Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sample of New Tarot Cards

A big part of this new magical order I am forming is a new, redesigned tarot. There are elements of Bardon's Kabbalah and traditional kabbalah as well as me and my old students magical experiences and views. So here are three of the cards of the major arcana, they are actually renamed and sadly I cannot tell you even their new names.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My List


I was asked what sort of books I would recommend the practicing magician. Well, it took some time and thought (and just two days ago I finally bought a brand new computer and loaded my art program and Word program onto it so hooray!) but I finally am ready to share what I think are extremely helpful or enlightening sources of magical thought. Some are pure fiction, some are psychology but all have something I found special in the way they help me look at magic. These are books, or films I keep going back to, That I reference in conversations in magic, when I begin experiments these are my go to places for a jump start or inspiration or they just make me think and finally, some that I feel will make you think. Always keep in mind, just because someone teaches you martial arts does not mean you should take that art and beat the crap out of anyone in your way. Some things should be learned or known for the perspective they can offer towards other things.

Alex Grey
Any and all art by Grey should be studied, and in my opinion made so familiar with it becomes easy to see within the mind’s eye. Check out his Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) it is a short film where he brings you on a tour of his life, work and belief.

I recommend studying the Thoth deck as well as 777 because of the rich amount of symbolism you will slowly aquire do to the study. Take your time with each and expect to be confused, frustrated, lost and every now and then enlightened. Then one day you will find a thread, then another and realize this whole time this frustrating process transformed your mind into a symbol deciphering machine.

Dennings and Phillips
Planetary Magick is a gem of a compendium, pick it up, read it, flip through it, study it section by section, work it. When combined with some of the other books here get ready for some power packed insights.

Anything by DuQuette, seriously the man is amazing at taking the occult and making it easy to digest. Check out Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot and I also hear and plan on buying soon his Enochian Magic book.

I found this book Brain Magick a few months back and let me tell you there is some great stuff here. A lot of his book I felt came out of my own head in different words. If you in any way dig my ideas check this book out and better yet work some of his system, especially if you are just starting out.

Grimoire of Shadows is Initiation into Hermetics for Wiccans. Check it out if you like Wicca or Bardon and wish Bardon had more skyclad or if you wish your Wicca was more set on making you a avatar of divinity.

The man has a knack for personifying and giving character to abstract ideas. He has the mind of a evocation genius, he is in my mind one of the greatest storytellers around.

Alchemy or hermetic language confuse and bewlider you? Check out his Emerald Tablet and finally be able to go “I understand alchemy!”

There is no such thing as hypnosis, just as fish say there is no such thing as water. Monsters and Magic Sticks will help you make sense of why so much of the brain and other people make no sense.

Howl’s Moving Castle
The animated feature has all sorts of neat little magical ideas in it for the creative and magical minded who enjoy rich animation and a good story. Also, find out where Christian Bale discovered his Batman voice.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the BiCameral Mind. Read it, slowly, carefully, look up words and ideas unfamiliar to you. Realize so much about yourself, society, religion, history, magic, psychology and oh so much more. Merge with Farber, Wilson, Heller and Denning’s and Phillips’ works to get a big wowza moment in magic. Warning this book has nothing to do with occultism or magic, yet it will make any magician or occultist see how evocation, symbolism, spirit communication and so on is translated through the brain and how we make sense of the universe.

Modern Magick is packed with all sorts of good info, use it along with 777 like a writer would use a dictionary and thesaurus.

Lawley and Thompkins
Metaphors in Mind will help you understand why people talk the way they do and how you can make sense of others while maybe even help rewire their brains.

Legend of Earthsea
Good fantasy and good writing, see the origins of Harry Potter

Secrets of the Magical Grimoires is a book at first glance does not look like it would be a page turner, but it is an amazing read filled with our magical history. Stir in some Jaynes for flavor.

Memetic Magick is one of those books you start to read and think to yourself the author must be mad. Then you either start to see what he is talking about or you go mad right along with him. It is OK though it is a good madness.

Spirited Away
Like Howl’s Moving Castle, a good imagination booster rocket.

The Matrix
Programs. Understand programs, the mind, belief, and see the code as kabbalah.

V for Vendetta
Freedom, it can only come from one place. This is not about overthrowing the government or anarchy, it is about overthrowing your fears, doubts and controls that keep you from thinking.

Waking Life
Just a good flick to put on and soak in the philosophy.

The Magician’s Reflection. The fill in the blank version of 777.

Everything by Wilson. Especially Maybe Logic, watch it over the course of 3 years at least 10 times. Then take a break, come back a couple years later and watch it a few more times after watching the Matrix and Waking Life. EVERYTHING will then make sense.

So that is it, that is my desert island collection of media. Hope you enjoy and maybe see where some of my ideas caught fire from and better yet I hope your own fires get started by them as well!