Friday, March 30, 2012

Ship of Thesues

I got to thinking about the process of becoming divine after a comment and my response from the Dark Arts blog. There is in my mind a possible misconception about the process and the results that arise.

For those unfamiliar with philosophy, there is an argument that has several names but classically is called "The ship of Thesues". It goes like this, the hero of legend had his ship honored by the Athenians and they kept it maintained. Over the years the planks of wood would begin to rot and they replaced them with newer wood planks. They did this until one day every board on the ship had been replaced. The question is, is the ship the same ship Thesues sailed in? Take a few to roll that over in your head. Now consider your body will replace every every single cell you ever had, several times. Does that make you, less you?

Who were you at birth? Who were you when you started school? Who were you last week? Every day we make slight changes, lose or gain some thousands of cells, change our minds, get mood swings and learn new concepts that change our thinking. The you of 10 years ago is not the you of next week or 10 years on.

So, when a magician sees the magical process of the Great Work, of transforming their being into a god, they for some reason get cold feet thinking that when this is done they will lose who they are! Like one day god will walk in, club them over the head, pop their soul from their body and slip into their skin. Like the Athenians would burn Thesues' ship to the ground and rebuild it and call it the same ship!

The process of making yourself into a divine being is a slow one. It has moments of jaw dropping, "I do not know if I can handle this revelatory power" and little tiny insights that change you as well. You become bigger, more capable of holding larger and larger vistas in your mind and imagination. I have had moments where I was vast enough to hold galaxies in my palm yet felt every vibrating atom of creation at the same time. It is literally mind blowing and something that takes time to handle. But that is the point. One day we will all face divinity and either we become one with it or we cannot handle it and go back down to try again. The job of the magician is like basic training to be able to accept the consciousness of being everything all the time, every mote of power, every lovers desire, every thought and idea, beast, particle, light ray, action, movement, desire, fear and time. That is what god is, everything, at all times, god infuses and is everything. The acceptance of that in order to be that takes time, takes changing ideas, views, beliefs. Like a plank at a time you become a different ship which is the same ship.