Friday, March 2, 2012

Mental and Astral Projection

Hello again readers! I had a comment asking about mental and astral projection and decided to write up a blog for it. Let me start by saying I never came to astral projection easy, in fact it was the first magical work I ever attempted when I was younger. This was due in large part from a story my father told me. He was in college and had a friend that was practicing astral projection. This being the late 60's I am sure the idea was passed around like transcendental meditation and a joint at a party. So, this friend of my father's was practicing and after practice one day he got up from his bed, walked to the fridge to get a glass of milk and his hand went through the door handle. He turns to see his body lying there on the bed, snap right back into the body. He told my father he never practiced again, it freaked him out way too bad. I was 12 when I heard this tale, and my reaction was "That is cool!" A story designed to steer me away from all things occult actually got me excited to start. I won't even mention what his quiji board stories stirred in me!

We will begin, as we should with the practices that lead to full on astral projection. First relaxation! It is so key to be so relaxed that the body literally falls asleep while the mind is fully awake. The more focus one has on the physical body the less can be freed up to slip its meaty bonds. I recommend stretching first until loose. Then after take each muscle group starting with the toes all the way up to the scalp, one section at a time and tighten that muscle group, hold for a few seconds then release. This will release tensions hidden in the muscles. After each muscle group has been tightened and released then take a deep breath and tighten yourself into a tight ball, arms pulling in your shins to your chest, hold for 10 seconds or so and release with a deep sigh of relief. Do this maybe 3 times. You should feel a sense of freedom, relaxation and an openness. Let this feeling wash over you feeling every part of your body. Now, imagine a golden warm light gently flowing from above your feet into your toes, feel this golden light warm and sooth every cell in your body, let it flow upwards, higher with every breath, up to your scalp. Now, draw in a deep breath filling your diaphragm and hold it, usually 5 seconds is good, then release the entire breath. Hold your lungs empty. This should be done 3 times as well. Relaxation has *begun*.

Once you can easily enter a relaxed state it is time to build up and raise your energy state. This can be done very easily with the middle pillar exercise or some altered version to your liking. I have such a version that works with the chakras, divine names and archangels making the chakras and sphere of the tree of life as a unified system. There are several systems like that out there, feel free to borrow and be creative. What is key in the practice is two key things. FIRST: The drawing in, moving and experiencing of energy. You should see and feel the energies moving through your body in an energetic manner. When you can feel the energies rise and fall through you that means you are doing it properly. The exercise also develops the two key powers of magic: imagination and will. SECOND: The vibration and invocation of divine names. As we will see later this is very important in astral projection and really magic in general. By drawing in those higher vibrations and making your energy systems harmonize with them it allows the mental and astral vibrations to rise and therefore go beyond the physical. So, start working on the middle pillar rite or some variation until you can work it easily and experience the energies. Then you are ready to move forward.

You are relaxed, you are filled with the right energy and vibration, it is time to project. Baby steps though! First is mental projection. Which is actually and surprisingly easy! You do it all the time in an unfocused and dimmer manner, called day dreaming. This is you sending a part of your mental material out into the mental realms and experiencing those possibilities. Typically, it is heavy laden with projection and fantasy though. The above practices will hone the mind so it can more fully leave the boundaries of the body set by your programming (Take several minutes and feel yourself become the seat you are sitting on, feel the weight of it on the floor and spread out your feeling to its dimensions, after a few moments you feel as if you and the seat are one, this is the mental body stretching out (and some of the astral body) with practice you can hold galaxies in your palm.) Once you have relaxed and raised your energy, focus on your bodies form. Feel your boundaries imposed by flesh. If you have done the energy work properly you should feel energy surrounding your body like radiation. With each in breath feel the energy grow and each out breath feel it contract. Do this until your mind is solely focused on the energy and not the body. Now, ****feel**** and will the energy of your hand to move, raise, wiggle its fingers. Daydream this but now with more clarity and power. Imagine-daydream moving your limbs, then getting up, then standing and looking about. Don't try escaping from your body, just daydream. When you daydream do you try and will yourself out of your head? Nope, you have trained yourself not to do that and just flow out naturally, do this now except in a much more profound manner. There will still be a residue experience of being in your head if you think on it, but the more you daydream-imagine that you are standing up in your room looking around the better.

Keep practicing the above for several months until proficient, stay in your immediate area, training your mind to stay put, stay steady and not pop from the moon to a super models bedroom to some movie you saw and so on. Keep steady, go about your living space picking things up, studying your environment and home. Work with your ritual tools, practice magic, chant a divine name. Keep at it! You may notice that some projections are very vivid and feel almost like you are out of your body. Thats a good sign, when you have several of those that means you are ready to move on.

Astral projection is to mental travel as is eating a meal is to imagining to eat one. There is no "I think I may have astrally projected!" It is a certain thing, in fact the astral is MORE vivid then the physical, red is RED, emotions are things and everything is just wow worthy. How many times have you seen a cat? My wife astrally projected a few years back by a guided meditation I did, she still talks about seeing a cat during the projection. Imagine talking about seeing a cat, just a cat. Thats how vivid and wowing astral projection is. So, how can we get you there? The real secret to astral projection is making an astral body to place your consciousness in. More on this mystery later. For you to astrally project you will take the base energies of your soul, raise them up with light energy from the divine and the blending of divine and soul energy creates a body for you to use.

Start as if you are mentally projecting, by relaxing and middle pillar work. Now using a divine name (My best projections were from chanting all 10 of the divine names in descending order of the tree of life and then all the archangels in ascending order ala Poke Runyon or through kabbalistic letters)vibrate the name several times until a trance come on. Once you feel as if your body is fading from consciousness focus on the third eye or crown, I prefer the third eye honestly because when its time to astrally project you will begin to *see* the room through it and it is a good sign post for being ready to exit. Now, with each in breath draw it what will seem to your imagination thick liquid white light, keep breathing it into you, filing your body. When done right your body will actually seem lit up in your mind. Keep drawing it in until it seems the room can be seen from behind your eyelids. When this happens check two things, one is that your do not feel your physical form and second you feel as if you have a new lighter body, made from pure white light. When this state is reached try and really feel this body, as if you are light and you can feel through it, hear through it, taste with it and experience the world through it. When this seems like a reality do not force, do not roll out, do not strain. Just be out. I know that seems a cop out in directions or overly Zen, but the mere idea of out will send you out if focused and wanted. Honestly, the first time I popped out all I had to do was look at a point and zoom I was there! I bounced around the room like a pinball for a bit until I literally willed myself to slow down and focus. Repeat the things you did in mental projection but now in astral projection. When done with that, explore! Go where you like, just keep some divine symbols and names handy for safety. After you are done return to your body by willing just as you did when you left it. Move the physical (may take a second, like moving a limb when it falls asleep) and re-establish control of the body.

The secret of the astral body: I believe we all have a mind and soul. I do not believe we all have an astral body. In studying magic, alchemy, religion, and other sources as well as experience, I think we make an astral body. If one studies enough alchemy in the magical sense and not the lead into gold sense one will see what is talked about is the soul being transformed from a base material to a higher material. By purification and work the mind and soul are united in the great work. This creates what is called the Lunar body. Through greater purification and work the solar body is achieved. This is a powerful and amazing thing, truly the philosophers stone made. There is one more step though, the astral (star body). The lunar body is still effected by the moon phases and planets, the solar body the stars still hold sway, the astral body is a step above and is the hallmark of a true magus, unaffected by the magical and cosmic tides, a force of his own...or her own. This may have little to do with leaving the body for an amazing experience or learning magical secrets. But, I think eventually, if you persist in the work you too may come to see what I am saying here. Essentially though, to project the soul one creates a temporary lunar body that will be reincorporated back into the body after the magical work is done.

One final thought for you. If you have not projected yet, keep at it. With dedication and the above material it can be done. Trust me, I spent over ten years trying every sort of method with very little success. When I did pop out, every bit of work is worth it. At that moment you change from being someone who thinks their is another world of magic, spiritual life, spirits and mythical one who know lives in that world along side this world. Hope to see you there!