Friday, March 23, 2012

The Art of Talismans

The magical use of talismans is possibly one of the oldest magics humanity has practiced. On cave walls thousands of years before civilization man-kind painted haunting images of wildlife in the deepest darkest portions of their caves. Not for any aesthetic pleasure were these images made, they were made way to deep in the cave, away from the clan. These images were utilized it seems for initiation, training and securing the success of the hunt. We make talismans for what is needed, wanted and what we crave. By, having the image it makes it a possession we control. This is the essence of talisman magic.

Over time talisman magic refined itself, as we learned the movement of the stars and realized certain events occurred in relationship to the objects moving through the heavens we realized that by linking the talismans we made to the heavenly powers they attained even greater power. The magical grimoire The Picatrix even explains that simply creating the image at the right time is enough to charge the image! Much like how being born on a certain year, month, day and hour effects your horoscope.

That is really the basic idea of talisman magic within those two paragraphs. I will now describe my technique for making a talisman.

First, I decide on the need. I always break it down to the most essential nature of the need. You might start out thinking, I want a lover who looks a certain way, acts a certain way and will love me a certain way. This cuts out any creative and imaginative power. You want to make a talisman of LOVE, just love. Let all the powers within you and above you come together and bring you a result that is best.

Once I have the essential desire I then come up with the appropriate symbols to use. Think of the desire. Let your mind wander and be creative, allow images only come to mind that come to you when you consider the idea love. In many ways this is like playing pictionary with yourself. If you were trying to make your mind guess LOVE what would the images used be? This is your chance to sneak in some specifics. Think about your desired lover, what simple symbol would make that idea *pop* into mind and let it flower with the various ideas you associate with your perfect lover.

Now find the divine names and spirits associated with that idea that you will call in order to bless your talisman. I will use a godname, archangel, angel and then a spirit.

Now that you have the images that will be used it is time to create the physical talisman. It can be made from paper, clay, canvas, stone, metal, whatever you are capable of. Anything portable and which can retain an image is perfect. Do a banishing with the objects being used and then bless them by raising energy, focusing on the divine and loading the items with that energy.

If you decide to time your creation with an astrological timing that is totally fine, experiment and see if it works for you. Personally, I rarely do so. I mean RARELY, at best I will use the moon cycles. I personally feel that once you are aligned with the universe through magical training then you will be inspired to make the talisman at the right time. I feel it like a strong urge to do it *now* or when I wake up I feel the urge build all day until that night. Just go with what feels natural.

Prepare for your magic as usual, when ready spend several minutes focusing on the emotion behind the talisman. For love you want to fill your soul with the feeling, thoughts and vibration of love, as if you are filled with the love you desire. Take your time and really experience the energy as a real force. Now take out the talisman and create it. With each line infuse the image with the feeling. When completed place the talisman away from you on your altar. Now with the following steps you must imagine the beings and images called as massive and radiating power. The bigger and brighter the better. Now vibrate the name of the god associated with the idea. Imagine the god appearing before you in as much of its glory you can muster in your mind. Ask the god to bless the talisman in your own fashion, I speak to them as a honored guest or friend I deeply respect. Explain your need and then imagine the god blessing the talisman, let your imagination do the work. Now call the angel and repeat the same. Then the angel, and then the spirit. Finally, imagine each of the symbols you came up with earlier and see them condense down in size but grow in power until it infuses the talisman.

The talisman is now born. Just as you were born and need to be raised, so does the talisman. Imagine the spirit and soul of the talisman within the object. Let your imagination show it to you, do not force it, just will to experience it and allow it to happen. Once you have this, speak to the talisman and tell it your situation and what you need from it. Explain that upon the success of the talisman you will release it from the object and destroy the talisman.

If you want a permanent talisman that is fine, just be sure to state that upon the destruction of the object the spirit of the talisman is released and will return to the Universe.

Treat the talisman with respect as if it were living, carry it with you and upon the success of the object give it thanks and imagine it is released. Do a banishing and give thanks to the spirits, angels and gods that aided you. After destroy the talisman.

The end!