Thursday, April 14, 2011


So, it has been a while since I have posted. Quite a lot has developed in my life, my work and in my personal development that I just did not know what to put here. Also, a big reason I have not posted anything is now and then I am led to take a back seat in sharing information. It is not my destiny to be a big spiritual leader for the online masses and so now and then I have to quiet down for a while.
I have learned quite a few lessons in life recently both personal and magical. The Universe teaches us whether we want to learn the lessons or not and for all except one very hard lesson I was a willing student.
I decided I needed to post something because more so then ever before it seems I have been flooded with requests to teach, heal, guide or assist a person or persons. I can’t. I am sorry but it is just not possible. I would also warn that anyone who says they will teach you magic over the internet has not yet discovered the difficulty (or impossibility) of this task or they do not have your best interest in mind.
1. A teacher-student relationship is a very powerful thing. The teacher must learn the student’s metaphors, manners, personality, traits and be able to evaluate subtle changes within them. This is difficult and time consuming in person, saying nothing for looking at a screen. The student must be able to understand the teacher and what they are trying to teach, as well as apply the lessons they offer. If you try to learn magic and think idle speculation will get you there you fail. It is work, it must be done.

2. A big aspect of the teacher student relationship is the exchange of mental and astral energies when around each other. The teacher should have a higher spiritual frequency then the student and because of the interaction the student has their energy raised to a higher level. This happens in every day life, when you are around people you pick up things from them. An internet teacher-student role does not allow this to occur.

3. Language and communication barriers exist when discussing the mysteries of enlightenment and magic. Two people of the same language, culture and similar experience will STILL have difficulties to overcome in expressing inner mystical experiences (and some are impossible to convey, see my blog “What do you mean?”) so when someone from a entirely different culture and language seeks training this is immensely compounded and far too difficult to overcome (at least as I have seen).

4. The student and teacher should evaluate each other before a relationship is built; they should know how the other lives and operates. Best case scenario they should be friends before and know each other well. This removes many problems that would arise later.

Those are the reason that if you seek me out for a teacher I will have to say that I cannot take that responsibility. My blogs and writings were never meant to be an advertisement for students, they were to simply document and show what I believe magic is all about and in some cases to help others as I have been helped by presenting information that may cause inspiration, guidance and the right ideas about how to do magic.

I would also like to mention that I am not a Bardon magician. I trained in his system, I know it pretty well and I respect, honor and appreciate the system. For the most part I feel it is a wonderful training program but I see its faults. I am a Hermetic magician, I have studied many systems and practiced Golden Dawn magic as well. I for the most part use the Thoth deck in my understanding of the magical universe and the Emerald Tablet is a foundational piece of work for me. Zen Buddhism, Kundalini, charkas and working with archangels and the Greek gods as well as elemental spirits are what I do mostly along with sigil magic. In truth I am eclectic, a chaos magician in the sense that I use what works. I think Fight Club, The Matrix, Robert Anton Wilson, Christopher Hyatt, Crowley, Bardon, Grant Morrison, Spare, Jan Fries, DuQuette, Buddha, and Neil Gaiman teach magic and spiritual truth very well. Also I do not believe in an actual living Buddha or Jesus. I think they are myths to convey spiritual truths about life. They are solar myths. Symbolic.

So here is my advice on magic, real magic. Like electricity it is neither good nor bad, just a force. It can be used for practical work and/or spiritual work. Eventually, with enough practical work you will be drawn to the spiritual side (even if it takes a couple of lives) and that is why magic is like a lover, at first it is physical and lusty, but then over time something blossoms and develops that is beautiful and mysterious. A relationship, a loving relationship with all of creation develops. So here is my practical magic advice
1. Develop the imagination, the controlled daydreaming, fantasizing, vivid, creative, symbolic power of the mind to experience things that are not present in the moment. Practice daily, see colors, hearing sounds, smell smells, feel sensations, taste flavors, then try mixing that up, smelling sensations, seeing sounds, tasting colors…etc etc etc. Don’t just walk down the street, imagine with each step you are walking closer and closer to what you desire, do not drink tea, drink magical power. Be creative, connect the imagination to reality, merge the two…but through will.
2. Develop the will. Say you will do something and do it. Stand still without moving for 30 minutes, when hungry make yourself wait an extra minute or two, challenge yourself. Do this with intent. Set goals and achieve them, even if it takes years and failures. Do not stop to you get what you want.
3. Develop a relationship with the soul/unconscious/dream self/symbolic mind. The part that speaks in symbols. Learn symbolism, through the tarot and through dreams. Develop the skill to interpret any symbol that appears to you and fill your mind with the images of the tarot. When you can merge the analytical left with the intuitive right brain then you have achieved much. Listen to you feelings, pay attention to dreams and your thoughts.
4. Find what you consider to be the highest symbolic representation for what you perceive as divine, imagine it daily, speak to it, make it a part of your day to day life. Truly imagine what it is like to experience meeting a god, do this often and potently making it stronger each time as much as you can. Before magic merge with this symbol. Here is a good hint for those who have no idea where to start. Imagine and experience the light of the Sun, the Moon and the feeling of life out in Nature. If you can experience those three things without the actual image of the sun, moon or nature then there is the divine light of what most would call GOD. Try that out.
5. Learn and master the theory behind the elements and planets. Be able to analyze and evaluate anything from a rock to superheroes to music to your inner life based on those concepts.
6. Connect yourself with the idea of being an aspect of the universe, that all is one, you are a reflection of the divine. As above so below. The entire universe is merely consciousness and when you experience your consciousness it is simply a node or part of a unity of all things.

That is all, do those things and the rest will take care of itself. Good magic to you!