Monday, December 5, 2011

Magic has become a chore, what to do?

Like any relationship things start hot and heavy, you constantly pour attentions on the beloved, make time to spend with what fascinates you, and everything is roses and romance. Then, slowly something changes. You do not notice at first because it is still good, great even. But the fire is dimming, things are finding a routine. You sleep in instead waking up early to enjoy time with the one you love. You go out and have drinks instead of staying in and doing what you craved just a short time ago. Then after a few years you find it’s a chore to even look at it, you make excuses, find other things to occupy your time but you know. Deep down you are just kind of tired of the routine, the monotony. I am of course talking about doing magic on a regular basis!

Look, it is a fact of life that life happens. Things are hot and heavy in the start, die off and then what? What to do when magic is laborious? Well, there is a magical formula called IAO that states it clearly. Isis- virginal, fresh, beautiful, magical, the summer heat! Apophis- death, dying, decay, loss, fear, endings, winter, sorrow. Osiris- Rebirth! Renewal! Spring! Resurrection! Everything flows into cycles, the seasons, plants, animals, humans, activities, everything, even magic. The magical formula IAO once it is established within the psyche allows the gentle flow from one state to another knowing that it is needed, required and in the end will make something old and worn out new again. Many fight this cycle, fearing change and transformation. Well friends, I have bead news, the harder you fight it the worse off! You see if you master the cycle you move easily through it and when Apophis comes for us in this incarnation of flesh those who fight will tremble and weep while those who know and work the cycle will smile knowing something grand awaits them. For help in working this cycle into your psyche check out the Banishing ritual of the Hexagram from the Order of The Golden Dawn.

So, in the meantime while you learn and research that ritual let us look at magic specifically and how we can stop magic from being such a chore. First off let us take a drastic measure and experiment, this will be fun! Have you ever sworn anything off? A lover? An addiction? A fascination? Just got sick of it and kicked it to the curb? What happened? Well like everyone else it comes back. That is just a fact of magic people, what we banish and forget will sweep back in. What is buried will rise again, what is forgotten will be recalled. You know it has happened before and if you know magical laws you will see it to be true, raise power, charge intent and release allowing the results to occur. Well friends you have been charging the meta-ritual of “MAGIC” for a few years now possibly and are tired of doing the pomp and rite. Let it go! That’s right! Pack up your books, candles, tools, incense, silks, and journals; delete internet sites, stop reading, thinking and doing magic. Then live. Live your life as a normal person; anytime that goddess Isis calls for a midnight romp in a circle say “No! We are through!” persist and let it all go! Easy as a breakup.

Then you will find a new life, a life without magic or occultism. Just you, as you are. Now and then you will think of your old lover, put it behind and away from your thoughts. See yourself as a normal, everyday person. Learn who you are without mysticism, without the weird ideas, gods, angels, elementals, spirits, demons, sigils, magical alphabets, Kabbalah etc. Just be you as you have not been before. Learn new hobies, watch shows you normally wouldn’t to give them a try, read new books, histories, biographies. Just stay away from anything magic. No fantasy books on magic, no history of magic, no religion, mysticism or occult information. Just let it all go.

Why? Well the brain is a funny thing you see. Common sense would say that as long as you keep studying and learning and focusing on something you will get great ideas and insights. Not true, the longer you stare at something the less you “see” it, it becomes background info, like a smell in your house you have become accustomed to and only after leaving for a few days and upon your return do you smell it again. Same with magic. When we are not thinking actively about a subject, our brains in the background start tidying up. They make connections and insights that you have no clue about. Imagine a whole academy of geniuses in the back of your skull awaiting you to just stop consciously thinking about something so they can get their hands on it and work on it. This whole time while doing magic you have unknowingly been holding back your inner guru from putting the pieces together and gifting you with untold brilliance. This works in daily life too, ever notice when you are trying to recall something you cannot but later when it is out of your mind it comes? Remember that…oh wait, never mind, forget that! Seriously! So, part of this magical break up is about letting the inner parts of your brain take all of the information you have been cramming into your skull about magic, sort it, annotate, highlight, collate, tighten up and weave together something amazing. And just like an ex who you have not seen again get ready because magic is about to come back, and it has been to the gym baby!

After a couple months or even a year break out the books, re-read a few favorites, look over your journals, and look for trends. Do some doodling while thinking about magic, start the romance up again. Let your personal insights bubble up from below like a secret geyser waiting to pop! Honestly you will be amazed at things you have read and missed, even if read a hundred times! Just wait till you get to your journals and realize potent insights into yourself and magic, and when you have a new direction and goals you want to work on you will be in love again!

Now, you can’t keep an off again on again relationship with magic right? No, too many breakups are not good for any relationship. However, you may from time to time want to see other people. I have done the breakup method twice with incredible results but what I normally do is switch to another subject. I will have been studying Kabbalah and then jump to alchemy, then to yoga, elements, magical art, psychology, invocation, tarot, chi, evocation, then Kabbalah and throw in some skrying, magical alphabets and symbolism now and again. Do not try and do these all at once, take each one, devour it, bloat yourself up, take a week break and then jump to the next. In time you will see connections and gain insights on how it is all just imagination and will, that is *your* imagination and *your* will. You will come to a place over time where other authors and teachers are good for a new idea or insight but for the most part it is all yours, and maybe one day you become the true magical artist and your magic is completely yours and effortlessly done to the amazement and spectacle of others.

Another tasty trick to getting more oomph out of your magic is working more deeply on your metaphors and symbols. Anyone who knows me real well and has had the misfortune to hear me yak while intoxicated on something knows that I pepper metaphors and analogies all over even to the point of over doing it (actually just read a few blogs and you will figure that out) I love a good metaphor, why? Well friends, metaphors make magic work. Symbols are the toys of the mage, we deal in symbolism, deeper meanings, turns of phrase and enlightened insightful mysterious speech. Never trust a magician because they can boldly lie while speaking 100 percent truth, words are ours friends so if you don’t play with them and get to know them and love them then magic won’t be as amazing as it can be.
Take a look at your magical rituals and rites. It is time to dissect them. Take every symbol and every word that has meaning and put them all out before you. Write one on each page if you will. A pentagram there, a bornless here, fire on that one, spirit over on that page, on and on excluding the ands, ors, ifs, buts and anything that is just a connector word. We want words with meaning! Now take each one and spend some time with it, write what you know of it, study, research find things out, probe deeper. If you can’t find anything on it then make it up, like some random barbourus word say, Iapos for instance, now sure there is a meaning to it and you should find out and you should at least for a week or so think it is the most interesting word and meaning ever and then forget it like a torn sock. HOWEVER let us pretend there was no meaning. Take a few days and roll the word around in your head, like a mantra, doodle what you think it would look like to meet an Iapos or sculpt it, anything. Sing it in a song. Ask the moon, stars and sun what it means and await replies in your dreams. Keep it enchanted but probe it like an alien on a backs woods hillbilly. When you have it, move to another, say a pentagram. Read up on the oldest meaning you can find, draw them in different colors, imagine them getting bigger, smaller, shooting sparks, flaming, soaking wet, frozen solid, made of twigs, rocks, crystal, clouds, light, electricity, magnetism, feelings, desires, whatever! Just have fun with it but learn it. After each and every one has been done then take a month off and watch some sports or porn. Then go back to magic as usual, see what happens now!
Lastly, and only after you have done all the above. Smoke a little herb after you have centered yourself and stated intent. Relax and when you feel the high coming do your rituals, do this for about a week or two. If you are still high after each ritual then just sit and let insights come. Only do this if you live in a location that does not prohibit harmless plants that grow from the ground that humans have ingested for millions of years in order to have altered states of consciousness in order to magical work. Your government knows what is best, all of history and biology be cursed. Ok my lawyers have said that’s enough.


  1. justin, how are you ?
    men, you already have the impression do you dont belong to any group of persons?
    your world are apart of the all peoples around?

    thanks your answer

  2. I'm fine!
    I really don't understand what you mean, sorry.

  3. When doing work to get a lover (yes I know, I am heeding the above advice), what gods, planetary spirits would you suggest to become an acquintance or a friend of that person first? (This kinda works two fold, helps me know if this person is what I really want to be with). I just have this thing for this person and feel like I need to try.

    1. Don't worry about micro-managing your magic in that way. The universe will suprise you in how perfect it can bring a match to you. You not even concieve of what you really "need" but by doing the magic with any spirit of venus you will draw in a person well suited for you and your needs at that time.

    2. Thank you, it took me a couple weeks to really get myself into the reality that I should allow the universe to take care of the specifics for me. It kinda just slipped into my head eventually as a thought that maybe I should and I accepted it.

      I do have another question if you don't mind, what would you suggest a Magician whos really into the Hermetic view of history should do with their magic? I have for the past few years built a very big fascination in looking at different points in history and looking at the hidden magicians and how they used clearly used the occult to help them. Like George Washington, Hitler and his cronies, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. etc. and their occult connections. I don't know how I would fit that into my work.

    3. Excellent, I am sure you will have much greater and more enjoyable results that way.

      Hmn, that one stumps me. I may have a blog upcoming in the next few days that will possibly answer that question but to be honest I am at a loss to an answer.

  4. I think I'm in a dry period after months focus on magic.I'm tired of reading magic books or texts everyday,I'm tired of having practice meditation and other exercises everyday.I forced myself to do this to gain more knowledge/power and then disappointed because it's not enough,I always want more and more.The reason I forced myself so hard like this cause I once read somewhere that if I keep doing something even it is dull I may get new insights.But I'm just to tired of this,the word magic occupied almost all my daily life,I think about it throughout the day.I ought to give my life a break before continue,live a normal life for some months.Thank you for your helpful blog :)