Saturday, March 10, 2012

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Yet another question inspired a blog, this one was "how do I keep a astral traveler who means me ill from entering my home." We, will cover this and also how one can protect themselves from negative magic and psychic forces.

For standard protection of the home a simple meditation is a good start. Begin doing a banishing and then entering a meditation and raising power inside your home, preferably the center. Now imagine a great dome being created all around the home. See it like a force field or some thick plexi glass. Command that this sphere stays in place at all times and can withstand any negative force. Only the things you invite in can enter. Now, let your imagination run wild! See missiles, tanks, men with guns, swords and bombs assailing your dome, and the dome reflects all of these attacks back. Nothing can enter! Now just for good measure imagine a friend or loved one easily passing through the dome without issue. Now, push all of the raised energy out and ***feel*** this dome all about your home. Repeat once a month for several months and this will prevent all negative force from coming near your home.

Next we take care of security within the home. The more the better, so lets look at options. First you can use the runes. Thurisaz the rune symbolic of Thor's Hammer is excellent for defense and for taking a good proactive attack on any force needing a good ass-kicking. Go to each door in your home and on the top beam above the door take some spittle or blood and draw Thurisaz. See it glowing a bright red as you chant the name Thurisaz. Again let the imagination run wild, see the rune glowing brightly, seething with power. Let the keywords of the rune inspire your imagination. You can imagine giants holding watch in front of the door, and any who approach with evil intent become prey for them. You can imagine that enemies coming to your door will be struck down from a bright bolt of lightning to the stomach (psychic center most common for feeling especially for astral travelers). Or you can just see a common defense of a giant sized rune preventing passage through your door. To be cautious do the rune on each window as well.
Another method to employ is the 4 archangels of the quarters. Simply enough after doing a banishing rite ask each archangel to defend you and your living space. See them turn from facing you and step to the four corners of the house each holding their elemental weapons out blasting any evil that would try to enter.
Personal totems put in or around the house are good too and if you like can look like decorations if you find statues appropriate. Gargoyles or even toy solders can be used. First purify the object, raise energy and bless the statue with divine light. Then build up the feeling within yourself of security, safety and comfort. Also, drink a cup of coffee or two, and add alertness. Take the raised energy and fill the object until it is bright like a mini sun. See the light condense down and cool into the figure, imagine it living and moving. In your mind imagine how you would feel if this statue really did come to life! (A potent key to magic, many people call spirits and angels but never consider how they would react if the spirit, angel or god showed, start feeling it and over time you may be surprised!)Once the statue is moving and active in your imagination, speak to it, tell it it was created by you through the power of divinity. It has the goal of watching over you and this home from any evil or harmful force or person. Also command it that if it ever does not perform its task it will be instantly destroyed, if you ever pass away it too shall return to the divine power it was created from, and if the home ever ceases to be it too shall cease to be.

A tantric dream magic technique is imagining before bed Dakinis descending from the heavens and whispering soothing music and magical secrets to you. Over time this not only develop the imagination, ensures good inspired dreams, raises your personal vibration and vibration of your home. Magicians can use this idea and get creative. Imagine thousands of angels descending from heaven and taking up every wall of the house, each on watch and there to raise the vibration of the home and to prevent all evil from coming near.

Now we have covered protection for the home, let us see what can be done to protect magical attacks, conscious or unconscious from others. Daily banishing and energy raising goes a long way to prevent such attacks from latching on. But for those in a situation that may call for a little extra there are a few methods. One is two imagine the dome like you did for your home but this time imagine a orb all around your body doing the same. The exercise is the same, just keep the sphere closer to you and be sure to energize the the areas around the back, bottom, and top. These areas are sometimes not focused on. The archangel and dakini method are also excellent, just imagine the four archangels as body guards around you, holding shields of their element. The angel method is just as good, imagining you have a personal army of angels surrounding you at all times. Just make sure that each time you do the meditation you will them to be their at all times even when you are not consciously thinking of them. If done several times for several weeks in the usual places you go to then this will help set up unconscious cues to recharge the work.
Imagining a simple cloak or even shields floating around you can do the same job with less implied intelligence though.

Magical items such as rings or amulets can do the job of personal protection. Just banish and cleanse the item, then enter a meditation. Raise energy until you feel like you cannot draw any more in. Imagine the feeling and idea you want to instill within the object. Fill your being with this ideal. If protection imagine yourself all in armour surrounded by a powerful army, and feeling untouchable and invincible. Now take this energy and feeling and condense it all down into the item until the force is able to be felt. Repeat a few times until you think maybe you have put too much. Each time you charge it you should command that every day the item will grow in power and that anyone who wears the ring will benefit from its magic.

Lastly, I recommend choosing a word of power or divine name you associate with the highest or most potent that is easy to say. Like Eheieh. Spend an entire month using this word like a mantra each time you chant it, imagine a bright blast of divine light blasting away any evil force. Know that if ever assailed by any evil force you will like a knee jerk reaction call out this word and its power will blast evil away. Trust me, this came in handy one day.