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Soul Mirror Aid

I have mentioned before that tarot cards are an excellent source for exploring soul mirror work in Bardon’s IIH. I thought I would help out the initiate by providing a simple key which one could follow in order to delve more deeply into this concept. Below I have broken the tarot apart, and for our purposes here I have taken the number key out which influences certain magical and predictive aspects in the cards. We don’t need it for the soul mirror work so I have left it out. I utilize the planets and astrology with this system so that the initiate can attain a broader understanding of how the elements and planetary forces work on the soul. So for example the signs (and their ruling planet) all fall under an elemental force. In this way one can be more penetrating in their soul mirror work, so let us say as an example they have an issue with lust, it can be a Scorpio trait (Scorpio is ruled by mars so one aspect is a fiery desire to conquer the other) a Venus trait (an overindulgent need to feel and experience in a flesh centered way the “love” of another) and these two aspects would inform you that they are controlled by water-emotion and fire-fiery passion. So, not only would one work on both the water and fire aspects they could also focus on the planets and signs they are ruled by to maximize the transformative experience of the soul mirror work, as well as create a very profound map of the astral body in its workings.
The process is simple. Go through each sign, planet and element and write down the ones that relate to some aspect you find within your personality. No matter how small. From there make three copies of this list. The first copy is used after one can either through happenstance or through design have a bad day. Just really down on yourself, critical and not very lenient on all of your shortcomings. Take each trait and rate yourself on how much influence this force has on you. 1 being a rare unusual whim or experience, 10 being a profound and defining characteristic that would be difficult to see yourself as the same person if it was not a part of you.
Step 2, on a day when you are feeling quite happy, everything is going your way (either by making a day all about being happy and feeling good, or it just happens to come about) go through the second copy of the list (one that does not show your previous scores) and rate yourself again using the same 1-10 rating system.
Step 3, set aside a day when you can be undisturbed and can commit several hours to tranquility and balance. Do the following meditation: Imagine you are comfortably resting in your meditative posture as you would normally be doing. When you reach a state of comfort and peace, imagine you are exit your body in whatever way you feel is right and natural. Exit your body and look at yourself. Take your image in and without judgment see yourself as just a human being, a mammal, a short-lived flesh and bone creature residing for a short time on this world. See the whole human race, the planet and the solar system before you. You have stepped outside of the cosmic order and are looking at it from outside. Now imagine that you are a pure mind, nothing but an observer observing the previous you who had just stepped outside of the cosmos. See this form and the cosmos as nothing but a fleeting thought in your eternal observation that goes on for all eternity undisturbed and simply be aware of your consciousness. When you have imagined all of this return back to the imagination of observing your meditating body, see it there and begin to review your life, not as *your* life but just a life, see this play on a movie screen behind your meditating body. When you are done, simply return back to your meditating body and then rate the list for the third time as before.
Finally, take all three lists and for each trait, add up the individual totals (so for instance, valor would be 4+6+5=15) then divide that total by 3 because you took the test 3 times (So, valor has a score of 3 now) this gives you the average between three states of consciousness, so this will ensure you do not score yourself too hard, or too easy. Now that you have that total you can add up each elemental group to find your overall elemental balance. Since you will be using the final processed score they will already be averaged out so you will have a more honest number there as well. You can of course separate the positive mirror and negative mirror in order to see the elemental make-up you have there as well.

I hope this helps, this is an altered version of the system that will be used for the magical order that is being crafted. In it the initiate is taught how to work with these forces in easy and productive ways to conquer their weaknesses through will and imagination (magic!) Feel free to add, or subtract any traits you see fit, these are classic tarot and astrological traits associated with the forces and so I felt they would be easiest to use. YMMV.

Aries- (cardinal fire, Mars) energy, confidence, authority, independence, self-reliance intolerance, haste, arrogance, impetuousness, self-involved, domineering, rashness

Taurus- (fixed earth, Venus) stability, steadiness, harmonious disposition, loyalty, dependence, firmness, greed, stubbornness, possessive, indulgent

Gemini (mutable air, mercury) communication, wit, quick learning, expression, concentration, intellect, flexibility, versatility, recklessness, superficial, devious, impulseivity, indecision, gossip, unreliable, restless, scatterbrained

Cancer (cardinal water, Luna) tranquility, tenacious, understanding, nurturing, empathy, emotional control, sensitivity, clingy, moody, hypersensitivity, pessimism, self-pity, selfishness

Leo- (fixed fire, Sol) Honorable, courage, strength, leadership, creative, arrogance, vanity, bossiness, pompous, overbearing

Virgo (Mutable Earth, Mercury) Sharpness, accuracy, precise, attention to detail, practical, scientific, overly critical, inflexible, obsessive, self-centered

Libra (Cardinal air, Venus) Harmonious, hospitable, tact, charm, equality, unbiased, grace, decisive, fickle, vain, indecisive, apathy, superficial, wavering

Scorpio (fixed water, Mars) Goal oriented, penetrating, passionate, concentration, determination, depth, activity, charisma, manipulative, temperamental, jealous, fanaticism, unyielding, vengeful, violent, intolerant, suspicious

Sagittarius (Mutable fire, Jupiter) Understanding, broad-minded, philosophical, spiritual, vision learned, studious, argumentative, overly talkative, impatient, unemotional, exaggeration, reckless, pushy, temper

Capricorn (Cardinal earth, Saturn) secure, long-view, organized, duty, strong work ethic, patience, perseverance, egotistic, distrusting, fatalistic, pessimism, dictatorial, stubborn, inhibited, ultra-conservative, unimaginative, unforgiving

Aquarius (fixed air, Saturn) intellect, logic, imagination, creativity, original, independent, understand abstract concepts, inventive, self reliance, cold, impersonal, sarcastic, aloof, unpredictable, rebellious, temperamental

Pisces (Mutable water, Jupiter) Intuitive, visionary, artistic, altruism, devotion, timidity, impractical, melancholy, procrastination, negativity, indecisive, escapism, lazy

Saturn- Understanding, wisdom, focus, organized, sorrow, depression, cold

Jupiter- Lawful, honorable, merciful, moral, leader, overindulgent, egotism, controlling

Mars-Successful, integrity, energy, courage, valor, argumentative, violent, aggression

Sol-Health, vital force, identity, selfishness, delusions, sickly
Venus-Loving, romantic, friendly, social, cultured, kind, artistic, infidelity, betrayal, fantasy, escapism, lust

Mercury-Communication, skill, knowledgeable, forethought, intelligent, honesty, diplomacy, deceit, theft, trickery

Luna- Intuitive, caring, adaptable, receptive, fear, delusions, anxiety, stress, distractable

Fire- strength, courage, hope, vigor, steady, valor, noble, just, brilliant, bold, ambition, commanding presence, enthusiasm, activity, cleverness, insolence, quarrelsome, rash, impetuous, fierce, bigotry, generous, obstinate, revengeful, brutality, hasty, scorn, prejudiced, theatrical, instability, obstinate, conceit, insolence, anxiety, lust, threatening, apprehension, slander, malice

Water- happiness, kindness, amiability, charity, sensuality, luck, mirth, grace, subtle, imaginative, patient, poetic, gentle, contentment, enjoyment, pleasure, productive, fertile thankfulness, pity, wantonness misery, silliness, wasteful, pining, instability, promise breaker, lust, drunkenness, deception, illusion, disappointment, sadness, passivity, indolent, dreamer

Air- brilliance, intellect, cunning, mental clarity, sharpness, delicate, clever, perceptive, observant, confidence, inspired, wisdom, accurate, dexterity, honest, just, faithful, peaceful, ease, modest, attention to detail, studied, eloquence, troublesome, gossip, deceiver, sly, unreliable, suspicious, hesitant, frivolous, misspeaking, disruptive, quarrelsome, slander, cowardly, anxious, conceited, undisciplined, disdain, over-thinking, disorderly, spying

Earth- Generous, kind, diligent, determined, industrious, clever, careful ,steady, enterprising, courage, persevering, practical, charming, patience, hard working, reliable, constructive, influence, orderly, dullness, materialistic, jealous, greedy, melancholy, animalistic, stupidity, wasteful, foolish, harsh, wavering, narrow minded, discontent, stern, sloth, hoarding, dullard