Sunday, December 4, 2011

Justin B’s magic clinic

Alright gang, it has been a while since regular posts and there are many reasons for that (one stated in the previous blog on why it is so difficult and nigh impossible to teach magic through the internet) but a big reason was because I just did not have a clue on what else I could really share that was not readily available in my mind as a resource either in print or online. See, for me I look at magic and think “That $h!ts simple, imagination + will = magic! Done! What more do ya’ need?” It is only from putting the metaphorical ear to the ground and listening to the rumblings of fellow mages and initiates that I get inspiration to fire up the ole’ Word program and type away. Really, this new series should have been fairly obvious to me. For a couple of years I have tried pulling the leash on several people on what to do when their magic either goes askew, doesn’t produce the WOAH results expected or even outright fails. So, with that in mind I will write up a few blogs on how to get magic back to the jaw dropping, pants tightening, blow your hair back level it used to be or should have always been. So, brew up some coffee, get out the notebook and prepare get your fix, its magic time!

In these blogs we will cover the following:

Magic has become a chore, what to do?

Why have I not: won the lottery, become a CEO, become god, gotten that special someone to be my willing sex slave, learned all the secrets of the universe?

I’m losing faith in magic! Help!

What’s the point again or I just don’t have time anymore?

Why can’t I heal myself?

What next?

Is it ok to do magic in my closet or bathroom?

And finally, several experiments to start making magic fun again!

So, join me won’t you and let’s get your magic back on track again!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts throughout the coming year, Frater!

  2. You started posting again. Love it. <3