Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Divine Attributes

  Imagine, aeons of time before the big bang, the physical creation of the universe not even a thought. All that exists is eternal void and silence. Then a swirling of consciousness, a subtle yet consistent awareness of existence. It has no words, no images, no meaning, no experience to base one thing on or compare and contrast. Just consciousness. It is all that is, it can only experience the self because there is no other. For what could be a near infinity of time this consciousness rests within itself or it could have been quicker than perception would allow this consciousness questions what it is. That questions creates a duality, asker asking itself what it is. To answer this it must take stock, it must evaluate its contents. However it has no contents it has nothing to experience. All of this is actually done with no words for words have not been created or conceived. It is like a force recoiling, swirling, stretching, expanding and contracting. For it to answer it must seek and thus, on the highest of planes far more subtle than thought expansion of infinite magnitude is done,it must see if it has limits and finds none, it can expand for ever in all directions for it has no limitations. But to answer this need to know thyself it must make limitations, it must create stones it cannot move. So, more it sets a boundary, it contains its infinite power and stretching out and wraps itself in a force of counter. For all might it creates all limitation. Duality is brought in perfection, in the religion this is recorded as the separation of the light from the darkness from the chaos of all to the order and structure of balance of opposing powers. These two forces could dance a thousand dances and always be equal now, but it would never answer its original urging, it's original will. It must create a third force one of structure, rules, law. This is the child of the original two forces of power and limitation, Electric and Magnetic, titans Uranus and Gaea conceive a thousand powers that ebb and flow for dominance, shades from blackest black to whitest white finally making the natural spiritual order. Thus the demiurge is created, the Zeus of powers placing its order upon all things. To put all of these opposing forces into place it needs might and will. Commanding with the logos how the universe of spirit shall be designed and maintained. Through this might and rule of order harmony and balance are achieved, the perfection is like a golden perfect light of brilliance. Reflection of its original urge of consciousness but harmonized by experiencing and creating the contents of the mind. This harmony is everlasting, within it's light it contains all bliss and joy. The order has been set though, the question now further refined and understood, enhanced by a love of itself and the joy within it wishes to create as love and joy always do. This urge to know itself in every way, to pour itself into itself in every measure creates a denser love, a experience of beauty and pleasure found within manifests as beauty and pleasure outwardly. The forces of creation revel in the realm of spirit as all of the powers know goodness, life, beauty, and rest. This experience leads the forces of creation to be inspired, to see within themselves the power of life and with the power of life creation in each, much more individualized then the forces above yet not as mighty this realm creates the denser realms of spirit and fills them with ideas, concepts, and from their experiences of the realm of love and beauty concepts like art and images find their foundation with the ideals of arts, the symbols of language can be formed, the Logos is created ruling the power of communication between these potent yet not god like beings. Their ideals,symbols and concepts formed on the patterns they experience of the higher realms become crystallized, more manifest. Using the will, the knowledge, the love and the consciousness that pervades everything on all levels from the highest the structure of the astral realm is created, in religions this is the realm of Paradise, Eden. The seed images of every plant, animal, rock, and form find their place and order just as aeons ago the mighty creative powers formed from chaos, a second creation has taken place from the chaos of creative ideas, finding a balance and rhythm. If we looked upon it as the highest of high to the lowest of low would, we would know creation to be good. And then a great pause, as everything becomes further crystallized and denser there is a moment of ecstatic anticipation, like the moment before a fragile glass sculpture is tipping over, it has become to weighty too dense, the gravity of creation of the will to push on and know every possibility, every conceivable thing brings it to a moment of hushed awe.

The BIG BANG occurs, the physical manifestation of all the forces from above burst through into the below. Like a dam that cannot any longer hold together, the power of creation slips through and manifests itself in tangible incredible might, following the plans and order set from the first swirlings of consciousness multiverses, dimensions, laws of space and time, atomic forces, magnetism and electricity through light, matter and antimatter dance a thousand dances until they settle and the lords of matter take their place. Billions upon billions of years and every possible combination, breaking apart and reassembling occur, infinitely again and again till this very moment. All of them following that original will to know thyself, each housing within it the consciousness of the primordial ONE, everything done in love for it is exploring itself and it's variety. As each possible event occurs it gathers more and more awareness of itself, it's meaning, it's possibilities. If we looked upon it as the highest of high to the lowest of low would, we would know creation to be good. And then a great pause, as everything becomes further crystallized and denser there is a moment of ecstatic anticipation, like the moment before a a newborn speaks it's first word and you know it to be intelligent. Since all things have housed the original blueprint, each atom holds consciousness, the forces of electricity and magnetism hold the same longing and desire to merge and create as the gods and goddesses, that every iota of matter holds the knowledge of all creation it was inevitable that all of these things would combine to once again reflect on itself. There was a pause of anticipation, as each creature born of primal sea and primal earth, charged with power by primal light got more and more aware, until the circle was near completion. Then it happened.

Then a swirling of consciousness, a subtle yet consistent awareness of existence. It had infinite variety to base ideas off of and compare and contrast.. Just consciousness free to explore all of creation. It has all that is, it can experience the self because there is other. For what could be a near infinity of time this consciousness looks, questions, probes, explores within itself and all around it. It could ask and be answered. These beings can name, and be named. It senses something within itself, consciousness, love, knowledge and a will to do, a will to create, to know, to love, to refine and grow it's consciousness. For it is based upon the patterns set down by the primal force. It is the final below to the above. Matter has reflected the realms of spirit. Spirit can finally know what it is through matter.

This blog started in response to the question of free will. I realized to answer if we have free will I would have to explain my view of creation. As a wise man said, to make an apple pie from scratch; first you must create the universe.

To answer if man has free will, consider the analogy of a great inferno (fire being the symbol of the will) this inferno has all the power of the entire universe within it, it is all of the will power ever. To imagine the amount of power, the amount of will think of an entire universe, the big bang all the way to this moment now as having to run on that power and will. If it is infinite that means all of our universe and subsequent actions for this inferno of power would be almost nothing, not even the flick of an spark to it. That is the will of divinity. Now because that will supplied the big bang, and every subsequent event, action and experience that means that everything you do, every movement, every action is fueled by that outpouring. You can't be reading this blog without having had the big bang all the way down to this moment of actually trying to comprehend the words now read. Every act of will is in fact THE WILL OF THE DIVINE. Now it comes up always or should come up, so god is responsible for murderers killing people, rape, torture, war? Divinity is responsible for whole galaxies being devoured and ripped apart into black holes, from shredding atoms from their mates, and eventually for destroying the entire universe in an ecstatic Kali like dance of entropy. Yes. The will of murderers, rapist, torturers, and war lords is fueled and designed off the will of the divine.

Also, every feeling of love is in fact the love of the Divine for itself. Every second of bliss and joy is bliss and joy experienced by you and Divinity. Every first kiss, every nurse's healing touch on a patient, every parents holding of a child is divinity experiencing the beauty of it's own creation and exploding in joy at the revelation however brief of how it is one with itself.

Also, every thought ever thunk, every inspiration, idea, poem, painting, sculpture and building ever created was originally a thought as aggregate from the ideals housed in the spiritual realms created and being thought by divinity.

The consciousness and awareness you experience is a part of the entire whole of all consciousness, shared by every particle in all of creation everywhere. The lowest consciousness all the way to the highest pure divine consciousness are all just one large whole, stratas of pure experience one can rise up or down on.

In short you are god experiencing god, being god, asking what is god. Or if it is easier you are you, experiencing yourself being you. Either way it says the same thing using different words. And one day in the future each and every one of us will  experience the moment when we are one, where we have omniconsciousness, all love, enlightenment and omnipotence, and at that moment all things will make sense, you will recall this moment, every moment and no moments all at once in pure bliss of being ONE. You will see every war that ever occurred as important to you now as every swirling of gas it took to make a star be born. You will see the rise and fall of this planet and its inhabitants as just a brief moment in the experience of who you are, and as pivotal to you as a cell reproducing on your body this very second. But at the same time that minuscule event of the rise and fall of Earth and our solar system will be as beautiful, painful and as meaningly felt because each and every experience of everything that occurred happened to you, the ONE.

To think more clearly on this, consider yourself, with all of your wishes, fantasies, urges, needs, desires, loves, lusts, hatreds, passions, hindsights, plans and dreams. Imagine if you could completely satisfy each and every one of them. Completely. As above so below. Consider your first stirrings of consciousness, your will to will, your love, your mind. Think how you grew, expanded, needed discipline, experience, learning, how you created, imagined and played. As above so below. Know thyself and know divinity.

And one day everything will settle, all time and space will end. We will become again a single consciousness. But now filled with every question answered that could possibly be answered, every experience experienced, every dream dreamed, every love satisfied, no wants or wishes, all finished, all fulfilled, all complete. The one will be eternally at peace and at joy and bliss. No heavens or hells, no angelic choirs, no clouds. Just pure Unity.


  1. Bishop Aselm of Canterbury stated in his Ontological argument for the existence of God that "if no greater being can be conceived in though, therefore, must exist in reality". Well, what of the greatest being conceived in thought and therefore exists in reality,also conceived in thought a greater being? Thinking from this perspective, the universe and existence itself was created by pure thought and consciousness. Thus reinforcing your thought process.

  2. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Justin for making my day with this post. Beautifully written! Blessings on you brother...

  3. Caleb here Justin... Excellent words. Excellent indeed.

  4. Just Beautiful. Have sent this to all those to whom I have been struggling to explain Kabbalah.

    Blessings :)

  5. Awesome! Hope it helps them!

  6. Enjoying your posts, its great you are back writing.

  7. Wow! You Just Drop a Spiritual Atom Bomb of Wisdom there! :)