Friday, July 10, 2009

Karma, Everyday magic, reincarnation and my last magic blog

Fate, Karma, Magic and Reincarnation

One of the big mysteries for many people is what happens to them after they die. Many people fear what awaits them, from the void to the unimaginable people philosophize and speculate. Sadly, few have the guts to actually go see what occurs, no not by killing themselves, by learning the secrets of magic and astral projection. By doing this you learn a great deal about the “afterlife.” For one of the last blogs on magic I write, I will tell you what is the last few things that will occur to you.

First off friends, let us look at magic real quick. We all know that by applying the imagination and the will we create change within the universe. Simple yet powerful idea. Now consider every fantasy you have, let us say that you are poor. You sit there hungry wishing, imagining, willing for food-wealth-riches-comforts. Understandably so by the way! You keep thinking to yourself about how you wish to be rich, day in and day out. Well, maybe in this life of rags you have no real opportunity to draw these riches to you, maybe your lazy and won’t apply yourself or whatever. Then let us flash forward to death. Now that you are dead you will gravitate to a realm within the astral that fits your personal vibrations. However, you created a HUGE volt of desire for one thing “Riches.” The universe has been dying to release this charge and finally it can. So the pull of its charge eventually drags you down to be incarnated again. At which point you now live in a very wealthy lifestyle. You eat well, dress well, etc…however, for some reason you feel nervous about your wealth. You have to work very hard to keep wealthy and you feel just worn out. You begin to long for a simple life, one with less worries and cares, perfectly free. In your next life your poor again.

Now of course you may not go back and forth like a spiritual ping-pong battle, but the idea is the same. We build up these longings and desires for things that we put off into the future. This builds a potent force that will drag us into a certain incarnation to discharge all of that power and desire. That is why some stay here for so long, learning quite a bit—and in the end desiring little. Knowing this gives us power. Really construct a life that will be beneficial and good for you. Meditate and focus on the things that are truly edifying to your being. This is long-view magic, creating willful change for yourself in the future in another life. Alternatively, if you are an old soul, and feel you have learned your lessons in the school of life, you can always focus on the divine—the higher realms. Make sure your desires for the physical realm are banished! This is why the Buddhist has non-attachment. It is not so you will not have nice things, it that so you will not crave them so much you have to reincarnate for them again.

This is what karma is, it is cause and effect. You create causes and then the effect must discharge. That is why there are no judges on dark stormy clouds that punish; it is us just slowly learning from our choices, desires and experiences. The mind is eternal, at this very moment you are the sum of all your past lives, mistakes, glories, work and beliefs. We build on those from moment to moment. This is why we should live in the now. Not in the past nor in the future should we live. Experience yourself and reality at this very moment. Try to think the highest and the best thoughts. Those thoughts over time condense and gain momentum to create effects in your life. There is no punishment or reward, only you working the everyday magic of living.

This is the last blog that I will post here on magic. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something or at least enjoyed reading them.