best within. I have encoded divine truth in all manifest symbols in order to create a higher evolution in mankind.

J=He also mentions that you are the Helmsman of all original ideas that have become reality, what are the original ideas and how do you work with them?

S= I cannot speak of all of the ideas for this would fill several books. However I work with the primary ideas of Power and Love-Father and Mother or as you know them the plus and minus, I use these two forces in various forms blended 1000 ways to inspire mankind. I make powers from beyond the spheres comprenhensible to man so they may be worked with. As time marches forward more powers become active and I craft new symbols to inspire that age to understand the true divine nature of the ALL.

J=Bardon gives your name as Selhube, but it was discovered the spirits of the Sun sphere had their names placed in a cipher.

S= Sad Nashira ( Sad as in the emotion and Na-sh-ear-Ah) is my name. The sigil is all one requires though.

**It is at this point I can feel his powerful waves of light entering through my protective aura. Slowly burning away my shield that I have built up-he does not do this in a cruel way, it is just his inherent power. However, I know I can handle a good deal more from working with other spirits like this such as Ratziel and Metatron. So, I continue- knowing the clock has begun to tick. We then spend the next 45 minutes going over the cosmic letters. He shows me the exact symbolism within each and how to best call them forth. He also initiates me into a whole new level of Tattva magic I had no conception of as well as the cosmic letters. He even teaches me a deeper level of the electric and magnetic fluids. This spirit is a fantastic teacher, one that can be compared to a founder of some new school who really wants students to learn for the pure love of the information. He gladly shares whatever you are ready for. I can highly recommend this spirit for anyone prepared to handle his energies which are quite intense! If you need to understand occult symbolism and the true powers behind these symbols this is definitely the spirit to conjure and learn from.

At the end of the evocation I knew I had no more will left to hold his energy back AND meditate on his inner and outer aura. Already his light waves were burning into my mental and astral bodies as if I had been in the afternoon sun with no sunscreen or cloud cover. Also, the connection was getting quite garbled up. I had just enough will to thank him and return him to his sphere. I banished the energy in the room but it was still luminous on the astral near my mirror so I banished again. I then collapsed on my bed and used every ritual anchor and glyph I had to bring me back to a baseline. It took a few minutes but I got back to normal. I then left the room grabbed a cold Coke and my cigarettes. That’s when my wife mentioned I looked sunburnt. I enjoyed the cool air outside and my cold Coke until I stopped having the little nervous energy shakes. I then had some chocolate and got online for a bit. It took a while before the energy was all normal through my system and when I went to bed I loaded my four regions with the elements to bring balance. I woke up a little grouchy the next day but I feel it was well worth th knowledge and power gained in trade.

Here is the image of Sad Naschira:

We now move into the sphere of Mars. Great mystery lies here since Bardon did not post sigils or powers related to these spirits. I am going to go through the names using Kabbalah and try to find one of interest.