Friday, February 17, 2012

Is it OK to do magic in my closet or bathroom?

We as magic workers are typically on the slightly romantic side, we probably all have some vision or idea of a perfect magical room or even temple we would love to work in. I have had such a magic room and I loved it! I have also sat in my bed in my asana to do my magic, now and then late at night setting up my tools and altar in the living room to perform an evocation. Honestly, I had some amazing magical occurrences in the temporary temple more so then later on in the ritual room! So, I have had the spectrum when it comes to doing magic. I have done amazing magical rites sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car, and done lackluster rituals in my personal magic room. In truth, it is never the locale it is the magician in the locale! Now, this is not to say that a personal room or temple is not something good and useful. It builds a steady vibration of power that can be palpable even to the uninitiated, and their is no greater pleasure then a fellow mage walking past a closed door telling you outright, "That must be your ritual room, I can feel it!" All very nice, but really when it comes right down to it a ritual room can become a crutch.
The more one relies on having to do magic in a certain spot to the exclusion of all others the more magic will become impossible anywhere else, again programming comes up! Even if you do not have a magic room and only dream of stone columns with hieroglyphs etched into them, a 7 foot magic mirror polished and gleaming of untold visions, an elaborate circle painted on the floor and so on that wish, held firmly in your mind that only when that is attained will your magic reach untold heights will hold you back in magic. You must come to terms that even great mages did so from a bleak cave, a empty grotto, in the quiet of the forest, or driving on the interstate. The magic came from them, the spot can aid or harm yes, but the true power lies within the mage.
In many instances it is a lack of confidence (confidence is a powerful attribute to have in magic) in your ability that projects the lack and blame onto not having the perfect spot. You feel the need for inspiration, security, power and not having it creates a symbol for where it can be found. You must realize that it is a symbol, a metaphor for what is truly needed. The temple is symbolic of the well trained magician. The circle the mages empowered mind and soul producing an aura which protects them, the triangle the power to focus and manifest his/her will. The quarters in balance is the mind, soul and body in the four-pole aspect honed and mastered the tools being the microcosmic representations of will, intellect, emotion and consciousness. The incense, the mages aspirations and desire to connect to divinity, the lamp enlightenment, awareness and insight into the working, the robe and other garments are there to enter the proper state of magical theater in order to change the day to day mentality into one of mysticism. All of these pieces are merely ideas the mage needs to connect with, the deeper the connection the better the magic. Eventually these things integrate from unconscious symbol-tools to a living state of consciousness in which magic is done on the fly, naturally like an artist doing a doodle.
So, what is to be done about this craving? Well, you can take the long road of actually getting the ritual room, unless wealthy it will take some effort and time. Or you can confront the symbols, one by one, learning their inner essence and unite with it, adding its power to your conscious ability. OR you can do both...OR a little of one or the other...I mean really it is your work, your art, your magic. What calls to us defines us in how we achieve it.

The next blog will be the last in this series. It will be a few ideas on experimenting with magic. I have decided based on a comment on the Healing blog to add a section there on how to work with healing energies if one is unfamiliar or not wiling to work the Bardon method. I have one other blog planned although it will be a ways in the future. A close friend and student of mine just found out about my blog and has been reading it. She plans on reading it all the way through and then doing an interview with me, a Q&A session on my beliefs, thoughts and ideas. I realized once she started asking me questions and having known me for a while that how much more do my readers may have similar thoughts and questions, so I asked her if she would prepare some questions as she read and then give them to me so everyone can hopefully benefit from the exchange.