Friday, December 9, 2011

Why have I not won the lottery, become a CEO, become god, gotten that special someone to be my willing sex slave, know all the secrets of the universe

In this blog we look at what are goals are in magic. Many times people take on magic because of reasons such the mystery or allure of power that it promises. While magic does grant power and entrance into the most mysterious of mysteries if this is the only goals one has for it then one will find they don’t achieve much but obscure knowledge and a power trip. Others come to magic it seems because normal society does not seem to fit so they enter in by the door of wanting to be unique or special. Again this can easily be attained without casting a single spell, you see these folks with a plethora of magic books on shelves, magical jewelry, oddly kept hair and beards (the men too!) along with a plethora of magical theories but little or no work done (I once casted a spell, weird stuff happened man!). Dilettantes those are called. After many years of “being in magic” these hangers on by the gate of the sanctum wonder why they have not matched legendary Merlin in sorcery or blown a single thing up with their mind. There are some though, a select few who decide that they want to know magic like a good mate knows their partner. Those true mages who listen to the whispers of Isis and learn how to move her hand in their favor get quite a bit done and they do it by having a goal, a goal that leads to WILL.

It is time you figure out what you *really* want. Sure, you see the girl next door and she may be the hottest thing in town. You melt and fumble your words when she says “hi”, got it, understood. Is she truly right for you though, maybe she is just a pretty face and a gorgon o the inside, and even if she is the most holy creature on god’s green Earth, maybe just maybe the Universe had her picked out for another and has a far better catch saved for you? Now I am not saying “do not do magic to get the girl next door” what I am asking is, what do you really want. If you really want girl next door then get to working bub. If what you want is a partner who will be your match, help you grow as a person and give you the love you need then maybe let us do magic for that instead. Who knows, she may be it! But there may be a girl down the road who have not met yet that makes girl next door seem like a complete loser. So, be honest, set goals you really want. Now, the next question is how do I do that? Right? Well, that is simply being honest and digging deeper then the chattering monkey brain you call consciousness. The consciousness that sees something shiny and wants to play with it is not the one you want to listen to. It will like anything shiny put before it. Go to the place where your heart moves, listen and look with the ears and eyes you use in your dreams, ask yourself and let all the time in the world for it to respond back to the question “What is it I want?” You will know it is right when you go “Oh my god! Of course!” It will be obvious, something like air to your lungs.

So what if you just want a good time on a Friday night? Does magic accommodate selfish fun goals? Does a lover let another have fun and give them treats to be enjoyed? Yes! When magic is a part of you it works in all aspects of your life, the deep and meaningful to the fun and good times! But like a lover it will gladly give when it is taken care of, ignore it and you will not get the benefits!

What now of major goals such as becoming a divine being (for those who say that’s not possible I direct you to the Voodoo Loas, humans who reached legendary status and became elevated to godhood after worship by their people) or becoming a CEO? Big goals require plans, while you could just do some hardcore live in a cave for a year doing magic non-stop kind of magic and hope the world altering results pop into existence within this lifetime (and not cause a reincarnation as a CEO in your next life) you can do magic for each step along the way, a rise to power sort of plan. First find a company you really want to work for, then start doing magic of the Chesed and Tipereth variety for you to be a shining example and leader, to be adored by your superiors and to get the job done maybe some Geburah thrown in too. Each focused on the very next step required to rise up. For divine work (the great work actually) one needs considerable time put in. Slowly but steadily one must become more expansive consciously in order to accept the whole of the Universe. To be able to hold creation within you through working with the angels, archangel and gods takes time and relationship building with those forces until they are a part of you and you of them. Then evocation is not a ceremony, it is a directed thought about what needs to be. A release of will.

What of the lottery? That most prized of willed magics? Well friends, in my early novice attempts and even one or two when I was wiser, I have never one the lottery. Not once! WHY! I mean, I would do well with it! I have one many a scratch off, hell every Christmas my family gives me and my two siblings a handful of scratchoffs and every year save one I won and they lost. That one year my sister actually switched the scratchoffs! But that is not a multi million dollar lotto now is it? My only hypothesis on this is the lottery is like a tug of war, with a few million opponents. Muggles with big dreams and years playing, people down on their luck hoping for salvation, the office pool who will share the winnings, your friends, neighbors, relatives all bending all the will they can muster in the pursuit of winning. Then the few dozen pagans, witches, mages, sorcerers and natural magicians doing the same thing as you. So it basically becomes a game of chance again. Lets talk about money magic though…

I do believe one can work money magic and it work very easy. BUT, one needs to be honest again. Wanting strips of colored paper means nothing in the symbolic magical dimension. Value does, happiness does, comfort and abundance mean tons, but money? It is a symbol for the above things. Essentially most people are doing magic to get a symbol and that’s meaningless. Like eating food to just eat food or playing with yourself just to do it. May be nice at the time but it gets you no where. Do magic for what you want, let money or whatever be the means to get it. Don’t do magic to get a middle man, do magic to get the goal. Want a new car, house, job, boat, clothes then do magic for those things! Anytime I have done money for magic I win small prizes, find twenty bucks flying by in the breeze or a few quarters. It was as if the Universe was saying, “OK, OK we here you! See?!” Now when I did magic for a new house or a new job I got them. I needed and I willed and imagined and I got!

It just came to my attention two paragraphs ago that I keep saying WILL and IMAGINATION and expect you to know exactly what I mean when if I said blue or green and handed you color swatches we would disagree on what colors I was describing. So, as for a wrap up I think I will explain better what I mean.
WILL= not the vein popping, Hulk out face and grunting some would think. Unplug your alarm, or turn it to where you can’t see it. Now, before bed, lay there and tell yourself in a boss voice to the part of you that listens (doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that part is, but it is the magic worker in you, the arrow before the bow is drawn) wake up at ______ time. Know it, as if it is a certainty on the level of the sun will rise and you will draw your next breath. YOU WILL WAKE UP AT ________

IMAGINATION= Now see yourself rising, refreshed and well slept, turn to the clock and see the time as the time you chose.
Imagination is not the flight of fancy or whimsy you may associate with the word, day dreaming of a juicy well made burger is not the magical imagination (unless it is so good it causes you to make said burger or go and buy it) it is a focused, deliberate act of creating visual, auditory, feeling and scents in your minds eye. They exist along the lines of reality although one will exaggerate or embellish certain acts in order to make a more powerful emotional and energetic force. The will is the hands shaping the clay, the clay is the imagination. You take reality as it is and shape it the way you wish, shaping it with the will and filling it with your will to be done. As clear, direct and with as much potency as you have to give it that will be your return investment. You then release it from your conscious mind so it may enter the realm of soul. The astral plane, the realm of soul, then absorbs your creation of will, and using the symbols you used in the shaping it sets out to make what you created reality. Possibly later I will discuss symbolism and how it is used to work magic but that is a whole blog for another time.