Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Grimoire and artwork

Hey All!

About two years ago, Jake Stratton-Kent posted a list of spirits on a magic board and asked if anyone wanted to evoke them. I decided that it would be fun and interesting to try out some newly published spirits! So, I conjured up one that caught my interest and spoke with him. Didiho was the spirits name. A very interesting spirit that I recently realized may have been the very catalyst for creating my glyph magic! I posted my results on the evocational group I was in along with an image of Didiho.

Anyway, fast-forward until a few months ago and Jake requests the image for “The Grimoire of the Sixfold Star.” I gladly send him the image and my journal entry of the evocation. In payment I accept some books, (which is to me is far better than cash). I must say I am glad I did! These books from Haden Press are really great! Goetic Divination, LIBER PYRAMIDOS, Elelogap The Spirit of the Waters, and of course the Grimoire of the Sixfold Star in which my art work and journal entry appear in this fascinating new record of spirits. I am still looking through them and will probably read them several times each as each is packed with useful info and 0 fluffy-ness.

One interesting side note of personal interest. Two weeks ago my lovely wife ventured into New Orleans (I live 45 minutes away from the Big Easy) and ducked into an antique book shop to pick me up a gift. She got me Goethe's Faust in a beautiful hardcover. The really neat thing is that the front cover has a gold-engraved hexagram surrounded by a hexagon. Within and around these two symbols are numerous planetary and astrological glyphs. The VERY intresting thing is that within the center of this image lies a sigil, the same sigil that resides on the front cover of one of the books Jake sent me, the sigil is of Elelogap-The Spirit of the Waters! What an awesome synchronicity that is! A sure sign I need to call this spirit up.

Anyway go check Jakes Stratton-Kent’s books, they provide much useful occult knowledge and are definitely worth the purchase. (Especially, The Grimoire of the Sixfold Star which has my art and journal entry in it!)

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