Friday, March 13, 2009


In several places, Bardon mentions that repeating a formula 462 times will cause an instantaneous physical result to be released from the volt of power that has built up. I found this proposition exciting if true. I decided to set aside most other magical propositions and tasks to so I could focus all of my magical will and energy on a formula. I wanted something I think all magicians crave, a formula to manifest a thought-form to physical form. January 19th (notice the start of this project right after my evocation series) I began doing the repetitions.

Bardon gives no special instructions other than reciting the formula (and what that entails), but I also know that with formula magic the intention is important, otherwise the results will be generalized through the Kabbalist life and sphere. I created the intention that I would have to physically speak the formula for it to take any effect. I did not want to slip in a daydream and manifest something. Other than that, I simply repeated the formula, bridging the concepts together.
The first major effect I noticed is that whenever I went to sleep after reciting the formula I would dream about anything I may have thought about through out the day. As if each thought was drawn into the reality of the dream. This is not typical in my dream state; it is quite rare when I dream of anything related to my waking life. When it does happen I can easily pick it out and why it is there.

Nearly a month in to practice I then started having dreams of merging with divinity and other divine experiences related to the formula. I took this as me bringing the akashic level into a near astral density. I also noticed that I attained things much easier just by considering the desire for a while, and what I wanted of the thing desired. Towards the end of the first month, I was doing twenty repetitions a day.

I decided that on 3-11-09 since there was a full moon to finish the reps. The last week or so I had only a few left and I returned to a slower pace, loading food and drink with the formula or doing a long meditation on one rep. only. I thought it symbolically potent to finish on the full moon. I did so and had an incredible dream that I will be using as a meditation very soon as it allowed merging with divinity in an interesting manner, as well as connecting the activity to manifestation.
I waited a day to test the effectiveness of the formula. That night I then thought of an object I wished to manifest enhancing the detail and color for a few seconds. I then pronounced the formula. Nothing. Well, I say nothing…it produced a very strong astral condensation that lasted until banished. I have tried it with a few other things, simply projecting a mental form and then using the formula. Each time it produces a strong astral image that no longer requires me to hold it in my mind or try to keep the details formed.

In conclusion, it probably requires many more repetitions to produce the desired effect. However, I was only curious as to whether or not 462 repetitions had some magical impact or if it was the imagination and effort of the magicians who did the repetitions. I was pretty sure it was the latter but one does not know until one tries.
I have made rituals in the past that have been much stronger than this formula in a day or two with ease, although it took a strong effort of will-imagination-and emotion. I now plan to move to the final experiment I plan on working using the Bardon system which I think will take more time than two months and seven days, but who is to say? Wish me luck until then!

Monday, March 9, 2009



I went see Watchmen last Sunday, and I must say I really enjoyed it. I never read the graphic novel, so do not fault me on that. Since it was created by Alan Moore (an occultist and magician who has written V for Vendetta & From Hell) it was layered with a lot of symbolism and occult significance. First off and the least of these ideas is the idea of secret societies. The Watchmen are obviously a group of people who influence the world but behind them is the people who influence them, the government. I do not want to harp too much on this because I do not think it is the heart of the story. I think the heart of the story is the characters, and what you think about them. I will try not to give any spoilers and just have a general outline of my thoughts. Here is the crux of the whole thing: the movie is a Rorschach test. It is designed to make you look at certain images and actions and take away from it what you have internally. Keep that in mind as we go through each of the characters.

I would hope you see the movie before reading this, that way you have some sort of idea on how you feel towards each character and can therefore make an evaluation about yourself on what these symbols represent within you or your reaction to those concepts.


The only “good” character in the movie. This is a man who from direct experience has seen the dark side and has made a choice to wipe it out however he can. He knows the system is broken, that he will be punished for what he does; but, he cannot stop. Through out the film we are lead to believe he is a criminal, a psychopath or just a nut on a mission. He is justice.

The Comedian....

The Comedian is in my opinion the military incarnate. It has a job to do and it does it, if it happens to relish its task, then that is nice too. The Comedian is power and a desire to wield it without any moral bearings to guide it by other than the mission it has taken on. It is the pursuit of a goal, only seeking an end without care of the means or what others may think. Another view that fits is that the Comedian is the body or desires.

Dr. Manhattan ....

He is the center, the enlightened mind that has passed through death and fear. He lives with no consequences and so he has no real connection to life or what people consider important. When we get right down to it, if you lived in a world where you lived past, present and future all at once and no force in the universe could stop you from doing as you pleased what type of being would you be? Death has passed you, which makes fear pointless. Your viewpoint is eternal so how could you ever worry about anything? There is only one thing that holds him to this world and that is love for another human being. He is what the mind is without fear for the body. He is what you think of the enlightened mind above all of the illusions of reality that attempt to snare you into suffering. If you fear him, feel apathetic towards him or hate him that degree of emotion reflects your view of the great work.

Nite Owl....

A human being, the type of person that wants to do right but follows whatever is placed before him. He does not have the moral strictness of Rorschach, the determination of the Comedian or the enlightenment of Dr. Manhattan. He is along for the ride just trying to do the best he can. He is society. Notice how he hopes Manhattan can take care of the problem or how he accepts Ozy’s machinations with little trouble in comparison to Rorschach.

Silk Specter....

My perception of Silk Specter is that she is Hollywood, or the media I think. She is glitz, flash, attraction and excitement but has no real substance. She is a way of looking at the world much like Nite Owl, the everyday but with a flourish on it. The type of person that takes a cause because it is hip or the in thing to do, not like Rorschach who is on a holy mission and not like the Comedian who has orders. Silk Specter is a good title for her, she is all sensation and no substance.


He the flip side of the Comedian. Where the Comedian can be viewed as a pawn, Ozy is a manipulator. He is brilliant, cold and calculating. He is pure science at after your read my next two sentences you may see where I am coming from: At one point he mentions his parents died when he was a teenager, I am quite certain they died by Ozy’s hands. Science developed from Alchemy and philosphy yet has too a great degree snuffed them out. In the end, he seems to have the solution to the world’s problems but it is a devils bargain. Sure peace is attained and the world safe, but who is now in control? He has no real love or hope for mankind. He sold peace for the price of control. Ozy is Ted Bundy, charming, brilliant and seemingly good until you take the bait.

Now consider that each of these views is valid and works to some degree. Everything in this movie is made to reflect back on to you your thoughts of society, humanity and divinity. Know thy self is one of the big tenets of magic. This movie gives you a big helping of it for you to explore your conceptions, fears, hopes, and direction.

Signing off for a while

Justin B.