Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello again

Long time no see friends!

As you may have noticed I have been relatively quiet the past couple months. I took a magical sabbatical. Not a sabbatical from magic, but a sabbatical from many of the usual things I do in order to attain a more perfect focus on one aspect. That aspect was theurgy. For those that are unaware, theurgy is the aspect of magic in which the mage connects his/her self to divine forces in order to work with them.
I worked directly with my Holy Angel, and experienced many potent transformative events. There were several experiences of connecting directly to the ALL or as some people blithely say it “God.” Through these experiences and the leadings and promptings of my wonderful spirits, I found many things that I had been searching for, and that had eluded me in the past. I also had to do some reprogramming of my mind, in order to accept certain new truths and get rid of some old rubbish that colored my perceptions for the longest time. I am now a little freer, more confident and have a well-lit path before me. For those close to me that found me odd, distant, even cold at times I am sorry. Playing with your brain can cause some odd personality quirks and I had to be sure what went where.
I still have a ways to go; however, the semi-Abramelin like restrictions my HGA placed upon me are now being lifted. Also, only very few people knew this; but it came very close for me disappearing from the ‘net world altogether. I had some tough choices to make and that was why I was so quiet. I had to choose silence in order to attain more knowledge. Now that time is over, and while I will never be able to fully speak or teach what I learned I will be able to guide in new and better ways.
At this point, I feel like a man who sees the last road home, and because of it peps up a bit and can struggle forth, knowing that part of a long journey is nearly over. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know all is well.

Good magic to you all!