Monday, February 20, 2012

Magical Experiments and Exercises

We come to the final Magical Clinic in which we discuss some experiments and exercises that will hopefully make your magic more effective, creative and fun. I will also provide a healing meditation exercise that will train you into becoming healthier and also providing you the skill to energeticlly heal others.

For me, magic is like a science. I love to experiment, test and come up with new hypothesis and theories on magic and continue to refine and perfect my art through such work. I do this based on my personal disposition, curiosity and my drive to discover the truths in this life. It is my belief that there are two types of mages. One type is the cookie cutter mage, they take spells from various books and repeat them verbatim without much experiment or trial and error. They do this from fear of failure in their magic because they lack the experience and confidence that many successful workings provide. I believe in time though with enough success this type develops into the second, the experimenter. They know what has worked in the past, they have a developed personal repitoire, their symbol systems and programing are developed and they like to see if they change one thing or another how will that effect the spell they do for greater success or for pure knowledge. These are the ones that when confronted with failure do not lament but go "Ah-ha!Must have been X! Let me experiment further!" So without further putting off, lets get to a few magical experiments based off the 7 planets and four elements.

Saturn is a dark and forboding sphere for many a worker, especially western magicians. This is due to the fact that Saturn is all about limitation, death, the mysterious, the veil of eternity, disease and containment. But these concepts are a needed part of life. Without putrification the world would be filled with carcasses never decaying, without death we would all choke on the immortal vast sea of insects that outnumber humanity, and without limitation every explosion would go on and on for eternity and nothing would solidify and reality as we know it could not be. We as mages need to find a use for Saturns influence. The experiment we will perform with Saturn is connecting to its power and then sending that force to work on an aspect in our life that needs to rot, decay and or be completely limited. We should all know some aspect within ourselves or menacing our lives which would we would like to remove.
To connect to the force of Saturn enter a quiet meditation and focus your mind for several minutes on the idea of death, decay, endings, depression, loss and darkness. Your mood should become somber and stark as you ponder how your body, the world, and all of creation will eventually grow cold, wither and end. When you reach this mental state it is now time to bring it into the emotional or astral/personal realm. Recall memories of death, times where you failed, sickness, personal loss, sadness, and dark moods. Set your minds eye on these feelings and images until they are clear, ask your soul for a proper symbol for this energy, a telesma that contains all the force of Saturn. Give yourself some time to experience this image honestly. Record it in your journal and for the rest of the day do some happy, life affirming activities and make sure you take a good bath to wash the body and soul of all negative influences. A few days later enter into a meditation again, this time seeing in your minds eye what aspect of your life you seek to remove or limit. Focus on it and see every possible facet of this influence and how it effects you. Now, call up your telesma, your image representing Saturn, speak to the image directly, telling it the task and make sure you give it the terms in which it will cease on having completed the work. Once completed see the image projected into the very core of the situation you wish to end, see the situation become dull, darkened, begin to rot and wither away from the powerful telesma you projected. Watch it fade and recede into the distance to be forgotten. Record in your journal what took place. Leave a reminder in a calendar or some easy found note to review the situation in a month to see your results, record results as well in your journal.

Jupiter holds sway over abundance, the laws of magic and the universe, royalty, popularity, grandness, success, favor it is home to the demiurge, or the creative masculine divinity popular in western religions. For this working lets experiment with mantras. Before beginning take inventory of the following items, rate them 1-5, 1 being hardly at all and 5 being a great amount. Popularity, success, achievement, favor from superiors, luck, connection to divinity, money, managing others. Now make a seperate inventory and scale at what level you want those aspects to be at. Give it a week or two to forget the list and then begin the work. Jupiter has as its base number 4. So anything relating to 4 connects to Jupiter. So for the next four days you will repeat the following divine and angelic names each four times a session, for four sessions a day spaced throughout the day. BETHOR, SACHIAL, TZADQIAL, AL. For mantra work you want to connect with the idea of Jupiter first, do this by imagining a royal gem of exquitise sapphire blue, it is very large and cut to perfection. Take a deep breath and vibrate the name, this is done like a very long chant like a monk would do. Imagine the vibration resounds through the entire universe, that every particle of creation feels your vibration. Now imagine the Sapphire grows in accord to your call. At the very end of the four days the sapphire is as large as creation and you are now within it. Spend several minutes feeling this force and becoming one with its power. write down any dreams, visions or thoughts that come to you. You could just think of a new invention, a great idea for a book or new buisness or some way to be more successful at work! After a month has passed retake your inventory again without looking at the previous one. How do you score now?

Mars is about strength, vitality, courage, power, might and dominance. My idea is to make a fetish or talisman that will incorporate those powers so when you need a boost you can call upon the force locked within. This one is relativly easy as well. Find an iron nail, (Iron being the metal of Mars) or similar sharp, powerful item made of iron. It could even be a sword! Now, first take a day or two and rent a bunch of war, combat or hero movies. Watch them back to back. Eat some steak, drink some beer, roll some tobacco and smoke it (Crowley famously added tabacco as the herb for Mars being that so many construction workers smoked it) now go out and do some physical activities in the sun, build something, break something (nothing illegal) build a bonfire, buy a Three Wolf Moon shirt and wear it! Get mean, get strong, get aggressive! Now at the end of this man fest (ladies feel free to do this too, men, you will get yours when we get to Venus!) grab your iron utensil that will serve to hold the charge in your dominant hand. Begin to make a low growl, imagine yourself as a burly beast, review all that you have done the past few days, the energy and power you felt, the strength you felt. Try and experience this force as a tangible energy floating within you, like a fire or millions of sparks burning bright and hot. With your focus and imagination move that flow through your body, down into the iron. Feel the iron in your mind come alive, get hot and active. Command that day by day the power residing within this iron will grow and become stronger, harnessing the power of Mars like a magnet. Now, see an immense warrior, some heroic lord or great action hero standing above you, hundreds of feet tall and ferocious! Hold the item out before them and see this being slowly condense down into it, the power they exude stays the same only in size do the shrink. See them within the item, bursting with power. Know that as long as this item exists, any who hold it will be energized and made mighty by its touch! Put it away, wrap it in silk if possible (the color red or blood red is best) and next time you feel down in the dumps or lethargic go get a energetic boost from your talisman!

Since the Sun is abut life, healing, and the true self I figured this would be a good healing exercise. Go to a garden, or park. Any place you can be around plants and trees. Observe the plants and natural things and their oreintation to the Sun. Sit, and watch how they absorb all the life giving rays from sunlight. Now in your imagination, become as they are. A great tree, soaking in solar life and energy. Feel the sunlight enter your veins, charging each cell and organ. Keep going until you yourself have become like a brilliant Sun and each cell is alight with life. Gentlly rise from this meditation, feeling your unity with living nature, keep the visualization up as you head home. As you do try seeing and feeling the life force of people and animals all around you, the vitality in the air we breathe. By the time you arrive home all you should be thinking and feeling is life. Now sit in the center of your living room or living quarters and radiate all of the life into the room. Imagine that the vast majority of the force you collected now fills the room like an ocean of sunlight. Know that any who enter the room will feel this beautiful healing light and be comforted and healed here. You want to push all the energy collected into the room and almost feel the room vibrating and alive, know that as long as you live here the room will be filled with this life energy and replenish naturally from the unversal source, tranforming all that enter and reside here. Give it a few days and record any differences you notice in that room or changes to people or animals now that you did this.

Venus is the sphere of beauty, luxury, procreation, growth and desire. I decided an ordinary love spell or sex spell is just too how about the best love/sex spell ever???!!! First, you need to get in touch with romance, beauty and harmony. Read lovers poetry, a romance novel, go visit a museum and look at luxurious art and creations. Fall in love with everything you see and experience as if you have taken exctasy. Touch sensous fabrics, watch romance movies and porn one after the other. Get hot! But do not release!!! You want to be nearly overcome with passion, beauty and feeling. Once you have reached this heightened state, enter a meditation. Imagine the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Venus, or you ideal lover (no one you personally know or even a living person although you can take features from such people) and know that they are a symbol of the divine's love for all creation and yourself. Take all of that emotion you have and confess your love for divinity, for the beauty and passion you experienced and built was divinity, stop thinking divinity is some old guy in a white robe, it is ALL things! Empty yourself of all passion and love, giving it totally to this divine symbol. Now it is a law of nature that creation abhors a vaccum. Thats why dogs and cats run from them...wait. Now, once you are completely void of the energy and passion, all of it belongs now to divinity, imagine divinity must now fill this vaccum. With a sacred and loving kiss she blesses you. Feel complete satisfaction and peace. Return gently from this holy exchange. See the very essence of love in all things, but for you your true love is divine. See sparks of divinity in all creatures and creation itself. Now, get ready for people to take notice!

Mercury is all about insight, messages, knowledge, learnng and education. Since this is the case I figured sigil magic would be perfect to work with here. First, go to a a linrary or bookstore or three. Look around, smell the sweet smell of books and information being shared. If possible visit a university or college. Walk around and feel the difference of energy here compared to other places. Once you are in the mood for knowledge, think about some subject you would like to learn about, get insight into or need inspiration in...a message from the gods if you will. Take out several sheets of paper and write down "It is my will to know x" or some similar command in the affirmative. Draw some of the symbols of Mercury and the astrological glyph for Mercury. Taking the command and the symbols as your focus start doodling. Just whatever pops in your mind to draw as you look at your command and symbols. After you fill the page examine the page and choose 8 or so images or little glyphs your mind finds appealing. Take those and bring them to the next page. Sit and stare at those images for several minutes then close your eyes. Slowly imagine that you are in a vast library and art gallery. Spend a few moments there walking around and enjoying the setting. Then imagine Hermes appears to you, allow him to fully manifest to you and take him all in, every detail. Ask him to help inspire you in the way you requested and then allow him to either guide you to a book or image representing the request. Take in the idea of the image or book which holds a symbol and give thanks to Hermes. Now awaken from the meditation and draw the image or symbol on another paper. Take this paper and place it under your pillow. Now for eight days before going to sleep look upon the image and do not think of the desire, push it out of your mind. Keep looking at the image and then go to sleep thinking of it in your minds eye. On what would be the morning of the ninth day, take the paper, give thanks to the force behind the image and rlease it to do its work. See the image float off the paper and away from you. Now burn the paper to ash and sprinkle the ash near a bookstore, library or university you visited. The results will come to you typcially in finding someone who out of the blue discusses your interest, you get led to a book or group of people with that knowledge, a dream or inspiration occurs to you or some similar event.

The moon is about the soul or unconscious mind, symbols, dreams and nature magic. For this sphere lets create a symbolic dialouge with the soul for easier communication and magic work. First think of something you would like to experience or have happen. Review all aspects of the desire and allow some time for a symbol to represent the desire to appear to you. Do not judge or doubt, simply ponder the desire, be open to recieve a symbol, allow it to come and give thanks to the soul for helping. Now, wait for the New Moon to come. The night it shows, go outside and spend several minutes basking in its light, feeling the pull it exerts on the planet, on the soul, the tides and just experience what mankind has worshipped as a goddess for aeons. When you feel this energy recall the symbol for your desire. Imagine the symbol resides in your genital chakra, feel the tingle of the energy there, now let it rise up, through each chakra until it rises out of the crown, gently floats up into the center of the moon. Feel a release of energy as you impregnate the slip of a girl moon. Give thanks and love towards the Moon, pay homage to her beauty. Now, each night there after go out, seeing her lovely form grow with your desire in symbol form. See her radiant and shining. On the last night of the full moon give her one last time your love and appreciation for carrying your desire and wish, thank her as you would a lover carrying your child. That night lay in bed and see gliding down the dark blue rays of moonlight your symbol filled with the power of the moon. It fills your being and aura with its light and power, now let yourself fall asleep knowing that its power will sink down into your soul. Results should manifest by the next moon cycle.

The four elements.
This is a very fun exercise you can do to experiment with the power of the elements. Take four seeds from the same pack of seeds and put them in four separate pots. Those four pots should have the symbols painted on them of the respective element, one for each pot. Each and every day besides tending to them phsycially you should imagine each being totally charged with its element. For the fire plant see the entire pot and plant a pillar of flame, for air a dense blue cloud that is almost about to float away it is so light, for water a solid white frozen block, for earth a dense golden stone. Keep doing this until they are fully grown. It is important you keep a accurate and perfect journal of growth times, development, color, conditions and any factor you can. It would be even better if the seeds chosen were ones that grew some edible plant or vegitable so once grown you could taste each and compare differences. Once completed repeat once more but this time add one plant for akasha, seeing a black-violet void surrounding the plant that within has no time and is emmensely large and extremely small all at once. If so inclined repeat with the 7 planets.

Justin's super duper healing magic!
For the last section (whew!) here is my healing technique.
step 1----check out the healing magic of the Sun I wrote on, this time though just focus on the pure light of the Sun, its radiance and purity. Lock this feeling and light in your mind.

step 2----during a full moon come into contact with the mystic light of the moon, sit and meditate with your eyes focused on the white radiance of the moon, not as a rock but as if it were a cool and beautiful sun. Imagine that this light fills you as did the Sun light, that every cell and organ is like a copy of that light. Lock this feeling in and make sure you can recall it in your imagination at will.

step 3----go out into a wooded area, forest or park where life is abundant. Spend time connecting and imagining that the energy of life enters you with every breath, fills your body like a sponge draws in water. Feel the life force grow within you, doubling every few minutes. Lock this feeling into your mind and be able to recall it at any moment.

step 4----wait for a day you feel happy, filled with peace and life is just going great. A really good day! When this day comes, take the energy of step one and fill your being. Make your body a sun as you did before. Now keeping that energy buy adding the Moon energy to it, allow them to mix and slowly become one, neither overpowering the other, totally in balance and harmony. When this is done bring up the step 3 power of natural life force into the mix. Keep all three mixing and balancing into once harmonius light. Feel the joy within you, Sun, Moon, and Nature as all one perfectly blended light of lights. Be able to recall this energy at any time through will and imagination.

step5----when you need to heal yourself or another imagine this light comes from outside and down into you if you need healing or from outside and directly into the patient if they need healing. You want to see in your imagination the aura almost triple with power and life. Command the light to stay with and heal completely any disorder or illness.

That is it!

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this series. I am sure more blogs will come in time. The Q and A certainly will be the next to come. Until next time, good magic to you all!